176 ROH Eye Of The Storm 2/22/2008

ROH 176 – Eye Of The Storm – February 22nd 2008

For the second time in as many months, ROH’s plans have been disrupted by inclement and extreme weather preventing guys (like World Champion Nigel McGuinness) from getting to the show, or at least making it hard for them to get there on time, and making it tough for fans to get out to attend as well. To prevent us from having Unscripted 4 so soon after #3, Gabe rapidly changed plans and booked a one-night #1 Contendership tournament using wrestlers that did manage to get here. It’s not ideal but it’s certainly making the best of a bad situation. And whilst one-night tournament shows are never my favourites, it has certainly made what would otherwise have been a fairly run of the mill B-show in one of ROH’s less consequential markets (Long Island) a great deal more interesting. Lets join Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard in Deer Park, NY.

ROH VIDEO WIRE (31/01/2008) –
We have some new footage on this one. Cary Silkin (is it me or is he getting a lot more camera time these days) confirms that Nigel McGuinness will defend against Bryan Danielson to headline the 6th Anniversary Show. Dragon points out how often he’s beaten McGuinness then leaves. They were also supposed to pick each other’s opponents for the Long Island show the night before, but that’s sort of not happening now.

– Nigel McGuinness picks his opponent for Bryan Danielson. He chooses Rocky Romero who he knows can tear Dragon apart and injure him the night before their match.

– Bryan Danielson selects Brent Albright to be Nigel’s opponent in Long Island. Unfortunately neither of them beat the weather so that one is off.

ROH VIDEO WIRE (20/02/2008) – This one is hosted by Lenny Leonard and taped at a Full Impact Pro event. Sound quality is shocking. Austin Aries joins him and promises he’s keeping a close eye on the upcoming Stevens/Strong FIP Title Match. Lacey appears to try and recruit Aries for the AOTF again…but he walks out on her.

– Next we have an UBER-GAY promo from a Speedo-wearing Nigel swimming in a pool with Daniel Powter’s ‘Bad Day’ blaring out in the background. He refuses to lose to Danielson again. This segues into a gay Rocky-style montage featuring him prancing around in the pool, the ocean, on the beach etc. I love the attempt to do something different…but this was hilariously camp.

– Highlights from Erick Stevens’ Florida homecoming as FIP Champion, where he promptly lost the belt back to Roderick Strong via countout.

Show opens with Bobby Cruise announcing that Nigel McGuinness, Davey Richards, Brent Albright, Tyler Black, Erick Stevens and Roderick Strong all couldn’t make it to the venue tonight. With that many cancellations you can see why the format had to be tossed out of the window.

Rocky Romero vs Bryan Danielson

This is the first round of the #1 Contendership tournament. Given that Danielson is already #1 Contender and gets his title shot tomorrow night in New York, I’m not totally sure why he’s in this. Not that I mind though as this one should be good. This one was actually scheduled to take place tonight, with Nigel hand picking Romero to be Dragon’s opponent on the eve of their big World Title match. It does now seem a bit unfair that Dragon competes in this one whilst McGuinness gets the night off and doesn’t have to get into the ring with Brent Albright.

These two are heavily influenced by the New Japan junior style so you know what you’re going to get from them. Fast, fluid wrestling, crisp submission holds, vicious striking and a heavy MMA influence. As Danielson tears at Romero’s face Prazak and Leonard discuss how little he actually has to gain from competing tonight. He pelts Rocky in the corner with strikes and demands the official start a count as he wants a knockout victory. He doesn’t get one. The former World Champion is in total control in the early going. Until Romero busts out an AWESOME counter to the Mexican surfboard by standing up out of it and floating into an Anklelock. He grapevines the leg, and with his title shot tomorrow, it’s a legitimate possibility that Danielson may tap. He finds the ropes and applies a rather grotesque half crab variant. Romero rolls into the Anklelock with leg grapevine again to do more damage to the leg. He goes for the cross armbreaker but Danielson blocks it. He goes for a leg submission…which Romero counters into the armbreaker third time of asking. Dragon has the Crossface Chickenwing blocked and Romero spins into a kick to the head. Guillotine choke but Danielson tries to fight it off with the MMA Elbows. Romero lands on his feet to counter a German suplex but Danielson pops right up and blocks a flurry of strikes. Body shots then a Fujiwara armbar. Romero taps at 10:56

Rating – *** –
I enjoyed that. It had a different vibe to what we’re used to seeing, both from the two wrestlers in question, but for ROH matches in general. They worked the MMA style hard with no rope-running or any of that overly contrived wrestling strikes. Instead it was intensive on strikes and submission holds. Danielson won, Romero put up an impressive performance against the perceived ‘best wrestler’ in ROH and inflicted an injury to the leg which Danielson will have to work through not only the rest of tonight, but also potentially have to deal with tomorrow in Manhattan.

