WWF RAW 6/5/2000

written by Adam King

Monday, June 5th, 2000

Live from Rochester, NY

List of WWF Champions at the time:
WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H (5/21/2000)
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Benoit (5/08/2000)
WWF World Tag Team Champions: Too Cool (5/29/2000)
WWF European Champion: Eddie Guerrero (4/03/2000)
WWF Hardcore Champion: Gerald Brisco (5/18/2000)
WWF Women’s Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (3/30/2000)
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Raw comes on the air with clips of The Rock, Undertaker and Kane all winning #1 contender matches on Smackdown. When they see Vince McMahon walking in the back with Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson when Michael Cole walks up asking Vince how Triple H feels about having three challengers for his title, Vince blames Triple H’s ego for this mess, feeling they wouldn’t even be having problems like this if people would just start listening to him around here. Vince then realizes he’s carrying his own bag and has Brisco do his job. Sounds like problems in the Regime.

~ We then get the intro with Jim Ross welcoming us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

~ Things kick off with the Helmsleys making their way to the ring for our opening talkathon. Triple H gets on the mic first and after telling the crowd to “keep it shut” starts off by talking on how the WWF Championship meant so much to so many and been so hotly contested because whoever holds the title is unquestionably the best in the business. Triple H mentions The Rock, Undertaker and Kane all share the dream of beating him and becoming WWF Champion then claims he thrives on competition, and the hotter it gets, the more he loves it. Triple H then says while competition turns him on, he gets turned off by huge, inflated egos and the biggest ego belongs to Vince McMahon. Triple H tells Stephanie her father’s ego is becoming a problem for them and suggests maybe they were better off taking over the WWF like they planned four months ago. Naturally Vince comes out to the ring and is not happy with Triple H’s comments. Vince takes the mic from Triple H and starts talking about the law of the jungle, that one day the bigger, smarter and stronger will eat the weaker and less fortunate. Vince then tells Triple H that if he feels his time as arrived he better think again, claiming the biggest thing Triple H did in his career is marrying his daughter Stephanie. Vince warns Triple H not to get ahead of himself, that he made him and can break him and Triple H takes exception to that. Triple H takes the mic back and tells Vince he might made the monster but the monster can take over at anytime, mention how he beat him down back at Armageddon. Triple H shoves Vince away when he reaches for the mic prompting Vince takes off his coat while Triple H looks ready to go at it with him.

The two of them exchange shoves when Shane McMahon runs out to try and play peacemaker. Shane gets on the mic and blames both of their massive egos for having three #1 contenders matches then suggests maybe he should be running the company. That doesn’t sit well with either man and they look ready to go at it with Shane who brings up how he’s the Giant Killer and threatens to kill both their giant egos. Both Triple H and Vince drop Shane with a right hand and Stephanie slaps all three men! Just as the McMahon-Helmsley Regime looks ready to collapse, The Rock comes out on the stage. Rock gets on the mic and says he doesn’t see a family feud in the ring but something else I won’t reprint. Rock mentions he’s one of the #1 contenders then says he wants his WWF title shot tonight! Rock tells the Regime he can either go back and relax before his title shot or come down and beat them all up and starts down the ramp. However Kane comes out to the stage and gets on the mic saying he’s the #1 contender and also wants his title shot tonight. As if this segment wasn’t long enough, The Undertaker walks to the stage with a mic as well and demands his title shot tonight as well, even if it’s there of them against Triple H all at once. Vince gets back on the mic and offers to give three of them a shot at Triple H and Triple H angrily gets in Vince’s face about it. Vince calms Triple H down and decides to settle the #1 contender issue by putting Rock, Taker and Kane in a Triple Threat match with the winner of that match will get his title shot against Triple H tonight! Triple H agrees with it, willing to take on a tired challenger after the brutal Triple Threat match as this segment finally comes to an end after 24 minutes! And if I were one of the three guys I’d saved my title shot for the pay-per-view and let the other two waste theirs. But that’s just me.

~ Back from break we get a replay of the Regime coming *this* close to disintegrating.

