WWF Smackdown 3/16/2000

written by Adam King

Thursday, March 16th, 2000

Taped (3/14) from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY

List of WWF Champions at the time:
WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H (1/03/2000)
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Kurt Angle (2/27/2000)
WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz (2/27/2000)
WWF European Champion: Kurt Angle (2/10/2000)
WWF Hardcore Champion: Crash Holly (3/13/2000)
WWF Women’s Champion: Jacqueline (2/03/2000)
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (3/13/2000)

~ Smackdown comes on the air with clips of Vince McMahon’s return and Rock regaining his Wrestlemania title shot on Raw. After the intro Michael Cole welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

~ Things kick off with Shane McMahon and The Big Show coming out to the ring with Shane getting on the mic to start the gabfest. Shane says the fans may think it was acceptable for his father to knock his son down and hit him with a chair but he calls it paternal abuse which is against the law. Shane then says another crime was committed on Monday as well and feels it’s unnatural for The Big Show not to compete in the main event at Wrestlemania so he claims that Show will be a part of it. Shane explains what he means by showing footage on the OvalTron of The Rock laying down the stipulations of his match on Raw and admits Rock did win his match and therefore will compete for the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania. However Shane points out nothing was said about Big Show being removed from the title match should he lose to the Rock. Shane announces as a result of that loophole the Wrestlemania title match will now be a triple threat, with Triple H defending the belt against The Rock and The Big Show. Show takes the mic and talks on his confidence in winning the title at the pay-per-view with Shane in his corner. Now the whole point of the Rock/Big Show angle was that one of them would be in the Wrestlemania main event, so having both of them in the match pretty much negates the entire feud.

Anyway Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out to the ring and both of them don’t seem pleased by this. Show tells Triple H he will regain the title at Wrestlemania but Triple H takes the mic and gets in Shane’s face saying what would be a natural disaster is if he were to lose the title to either Rock or Show. Triple H then accuses Shane of conveniently setting up the triple threat match saying he can smell the rat in all off this. Triple H claims everyone knows Rock and Show both can’t beat him but points out that’s the key to this whole setup; Rock or Show can pin each other to become champion yet he doesn’t have to be involved in the decision. Triple H says he’ll accept the match but claims neither Rock nor Show will get the belt because he is that good. Stephanie then takes the mic and says if Shane is going to be in Show’s corner at the show then she will be in Triple H’s corner since she has just as much power as him. Shane responds with some words and Stephanie goes to slap Shane again but Shane blocks it this time while Triple H and Show stand face-to-face. But before anything happens Vince McMahon comes out to the stage and gets on the mic talking about how proud Shane and Stephanie have made him and the fans with their actions, calling the power struggle between the two of them a bad soap opera and saying they should be on Jerry Springer. Vince brings up them driving Mick Foley out of the WWF and almost doing to same to Rock, calling it bad business. Vince says he’s tired of this and has decided to take back control of the WWF before they mess it up for good. Vince says if Shane is supporting Show and Stephanie is supporting Triple H, then he himself will be in The Rock’s corner at Wrestlemania. Shane responds to Vince’s announcement by saying what’s good for business is seeing Rock against Kane tonight. Stephanie then books her own match that’s good for business tonight, this one pitting The Big Show against Rikishi. Next Vince decides to book Triple H in a non-title match against someone Stephanie knows very well: The Godfather. Vince adds Stephanie may get lucky enough to ride the Ho Train as well and Stephanie is left fuming at her father. Well here’s another tradition making its debut: long McMahon talking segments.

