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NWA-TNA Impact 7/23/2004

Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West & Jeff Hammond
Report by: Ryan Droste of

– The opening promo for Impact! hits and we are taken to Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios for the show. Pyro display goes off in the entranceway and above the ring.

Jerrelle Clark vs. AJ Styles
10 minute time limit. Styles starts things off with an armbar and standing headlock. Styles hits a dropkick on Clark as he comes off the ropes. Clark does a hurricanrana into a armbar. Styles lifts up Clair by his legs and throws him into the turnbuckle. Styles takes the advantage once again. Styles executes a backflip off of the second turnbuckle, and turns it into a scorpion death drop after landing on his feet. Styles executes the Styles Clash out of nowhere for the win in 2:55.

Winner: AJ Styles

UP NEXT: Aguila and Abismo Negro vs. Abyss and Alex Shelley

-Promo for this Wednesday’s PPV and the Ultimate X airs.


-Coming soon promo airs for a new wrestler with disco type lights in the background.

Abyss & Alex Shelley w/ Goldylocks vs. Abismo Negro & Mr. Aguila
10 minute time limit. Shelley and Negro start things off. Lots of back and forth action early. Shelley executes a sunset flip but Negro kicks him in the face in return. Aguila is tagged in. Aguila takes the offensive with some chops and a clothesline. Negro is tagged back in but is driven down to the mat by Shelley before Abyss is tagged in. Abyss on the offensive. Abyss power slams Negro. Shelley is tagged back in and takes some more offensive over Negro. Negro gets a break and tags in Aguila. Aguila on the offensive with some shots on Shelley before spin kicking the interfering Abyss. Team Mexico execute a double face buster on Abyss before clothes lining him out of the ring. Shelley comes in. Shelley with an atomic drop on Negro. Shelley goes to the top, but Negro drop kicks him off to the ground below. Abyss executes a power move on Aguila. Shelley comes off the top on to Aguila and gets the pin.

Winner: Abyss & Alex Shelley

UP NEXT: “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown

-Promo for Wednesday’s PPV airs.


-Jeff Hardy highlights are shown from last Wednesday.

Monty Brown vs. Antonio Banks
10 minute time limit. Brown starts off on the offensive destroying Banks as expected. They fight to the outside, where Brown drops Banks over the ringside barrier. Back in the ring, Brown still on the offensive. Banks gets a few punches and a kick in before Brown comes back. Brown shoots Banks into the ropes and executes the Pounce for the win in just 1:44.

Winner: “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown

UP NEXT: Team Canada

-Promo for Wednesday’s PPV airs


-Highlights of last Wednesday’s Tag Title match are shown via pictures.

Team Canada w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Chris Sabin, Amazing Red, Sonjay Dutt, & Batts
Red and Sonjay execute some moves at the beginning of the match on Team Canada. After things break down its Young and Dutt in the ring. Young tags in Devine who executes a moonsault off the top rope. Rude is tagged in who works over Dutt. Dutt makes a comeback after executing a back kick and tagging in Chris Sabin. Sabin fights off all 4 members of Team Canada and executes a spinning DDT. All 8 men get in the ring. All 4 members of Team Canada receive a hurricanrana off the top rope from Sabin, Red, Dutt and Batts. Batts gives Williams a stunner in the middle of the ring. Dutt is thrown out of the ring by Rude. Batts and Williams are going at it in the ring. Batts is clotheslined from behind by Rude. Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer for the win.

Winners: Team Canada

UP NEXT: Raven

-Promo for Wednesday airs again

-AJ Styles DVD commercial airs


-Highlights from the Sabu vs. Abyss match last Wednesday are shown via pictures.

Romeo vs. Raven
10 minute time limit, although this is not going to take half that. Raven starts off on the offensive for squash match number four. Raven throws Romeo to the outside. Raven executes a Russian legsweep into the safety rail three times in a row. Back in the ring, Raven executes a clothesline and then a knee lift. Romeo turns around and receives an evenflow DDT for the win.

Winner: Raven

-After the match, Sabu is seen coming through the crowd. Raven slaps Sabu and they fight before security breaks it up.

UP NEXT: Dusty Rhodes on “6 Points of Impact” with Jeff Hammond.

-Another promo for Wednesday’s PPV airs


-Basically what Rhodes says on “6 Points of Impact” is that he is very happy Hardy is with TNA, he thinks Monty Brown his ready for the big time and not a AA Ballplayer like Jarrett says, and he just hypes up TNA.

-Joe Williams and Daniel Cormier come out. Two amateur wrestlers who will represent the USA in the Olympics. Williams wrestled at the University of Iowa, and has been the top ranked US wrestler in his weight class for the last four years. Cormier has won two consecutive US National Titles and is a favorite to win a gold medal in the Olympics.

-Mike Tenay and Don West talk to the camera, hyping up this Wednesday�s PPV.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Shark Boy
Jarrett starts off our sixth match of the day, squash match number five, on the offensive. Jarrett destroys him on the outside. Jarrett drops Shark Boy on the steel railing on the outside. They fight through the crowd. This match has gone on longer than originally thought, mainly because Jarrett is just pummeling Shark Boy in the crowd for his own enjoyment. Shark Boy out of nowhere comes back with some offensive. He just bit Jeff Jarrett in the rear end. Wow, that was odd. Back in the ring, Shark Boy executes a missile drop kick off the top rope. He does it a second time. And a third. Three missile drop kicks in a row. Shark Boy gets ready to do a move, but Jarrett executes a low blow via a kick and then hits the Stroke for the win.

-After the match, Jarrett calls out Jeff Hardy. Jarrett says he wants to run Hardy out of TNA before the ink on his contract dries. Jarrett slams a guitar over Shark Boy’s head. Jeff Hardy comes out. They fight. Hardy executes a drop kick on Jarrett. Hardy executes a sit down drop kick on Jarrett in the corner. Monty Brown comes out of nowhere and hits the Pounce on Hardy as the show goes off the air.

-Promos from different wrestlers air hyping up Wednesday’s show.

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