UWF Captial Punishment 9/29/2006

Written By: Bob Colling

United Wrestling Federation presents Capital Punishment
From: Richmond, VA

Opening Contest: Alex Shelley defeated Sonjay Dutt:
Shelley kisses Dutt’s boots to get Dutt to shake his hand but gets a headlock on Dutt to kick off the match. They exchange wrist lock with both men flipping out of the move. Shelley gets to the ropes to break a wristlock but Dutt kicks the middle rope to low blow Shelley who goes to the floor. Shelley with a go behind and switches to a side headlock. Dutt leapfrogs Shelley and they have a standoff. Dutt slaps Shelley following a leapfrog and plays to the crowd. Dutt attempts a shoulder block but Shelley doesn’t budge. Dutt counters a hip toss attempt with own. Wheelbarrow arm drag by Dutt and follows up with a running hurricanrana to send Shelley to the floor. Dutt looks for a suicide dive but is met with a kick to the face from Shelley. Shelly dropkicks Dutt who has his head sticking through the middle rope. Shelley leaps off the top rope but is kicked in the gut. Shelley comes back with a spine buster and a springboard moonsault for a two count! Shelley grabs Dutt’s groin as Dutt comes off the ropes! Shelley works on Dutt in the corner dropkicking Dutt shoulder first into the middle turnbuckle. Shelley covers but only gets a near fall despite using the ropes for leverage. Dutt tries to fight back with right hands but Shelley rakes Dutt’s eyes. Shelley runs into a big boot in the corner and Dutt leaps off the top rope connecting with a head scissors takedown! They exchange a series of chops and right hands until Dutt comes off the ropes with a head scissors, drop toe hold, senton splash and a standing moonsault for a near fall! Shelley misses a running knee strike in the corner and falls to the floor. Dutt springboards off the middle rope and nails Shelley with a moonsault! Springboard missile dropkick by Dutt but Shelley manages to quickly recover and nails Dutt with a super kick. Shelley plants Dutt with a brain buster and nearly wins the match! Dutt blocks a German suplex but Shelley connects with a step up kick to the back of Dutt’s head. Dutt comes off the ropes with a tornado DDT and a standing shooting star press for a near fall! Shelley runs into a big boot in the corner but kicks Dutt’s leg and nails Dutt with a back cracker! Shelley follows up with the Slice Bread #2 and wins the bout! ***

Before the next match, Hermie Sadler gives a check worth $10,000 to his foundation. America’s Most Wanted make their way out to cut off Sadler. Chris Harris cuts a promo saying he is sick of hearing Sadler talking, so he should come out and talk too. Harris puts himself and Storm over as the greatest tag in pro wrestling. Harris rips on the foundation and says that everyone in the arena look to be retarded. Harris is pissed off that their was only a six pack of beer instead of a case in the backstage area. James Storm takes the check away from Sadler as it will be their beer money. Storm doesn’t believe there is anyone who can take it from them. They go to leave but the James Gang make their way down. BG cuts a promo and says that he will shove the check up their asses. BG starts up a Broke back Mountain chant.

Second Contest: James Gang defeated America’s Most Wanted:
All four men brawl in the ring until the AMW are dumped to the floor following right hands. Harris and Kip start off the contest with a test of strength until Harris knee lifts Kip and delivers a few clubbing blows to keep the advantage. Kip drop toe holds Harris and connects with a series of hip tosses. All four men are in the ring where BG places Storm in the tree of woe and Storm is sent into the corner. Eventually, they are put in the 69 position before they flip out and roll to the floor. BG works on Harris with a standing arm bar and gets a near fall. Harris misses a clothesline and is met with a few jabs from BG. BG knocks Storm off the apron and knee drops Harris for a two count. Storm kicks BG on the back as the referee was distracted. BG turns around and is met with a clothesline from Harris. Storm tags in and comes off the ropes with a knee drop on BG for a near fall. Storm drops BG with a odd looking double under hook swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Storm punches BG on the floor behind the referees back. Harris clotheslines BG to keep control of the contest. Storm kicks BG from the floor (same spot from first match) and Harris gets a near fall. BG comes off the ropes and is met with a double back elbow form AMW. Storm has a sleeper hold on BG but BG battles out with elbow strikes. Storm stops BG with a knee lift to the midsection and gets a two count on the cover. BG comes off the ropes and clotheslines both AMW members. BG makes his way to the corner and tags in Kip. Kip cleans house with right hands. Kip goes for the a cobra clutch slam on Storm but Harris saves his partner. Storm super kicks BG but isn’t able to follow up. Kip comes back with the Fame Asser and covers but Harris comes off the top rope and whacks Kip with handcuffs. Harris goes to the floor and Hermie rolls into the ring. Hermie rolls Kip onto Storm and helps the James Gang win the match.