WWF World Tag Team Titles: The Dudley Boyz © vs. Edge & Christian

So for whatever reason E&C decided to cash in their title shot tonight instead of waiting until Wrestlemania. Both sides go at it to start and Bubba Ray tosses Christian through the ropes while Edge whips D’Von and leapfrogs over him. D’Von comes back with a Curtain Call then tags Bubba in and Bubba whips Edge into a backdrop and hits an elbow drop for a two count. Bubba draws Christian in then sets Edge up when D’Von climbs to the top rope and connects with the head butt to the groin. D’Von covers Edge for a two count and Edge fights back but D’Von head butts him and whips him into a jumping elbow then slams Edge to the mat. D’Von misses his elbow drop and Edge starts to fight back and goes for a whip. D’Von reverses it but Edge comes back with a spinning heel kick then is able to make the tag to Christian and Christian hits a forearm then pops Bubba on the apron. D’Von charges at him but Christian sidesteps it and hits a tornado DDT for a two count while Edge and Bubba clothesline each other. Christian then goes for the Unprettier and D’Von shoves Christian into the referee but Christian stops himself. D’Von takes a swing at Christian but Christian ducks it and the referee gets knocked out with the right hand. Christian comes up and hits the Slop Drop on D’Von then covers him but the referee is out and can’t count. Terri Runnels suddenly runs out to ringside and passes a chair in the ring which Bubba gets his hands on. Christian nails Bubba from behind but the Dudleys come back with the 3D and D’Von gets the three to retain. (3:02) Solid match but a little disappointing considering E&C won a pay-per-view match for this title shot. **½
The Dudleys grab their tag belts and depart while Terri celebrates on the ramp with her devil imitation. The Hardys suddenly come out and grab Terri then toss her in the ring at the mercy of Edge and Christian. Christian is ready to get payback on Terri but Edge calls him off instead. The two start to leave the ring as Terri starts doing her devil thing again. Only Edge sees it on the OvalTron then turns back and spears Terri! Edge then mocks Terri’s devil imitation before departing the ring with Christian and heading into the crowd, finally ending this angle. BTW this means we don’t have a tag team title match set for Wrestlemania so what do they do now?

~ Backstage the Helmsleys are walking when they pass by some of the Godfather’s women as we go to commercial.

~ We get another reminder of The Rock hosting Saturday Night Live this Saturday.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Edge spearing Terri, finally getting payback for all her intrusions.

Triple H © (w/Stephanie McMahon) vs. The Godfather (w/the ladies) – Non-Title Match

You’re looking at this match and probably thinking the outcome is obvious, right? Godfather makes his way out to the ring first and gets on the mic to do his usual spiel for the crowd and the Helmsleys then come out Godfather offers Stephanie a place on the Ho Train as the caboose. That prompts Triple H to stomp Godfather down and choke him on the mat then whip him into the high knee. Triple H whips Godfather into a corner but Godfather comes out with a clothesline then whips him into a boot. Godfather rubs his foot on Triple H’s face then works him over in a corner and whips him into an elbow. Godfather whips Triple H into a backdrop and stomps him down in a corner then whips Triple H into the other corner. Godfather goes for the Ho Train but Triple H is able to sidestep it. Triple H then goes for a whip, Godfather reverses it but lowers the head and Triple H hits the face buster. Shane and the Big Show make their way to ringside and Shane hops on the apron and confronts Stephanie. Show also hops on the apron but Triple H pops him back off with a right hand then goes after him on the floor. Triple H hammers away on Show but Shane nails him from behind and Show scoops him up and rams him into the post. Show tosses Triple H back in the ring and Godfather covers him for the 1..2..3!! The Godfather pins Triple H!! (2:51) It wasn’t clean but it still goes down as a win for Godfather. Shane and Show head back up the ramp pleased with their handiwork while Triple H is furious at the loss. **

~ Back from break we get a replay of The Godfather’s upset win over Triple H thanks to Shane and The Big Show. We then find Triple H angrily tearing apart his lock room as Stephanie tries in vain to calm him down.

~ Backstage we find Steve Blackman preparing when Al Snow walks up with his latest gimmick idea and pitches a show about the two of them fighting space ninjas. Snow even brings out a little guy dressed as an alien and to his surprise Blackman calls it a brilliant idea and even sends him on his way to get things set up for them. However once Snow departs Blackman tells the alien “Welcome to Earth” and lays him out with his kendo stick.