Too Cool & Rikishi vs. Test, Albert & Val Venis (w/Trish Stratus)

As a sidenote, the previous night on Heat Val Venis advanced in the King of the Ring tournament by beating Al Snow. Scotty 2 Hotty locks up with Test and Test throws him into a corner and wails away on him. Test whips Scotty but Scotty slides under him and gets in some shots then goes for a whip. Test reverses Scotty into a corner and charges but eats a double boot and Scotty hits a clothesline. Scotty tags in Grandmaster Sexay and both men throw Test to the mat then hit a double elbowdrop. Test comes back with a right hand on Sexay then Albert tags in and tries to throw Sexay into a corner by the head but Sexay slips out of his lid. Sexay gets in some shots while recoving his lid then goes for a whip but Albert reverses him into a corner. Albert charges but eats a boot and Sexay hops to the middle rope and connects with a missile dropkick for a two count. Albert goes for a press slam and Sexay slips out of it but Albert nails him from behind. Val tags in but misses an elbowdrop and Sexay tags in Rikishi who Rikishie hammers away on Val and plants him with a Samoan Drop. T&A come in but eat a double clothesline before Rikishi hits the running butt charge on Val in a corner. Val slumps to the mat and Rikishi looks for the Stinkface but Albert nails him from behind and whips him into a boot from Test. Test and Val double-team Rikishi in a corner while Albert distracts the referee. Albert goes for a whip, Rikishi reverses it but lowers the head and Albert goes for a Sunset Flip but Rikishi turns in into the sitdown splash. Rikishi hits two more splashes then tags in Sexay while Albert tags in Val and Sexay slams Val to the mat. Sexay hits Test and Albert with dropkicks when Scotty comes in and the Too Cool guys whip Test into a double-clothesline. Albert comes in but Scotty and Sexay hit a double-DDT. Sexay powerbombs Val but Test breaks up the pin and Scotty hits the bulldog on Test then follows up with the Worm. Sexay climbs to the top and connects with the hip Hop Drop on Test then covers but the referee is on the floor trying to break up a melee on the floor. Trish comes in brandishing one of her boots but Sexay intercepts it and clobbers Test with it. Sexay covers again but the referee is still occupied, this time keeping Rikishi away from Trish. Val brings in one of the tag team title belts and clobbers Sexay with it then covers him as the referee finally comes back in and counts the three. (4:47) Rikishi starts attacking all three opponents then whip Val into a corner, whips Albert into Val and whips Test into Albert before hitting the butt splash on all three men. Scotty and Sexay take out T&A with superkicks while Val is set up for a Stinkface. However Trish comes in and slaps Rikishi but accidentally flings herself into a corner trying to escape and falls victim to the Stinkface. Match was a little disjointed but the crowd ate it up as always. **

~ Backstage the DX Regime is trying to patch things up with apologizes all around and a big group hug. Gerald Brisco then closes a door which just happens to catch Crash Holly trying to sneak up from behind. Brisco opens the door just in time to see Crash run away in retreat.

Chris Benoit vs. Road Dogg (w/X-Pac & Tori) – King of the Ring Qualifying Match

Funny moment as Road Dogg gets on the mic but Benoit’s entrance cuts him off before he can do his spiel. Both men feel each other out when X-Pac trips Benoit from the floor allowing Road Dogg to get in the first shots. Benoit quickly fights back and goes for a whip, Road Dogg reverses it but Benoit hits a baseball slide on X-Pac. Benoit goes out after X-Pac but Road Dogg leaps off the apron wit an axehandle and throws him back in the ring. Benoit blocks a punch and lands some shots then whips Road Dogg but misses an elbow. Road Dogg hits the juke ‘n jive punches and readies for the big right but Benoit ducks it and chops him down. Benoit whips Rope Dogg into an elbow then hits a snap suplex. Benoit climbs to the top rope for the headbutt but Tori distracts the referee while X-Pac pulls him onto the turnbuckle and shoves him to the mat. Suddely the Dudleys run down the ramp and Bubba Ray Dudley climbs onto the apron but Road Dogg pops him with a right hand. However Benoit comes up from behind and hits a bridge suplex for the three to advance. (1:43) Pretty quick win for Benoit even with the help. Tori goes in to check on Road Dogg but doesn’t see Bubba come up behind her and Bubba grabs her by the hair. D’Von sets a table up at ringside and Bubba readies to powerbomb Tori through it but X-Pac makes the save with a low blow. X-Pac and Tori quickly make their escape and Bubba seethes at being denyed putting Tori through a table. It’ll come, Bubba, it’ll come. *

