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TNA Bound For Glory IV 10/12/2008

Written by: Bob Colling

Total Non-Stop Action presents Bound For Glory IV
From: Hoffman Estates, Illinois

A video promoting Bound For Glory and several of the matches scheduled to take place is aired.

Opening Contest: Jay Lethal defeated Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Curry Man, Shark Boy, Super Eric, Petey Williams, Johnny Devine and Jimmy Rave in a steel asylum match:
This is going to be difficult to follow. Dutt with a nice head scissors takedown on Rave while everyone else brawls. Williams hits Dutt with a spinning heel kick. Devine hits Williams with a running knee lift but is punched by Young several times. Sabin dropkicks Young head first into the cage as he was sitting on the top rope. Sabin comes off the top to dropkick Shark Boy who is driven face first into the mat by Dutt. Shark Boy is clotheslined a few times but avoids a knee strike from Devine. Now Devine is hit with several clotheslines from the babyfaces. Triple suplex sees Shark Boy, Curry and Young slammed to the mat. Dutt counters a back suplex from Lethal on the top into a cross body. Williams drives Rave down to the mat with a side Russian leg sweep. Rave holds Williams in the corner as the Guns charge to hit Williams and Rave with boot strikes. Shelley prevents Curry from climbing far up the cage. Curry hits Shelley with a top rope jaw breaker but Sabin nails Curry with a dropkick on the top rope! Shark brings Sabin down to the mat with a middle rope leg sweep! Young plants Devine with a reverse neck breaker off the middle rope! Lethal and Dutt trade blows on the top rope until Lethal falls off after being rammed into the cage. Dutt is crotched on the top by Curry who comes off the middle rope with a back breaker! Rave connects with a clothesline on Curry! Lethal begins to climb the cage but stops to hurricanrana Rave off the top rope! Shelley leaps off the top to big splash Rave! Young plants both Dutt and Devine with a Death Valley Driver! Sabin hits Lethal with a tilt a whirl back breaker. Shelley sends Young off the top and Sabin connects with an ace crusher as Young lands on Lethal! Shelley accidentally clotheslines Sabin but super kicks Williams. However, Williams plants Shelley with the Canadian Destroyer! Shark Boy leaps off the top to hit a Stunner on Sabin and Williams. Rave stops Shark Boy with the Rock of the World. Devine drives Rave down head first with Devine Intervention. Devine connects with a ace crusher on Lethal and leaps off the top to hit a moonsault on Lethal! Dutt shoves Devine off the top as Curry ends up hitting Devine with the Spice Rack. Curry gorilla press slams Dutt into the corner! Curry begins to climb but Dutt is right behind him. Lethal is also climbing as Dutt manages to pull Curry off. Lethal and Dutt trade right hands on the top of the cage! Lethal breaks away and escapes the cage to win the match! ***

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Jim Cornette talking about BFG until Mick Foley walks in. Cornette thanks Foley for coming into TNA. Cornette leaves to keep Spike officials happy. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky enter the room and complain about not getting blue M&M’s. They insult Foley’s choice of clothing. Love wants their food situation to be taken care of ASAP.

A video promoting the bimbo brawl is shown.

Second Contest: ODB/Rhaka Khan/Rhino defeated Angelina Love/Velvet Sky/Cute Kip in a Knockouts Bimbo Brawl:
A rather quick little bout here, so I won’t go into detail. Kip comes off the ropes looking for the Fameasser but Rhino hits the Gore instead and wins the bout.

Backstage, Lauren interviews Consequences Creed. Creed is disgusted with the way Bashir talks about the United States. He says if Bashir doesn’t love it, leave it!

Before the next match, Bashir cuts a promo on Creed.