Before the next match, James Mitchell cuts a promo ripping on the fans (who don’t realize it and cheer the insults).

Third Contest: Rhino defeated Abyss in a Monster’s Ball match:
Abyss knees lifts Rhino to start the contest and hammers away on Rhino in the corner. Abyss rams Rhino head first into the top turnbuckles a few times before choking Rhino briefly. Rhino delivers a few right hands and blocks a hip toss with a clothesline. Rhino goes for the Gore but Mitchell grabs Rhino’s foot. Rhino goes to the floor and grabs Mitchell until Abyss attacks Rhino from behind. Abyss holds Rhino to allow Mitchell to use his cane. Abyss tosses Rhino into the crowd and they brawl towards the back of the floor seating area. Rhino brings Abyss back to ringside quickly, though. Abyss knee lifts Rhino and they head towards the top of the aisle way. They brawl backstage, which the fans didn’t like. They come back out with Rhino whacking Abyss with a trash can over the head! Rhino tosses a few trash can lids and another trash can into the ring. Abyss tosses a few trash cans into the ring as well. Rhino whacks Abyss with a cookie sheet. Rhino tosses a chair and staple gun into the ring as well. Abyss grabs the staple gun in the ring but Rhino low blows Abyss. Abyss whacks Rhino over the head with a trash can lid before going to the floor to grab the ring bell and a chair. Abyss places the chair on top of Rhino and comes off the ropes looking for a avalanche splash but Rhino low blows Abyss with the chair! Rhino nails Abyss several times with a trash can before kicking the trash can into Abyss’s face! Rhino has the ring bell and whacks the bell with the chair across Abyss’s groin! Rhino goes for the cover but only manages a two count. Rhino bridges a trash can in the corner but Abyss sends Rhino back first into the trash can. Abyss covers and gets a two count. Another cookie sheet shot by Abyss on Rhino and nails Rhino with the edge of the trash can. Abyss sets up two trash cans on the mat and goes for a vertical suplex but Rhino counters with a snap suplex onto the trash cans! Rhino goes for the cover but Abyss gets his foot on the ropes. Rhino has the staple gun and uses the gun on Abyss’s forehead! Rhino uses the gun a second time but this time on Abyss’s groin! Rhino goes for the cover but only gets a two count, again. Rhino goes under the ring to grab a table and sets up the table in a corner. Abyss knee lifts Rhino and nails Rhino with a big boot. Rhino rolls to the floor where Abyss punches Rhino a few times before grabbing a second table from underneath the ring. Abyss sets another table up in the ring and signals for a choke slam. Abyss grabs Rhino but Rhino elbows out of the hold. Rhino connects with a side belly to belly suplex and goes for the gore. However, Abyss grabs Rhino by the throat and choke slams Rhino through the table for a near fall! Abyss goes to the floor to grab thumbtacks. Once Abyss turns around in the ring, Rhino gores Abyss through the table in the corner to pick up the win.

Fourth Contest: Petey Williams defeated Shark Boy, Eric Young and Chris Sabin:
Boy and Young start off the four way contest. Young controls Boy with a wristlock early on but Boy rolls through into a wristlock of his own on Young. Young manages to roll out as well and goes back to a wristlock. Young and Boy start to run the ropes for several moments with neither man hitting the other and their out of breath. They both tag out, and now Williams and Sabin enter the ring. Shoulder block by Sabin and a few arm drags. Williams pokes Sabin in the eyes but is met with a arm drag and dropkick to the knee by Sabin. Young tags Sabin out and Williams pokes Young in the eyes. Young comes off the ropes and returns a eye poke. Young gets a near fall following a northern lights suplex and tags out to Sabin. Sabin dropkicks Williams on the back of the head for a two count. Williams is back dropped to the apron and misses a shoulder block. Sabin kicks Williams and attempts a sunset flip power bomb to the floor. However, Williams blocks it and leg drops Sabin on the apron! Williams places Sabin in the tree of woe and stands on Sabin’s groin, briefly. Snap suplex by Williams before locking in a modified chin lock. Williams yanks Sabin down by the hair as Sabin tried to elbow his way out of the hold. Boy tags in and punches Sabin a few times but is shoved away. Boy elbows Sabin but is stopped with a sidekick by Sabin. Williams tags in and rolls Boy up for a near fall. Williams dropkicks Boy on the lower back and gets a two count on the cover. Boy hammers away on Williams but is cut off by a knee lift from Williams. Young enters and scoop slams Boy for a two count. Boy comes off the ropes and drops Young face first across his knee. Williams tags in and nails Young with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Williams crotches Young on the top rope but is thrown off. Young leaps off the top and hits Williams with a elbow drop! Sabin tags in and connects with a tilt a whirl backbreaker on Williams. Sabin leaps off the top with a missile dropkick and places Williams in the tree of woe. Sabin delivers a nice jumping dropkick and gets a two count on the cover attempt. Williams knees Sabin in the head to get out of a suplex. Boy tags in and hammers away on Williams in the corner before biting Williams as well. Sabin yakuza kicks Williams in the corner and Young hit’s a wheelbarrow neck breaker on Williams for a near fall! Young flips into the corner by Sabin, but is cut off the top rope. Sabin attempts a superplex but Boy comes over and sunset flips Sabin connecting with a power bomb and Young driven down with a superplex! Boy gets a couple of near falls before taking Williams out on the floor with a cross body. Sabin kicks Young on the back of the head and plants Young with a tornado DDT. Boy plants Sabin with the Deep Sea Drop! Williams rolls in and hits the Canadian Destroyer on Boy to win the match! ***