The Acolytes (w/Mideon) vs. Al Snow (w/Head) & Steve Blackman

The Acolytes attack Snow and Blackman as they climb in the ring and Bradshaw hammers Snow in a corner while Faarooq and Blackman duke it out on the floor. Bradshaw whips Snow but Snow slides to stop himself and comes back with a clothesline then tees off on Bradshaw while Blackman rams Faarooq onto the apron. Snow goes for a whip, Bradshaw reverses him into a corner and Snow again slides out of it but eats a big boot. Faarooq rams Blackman into the announce table then helps Bradshaw whip Snow into a double shoulder block. Bradshaw pops Snow through the ropes to the floor then goes out but Snow rams him into the ring steps. Snow launches off the steps for a flying clothesline but Bradshaw pulls Mideon in the way and he takes the hit. Bradshaw heads back in the ring while Blackman works Faarooq over with the kicks and goes for a whip. Faarooq reverses Blackman into an elbow from Bradshaw and Faarooq slams him to the mat. Faarooq goes for the ropes but Snow trips him from the floor then goes back in for a double-team. Snow whips Faarooq into a clothesline and follows up with a pair of knee drops then tags Blackman back in. Both men hit a double suplex on Faarooq and Blackman tries to stop the Head Cheese chants to no avail. Snow tags back in but Faarooq clotheslines both men then tags in Bradshaw who whips Snow into an elbow. Bradshaw then whips Blackman into a boot and all four men go at it while Mideon grabs Head for some reason. Snow whips Bradshaw into a corner but eats an elbow and Blackman whips Faarooq but Faarooq reverses it and both Acolytes hit a double shoulder block. Mideon tosses Head in the ring but Snow intercepts it and nails Mideon. Snow turns back as Bradshaw hits the Clothesline from Hades and gets the three while Faarooq holds Blackman down. (3:00) Decent enough match. **

~ Rikishi is shown heading to the ring and unfortunately we just have to get a shot of his rear. We also see The Big Show and Shane McMahon making their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

The Big Show (w/Shane McMahon) vs. Rikishi Phatu

I wonder if Triple H just might be coming out looking for some revenge for his loss earlier. Rikishi comes out but Show blindsides him before he can climb in the ring and throws him into the ring steps. Show throws Rikishi in the ring to start the match and chops him in a corner before hitting some elbows. Show then drops Rikishi with a right hand and works him over then whips him into a corner and hits a splash. Show head butts Rikishi and chokes him with his boot then goes for a whip but Rikishi reverses him into a corner. Rikishi follows up with a super kick than knocks Show down in a corner and is then able to get the Stinkface. Show is reeling as Rikishi plants him with a Samoan Drop but Show comes back with a massive clothesline. Show hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Rikishi when the Helmsleys run out with Triple H nailing Shane from behind. Stephanie then distracts the referee while Triple H goes in and low blows Show before hitting the Pedigree. Triple H departs while Rikishi is content to climb up the ropes and hit the Banzai Drop for the pin. (3:05) Nothing much to really see here. Triple H then departs with Stephanie but not before he throws Shane into the ring post for good measure. The Too Cool guys then make their way to the ring and goes ahead with the post-match dance with Rikishi.

~ Backstage Kurt Angle and Bob Backlund are talking to some guy about how deadly the cross face chicken wing is. Angle suggests Backlund demonstrate on that guy and Backlund slaps on the hold but flips out like it’s 1994 again.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Triple H causing the Big Show to suffer his own shocking loss. We then find Show backstage throwing various stuff around as Shane tries in vain to calm him down. So Triple H jobbed and Show jobbed, can we expect the same for the Rock? Maybe that’s too much to ask.

~ Out in the arena Kurt Angle makes his way out to the stage with Bob Backlund as they’re going to team up in the next match. Angle gets on the mic first and talks about the hard times Long Island is going through after its economy tanked but says as the Intercontinental Champion he’s trying to solve that problem the same way he helped out Europe. Angle also brings up Amy Fisher and the Islanders before saying the fans now have two heroes to cheer for. Backlund takes over the mic but says something about retiring because of the cavity the fans have fallen into then says “Mr. Ingles” is out to bring the fans out of that cavity and put morality back into their lives. Just then Chris Jericho and Chyna make their way out to the stage and Jericho gets on the mic to offer a rebuttal saying this is a special occasion because we have America’s two biggest nerds standing in the ring. Jericho then makes fun of Backlund’s haircut and even says he wants to make him into a ventriloquist’s dummy, doing a funny impression of that. Tazz comes out to the stage to offer his two cents on the mic, promising someone’s getting choked out and there’s nothing they can do about it as we finally get to the match.

Kurt Angle & Bob Backlund vs. Chris Jericho (w/Chyna) & Tazz

Angle and Tazz go at it to start and Tazz quickly gets the advantage and kicks Angle down in a corner. Tazz goes for a whip but Angle counters it into a belly-to-belly suplex then tags Backlund in. Backlund goes for the cross face chicken wing already but Tazz is able to counter it by sweeping the leg. Angle tags back in and whips Tazz then leaps up but Tazz fakes him out and catches him into a T-bone Tazplex. Jericho tags in and hits a clothesline on Angle then pops Backlund off the apron and whips Angle into a kick. Jericho power bombs Angle but holds on and hits a second power bomb then follows up with the Lionsault but Backlund breaks up the pin. Tazz knocks Backlund through the ropes then chases him over the barricade into the crowd and is able to put him in the Tazzmission. In the ring Jericho whips Angle and Angle goes for a Sunset Flip but Jericho rolls out of it and into the Walls of Jericho. Jericho has is cinched in when Chris Benoit runs in for whatever reason and nails Jericho for a DQ. (2:00) This match didn’t have a chance to really go anywhere. Benoit then lays out Jericho with a back suplex when Chyna goes in the ring and hammers away on Benoit. However Eddie Guerrero suddenly runs in and nails Chyna from behind. Benoit climbs to the top rope and nails Angle with the diving head butt and hits an elbow on Jericho and everyone is left laying.