Third Contest: TNA X-Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir defeated Consequences Creed to retain the title:
Creed enters the ring and quickly clotheslines Bashir before tossing the champ over the top to the floor. Creed dives over the top rope and takes Bashir out with a somersault dive! Creed leaps off the top and hits a cross body back in the ring for a two count. Creed snap mares Bashir before delivering another clothesline for a two count. Creed continues his offense with several chops in the corner. Bashir backdrops Creed to the apron and stops Creed with a knee lift. Bashir knocks Creed off the apron and Creed lands on the guard railing chest first. Bashir goes to the floor and drops Creed across the guard railing chest first. Bashir covers in the ring but only gets a two count. Bashir delivers an elbow drop to Creed’s back for a two count. Bashir stops Creed from coming off the ropes with a knee lift for a two count. Creed is sent chest first into the corner as the crowd tries to rally behind Creed. Creed misses a cross body and Bashir gets another near fall. Creed nearly wins with a roll up after coming off the ropes. Bashir regains control with several strikes and puts a sleeper hold on Creed. Creed prevents his arm from dropping three times and begins to make his comeback. Creed poorly super kicks Bashir after ducking a clothesline. Creed hammers away on the champ followed by a few elbow strikes. Creed backdrops Bashir but only gets a two count. Creed press slams Bashir and has Bashir land on his knees but only gets a two count on a cover! Bashir delivers a jaw breaker but Creed nails Bashir with a spin kick. Creed heads to the top rope but Bashir crotches him on the top rope. Bashir takes Creed over with a top rope hurricanrana but isn’t able to get the three count. Bashir gets out of a Death Valley Driver and rolls Creed up with his hand on the ropes to earn the win. **1/4

Backstage, Mick Foley is talking to Jeremy Borash until Awesome Kong and her manager enter the room. Saed wants to know what Foley is doing here in TNA. She wants Foley to tell Cornette that Awesome Kong will not be held responsible for what she does to Wilde and Roxxi.

A video promoting the match between Wilde, Kong and Roxxi is aired.

Fourth Contest: TNA Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Awesome Kong to retain the title:
Long story short, Wilde manages to pin Roxxi with a German suplex to retain the title after five minutes of action.

Backstage, AJ Styles is talking to Mick Foley and how excited he is to have Foley in the company. Team 3-D enter the room and calls Styles a mark. Styles pisses them off but Foley breaks anything up. Foley asks why Bubba had to steal his clothing. Bubba says they have run over the competition everywhere they have been. They leave but not before they mock Foley. Jim Cornette comes into the room and is quite happy about the show.

A video promoting the Monsters Ball match is shown.

Fifth Contest: TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money Inc. defeated Abyss/Matt Morgan, Team 3-D and LAX in a Monster’s Ball match to retain the titles:
Steve McMichael is the special referee for the match. All three challenging teams quickly go after Beer Money but they soon turn on each other rather quickly. Morgan works on Bubba while Devon fights with Abyss. LAX clothesline Storm in the corner and continue to double team Storm. Roode clotheslines Homicide before being stopped with a big shoulder block. Homicide takes the champs out with a suicide dive! Hernandez leaps over the top rope and takes the champs out with a dive of his own. Bubba hits Hernandez with a trash can lid on the ramp way. Homicide breaks a crutch over Devon’s back. Homicide has a fork in his hand and jabs it into Devon’s forehead! Abyss sends Roode into the ring steps shoulder first. Homicide jabs Devon several times in the forehead and Devon has been busted wide open. Abyss enters and hits the Shock Treatment on Homicide. Bubba low blows Abyss with a cheese grater and uses the grater to scrape Abyss’s forehead. Abyss has now been busted open. Hernandez is splashed by Bubba in the corner and whacked with a cookie sheet by Bubba. Bubba drives Hernandez down to the mat with a superplex off the top for a two count. Roode connects with a flipping neck breaker on Bubba for a two count. Morgan counters a suplex attempt by Beer Money with a suplex of his on the champs. Morgan leaps off the top rope to cross body Storm for a two count. Devon whacks both Morgan and Roode with a trash can lid. Devon hits a jumping reverse DDT on Roode but Abyss stops Devon with a choke slam and goes to choke slam Roode but Storm has a bag of tacks to distract Abyss. Roode whacks Abyss over the back with a chair. Storm challenges Mongo to a football stance since Mongo took the tacks away. Mongo gets past Storm and clotheslines Roode and Homicide almost sneaks in for the win! Hernandez clotheslines Roode to the floor. Morgan heads to the top rope and leaps off to cross body everyone out on the floor! Team 3-D are working on Abyss at the top of the ramp way with trash cans. Bubba uses a staple gun on Abyss! Devon accidentally punches Bubba as Abyss moved out of the way. Johnny Devine comes out from behind to hit Abyss with a kendo stick and brings out a table. Bubba is given lighter fluid and they dump the fluid on the table. Devine lights the table on fire! Abyss is slammed off the side of the entrance and crashes through the flaming table! Morgan is super kicked by Storm as Roode was being stalked by Morgan. Hernandez hits Storm with a kendo stick. Homicide gets stopped on the top by Roode but Homicide leaps off to hit the champs with a missile dropkick. Roode recovers and puts Homicide on the top rope, but Homicide plants Roode with a DDT off the middle rope for a two count! Storm attempts a cross body but Hernandez catches him and connects with a power bomb for a near fall. Hernandez hits Roode with a Samoan Drop and Homicide comes off the top with a splash for yet another two count. Hernandez has Storm on his shoulders and Homicide leaps off the ropes to hit Storm with the Gringo Killer. Jacqueline prevents the count for happening and is spanked by Mongo as a result. Morgan enters the ring and hits Hernandez with the Carbon Footprint. Morgan dangerously drops Homicide down to the mat after countering a head scissors. Morgan crotches Homicide on the top rope as Bubba slides a table into the ring. Hernandez hits the Border Toss on Morgan! Bubba scoop slams Homicide and Devon leaps off the top to head butt Homicide in the groin. Hernandez takes out Team 3-D with a slingshot clothesline and sets up the table. Hernandez also puts the tacks on the table. Bubba prevents Hernandez from power bombing Hernandez through the table. Team 3-D mange to 3-D Hernandez through the table! Storm spits beer into Bubba’s face and Roode covers Hernandez to pick up the win! ***1/4