~ Backstage Michael Cole interviews Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson in front of a black curtain asking Brisco how his friendship has been affected since he won the Hardcore title. Brisco claims Patterson has been very supportive and puts him over as someone he can trust. We then get a shot of Crash trying to sneak up from behind the curtain and Crash spots the silhouette of his target. Crash walks off to find a weapon but while he’s gone Patterson and Brisco switch places while Brisco tries on Patterson’s cap. Crash comes back with a chair and nails who he think is Brisco but takes out Patterson instead. Crash runs off having again failed to regain his Hardcore Title as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Kevin Kelly interviews Kane on facing his allies and his brother for the title shot but Kane says in this match there are no allies, and when it comes to the title, he doesn’t have a brother.

~ Out in the arena Crash comes out to the ring and gets on the mic challenging Gerald Brisco to come out and to face him in the ring. Pat Patterson comes out instead and personally gives Brisco an intro as the champ comes out to “Real American”, flexng his muscles as he walks down the ramp.

WWF Hardcore Title: Gerald Brisco © vs. Crash Holly

Crash goes out to meet Brisco on the ramp and keep him from running away then rams him into the apron. Brisco is down on the floor and Crash covers him but there’s no referee around the make the count. Referee Jim Korderas finally comes around but Brisco has already kicked out of the pinfall. Brisco tries to flee through the crowd but Crash cuts him off and throws him into the ringpost then tosses him in the ring followed by various weapons. Crash heads in but Brisco sprays him with a fire extinguisher then braks a stick on his back. Brisco celebrates with a war dance allowing Crash to clobber him with a trash can lid. Crash brings a chair in the ring and wedges it between the roeps in a corner then works over Brisco before spotting Patterson coming in with something in his hand. Brisco charges at Crash from behind but Crash sidesteps it and sends him into the chair in the ropes. Crash then grabs the object Patterson was carrying, which is his dirty drawers and rubs it into Brisco’s face before draping it over his head. Crash grabs a stop sign and charges at Brisco but Brisco dropkicks it into Crash’s face. Brisco then covers Crash and Patterson helps him hold Crash down for the three. (2:26) Ugh, what the heck did I just watch there? DUD

~ Backstage Michael Cole interviews the Undertaker about what Kane said earlier and Taker agrees with his words then walks off.

~ The Rock is also shown walking to the ring for that match as we go to commercial.

The Rock vs. The Undertaker vs. Kane – #1 Contenders’ Match

Triple H comes out and joins the announcers for commentary which means he’s getting involved somehow. Rock and Taker exchange punches to sart when Kane nails Rock from behind and he and Taker double-team him. Kane grabs Rock from behind but Rock frees himself with a low blow then tees off on Taker. Rock goes for a whip when Taker reverses him into a corner then scoops him up for a Tombstone but Rock slips out and hits the Rock Bottom! Rock then goes after Kane and goes for a whip but Kane counters into a chokeslam. Kane covers Rock but Taker pulls him off and the brothers start going at it. Taker clotheslines Kane over the ropes but Rock knocks Taker over the ropes with the Smackdown as well. Kane rams Taker into the apron and the steps but Rock goes out and rams Kane into the announce table. Kane comes back and rams Rock into the barricade as Taker moves in but Triple H gets involved as expected and nails Taker from behind. Triple H rams Taker into the table repeatedly before going back to the announce position while Rock throws Kane into the ringsteps. Taker recovers and knocks Rock across the table then tosses him into the steps and uppercuts him before tossing him back in the ring. Taker then gets in a shot on Triple H before heading back in but as he reaches the apron Triple H grabs a chair and waffles Taker from behind. Kane grabs at Taker from the ring and Triple H nails him with the chair as well. Kane then staggers into a Rock Bottom and Rock gets the three for his title shot. (3:44) The match was just kind of there. Triple H immediately climbs in the ring and whacks Rock with the chair then taunts him with the title belt before leaving him laying in the ring.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Triple H laying out all three of his challengers with a chair before he faces Rock for the title tonight.