Kevin Steen vs Delirious

Anybody for a Steen vs Generico final? That’d be fun. Anyway, this is another first round match. Delirious has some momentum behind him coming off his feud-ending victory over Adam Pearce in Chicago last time out, whilst Steen has impressed in singles action this year with good performances against Necro Butcher and Brent Albright behind him in January.

Delirious is back to annoying, tired old green. Steen’s facials during his traditional post-bell freak out are really funny. ‘It’s not all fat’ – Steen on his stomach. Delirious is in full-on goofball mode which is always popular with a live crowd. He nails a cannonball senton off the apron but back inside fails in hitting a Hogan vs Andre style body slam. He manages to get Mr Wrestling up but his legs give way under him and Steen squashes him. ‘Eating all that pizza worked out’ – more comedy genius from Steen. Missile dropkick by Delirious and he gets straight up to hit the Panic Attack. Steen no-sells some Delirious clotheslines but the masked man rallies and manages to hit the Hogan vs Andre slam at last. Air Raid Crash from Steen for 2. Steen-ton Bomb gets met with Delirious’ knees. Shadows Over Hell countered by a gutbuster by Mr Wrestling. Steen-ton Bomb second time of asking and Kevin Steen advances to meet Danielson in the semi-finals at 09:47.

Rating – *** –
I’ve gone high on the rating because I enjoyed the comedy. Delirious didn’t do anything new but Kevin Steen interacted with him well and induced a few laughs out of me. The wrestling was almost secondary to that, but there were some nice sequences around the body slam and their top rope finishers. Harmless fun…

El Generico vs Austin Aries

Perhaps the most interesting match in the first round. Generico showed his prowess in tournaments when he advanced to the finals of the Race To The Top Tournament. Whilst Aries has been on a well documented losing streak of late, missing out on the ROH Title, the FIP Title, the #1 Contendership at Final Battle 2007 and most recently being pinned in the climactic fall of Without Remorse’s Ultimate Endurance match which saw Davey Richards and Rocky Romero take home the ROH Tag Titles. Winning this tournament tonight would be a massive way to rebound out of his slump.

The opening couple of minutes are tentative with an elongated feeling out process. Aries is still bad tempered and it’s him that seems to be the aggressor in these early moments. He refuses to do the classic headscissors escape spot, coming out of the hold and going for a plain and simple kick to the chest. Generico strings a couple of kicks together that drive Austin out of the ring. He goes for the split-legged moonsault but plunges into Aries’ knees. Double A storms through the ring into the Heat Seeking Missile. Aries starts working on Generico’s neck to set up for his finishers. He also nearly caves in his chest with some really violent overhand chops. Generico cuts off the running corner dropkick to dive into a springboard crossbody. Yakuza kick blocked but Aries runs into a Michinoku Driver for 2. Blue Thunder Driver gets 2 as well. Once again he misses the Yakuza kick though and Aries takes advantage with his running dropkick. Brainbuster nailed…but El Generico kicks out. 450 Splash? No, Generico gets to his feet. Diving headbutt to the neck from Aries, and he rolls into the Horns Of Aries! Generico stands up but Aries evades a backslide and kicks him square in the face. Aries’ nose is bleeding and Generico rolls him up again…and that’s 3! Generico advances in 12:50.

Rating – *** –
Another solid match. I’m sure these two would be capable of better under different circumstances but this was a professional performance and a decent undercard match. Aries’ slump continues whilst Generico’s singles career gets a major boost with this scalp.

Go Shiozaki vs Necro Butcher

This would be Go’s US debut for ROH. He’s made appearances before in the UK (where he put on a really fun match with BJ Whitmer I recall) and in Japan (where he put on one of my favourite ROH matches of the year with Bryan Danielson). Putting him up against Necro should be quite the welcome to the States for him on the first night of an elongated tour much like we’ve seen KENTA and Takeshi Morishima enjoy previously.