A video promoting the triple threat match is shown.

Sixth Contest: Booker T defeated Christian Cage and AJ Styles:
Styles works on Booker with several right hands followed by a back breaker. Cage is just standing on the floor watching the action for a few moments. Booker spin kicks Styles before shaking hands with Cage. Cage tricks Booker by hitting a reverse DDT for a two count. Cage and Styles trade right hands and roll ups for a couple of near falls. Cage crotches Styles on the top rope and knee lifts Styles to the floor. Booker begins to chop Cage and super kicks Cage to the floor. Styles springboards off the top rope to hit a moonsault on Cage on the floor! Styles rams Booker head first into the announcers table. Booker uses a briefcase to hit Styles in the head. Cage chops away on Booker back in the ring but Booker quickly battles back with forearm shots. Booker catches Cage coming off the middle rope by hitting a flapjack but only manages a near fall on a cover attempt. Booker knee lifts Cage a couple of times before hitting a leaping spin kick for a two count again. Cage comes off the ropes but is met with a leaping side kick for a two count. Cage inside cradles Booker but only gets a two count. Booker regains control with a clothesline. Booker continues to work on Cage in the corner with several chops. Cage back elbows Booker and they both go down as they tired clotheslines at the same time. Styles springboards off the top rope to hit booker with a forearm and clotheslines Cage a few times. Styles short arm clotheslines Booker before splashing Cage in the corner. Booker knee lifts Styles but is clotheslined by Cage. Cage turns around and is met with a dropkick from Styles as Booker rolls to the floor. Cage avoids the Styles Clash and goes for the Un-Prettier but Styles gets out of it and attempts a springboard reverse DDT, and connects on a second attempt which gets him a two count! Booker returns to clothesline both men and super kicks Cage to the floor. Booker misses a scissors kick on Styles who puts Booker in a flying arm bar! Styles kicks Cage away and connects with a kip up hurricanrana on Cage. Booker stops Styles with the Book End but only gets a near fall on the cover! Cage nails Booker with a forearm shot after leaping off the middle rope. Cage mocks Booker by doing a break dance move, or was going to as Styles gets involved. Styles nails Booker with a Pele Kick but Cage plants Styles with a DDT for a two count. Cage is shoved off the top by Styles and leaps off the top looking for the Spiral Tap but Cage moved out of the way. Booker comes off the ropes and hits a double scissors kick but only gets two counts on both men. Booker heads to the top rope but is crotched by Styles. Cage spears Styles but the referee is held by Booker but eventually gets a two count. Cage catapults Styles into a corner but Styles lands on the middle rope and all three men battle on the middle rope. Cage plants Styles with a middle rope Un-Prettier! Booker leaps off the middle with a scissors kick on Cage and manages to get the three count. **1/2

A video promoting Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett is aired.

