ROH on HDNET 1/10/2011

Written by: Bob Colling

Ring of Honor presents ROH on HDNET
From: Louisville, KY
Announcers: Mike Hodgewood and Dave Prazak

A video of Jim Cornette hyping up the debut of Mike Bennett on this weeks show. Also, ROH owner Cark Silkin had a few words regarding the debut.

Opening video package.

Mike Hodgewood and Dave Prazak welcome everyone to the show.

Opening Contest: Mike Bennett defeated Nick Dinsmore:
Bennett controls Dinsmore with a front face lock on the canvas to start off. Dinsmore attempts a arm drag but Bennett keeps a hammer lock on Dinsmore. Bennett pie faces Dinsmore in the corner, which doesn’t sit well with Dinsmore. Bennett shoulder blocks Dinsmore and follows up with a stomp to the face. Bennett with a few side headlock take downs but Dinsmore gets out of each hold quickly. Dinsmore decks Bennett with a right hand and follows up with a shoulder block. Dinsmore connects with a hip toss into a neck breaker for a near fall. Bennett backs off into a corner to talk to Bob Evans. Bennett knees Dinsmore in the corner and follows up with a right hand. Dinsmore battles back with a few strikes. Bennett connects with a elevated backbreaker in the corner after blocking a double big boot attempt from Dinsmore. Bennett gets a near fall and goes back to work with a modified bow and arrow. Dinsmore backdrops Bennett and follows up with a forearm smash. Fisherman suplex by Dinsmore for a near fall. Dinsmore runs towards the ropes but Bennett ducks and Dinsmore gets his ankle caught in the ropes. Bennett plants Dinsmore with a spine buster and wins the bout. *

A video highlighting the El Generico vs. Kevin Steen street fight match at Final Battle.

Jim Cornette is standing in the ring to introduce the ROH World Tag Team Champions, Kings of Wrestling. Cornette tells Shane Hagadorn that he believes that Shane is ducking challengers. Cornette introduces the number one contenders for the ROH World Tag Team Champions, the All Night Express! Kenny King and Rhett Titus come out and Cornette mentions that KOW have never competed against them. Chris Hero talks about bringing prestige back to the tag team championships. Hero believes that it would hurt their careers to come after their tag titles. Titus mentions that while they were touring overseas, Titus and King were laying people out. Titus tells the champs this is serious business. Titus proclaims they are coming for the titles. Hero tells Titus they need to seriously reconsider coming after the belts. Hero suggests they go back and get more abs to challenge them. King chimes in and says they were stacking up bodies while Hero was learning his literature. King tells Hero they are winning the championships whether they like it or not. “If your not running with us, you better run away from us.”

A video promoting Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly is aired.

Second Contest: Adam Cole/Kyle O’Reilly defeated Mike Posey/Corey Hollis:
O’Reilly is able to fight off both opponents with a few leg kicks and snap suplex Posey onto Hollis. Cole tags in and backdrops Hollis. Cole kicks Hollis off the apron and dumps Posey to the floor. Cole and O’Reilly leap over the ropes to take out their opponents. Cole hits Hollis with a wheelbarrow back breaker for the win. *

A video recapping last weeks main event between Homicide and Claudio is aired. Next week, Chris Hero battles Christopher Daniels.

Backstage, Kyle Durden is with Christopher Daniels. Daniels talks about resolutions and how excitement is in the air. Daniels also talks about the winner getting a ROH TV Championship shot against Eddie Edwards. Daniels notes that Edwards is good but not as good as him.

Before the next match, Colt Cabana insults Truth Martini.

Main Event: ROH World Champion Roderick Strong defeated Colt Cabana in a non-title match:
Cabana controls Strong with a wrist lock early on, but Strong counters. Cabana manages to get a rollup on Strong for a near fall. Cabana gets out of a head scissors on the mat and has a body scissors of sorts on Strong until the champ reaches the ropes. Strong has a cross face on Cabana but lets go quickly. Cabana punches Strong several times as Strong comes off the ropes. Cabana tosses Strong over the top to the floor. Strong tries to pull Cabana out of the ring but is kicked to the guard railing. Strong recovers with a quick to Cabana’s head and gets a near fall back in the ring. Strong works on Cabana with a series of chops and right hands. Cabana tries to fight back with a chop but Strong delivers a boot to Cabana’s chest. Strong tries to hold Cabana down for a cover but Cabana kicks out at two every time. Strong has a body scissors on Cabana for several moments. Cabana gets to his feet and punches out of the hold. Nice standing dropkick by Strong for a two count. Strong continues his offense with a snap suplex for a near fall. Strong has a sleeper on Cabana but Cabana gets to his feet only to drop back down to his knees. Strong leaps off the middle rope but lands on Cabana’s boots. Strong rolls to the floor where Martini is coaching the champ. Cabana with several chops and right hands. Cabana with a rollup but only gets a near fall. Scoop slam by Cabana and heads to the middle rope where Cabana rolls through a dive and attempts the Billy Goat Curse but Strong gets out of it. Cabana comes out of the corner with a tornado suplex and gets a near fall. Strong gets out of the Colt 45 and gets a near fall. Cabana plants Strong with a few unique face jams for a near fall. Strong with a forearm shot and a leaping kick to Cabana’s head for a near fall. Strong with a flurry of elbows and a back suplex for another near fall. Strong has a Boston Crab on Cabana but Cabana manages to reach the bottom rope. Cabana battles back with a few right hands but is kicked by Strong as he sits on the top rope. Strong attempts a superplex but Cabana counters with a turnbuckle gut buster! Cabana goes for the cover but Strong kicks out. Strong with a super kick for a near fall. Running yakuza kick by Strong. Strong covers and picks up the win. **¼
After the match, Strong celebrates his win to close out the show.

Hype for next weeks show which will see Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Hero!

End of show

My Take:
Dinsmore in ROH is a odd pairing. Dinsmore didn’t look to be in all that good of shape and may have been a poor opponent for Bennett who didn’t impress me here. It’s going to be hard for Bennett to get to a main event level, in my opinion. Most of the past ROH World Champions have done high spots and do some crazy moves. Bennett seems more of a traditional wrestler, and that may not go well with the main event scene. Hopefully Bennett improves sooner rather than later.

I enjoyed the KOW/All Night Express segment. I thought it was done nicely with the challengers coming across as serious opponents instead of comedy guys. I’m looking forward to this feud and seeing their eventual match at the Anniversary show.

I haven’t seen much of Cole and O’Reilly but they look pretty good. O’Reilly may be the better of the two, but that’s just going with what limited stuff I have seen. Clearly ROH is in a rebuild type of mode, which is fine.

A lackluster main event, I thought. I liked the turnbuckle gut buster but everything else was just simple and boring, honestly. Cabana comedy character has been ran its course and he needs to be repackaged into some kind of serious threat. But, I doubt that will happen.

Overall, a poor HDNET show. Just seemed really weak to me with their being two squashes, basically. A weak main event as well. Next week looks to have a good Hero/Daniels match so hopefully next week is better.

Thanks for reading.

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