The Godfather & Dean Malenko (w/the ladies) vs. Eddie Guerrero & Chyna

Chyna also advanced in the King of the Ring tournament on Heat by beating Godfather with the help of Eddie and a lead pipe so here we have this match. Godfather gets on the mic and does his usual intro when Eddie’s entrance cuts him off. Eddie goes right to work on Godfather and and goes for a whip but Godfather reverses it and hits an elbow. Godfather boots Eddie in the face and lays the boots to him then hits a back suplex and follows up with a legdrop. Malenko holds Eddie as Godfather readies for the Ho Train but Chyna pulls him down by the hair. Eddie elbows Malenko away but runs into a clothesline form Godfather. Malenko tags in and whips Eddie and Eddie goes for a counter but Malenko goes into a wheelbarrow suplex. Malenko whips Eddie and lifts him up but Eddie counters with a huricanrana and makes the tag to Chyna. Malenko comes back and sets Chyna up for a Tigerbomb, Chyna counters that and goes for a DDT but Malenko counters it with a double-leg takedown. Malenko starts to apply the Texas Colverleaf but sees Eddie come in and takes him out with a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Malenko turns back but Chyna clotheslines him then whips him into a corner and connects with the handspring elbow. Eddie clotheslines Malenko from the apron then tags in and slings himself over the ropes into a hilo. Eddie dropkicks Godfather from the apron but that allows Malenko to pop him with a forearm. Malenko whips Eddie but lowers the head and Eddie kicks him in the face. Eddie comes off the ropes and goes for a hiptoss but Malenko counters it with a hiptoss over the ropes. Eddie lands in front of the Godfather’s women they all move in on him but Godfather breaks it up while Chyna yells at Eddie for taking a look at them. Malenko suplexes Eddie back in the ring when Eddie floats over him into a waistlock and Malenko switches into his own waitlock. Eddie fights out of it and comes off the ropes and Malenko goes for a tilt-o-whirl but Eddie counters into a cradle that gets the three! (2:54) Eddie and Malenko pretty much carried this match. Eddie then begs Chyna for forgiveness and Chyna seems to accept it as we go to commercial. **

Hardcore Holly vs. Faarooq – King of the Ring Qualifying Match

JR tries to show a replay of Benoit advancing in the tournament earlier but the replay is late and once we get it the match already starts, with Faarooq hammering Hardcore in a corner. Faarooq whips Hardcore but misses a right hand and Hardcore hits a dropkick. Hardcore goes for a whip but Faarooq counters into a spinebuster for a two count. Faarooq whips Hardcore hard into a corner and beats on him while he’s down then whips him into another corner and hits a powerslam for a near fall. Faarooq throws Hardcore through the ropes then tries to suplex him back in the ring but Hardcore counters into a rollup for a two count. Faarooq hits a clothesline for an arrogant cover and Hardcore rolls him up for his own two count. Faarooq throws Hardcore back through the ropes then goes out and whips him into the barricade and into the steps before tossing him back in. Faarooq goes for the Dominator but Hardcore floats over and hits the Hollycaust for the pin! (3:04) Faarooq is shocked Hardcore got the pin out of nowhere and advanced in the tournament. *

~ Backstage Kurt Angle is walking with Edge and Christian trying to cheer them up since he knows they’re upset that a midget cost them the tag team titles last week. Angle tells them if they beat Chris Jericho and the Dudleys tonight, they will surely have defended Stephanie’s honor and Stephanie might be in a good enough mood to reward them with a tag title shot down the line. E&C seem to be buying what Angle is selling as we go to commercial.

Chris Jericho & The Dudley Boyz vs. Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian

