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JAPW Tough Love 2/22/3003

Written by: Sean McCaffrey from

February 22, 2003 was a hell of a day. Despite (gorilla) monsoon conditions outside and a typhoon in Long Island, I made the drive to JAPW in Bayonne, NJ to check out the show.

Upon getting there, and unofficially being inducted into The Wrestling Clothesline family at a nice little bar, and witnessing some funny antics by the non-Wrestling Clothesline family member, cough Sprite cough, it started off as a great day, as they had an extra ticket to ECWA and asked if I wanted to go. So as I was going to go to NWS, I passed it up, to see what all the hype was about in ECWA. Now, to finally get to the meat of the indy doubleheader.

JAPW Results and Commentary

1. Tony Lazaro defeated Rick Blade
A pretty decent opener, as Tony Lazaro was accompanied by the other members of H Effect. (Deranged/Dixie) Even though that bum Lazaro threw my hat, unveiling my EW Chrome Dome, it was a good match, and the H Effect are the most over wrestlers right now in JAPW. Lazaro got the duke after interference by Deranged and Dixie.

2. Mafia w/Low Ki defeated Homicide for the JAPW Heavyweight Championship. (Monsta Mack was taping the match)

The reason this Main Event was so early in the card, was so that Mafia, Mack and Low Ki could get to the ECWA show later on in the night. This was the best match on the card from all aspects- pure wrestling, psychology and brutality. Mafia took the sickest chair shots from Homicide, and earned his stripes becoming the new JAPW Heavyweight champion of New Jersey. Great match. Finish saw Homicide setting up the Cop-Kill and Mafia reversed it into a small package for the clean 1-2-3.

Post match saw Slyk do a run-in and beat down Homicide setting up Slyk vs Mafia for the JAPW belt at the next show.

3. The SWC defeated The DRS w/Becky Bayless by count-out (No title change)
Funniest line of the night. EC Negro: I don’t care about Team Heart Attack or what I’d like to call them Team Cholesterol. The match was decent as DRS were bumping around for SWC. The finish saw DRS walking away from SWC. This left Becky Bayless by herself to get Vader Bombed by Supa. DRS eventually came back to carry her to the back.

4. Nick Berk wrestled Azrieal to a no contest.

A short match that went nowhere, as it was setting up the next show. The H- Effect before the match offered Azrieal to join them. After Azrieal accused them of homosexuality, which Deranged replied, I do not find this man to be sexually attractive the H-Effect stormed to the back. About 5 minutes later, they were back and interfered and beat the crap out Azrieal and Nick Berk. Rick Blade, who fought Lazaro earlier in the show, came and made the save and 3 matches were announced for next show as 3 single matches between the 6 men will take place. Who as fighting who, wasn’t announced, as of this writing.

5. April Hunter pinned Nikki Roxx

A great match. More than I expected from the women. To tell you the truth, this match was as par as some of the men’s matches and had the crowd popping. Moment of the match was a guy in the front row kissing April Hunters foot! April Hunter got the win after a neck-breaker in a back and forth match.

6. Rain & Jay Lethal defeated The H Effect.

This match was for the JAPW TV and Light Heavyweight championships as well. If any H effect member beat Rain or Jay, they would win that mans belt. Well that stipulation never happened as Rain pinned Deranged. This match had the crowd going the whole time. This was the only match on the show were the crowd was screaming the whole match. Solid in ring work by all 4 wrestlers. Deranged and Dixie are getting better every time I see them. We didn’t see Deranged’s signature spots but the mat work, psychology and playing to the crowd was superb. Deranged and Dixie are natural heels and Dixie even went into wrestling history, as he bought back the claw, ala Von Raschke, Tornado and Kurrgan.

7. Slyk Wagner Brown w/April Hunter defeated Jonah

Not a bad showing, like Wednesday for Jonah. Not a great match, but perfectly acceptable wrestling here as Slyk led Jonah to a good match. Jonah is big in person, and you have to respect that he is taking indy bookings to better himself. Slyk eventually pinned Jonah cleanly to end the show, and send us to our second half of our trip. All in all JAPW put out another solid show, and the only negative thing about it was the 2 screw job finishes back to back. Besides that, the show was another excellent outing.

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