Backstage, Lauren interviews Kurt Angle. Angle wants to know why Mick Foley is the enforcer. He believes that Foley is there to protect Jarrett. Angle doesn’t care about anything about Jarrett. Angle is going to make an example out of Jarrett.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett talks about the past two years of pain, agony and tears. He recalls there being days that he didn’t he could stand up. However, his three daughters gave him the strength to keep going. Tonight, he wrestles for his girls.

Seventh Contest: Jeff Jarrett defeated Kurt Angle:
Mick Foley is the special enforcer for the match. Angle takes Jarrett down to the mat but Jarrett quickly reaches the bottom rope. Angle slaps the back of Jarrett’s head to taunt the founder of TNA. Angle keeps control of Jarrett with a side headlock. Angle comes off the ropes and shoulder blocks Jarrett before going back to a headlock. Jarrett catches Angle coming off the ropes with a hip toss and puts a headlock on Angle. Jarrett comes off the ropes with another headlock and puts another headlock on Angle. Angle connects with a back suplex but Jarrett keeps a headlock on. Angle backs Jarrett into a corner and delivers several right hands to gain the upper hand. Jarrett hits Angle with a dropkick and clotheslines Angle over the top to the floor. Jarrett slingshots over the top to hit Angle with a cross body on the floor. Jarrett sends Angle chest first into the guard railing. Jarrett leaps off the apron but lands on the guard railing chest first. Angle works on Jarrett back in the ring with several kicks to Jarrett’s ribs. Jarrett atomic drops Angle and follows up with a kick to the side of Angle’s head. Jarrett jumps onto Angle’s back and tries a second time but Angle cuts him off with a clothesline. Angle gets a near fall following a back breaker and returns to a headlock. Jarrett breaks free and rolls Angle up out of the corner for a two count. Angle delivers a clothesline but only gets a near fall. Angle continues with a snap suplex but Jarrett kicks out at two. Angle pokes Jarrett in the eyes and delivers a few shoulder rams in the corner but misses a spear and hits the ring post. Jarrett manages to plant Angle with a DDT and both men are laid out. They begin to trade right hands with Jarrett getting the upper hand with a few clotheslines. Jarrett with a sit out slam but Angle kicks out at two. Angle runs into a big boot in the corner but takes Jarrett over with a overhead belly to belly suplex! Angle tries for the Angle Slam but Jarrett plants Angle with a DDT for a two count. Jarrett crotches Angle on the top rope but Angle fights Jarrett looking to suplex Jarrett to the floor but Jarrett recovers to hit a superplex for a two count! Jarrett puts the figure four leg lock on Angle but Angle doesn’t give up to the hold as he manages to reach the bottom rope. Angle connects with a German suplex a few times but only gets a two count on a cover attempt. Angle attempts the Angle Slam but Jarrett counters with an arm drag. Angle avoids a pile driver and puts Jarrett in the ankle lock! Angle drags Jarrett back to the middle of the ring two times and keeps the hold on. Jarrett rolls through the hold but Angle recovers and finally hits the Angle Slam but only gets a two count. Angle heads to the top rope and leaps off looking for the moonsault but Jarrett rolls out of the way. Angle accidentally clotheslines the referee as Jarrett ducked the clothesline. Jarrett hits Angle with the Stroke but only gets a near fall as Foley rolls into make the count. Angle low blows Jarrett as Foley checks on the referee. Angle goes to the floor to get a chair but Foley says he isn’t going to use it. Well, Angle uses it by smashing Foley in the face with it! Angle enters the ring and whacks Jarrett over the head with the chair! Angle covers but Foley drags the referee out of the ring! Foley enters the ring and is pissed off. Foley drops Angle with a right hand and gets Mr. Socko. Foley shoves the sock down Angle’s throat and Jarrett smashes his guitar over Angle’s head to win the match. ***1/4

A video promoting the main event between Sting and Samoa Joe is aired.