Lillian Garcia mistakenly announces Edge and Christian as the tag team champions and JR has to correct her. Christian gets on the mic and talks about Rochester being the home of three things: the best chili dog in New York, whatever sports team plays there, and Kodak film. Angle takes the mic and talks on how the Kodak moment originated in a town of unattractive people and the trio proceed with the 5-second pose, which is simply arms open and smiling. Jericho then comes out with the Dudleys and doesn’t get any mic time in return. Edge pounds on Jericho to start and whips him but Jericho ducks a clothesline and hits several chops. Jericho goes for a whip, Edge reverses it but Jericho comes back with a flying forearm. Christian comes in but Jericho takes him down with the bulldog and Angle tries to help Edge on the apron but Jericho knocks him off with the springboard dropkick. Jericho looks to put Christian in the Walls of Jericho but Edge nails him from behind for the save. Angle tags in and tees off on Jericho then whips him into a clothesline for a two count. Christian tags in and whips Jericho into a powerslam for a near fall then tags Edge before slamming Jericho to the mat. E&C hit a double headbutt for a two count when Jericho fights back and whips Edge looking for a dropkick but Edge fakes him out. Edge catapults Jericho into a corner then draws the Dudleys in to distract the referee while Christian and Angle double-team Edge in their corner. Angle takes over without a tag and whips Jericho but lowers the head and Jericho kicks the face and hits a backbreaker. Jericho crawls toward his corner but Angle tries to keep him from tagging out and whips him into a corner. Angle charges but eats a boot and Jericho hops to the middle rope and connects with a missile dropkick. Jericho tags in Bubba Ray Dudley and Bubba takes it to Team ECK, hiptossing Angle, backdropping Edge and planting Christian with the Full Nelson bomb. Bubba hits his Diamond Cutter on Edge and DDT’s Angle for a cover but Christian breaks it up. D’Von comes in and knock Edge under the ropes while Angle and Jericho go at it on the floor. The Dudleys whip Christian looking for a 3D but Edge pulls his partner out of the ring. D’Von goes out after him but gets beaten down by E&C, leaving Bubba alone in the ring. Angle comes back in and hits the Olympic Slam on Bubba and scores the pin for his team. (4:10) Okay match but a little unspectacular. Jericho comes back in and clears out Christian before putting Angle in the Walls of Jericho, allowing the Dudleys to go out and slide a table in the ring. The Dudleys set it up and proceed to drive Angle through the table with a 3D. **

~ Back from break we get a replay of the Dudleys putting Kurt Angle through a table.

The Hardy Boyz vs. The Big Bossman & Bull Buchanan

Yes, the Bossman and Buchanan are getting the next-to-last slot again. Bossman starts off with Jeff Hardy and pounds him into the ropes then whips him but Jeff slides out to the floor. Bossman chases Jeff back in the ring not seeing Matt tag himself in and Matt attacks Bossman from behind. The Hardys whip Bossman into a corner, Matt drops to the mat and Jeff lauches off him into the Poetry in Motion. Jeff tees off on Bossman when Buchanan comes in and clotheslines Matt then whips him into a boot. Bossman tags in and both men whip Matt into a double elbow for a two count and Bossman pummels Matt in a corner as we get a shot of Lita watching new new pals from the back. Bossman whips Matt hard into a corner then stomps on his hand and rams him into Buchanan’s boot. Buchanan tags in and slams Matt to the mat but misses a legdrop. Jeff tags in then climbs to the top and connects with a flying crossbody. Bossman comes in but Jeff trips him and Matt hits an elbowdrop to the back of the head. Jeff hits the count-along punches on Buchanan in a corner but Buchanan dumps him over the ropes. Matt sets Bossman up for a Twist of Fate and Bossman shoves him into a clothesline from Buchanan. Bossman charges at Matt but Matt sidesteps him and Bossman splashes Buchanan by accident. Matt pops Bossman through the ropes while Jeff climbs to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb on Buchanan for the three. (2:40) Lita seems happy at the results and the HArdys leavy while Buchanan shoves Bossman and exchanges words with him before shoving him again. Buchanan turns to leave when Bossman nails him from behind with the nightstick and leaves him laying and it looks like this partnership is finito. *

~ Backstage Triple H is addressing the DX Regime, ordering everyone to stay in the back for his match. Vince protests but Triple H wants to prove he can beat Rock on his own and tells them to keep away from the ring.

~ Back from break Michael Cole interviews Triple H and Stephanie on his title defense, reminding the champ how he asked the Regime to stay back last Thursday and ended up losing to Kane. Triple H says he doesn’t need the Regime and will prove to the world he is that good by himself. Cole mentions Earl Hebner has been appointed the referee for this match and Triple H seems taken aback but then says it won’t matter, that all Hebner has to do is count three. The Helmselys start to depart when Cole asks to get a quick word with Stephanie, saying Triple H has taken on all comers while she has yet to defend her Women’s Title since winning it. Stephanie takes offense to Cole questioning her while claiming she doesn’t have any real challengers to her title. Almost on cue Ivory and Jacqueline appear, both arguing that they deserve shots at her belt. Stephanie decides to settle things by booking a women’s battle royal on Smackdown with the winner getting a shot at her title later that night.