~ Back from break Jonathan Coachman starts reporting on Crash Holly when Kane appears and grabs him by the shirt demanding to know where X-Pac is. Coach says he doesn’t know so Kane drops him and storms off.

~ We then take a look at Crash Holly’s latest 24/7 Hardcore Title defense earlier today at Fun Time USA. This time we find The Headbangers dragging Earl Hebner along to the building and learn Crash is in the upstairs arcade so Mosh volunteers to bring Crash down for Hebner to count down. Mosh goes upstairs and finding Crash playing skeeball tries to convince him to head downstairs for something. Mosh then starts attacking Crash and slams him on the floor then covers him but realizes Hebner’s not around to count because he’s still waiting downstairs for him. Crash comes back by jabbing the eyes and throws some skeeballs at Mosh then tries to escape down a big slide. However Thrasher meets Crash at the bottom of the slide with a trash can and covers him but Mosh breaks it up. Thrasher is surprised his partner stopped that but the Headbangers double-team Crash and drop him onto a guardrail. The Headbangers whip Crash with a belt then bring him over to a “test your strength” game and ram him into the pad and Mosh goes for the cover but Thrasher breaks it up. The ‘Bangers argue but decide to do some more damage first and Mosh places Crash on the mallet pad as Thrasher readies the giant mallet but Crash is able to fight out of it. Crash jabs Mosh with the mallet then flees into the big play set and Mosh and Thrasher both unsuccessfully try to get in. The Bangers then work out a plan to corner Crash in the ball pit and sends Hebner in first before they go in themselves. However Crash leaps off the monkey bars and clotheslines Thrasher then swings on a rope for a huricanrana on Mosh. Crash then grabs his Hardcore title belt and escapes once again while the Headbangers are left to grumble to Hebner. This was such a fun angle at the time.

~ Cole and Lawler then change gears and talk about the Dudleys putting Mae Young through the table on Raw. They then show a series of clips on Mae Young’s tenure in the WWF including the Fabulous Moolah’s comments. Lawler reports Mae is recovering in a hospital while Cole says the distraught Mark Henry is unavailable for comment. And that would be the last we’d hear of Mark Henry for almost two years.

~ Backstage Triple H is meeting with Stephanie, Tori and X-Pac when Kane appears and goes right after X-Pac. Kane rams Triple H into a wall then chases X-Pac into a trailer and has him cornered but Triple H grabs a 2×4 and whacks Kane with it. Triple H and X-Pac slip out of the trailer then pull down the door and lock Kane inside as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Kane getting locked in a trailer after his attempted assault on X-Pac. Lillian Garcia then interviews Vince McMahon backstage with Vince saying if Kane can’t make his match with The Rock tonight then X-Pac will take Kane’s place against Rock.

WWF Light Heavyweight Title: Dean Malenko © (w/Eddie Guerrero) vs. Grandmaster Sexay (w/Scotty 2 Hotty)