Necro is massively over as a face in Long Island. He also sprints straight at a somewhat naïve Shiozaki and punts him in the stomach. He then drags Go to unfamiliar territory on the floor where he rakes at his face. CHOP DUEL on the floor which, coming from NOAH, Go gets the better of. Some of Shiozaki’s chops are almost Kobashi-like in brutality. Necro responds by throwing a chair into his legs. He then steals Bobby Cruise’s shoe to hit him with. Does Shiozaki do this much in Japan? Necro scores with a couple of chair shots but tries that once too often and Go responds by superkicking the chair back into his face. SICK chops by Shiozaki to a now bleeding Butcher. In the ring Go pulls Necro’s jaw upwards by the beard, exposing the chest to another big strike. Chokeslam gets Necro a 2 and he retrieves a handful of chairs from the outside. Go blocks the chair slam. GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE CHAIRS! Having taken advantage of them, Go kicks the chairs out of the ring and gets a 2-count with a big lariat. MOONSAULT SCORES! Shiozaki advances at 09:22

Rating – *** –
That one was really enjoyable as well. Despite enormously different backgrounds and styles, these two had a real chemistry as opponents. Necro dragging the new guy from Japan out of the ring and street brawling with him was fun, and I loved the way Shiozaki was happy to do that and used his own skills (i.e. those devastating chops) to fight back. A really intense, physical brawl aided by a somewhat liberal interpretation of the rules.

The Larry Sweeney Show…starring Larry Sweeney

This a new in-ring chat show type thing. Unfortunately it looks like ROH have sent him out there to kill some time with such a limited roster tonight. Which means it’s a somewhat generic heel running down the locals promo. Apparently no decent guests would make an appearance on his show in Long Island though…so he’s got Shane Hagadorn. The fans start to crap on this quite quickly, and given the size of the venue, they’re almost as loud as the guys in the ring with microphones. There is very little purpose to this and they are really stalling for time. Sweeney gives Hagadorn a business card as he has some business to discuss with Adam Pearce. He also tells Bobby Dempsey he needs to shape up or he’s out of Sweet’n’Sour Inc. Absolutely dire segment…

Bryan Danielson vs Kevin Steen

Onto the semi-finals of the #1 Contendership Tournament now, and this one is really exciting. Steen and Generico came out of nowhere (having crashed and burned during their previous ROH shots) to be breakout stars in 2007. To continue this progress in 2008 they need to advance themselves up the card. Both men have said they want to win gold, and they need to be putting on quality displays in main event level matches. Can Mr Wrestling hang with the Best Wrestler In the World?

Danielson is risking potential injury and fatigue competing tonight for a title shot he doesn’t need because he always wants to prove that he’s the best apparently. It’s immediately apparent that Steen has his work cut out hanging with American Dragon who starts in impressive fashion and controls the contest. He messes up Steen’s ear which REALLY pisses the Canadian off. Steen manages to tie the leg that Romero worked over in the first round in the ropes and targets it to get himself an advantage in the match. He slams the bad leg into the ringpost and causes Danielson such discomfort he gets a nearfall as a result. Half crab applied next, giving Dragon a real struggle just to make it to the ropes. Dragon’s response is to unload with forearms and elbow smashes to the side of the head and the ear again. Swandive headbutt misses though. Steen powerbombs Danielson and looks for the Sharpshooter. It’s blocked but Steen lays him out with a superkick instead. Danielson breaks out the same Fujiwara armbar that beat Romero earlier. MMA Elbows evaded and Steen lifts him into the pumphandle cradlebreaker for 2. Dragon stops Steen going for his moonsault but Mr Wrestling leaves him in a tree of woe and charges for a cannonball senton. Sharpshooter blocked again. Steen stomps him in the face and this time he turns him over! Danielson taps at 14:41 with his big match tomorrow in mind.

Rating – *** –
Not a bad match by any stretch of the imagination, but I was a little disappointed. This is the downside of one night tournaments. There’s always lots of ‘dream match’ connotations, but the reality is nobody can go balls to the wall because there’s always another match to think about. This was solid and I thought Danielson did a great job of bringing out a serious side to Kevin Steen, but you do feel they could do much more on a different night. I’d like to see a rematch somewhere down the line. It does establish (as if it were needed) the Sharpshooter as another finish for Steen alongside the Package Piledriver, Steen-ton Bomb and moonsault.

