WWF RAW 7/1/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Green Bay, WI

RAW opens up with WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels making his way down to the ring for a match against former best friend Marty Jannetty.

Opening Contest: WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Marty Jannetty in a non-title match:
They have a stare down to kick off the contest. Jannetty backs Michaels into a corner but doesn’t do anything. Michaels backs Jannetty against the ropes and they trade shoves. Michaels hip tosses Jannetty but is kicked away. They both do kip ups and they have a stand of. Jannetty controls Michaels with a side headlock but Michaels counters with a head scissors. Michaels goes for a backslide but Jannetty gets out of it and ducks a clothesline. Jannetty arm drags Michaels several times and taunts the fans. Michaels avoids a running attack in the corner and hip tosses Jannetty several times. Michaels botches a dropkick that sends Jannetty to the floor. Jannetty punches Michaels right in the face to get out of a wristlock. Jannetty sends Michaels hard back first into the corner and hammers away on the champ briefly until Michaels atomic drops Jannetty and follows up with a running clothesline. Michaels leaps off the top nailing Jannetty with a twisting double axe handle. Michaels attempts the super kick but Jannetty is pulled to the floor. Michaels baseball slides Leif Cassidy into the guard railing. Jannetty leaps off the apron nailing Michaels with a clubbing blow across the back. Jannetty goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Michaels runs into a double big boot in the corner Jannetty backdrops Michaels and taunts the fans, again. Jannetty goes for the cover but only gets a near fall. Jannetty drops Michaels gut first across the top rope! Jannetty covers Michaels but isn’t able to get a three count. Jannetty maintains control with a sleeper hold but Michaels is able to get to his feet rather quickly. Michaels comes off the ropes hitting Jannetty with a cross body for a two count. Jannetty quickly stops Michaels with a clothesline but only gets a two count on a cover. Michaels rolls Jannetty up for a near fall. Michaels misses a spear in the corner and hits the ring post! Jannetty cover and nearly wins the bout! Jannetty misses a splash in the corner and is monkey flipped over buy lands on his feet. Jannetty clotheslines Michaels and leaps off the middle rope looking for a fist drop but Michaels gets a boot up! Michaels blocks a back drop with a face buster! Running forearm shot by Michaels followed by a scoop slam and a dropkick. Michaels blocks a backdrop but Jannetty connects with a hurricanrana for a near fall. Michaels leaps off the top connecting with a cross body but Jannetty rolls through for a two count. Jannetty clotheslines Michaels and gets another near fall as RAW goes to a commercial. Jannetty plants Michaels with the Rocker Dropper! Jannetty climbs to the top rope but lands on his feet as Michaels moves out of the way. Michaels spikes Jannetty with a pile driver and leaps off the top rope connecting with a elbow drop. Michaels sets up for the Sweet Chin Music and nails Jannetty with the super kick! Michaels cover and picks up the win. ***
After the match, Leif Cassidy attempts to attack Michaels but fails as Michaels super kicks Cassidy. Jose Lothario punches Jim Cornette out as well!

Footage from WWF Superstars where Sunny fooled Phineas into thinking that she was sorry for breaking his heart. Phineas proclaims his love for Sunny several times. Sunny ends up slapping Phineas, which crushes poor little Phineas. Phineas is attacked by the Smoking Gunns until Henry Godwin comes out to make the save. Sunny is trapped on the ring steps and gets slop dumped on her by Phineas!

Second Contest: Mankind defeated Duke Droese:
Mankind wins the extended squash match with the mandible claw. During the bout, Jake Roberts was on commentary to scout his opponent at the new PPV, Mankind. NR
After the match, Roberts flips out on Lawler for continuing to poke fun at his new lifestyle. Lawler slaps Roberts twice but is choked by Roberts until Mankind comes over and puts the mandible claw on Roberts!

Main Event: Goldust defeated Marc Mero:
Goldust works on Mero with several strikes but misses a clothesline. Mero connects with a cross body for a two count. Mero uppercuts Goldust and looks to follow up but Goldust bails to the floor to avoid any further beating. Mero continues his offense with several arm drags but Goldust again rolls to the floor angry with how the match has been going. Goldust walks around the ring as RAW goes to commercial. Mero is on the floor hammering away on Goldust but as he rolls into the ring Goldust works on Mero with several clubbing strikes. Goldust nails Mero with a clothesline and crawls over to Mero before delivering a few punches. Goldust stops Mero coming off the ropes with a knee lift to the midsection. Goldust tosses Mero to the floor and rams Mero face first into the ring steps. Goldust blocks a backdrop attempt with a boot to the face and gets a two count. Mero gets out of a sleeper hold and rolls Goldust up for a near fall. Goldust stops Mero’s momentum with a right hand and scoop slams Mero followed by a fist drop as he comes off the ropes for a two count. RAW goes to commercial with Goldust still in control of the contest. Mero gets out of a sleeper hold but misses a elbow drop. Goldust delivers several right hands to regain control of the contest. Mero drops Goldust with an electric chair slam to get out of a chin lock! Goldust rams Mero face first down into the mat and gets several near falls. Mero power slams Goldust and almost wins the bout. They clothesline each other and remain on the mat for a few moments. Marlena is now right behind Sable on the floor, checking Sable out apparently. Mero atomic drops Goldust and follows up with a right hand. Mero backdrops Goldust and heads to the top rope. Mero connects with a double axe handle but only gets a two count! Mero knee lifts Goldust and gets distracted by what Marlena is doing. Goldust manages to plant Mero with the Curtain Call and wins the bout. *1/2
After the match, Sable enters the ring to check on Mero as Goldust simply leaves the ring.

Next week, the Ultimate Warrior squares off against Owen Hart!

End of show

My Take:
The final three minutes or so of the Michaels/Jannetty match bumped up the rating to a ***. Jannetty looked kind of slow and sloppy compared to their previous matches so I was going to deduct half a star for that. However, the ending sequence of the match was pretty good and crowd just exploded for the finish. Easily one of the loudest ovations for RAW this year, which is saying a lot to be honest. The matches turned out to be a good quality bout.

A Mankind vs. Jake Roberts feud could be interesting. I liked Lawler’s insults directed towards Roberts as a seed has been planted for them to feud after Roberts gets done with Mankind.

I do not like Marc Mero. Mero had some pretty good matches back in WCW but what the hell has happened to the guy? His matches so far during his WWF run have left a lot to be desired. It’s pretty pathetic. Goldust actually getting a pin fall victory is good. Goldust needs to remain somewhat strong as he heads into a showdown with the Undertaker.

Overall, Jannetty/HBK makes this show a good overall episode. I’ll give this weeks RAW a thumbs up.

Thanmks for reading.

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