Fifth Contest: Brian Hebner defeated Earl Hebner in a Hair vs. Hair match:
I will keep this simple. Earl put his hands on special referee Christy Hemme who slaps him allowing Brian to roll Earl up for the win. Earl blames Hemme for costing him the match and wants a male referee. So, Hermie Sadler has Dave Hebner come out to referee the contest. Earl leaps off the middle rope looking for a splash but Brian kicks Earl in the gut and Brian wins the match, again. NR
After the match, Earl gets his hair shaved.

Sixth Contest: Samoa Joe defeated TNA World Champion Jeff Jarrett in a non-title match:
Joe backs Jarrett into a corner a few times until Jarrett reverses but Joe shoves Jarrett away. Jarrett controls Joe with a side headlock but fails on a attempted shoulder block. Joe ducks a clothesline and shoulder blocks Jarrett. Joe jabs Jarrett several times and nails Jarrett with a forearm shot and misses a leaping kick as Jarrett fell to the mat. Joe face washes Jarrett a few times in the corner. Joe delivers another face wash and the champ rolls to the floor. Joe uppercuts Jarrett back in the ring followed by a elbow smash. Joe scoop slams Jarrett and connects with a elbow drop for a near fall. Joe jabs Jarrett several more times but runs into a standing dropkick from Jarrett. Jarrett hammers away on Joe knocking Joe into a corner where Jarrett stomps away on Joe. Jarrett proceeds to strut knowing he has control of the contest. Joe plants Jarrett with a STO in the corner as Jarrett charged towards Joe. Joe comes off the ropes but misses a senton splash. Jarrett has a sleeper hold on Joe for a few moments. Joe gets out of the sleeper and has a sleeper on Jarrett until the champ quickly gets out of the hold with a back suplex. Joe battles back with a few jabs followed by a snap power slam for a two count. Joe atomic drops Jarrett and connects with a yakuza kick. Joe comes off the ropes connecting with a senton splash but Jarrett kicks out at two. Joe accidentally hits the referee in the corner with a forearm shot. Jarrett runs to the floor to grab his guitar and smashes the guitar over Joe’s head as Joe was attempting a suicide dive! Jarrett covers Joe but only manages to get a near fall! Joe ducks a shot to the head with the belt. Joe splashes Jarrett in the corner and connects with the Muscle Buster to win the bout. **¼

Before the next match, Konnan rips on everything associated with Richmond, Virginia. Konnan promises that LAX will regain the tag titles tonight. Christopher Daniels comes out and tells Konnan that everyone thinks he sucks. Daniels says they are going to kick LAX’s asses tonight.