El Generico vs Go Shiozaki

Whoever wins this, it’s going to be an interesting final. If Generico wins, he advances to his second #1 Contendership final in six months and lines up against his tag team partner. For Shiozaki, it would be a sensational US debut if he could hop straight off the plane from Japan and become #1 contender on the first night of his elongated stay.

Generico’s pale body is covered in bruises, cuts and welts after his first match. I don’t think he’s looking forward to taking some of those Shiozaki chops. Rather ridiculously he gets into a chop duel with him straight from the bell. Is he crazy? The poor guy looks like Jim Caviezel in The Passion Of The Christ. If Jim Caviezel had worn a luchador mask and fluorescent pants obviously. He does seem to lure Go into a false sense of security though, and dropkicks the knee out from under him. He works the leg which obviously helps keep Shiozaki grounded and out of chopping distance. Standing moonsault TO THE LEG! But he foolishly starts chopping again…until Go takes him off his feet with a single chop. He takes Generico around ringside to give fans a closer view of his massive chops then decides he doesn’t fancy selling the leg anymore as he lands a dropkick then a knee drop for 2. Generico tries to trade elbow smashes with Shiozaki which doesn’t go well either. But credit to him for continuing to fight…even when he falls victim to a disgusting BACK chop. He ducks down as Shiozaki runs at him, pulling the ropes and tripping Go out of the ring. SOMERSAULT PLANCHA FROM THE TOP! Generico to the top again to sail into a flying splash for 2. He runs the ropes into a swinging DDT but it’s still not enough to put Shiozaki away. Yakuza Kick blocked and Shiozaki gets 2 with an absolutely gorgeous German suplex. Back Drop Driver…NO SOLD! HALF NELSON SUPLEX! Generico gets 2 again! Yakuza Kick in the corner scores but Go blocks the Brainbustah with a massive lariat out of the corner. Orange Crush gets Shiozaki a 2. LARIATOOOOOO! He looks for the Go Flasher but Generico tries to counter with a small package. Shiozaki rolls through into the GO FLASHER! Shiozaki advances at 13:32.

Rating – *** –
The psychology was pretty much non-existent but in terms of excitement, that was probably match of the night thus far. I’m really looking forward to Go’s extended visit to ROH. His stiff, Kobashi-esque approach to wrestling is a lot of fun. I didn’t like his no-sell of the knee, but in fairness, I didn’t like that whole segment since he didn’t sell it and Generico basically forgot about it anyway. In the end they abandoned anything they’d done earlier in the match for lots of stiff shots and head drops. But still, it was good stuff. Good showing for Generico and a great start to his US tenure for Go – he’s been in the best two matches of the night thus far.

INTERMISSION – Rebecca Bayless is just unbelievably hot. Romero is disappointed he didn’t win tonight, but says he did his job which was to hurt Dragon. He gives Becky his room number and leaves.

Mitch Franklin vs Pelle Primeau vs Human Tornado vs Jason Blade

Tornado made a big impression when ROH stopped by Las Vegas, San Francisco and Dayton, so they’ve flown him out to the East Coast this weekend and we’re told he’ll be back again in future (although a knee injury subsequently put pay to that). Everyone else is just a jobber to varying degrees.

Having to watch guys like Franklin and Primeau so often makes me miss the Special K jobbers. Deranged was awesome. Tornado throws a couple of kicks at Blade who decides he isn’t interested in that and dives out of the ring. Tornado gets the upper hand on the mat so Blade thumbs him in the eye. A headscissors takes Jason out of the ring. Primeau in and Tornado gets 2 with a hiptoss backbreaker. He counters a suplex into the jawbreaker which provokes HT to tag out. Watching Mitch and Pelle wrestle is like watching midgets. Luckily Blade comes back in before long. He almost takes Pelle’s head off with a dropkick. Nice tilta-whirl into a DDT nailed by Primeau though and he makes the hot tag to Tornado who bust out some nifty kicks. He does the splits into a kick to the balls for 2. Mitch is standing in the corner of the shot looking like a goon. He finally jumps into a tornado DDT and a headscissors into the turnbuckles. More from the midgets as Primeau hits a springboard press on Mitch. Tornado lines up a somersault plancha over the turnbuckles onto Primeau. Pumphandle Michinoku Driver gives Blade the victory over Franklin at 10:07. Fans HATE Tornado not winning…