Malenko nails Sexay from behind to start and goes for a whip but Sexay reverses him into a corner. Sexay hits a hip toss then busts a move and comes off the ropes for a clothesline. Sexay goes for a whip, Malenko reverses it but Sexay slings him through the ropes then hits a baseball slide on Malenko and Eddie. The Too Cool guys then so some celebrating and Scotty hops on the apron until he falls down to the floor. Malenko nails Sexay from behind again and goes for a suplex but Sexay floats over and hits an inverted suplex. Sexay hits a running bulldog for a two count then goes for it again but Malenko shoves him off into the ring post. Sexay then goes for a whip, Malenko reverses it but Sexay catches him with an Atomic Drop and hits a DDT. Sexay whips Malenko and drops him to the mat then whips him to a corner and dances his way across the ring. Sexay whips Malenko again and super kicks him but Eddie Guerrero distracts the referee from making the count. Sexay complains before Malenko clotheslines him then whips him into a corner and hits the bulldog like Scotty. Malenko even mocks Scotty’s “Worm” dance and hops around but Scotty trips him from the floor for that. Scotty hops on the apron and the referee keeps him out but doesn’t see Eddie pulling Sexay out to the floor but Sexay ducks a right hand and crotches Edge in the ring post. Scotty snaps Malenko on the top rope and Sexay climbs to the top rope for the Hip Hop Drop but Eddie nails him from behind with his bad arm and Malenko is able to cover Sexay for the academic three. (4:09) Not the best lightweight match but still had its moments. Malenko celebrates but Scotty comes in and decks him with a right hand then does the same to Eddie and The Too Cool guys whip Malenko into a double flapjack. Scotty and Sexay whip Eddie but Eddie bails out to the floor and taunts them. Chyna then makes her way out and blindsides Eddie then DDTs him onto the floor. Chyna then heads in the ring and touches fingers with Too Cool while Eddie is left laying on the floor. **

~ Back from break we find Sgt. Slaughter and Tony Garea trying to free Kane from the trailer by prying the door. Just a suggestion, guys, but maybe you could find the driver of the trailer and see if he has the key on him.

The Hardy Boyz vs. Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn – #1 Contenders’ Match

So with Edge and Christian cashing in their title shot (and losing) this match was thrown together to find replacement challengers for the belts at Wrestlemania. Both sides go at it to start but the Radicals gets the advantage and catapult Jeff over the ropes to the floor. Benoit and Saturn whip Matt into a corner and club him from behind and Saturn leaves Benoit to take over. Benoit whips Matt and goes for a power bomb and Matt counters into a victory roll but Benoit slips out of it. Matt blocks a clothesline and hits a neck breaker then hops to the second rope and hits the guillotine leg drop for a two count. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Benoit shoves him off into Saturn who snaps his neck on the top rope. Benoit throws Matt back to the mat and whips him into a corner then chops him before tagging Saturn back in. Both men whip Matt into a double elbow and Saturn hits a side suplex then draws Jeff in to distract the referee. Benoit tags in and hits a forearm then whips Matt into a elbow and tags Saturn in while holding Matt on his knee. Saturn climbs to the top rope and connects with a flying knee drop but it only gets a two count. Saturn scoops Matt up and rams him upside-down into the turnbuckles then moves Matt onto the top rope and climbs up looking for a superplex. Matt fights Saturn off to the mat then hits a flying cross body and manages to tag in Jeff. Jeff climbs to the top rope and misses a moonsault but lands on his feet and hits a dropkick. Jeff clotheslines Saturn and Benoit comes in but Jeff trips him with a drop toehold. Jeff charges at Saturn who tosses him over his head but Jeff ends up hitting Benoit with a flying forearm. Jeff whips Saturn into Benoit and Saturn drops to his knees when Jeff launches off him for Poetry in Motion. Saturn plants Jeff with a tiger suplex but Matt breaks it up and the Hardys whip Saturn into a double elbow. The Hardys follow up with their combo move and Benoit breaks up the pin and the Hardys hit a double suplex. Matt knocks Benoit through the ropes to the floor and Jeff runs along the barricade and hits a flying clothesline. Matt hits Saturn with the Twist of Fate while Jeff climbs to the top rope and connects with the Swanton Bomb. Jeff covers Saturn but Benoit pulls him out of the ring by the hair. Matt climbs to the top rope and hits a plancha that takes out both men when Saturn leaps over the ropes for his own plancha. All four men continue to go at it on the floor as the referee reaches the 10 count and throws this one out. (4:54) Despite the bell ringing both sides continue to fight until the referees come out to separate them. Match was going along great until the bad finish. Plus that didn’t solve the problem of who’s the #1 contenders so what do they do now? **½

~ Backstage X-Pac is meeting with the Helmsleys and complaining about having to fight The Rock tonight. Triple H tells X-Pac that Vince McMahon got him into this mess but he will be the one to get him out.

~ The Rock is shown making his way to the ring for the main event as we go to commercial.

~ The Wrestlemania countdown shows we’re less than 3 weeks away. Maybe the WWF will have an actual lineup by then.

