WWF RAW 11/28/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Poughkeepsie, NY

Opening Contest: Owen Hart defeated John Paul:
Hart gets the squash win by submission with the Sharpshooter. By the way, Bret hart called in during the bout to say that he will be out until early 1995. When he returns, he will regain the championship he never actually lost.

Before the next match, IRS says that the Undertaker will not rest in peace until he pays IRS.

Second Contest: IRS defeated Adam Bomb:
IRS has a druid by his side to go along with DiBiase. Bomb hip tosses IRS to kick off the offensive advantage. Bomb drops IRS with a shoulder block. IRS gets out of a side headlock with a side suplex of sorts. IRS misses a standing elbow drop and bails to the floor. Bomb works on IRS on the floor briefly before hitting a slingshot clothesline back in the ring for a two count. Bomb sends IRS back first into a corner, where IRS does a bad bump. DiBiase gets on the apron to distract Bomb. IRS knee lifts Bomb from behind before sending Bomb to the floor. IRS stomps away on Bomb for a few moments. IRS drops Bomb throat first across the top rope while on the apron. IRS continues to control Bomb with a forearm shot and a quick elbow drop for a two count. Bomb ducks a clothesline to connect with a cross body for a two count. IRS puts Bomb in the abdominal stretch before letting go. Bomb nearly wins the bout with a inside cradle. IRS goes back to a sleeper hold while using the ropes for leverage. Bomb rams IRS head first into the top turnbuckle and begins to trade right hands with IRS. Bomb hip tosses IRS and drops IRS with a few clotheslines. Bomb heads to the top rope but is shoved off by the druid as the referee was distracted. IRS leg drops the back of Bomb’s head to get the win. *
After the match, Bomb is beaten up by IRS, DiBiase and the druid. Lex Luger runs down to the ring and knocks IRS to the floor to save Bomb from any further beating.

Third Contest: Bob Holly defeated Tony DeVito:
Holly has apparently changed his finishing move. Instead of a flying cross body off the top, he gets the win with a flying clothesline.

Fourth Contest: Lex Luger defeated Bert Centeno:
Luger picks up the win with the Torture Rack.

Vince McMahon interviews the new WWF World Champion, Diesel. Diesel talks about how what happened with Michaels at Survivor Series “broke the camel’s back.” McMahon makes sure to point out that Diesel was named the number one contender because Bret was injured (wouldn’t Ramon be the default number one contender?). Diesel says that if Backlund wants a rematch he can have one. Diesel acknowledges that Bret losing the championship the way he did was not cool. Diesel wants to be a fighting champion just like Bret was. Diesel promises Bret that when he wants a championship match, he will get one.

Main Event: The Heavenly Bodies defated Gary Scott/Buck Quartermaine:
Del Ray pins Scott after a top rope splash as Pritchard held Scott in the air. During the bout, Backlund came down to the commentary table to respond to Diesel’s interview. Backlund told McMahon that he will regain his championship and by the time he retires, he will put the chicken wing submission on McMahon himself!

To close out the show we see the eight second match between Diesel and Backlund where Diesel won the championship.

My Take:
Let me first say that I think having Diesel as the WWF World Champion is a fine decision. Diesel could be the face of the New Generation since he has only been in the company for a year or so. The only issue here is that it will be difficult to get sympathy for the guy considering his size. Bret Hart was a good champion because he is a great wrestler but also because he is a guy the fans can rally behind. I have a feeling people would expect Diesel to dominate his opponents. Should be interesting to see how Diesel’s title run goes throughout the year on RAW.

It is safe to say that the squash matches this week were better than the featured bout between IRS and Adam Bomb. What was the point of turning Adam Bomb into a baby face if you are just going to treat the guy as a jobber? IRS is a really boring singles wrestler and doesn’t produce entertaining bouts.

Overall, this week’s RAW wasn’t anything special. It may be considered memorable because it’s the beginning of Diesel’s era as champion. Still, it was a very lackluster show.

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