Rating – DUD –
There’s a very real chance that was my least favourite match of the year thus far. Boring, sloppy, inconsistent officiating (not counting one illegal man pin then counting another just moments later), Mitch Franklin’s frankly embarrassing positioning sometimes. Just skip right over this

Human Tornado says his main goal isn’t to win but to bring more women to ROH. He thinks Lacey is hot apparently…which brings the woman herself to the ring. Credit to HT, he’s pretty funny. He leaves when Jimmy Jacobs runs in and threatens him with a railroad spike. With Tornado out of the ring Jimmy introduces a new member of the Age Of The Fall, another of society’s outcasts…Zach Gowen. To be fair, that’s a pretty good fit for AOTF.

Jimmy Jacobs/Zach Gowen vs Ruckus/Jigsaw

Obviously this seems like a fairly inconsequential tag team match but with the Vultures due a Tag Title match after their heroics at Transform, this one could have some bearing on who lines up for title shots at the No Remorse Corps at some point.

The Vultures have got both Julius Smokes and ‘Booty Vulture’ Mercedes Martinez at ringside. AOTF get the jump on them during their ring entrance though. Ruckus hits back with a swinging neckbreaker and a pescado to Jacobs. Jigsaw drives a knee to Gowen’s head then hits a double stomp for 2. Atomic drop/Shining Wizard combo gets the Vultures a 2. Jacobs low bridges Jig to send him to the floor, allowing Zach to hit a springboard somersault dive after him. AOTF cut the ring in half and isolate Jigsaw. Vicious Flatliner from Gowen gets 2 then he puts Jig in a Koji Clutch. The heels use some classic cheating tactics, which Zach justifies to the referee with a cry of ‘I have one leg’. At last Jigsaw leapfrogs a Jacobs spear and makes the hot tag to Ruckus. Handspring moonsault misses so Ruckus floats into a Red Star Press on Gowen instead. Rolling fisherman buster/powerbomb combo gets the Vultures another 2. Gowen hits a moonsault on Ruckus as he hangs in the middle rope then drops Jigsaw with an assisted swinging DDT. TRIPLE STOMP by the AOTF takes Jig out of the match. Gowen misses his moonsault on Ruckus who double stomps him in the face. Moonsault leg drop nailed and the Vulture Squad get the win at 13:06

Rating – ** –
Nothing special, but as far as filler goes, this wasn’t exactly bad. Granted I don’t really like Jigsaw (in ROH) anymore, and I’m getting increasingly frustrated with Ruckus who’s complete lack of facial expression, emotionally distant and overly unrealistic wrestling style is quite hard to buy into. However, I liked the heel team. In constrast to Ruckus, some of Gowen’s facial expressions were superb. As I said, he’s a great fit for the Age Of The Fall. Obviously his disability means he’s a social outcast, and his somewhat infamous association with professional wrestling which has divided opinion amongst fans since he first shot on the scene with Vince McMahon and the ridiculous Mr America storyline only adds to it. He and Jacobs are apparently good friends out of the ring, and they had good chemistry together. I’ve said in the past that I find Gowen’s wrestling quite annoying as, very obviously due to his handicap, he’s quite limited in the scope of what he can perform. Brought into the heel environment, that’s actually an asset. I’m not saying he needs to be ROH Champion or anything, but as someone ROH can bring in to boost the Age Of The Fall’s numbers on an intermittent basis, he’s a recognisable face amongst a broader base of wrestling fans so could actually be a decent recruit for ROH – who in AOTF probably have a better creative position for him than he’s had anywhere else before. Age Of The Fall continue to get absolutely buried though. Obviously the Vultures have a Tag Title shot tomorrow so it’s not a huge deal. But still…

Rebecca Bayless tries to get an interview with Austin Aries. He rather hilariously no sells her questions and walks off.

Kevin Steen vs Go Shiozaki – Eye Of The Storm #1 Contendership Tournament Final

So here we go, winner gets an ROH Title shot in the future. Shiozaki has come through a couple of hard hitting battles to get here, whilst Steen pulled off a major upset in beating Bryan Danielson in the semis to earn his place. Will Steen earn his first ROH Title shot since he lost to Shiozaki’s NOAH compatriot Takeshi Morishima at Honor Nation, or could Go win and get a rematch with Nigel McGuinness (who successfully defeated him in a Championship match on his last tour of Japan)?