The Rock vs. X-Pac (w/Tori)

As Rock comes out X-Pac tries to dropkick him through the ropes but misses and Rock lays into him. Rock tosses X-Pac over the barricade and hammers away on him through the fans then tosses him back over to ringside. X-Pac comes back and rams Rock into the barrier then tosses him back into the crowd then goes after him. Rock starts fighting back and hits a clothesline then drops X-Pac onto the barricade before dumping him back over it to ringside. X-Pac kicks Rock as he climbs over the barrier but misses a right hand and Rock crotches him into the ring post as Shane McMahon and The Big Show make their way down the ramp. Rock finally tosses X-Pac in the ring as the bell sounds and works over X-Pac then goes for a whip. X-Pac reverses it and Shane grabs Rock’s ankle from the floor and Rock glares out at him allowing X-Pac nail him from behind. X-Pac goes for a whip, Rock reverses it but X-Pac clotheslines him for a two count then chokes him on the middle rope. The Helmsleys now make their way to ringside as X-Pac pounds on Rock when Rock fights back and goes for a whip but X-Pac reverses it and tosses Rock over the ropes to the floor. Show comes out and gets a piece of Rock but Triple H nails Show from behind and throws Rock into the steps. Triple H rolls Rock back in and X-Pac covers him with his feet on the ropes but that only gets two. X-Pac hits a running leg drop for another two count and Rock shoves him off and plants him with a spine buster. Rock again fights back and hits a Samoan Drop for a two count then whips him into a corner but eats a boot. X-Pac runs right into a power slam and Rock covers him but Tori distracts Earl Hebner from making the count. Rock has words with Tori but turns right into the spin kick form X-Pac who then chokes him down in a corner. X-Pac goes for the Bronco Buster but runs right into a Rock Bottom and Rock covers him but Show interrupts Hebner’s count. Rock goes over and pops Show on the apron when Triple H goes in and clocks Rock with his WWF Title belt. Triple H runs back out as X-Pac drapes an arm over Rock and Hebner counts but that only gets a two count. Suddenly Kane’s pyro goes off as Kane makes his way down after finally getting released from the trailer and goes right after X-Pac. Kane pops X-Pac over the ropes with an uppercut causing Hebner calls for the bell awarding a DQ decision to X-Pac. (4:11) So all three Wrestlemania main eventers lose their matches yet Rock got out of a pin fall job. Interesting. Kane chases X-Pac into the crowd while Rock works over Triple H in the ring and hits the Smackdown. Show heads in but Rock quickly unloads on him in a corner then tosses Triple H into him. Show then shoves Triple H down and the two of them go at it while Rock excuses himself from the ring. We then get a shot of Vince McMahon watching this backstage with a smile on his face as we fade to black. **½

Total sports-entertainment show this time around as they tried to put together the rest of Wrestlemania. Pretty much every match had some sort of run-in or post-match action and there was only one real clean finish. Also this is where the build to the Wrestlemania main event started to focus less on the actual participants and more on the feuding McMahons which would only lead to much worse things down the line. Still there were some nice moments such as the Hardcore title segment and they’re starting to get some things going, plus I don’t think Triple H ever got that win back from Godfather.

– And because I feel like it, here’s a special bonus match!

Test vs. Gangrel (Sunday Night Heat 3/19/2000)

Gangrel starts off by hammering Test with knee lifts then slamming him to the mat and hitting an elbow drop. Gangrel whips Test looking for a hip toss but Test counters into a neck breaker then whips him into an elbow. Test whips Gangrel into a corner but eats an elbow and Gangrel slips out and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Gangrel clotheslines Test over the ropes to the floor then goes for a baseball slide but Test is able to dodge it. Test goes for a whip but Gangrel reverses him into the steps and chokes him on the floor with his boot. Gangrel throws Test back in the ring and Test starts to fight back and goes for a whip but Gangrel counters it and hits a Russian leg sweep for two. We then look over and see … some blonde coming down the ramp. This would be Trish Stratus making her WWF debut. In the ring Gangrel goes for a whip, Test reverses him into a corner and eats a boot but still hits a clothesline. As Trish looks on with interest from the ramp Test whips Gangrel and hits a sidewalk slam for a two count. Test hits the full nelson slam then climbs to the top rope and connects with the flying elbow drop for the pin. (3:09) Test then goes out and meets Trish on the ramp and the two have a stare down before she departs. Trish would also come out during a match between Albert and Joey Abs, getting Albert’s attention as well.

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  1. The March 16,Edition of Smackdown is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWF ‘s Smackdown brand, which took place on March 14,at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York . WWF Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boyz defeated Edge Christian following the 3D on Christian as Edge was distracted by Terri Runnels at ringside.

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