~ The Rock is shown pacing in the back awaiting his title shot as we go to commercial.

WWF World Heavyweight Title: Triple H © (w/Stephanie McMahon) vs. The Rock

That’s right folks, we are having a Rock/Triple H title match tonight on free TV instead of saving it for a pay-per-view. Because of that you know this isn’t going to end cleanly. Triple H does his pose on the apron then Rock decides to bring him in the ring the hard way and go right to work on him. Rock hammers Triple H with rights and clotheslines then goes for a whip. Triple H reverses Rock into a corner but Rock comes out with a clothesline then whips Triple H into a corner and Triple H tumbles over the ropes. Rock goes out and rams Triple H into the steps and the announce table then throws him into the post. Rock clears off the announce table and knocks Triple H onto it but Triple H fights him off before he can do anything. Triple H hops off the table when Rock catches him in the Rock Bottom position but Triple H fights out of it. Rock backdrops Triple H over the table and hits a shot below the belt. Rock tosses Triple H into the barricade but Triple H comes back with a neckbreaker. Triple H whips Rock into the steps then climbs on the apron and connects with an axehandle. Triple H finally tosses Rock back in the ring and stomps him down in a corner then chokes him with his boot when Earl Hebner pulls Triple H off him. Triple H and Hebner exchange words allowing Rock to make a rally and Rock goes for a whip but Triple H reverses it and hits the high knee. Triple H follows up with a clothesline for a two count then unloads on Rock and hits a suplex then followed by a kneedrop for another two count. Triple H covers Rock twice more and still can’t get the three then climbs to the top rope but Rock is quickly up and throws Triple H to the mat. Rock goes for a whip, Triple H reverses it but lowers the head and Rock hits a neckbreaker. Rock whips Triple H and hits a Samoan Drop for a two count then whips Triple H again but lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster. Triple H then has words with Hebner and shoves him but Hebner shoves Triple H back, right into a rollup by Rock that only gets two. Triple H hits a clothesline as we see Vince McMahon and the rest of the DX Regime filing out to ringside. Shane hops on the apron but Hebner shoves him back off to the floor while Rock hits Triple H with a series of shots and caps off with the Smackdown. X-Pac, Road Dogg and Shane all try to come in but Rock knocks all three of them off the apron then plants Triple H with the spinebuster and connects with the People’s Elbow! Rock covers Triple H as Hebner counts 1..2..but gets pulled out of position by X-Pac. Hebner then responds by laying out X-Pac with a thrust kick! Road Dogg hops onto the apron and gets Hebener’s attention while Rock goes for a whip but Triple H reverses it and sends Rock right into Hebner, knocking him into Road Dogg and taking him out. Rock hits a DDT on Triple H but the Regime pours in and works over Rock. Shane hands Triple H a chair before getting his own shots when The Undertaker and Kane come out to the ring to even up the odds. The brothers take out whoever’s nearby and Kane grabs Vince for a chokeslam when Triple H comes to his aid so Kane chokeslams Triple H instead. Taker grabs X-Pac in a choke when Shane jumps on Taker’s back but can’t get him to release X-Pac. Rock grabs the chair and swings it at Shane who’s still on Taker’s back. However Rooad Dogg pulls Shane out of the way and Rock ends up nailing Taker with the chair! And you can pretty much put a fork in this match because it’s about over now. Sure enough Taker turns around to see Rock holding the chair and decides to chokeslam Rock! Taker stomps away at Triple H before heading out and pounding on the other Regime members but Triple H drapes an arm over Rock and the three count is academic. (9:32) The match was fine and the crowd was hot for it but you still had a feeling Rock wasn’t getting the title back tonight. Taker goes back in and pops Triple H over the ropes but the damage is done. Triple H then raises the title high into the air and The Rock, Taker and Kane glare at him from the ring while JR sums it up nicely when he says we started the night with three #1 contenders but now we have none as we fade to black. ***

Conclusion: Mediocre show this time around. We started with a long talking segment that took up a quarter of the show and followed that with a string of average to bad matches that meant little outside the KOTR tournament and the main angle. The hot main event helped salvage this show but still had a predictable ending with the DXWo coming out on top. So not a totally bad show but still in thumbs in the middle leaning down.

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