No time wasted here, both men charge and unload with chops and forearms. Early success for Steen as he runs through one of Shiozaki’s chops that have been so damaging tonight and scores with a shoulder tackle. Go plants him with a DDT on the apron and sends him into the guardrails with a drop toehold. Mr Wrestling tries to fight back but gets sent into the barricade again for his trouble. The NOAH import becomes the zillionth person to work the leg tonight as he goes to work on Kevin’s left knee. This lasts for several minutes with Shiozaki cutting off Steen’s comeback attempts at every turn by taking out the leg. He chops at the injured leg which is pretty cool in itself, then knocks him goofy with a massive superkick for 2. Steen with a desperation neckbreaker and he rolls straight into a crossface, almost trying to open up an injury on Go to give himself some respite. He pounds at the neck from a variety of angles, selling the leg fantastically by barely leaving the canvas himself in favour of short rage elbows and strikes aimed precisely at the neck. Shiozaki tries to go back to the leg with an STF, but this time Steen can fight out more easily as Go is hurt too. To the floor again where Steen lays Shiozaki out for a FROG SPLASH OFF THE GUARDRAILS! He sells the leg afterwards as well. Steen to the top but Go cuts him off with a super rana. NO SOLD! FISHERMAN BUSTER NO SOLD! Steen with a German…NO SOLD! Lariat duel ends when Kevin plants an enzi to the back of the neck. He hits the ropes again and is MURDERED with a lariat. Shiozaki gets 2 with a bridging German. SHIOZAKI MOONSAULT FOR 2! Chops blocked…PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! Incredibly Go kicks out! Steen runs through him with a lariat of his own. Package Piledriver again, and this time Steen does get the victory at 15:25

Rating – *** –
I just about make that match of the night as it was lots of fun, but they certainly went the cheap route. It was a solid, well-wrestled (if slightly uneventful) match for the first 10 with both guys working a body part well. Then they ditched that for lots of high spots and no-selling which, as I said, was definitely entertaining…but it doesn’t really make any sense in context of the match as there was nothing to join the 10 minutes of wrestling with the 5 minutes of head dropping. Still, it was a good main event from two guys who worked extremely hard tonight under difficult circumstances to try and put on a decent show.

Steen’s victory speech is funnier than anything Larry Sweeney and Shane Hagadorn came up with earlier. He gets a handshake from Shiozaki, orders cameras around to get the best shot of him, uses El Generico as a crutch. He says he’s coming for the World Title and the Tag Titles, and promises that by the end of 2008 he will have won a title.

Tape Rating – ** –
Tough show to rate. On the one hand, there’s barely a bad match on the show and every match in the tournament was pretty good in it’s own right. However, ROH was built upon putting on excellent matches on every show. And did this have an excellent, defining and memorable match? No, in truth it didn’t. Considering the list of talent that pulled out of the event, it’s incredible that this one even took place at all, and it’s a testament to the work ethic of guys like Shiozaki, Steen, Generico and Danielson who all worked multiple times tonight that we even got a show at all. Go Shiozaki in particular was immense. On his first night in the US he went out and busted his ass in three extremely competitive matches. He made a big stir by making it to the finals and made all three of his opponents look good as well. I’m looking forward to his run if tonight is anything to go by. Thinking back in ROH history to some of the least memorable events, even they had something that stands out as memorable. The Last Stand had the entertaining Shelley/Jacobs breakout match and the first Six Man Mayhem. The inaugural Glory By Honor had Low Ki vs Samoa Joe. The Survival Of The Fittest shows (traditionally my least favourite events of the year) normally have pretty good main events if nothing else. There’s nothing overly memorable at all here, which means unless you’re a hardcore completist or big fan of Kevin Steen or Go Shiozaki you can move right over this. But it’s a very solid night of wrestling top to bottom. No match goes particularly long either so it’s an easy watch and the show sails by. I can’t recommend it that strongly because there’s nothing at all that you NEED to see. But if you do get your hands on this DVD, at least you’ll see a depleted roster work DAMN hard and put on a decent top to bottom card. And I think the first time anyone has ever been in all of the Top 3 Matches on a Ring Of Honor review…

Top 3 Matches

3) Go Shiozaki vs El Generico (***)

2) Go Shiozaki vs Necro Butcher (***)

1) Kevin Steen vs Go Shiozaki (***)

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