Main Event: TNA World Tag Team Champions AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels defeated LAX to retain the titles:
LAX triple team the champions to kick start the contest. Styles is dumped to the floor by Hernandez. Homicide and Hernandez splash Daniels in the corner as Styles is knocked off the apron. Daniels is double teamed in the ring for a few moments. Daniels ducks a double clothesline and styles leaps off the top rope dropkicking LAX. The champs clean house with clotheslines and backdrops. LAX stall on the floor for a few minutes until Homicide rolls back into the ring. Daniels and Homicide legally start the match as Daniels has a side headlock on Homicide for a few moments. Homicide sends Daniels into the ropes but Daniels goes back to a headlock. Daniels shoulder blocks Homicide for a near fall before going back to a headlock. Homicide atomic drops Daniels but runs into a leg lariat from Daniels. Styles tags in and Homicide is driven down with a double side slam. Styles comes off the ropes with a leaping forearm drop for a two count. Hernandez tags in and is met with a few arm drags. Styles nails Hernandez with a dropkick and is clotheslined over the top to the floor by the champs. Homicide enters and Styles drives Homicide face first into Daniels knees. Konnan trips Daniels as Daniels comes off the ropes. Homicide clotheslines Daniels and continues his attack with several stomps. Hernandez chokes Daniels back in the ring with his shirt and tosses Daniels across the ring! Running power slam by Hernandez and Homicide leaps off the top with a head butt for a near fall. Homicide nails Daniels with a spinning back elbow before taunting the fans. Hernandez chokes Daniels behind the referees back. Daniels is tossed to the floor where Konnan and Homicide attack Daniels for several moments. Hernandez covers Daniels for a near fall. Homicide tags in as Hernandez electric chair slams Daniels followed by a top rope elbow drop by Homicide for a near fall. Homicide knee lifts Daniels but Daniels battles out of the corner with kicks and elbows. Daniels attempts the Angels Wings on Homicide but Hernandez saves his partner. Homicide catapults Daniels into Hernandez who connects with a overhead belly to belly suplex! Hernandez has a chin lock on Daniels for a few moments. Daniels gets up to his feet but runs into a big shoulder block. Homicide tags back in and connects with three snap suplex on Daniels. Homicide heads to the top rope but misses a frog splash as Daniels rolls out of the way. Hernandez tags in but so does Styles! Styles cleans house with several forearm shots and nails Hernandez with a springboard forearm shot! Styles follows up with a nice springboard reverse DDT on Hernandez for a near fall. Homicide plants Styles with a ace crusher but isn’t able to win the match. Homicide lands on his feet after an attempted German suplex. Homicide connects with a suplex on Styles. Daniels enters and blocks a lariat from Homicide with a sit out slam. Daniels goes for the BME but Homicide moves and Hernandez connects with the Cracker Jack. Styles drop toe holds a running Hernandez. Styles takes everyone out on the floor with a somersault dive over the top rope! Styles with a suplex on Homicide back into the ring but Konnan hangs onto Styles leg and Homicide gets a near fall. Konnan whips Homicide in the face on accident. Daniels slams Hernandez and follows up with the BME followed by a top rope frog splash by Styles. Styles covers Hernandez to win the bout. ***¼
After the match, the champions celebrate their win.

Bonus Footage: Magnum TA was interviewed by Hermie Sadler where he was happy to be remembered by the fans and puts over the Richmond area as great fans.

End of show

My Take:
Shelley/Dutt was a good opener. I’ve never been a big fan of Dutt but he looked pretty good on this show. The fans were really into Shelley who was doing his Paparazzi gimmick. A simple, fast pace opener to get the fans pumped up for the rest of the show. Good start to the show.

Chris Harris cut a good heel promo where he actually ripped on a foundation. I’ve never seen a heel do that before, and while it is maybe tasteless it is really a brilliant way to get the fans to hate you. So, well done on that Chris Harris! Anyway, the match was pretty dull in my opinion. That shouldn’t be surprising since the James Gang aren’t that great by 2006.

Abyss/Rhino was a fairly uneventful hardcore match. It looked like Rhino really mailed it in for this match. I’ve seen a my good share of hardcore matches involving Abyss and he has done a lot more violent things in front of a lot less people. So, I’m figuring Rhino prevented the match from being anything overly violent. I was bugged by the fact that Abyss didn’t bleed following the staple gun shot to the forehead. If your going to do that spot, do the blade job. Lastly, showing that he didn’t care at all about the match, Rhino made it very obvious when he was relaying what spot to do to Abyss. That sort of thing really bugs me. Its bound to be noticeable on a few occasions, but Rhino made very little effort to cover his mouth while speaking to Abyss. A poor hardcore brawl between two guys who have done much better.

Jarrett/Joe was pretty basic and fine for what it was. Seems like Joe botches one move every match on TNA house shows, but the botch was more of a timing issue with Jarrett. The fans were heavily behind Joe throughout, as expected, but the reaction got me thinking why not have Joe vs. Jarrett at BFG 06 instead of Sting vs. Jarrett. They apparently had an angle going where Joe had possession of the championship anyway, why not just have a title match with Joe going over to win the belt much sooner then he actually did?

Tag title match was a good contest as I expected it to be. All four men hit their spots very well and this was easily the match the fans cared about the most and gave a the best crowd reaction towards. Good all around contest.

Overall, both X-Division bouts and the main event were good matches. Joe/Jarrett was decent for what it was. Everything else just wasn’t entertaining to me, however nothing was a complete waste of time (aside from the hair match). I’ll give the show a mild recommendation if you’re a X-Division wrestling fan and like TNA tag team division. If not, your not going to like this show.

Thanks for reading.

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