Main Event: Sting defeated TNA World Champion Samoa Joe to win the title:
Quick start as they trade right hands with Sting getting the advantage until Joe backdrops Sting over the top to the floor. Joe takes Sting out with a suicide dive on the floor! Joe grabs Sting in the front row and they begin to brawl in the crowd. Sting fights back with several backhand strikes and follows Joe up the steps. Joe runs over a barrier to deliver a dropkick! They make their way back to the ringside area after exchanging several more blows in the crowd. Sting leaps off the hockey boards to connect with a cross body on Joe and they land on several chairs. Joe crotches Sting on the boards and nails Sting with a running kick to the face. They finally get back to the ring where Joe jabs Sting several times. Joe hits a running back elbow and leaping spin kick in the corner. Sting avoids the Muscle Buster and leaps off the middle rope to plant Joe with a tornado DDT! Sting leaps off the top to hit a body splash but only gets a near fall on the cover. Joe comes back with a power bomb and quickly switches into the STF. Joe prevents Sting from reaching the ropes by putting Sting in the Rings of Saturn. However, Sting uses his foot to reach the bottom rope. Joe catches Sting coming off the ropes with a snap power slam. Joe misses a splash in the corner and Sting hits a Stinger splash! Sting connects with the Muscle Buster, but it has no effect on Joe. Joe chops Sting a few times and clotheslines Sting in the corner. Joe drops Sting with the Scorpion Death Drop, but that doesn’t bother Sting. Sting hulks up and begins to punch Joe before hitting a couple of Stinger Splashes. Joe stops another splash by delivering a STO out of the corner. Joe drops Sting after a few knee strikes. Joe begins to kick Sting’s left knee several times. Joe punches Sting until the referee pulls him off. Kevin Nash makes his way down to the ringside area while Joe continues to argue with the referee for several moments. Joe plants Sting with a DDT but goes back to arguing with the referee. Sting has a baseball bat, but Nash rips the bat out of his hands. Joe clotheslines Sting and gets a near fall. Sting avoids a running attack and Nash whacks Joe with the bat! Sting grabs Joe and hits the Scorpion Death Drop to pick up the win! **
After the match, Sting celebrates the win while Nash looks on from the aisle way.

My Take:
On paper, the higher profiled matches could make this a good pay per view. Matches five through eight could be good if everything clicks. I’m glad to see the pay per view is outside of Orlando as well. Let’s see how BFG IV turns out!

The asylum match was a good way to kick off the match with a lot of action taking place with loads of high spots. I didn’t think there needed to be ten guys involved, maybe eight would’ve been better, but it was still a fun little match to get things started. I liked the finish and that Lethal went over.

Not the typical X-Division title match you would have expected. Since Bashir isn’t really a high spots type of wrestler, the match was more wrestling orientated. Though, I was pleaseantly surprised at Creed’s offense and his offense was what made the match entertaining at some points.

The Monsters Ball match was a good hardcore brawl. I loved the flaming tables spot since I hadn’t seen that since the Edge/Foley street fight and before then it only happened in ECW. I thought Mongo took away from the match with his poor job at being the referee and I think the wrestlers got fed up with his poor job as well. If you watch the match, I think Homicide makes it clear that he isn’t a fan of Mongo’s counting. It was a pretty crazy match, just like the opener in terms of a lot of action.

The triple threat match was another good bout. I didn’t have high expectations for the bout, but it seemed like all three men gave 100% and produced a decent match. No complaints here for the match.

Jarrett/Angle started off really slow and they had to try really hard to get the fans back into it, including myself. The action was okay, but the finish was pretty obvious. Not the best match ever, but still a good one.

I have to think that they had Sting and Joe brawl in the crowd because they knew a wrestling match between them wouldn’t be all that great. Sure enough, after what had to have been at least five minutes of brawling in the crowd, they delivered a borderline average match. I didn’t understand why they were both unaffected by being hit with their own finishers. That didn’t really make much sense to me.

Overall, I really enjoyed the pay per view. Quite a few good matches with the crap cut really short. I recommend checking out TNA Bound For Glory 2008!

Thanks for reading.

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