NWA-TNA Impact 7/30/2004

Full NWA TNA Impact! Results – 7/30/04
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West & Jeff Hammond
Results courtesy of TNAwrestling.com
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Jeff Jarrett vs. Lex Lovett

To open up this week’s edition of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Impact! we had The King of The Mountain, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett take on a rising superstar in Lex Lovett. The crowd didn’t sit well with Jarrett, and The Elite Guard had no comment as they were at ringside for the match. Lovett stood no chance against the cocky & arrogant Jarrett as Jarrett took away Lovett’s dreams of hitting it big-time here in TNA. Lovett was defeated with Jarrett’s finishing maneuver, The Stroke.

Kid Kash vs. Mikey Batts

In X Division Action, Kid Kash made his return to Impact! as he took on another good young talent in Mikey Batts. Dallas played the backup role, and proved to be a strong factor in this match-up early on. Batts was in an incredible 8-man tag match last week, so there’s no way that he could be 100%. The man who cost “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles his title last Wednesday night, defeated Mikey Batts with a straight jacket piledriver.

Raven vs. Rod Steel

A focused Raven, after getting attacked by Sabu last Wednesday night, took on Rod Steel. Steel stood no chance against Raven as Raven took him outside of the ring and completely manhandled him. Sabu hit the ring and mixed it up with his opponent, but TNA officials soon broke it up.

Team Canada vs. Jerrelle Clark & Mark Laurnoff

Next up were Team Canada members, Petey Williams and Bobby Roode, along with Coach D’Amore taking on “Mr. 630” Jerrelle Clark and Mark Laurnoff. The crowd chanted “USA” at Team Canada throughout. They beat on Laurnoff for several minutes until Clark got in and hit the 630 but was hit by Williams and the Canadian Destroyer. After the bout, D’Amore whipped both men.

Jeff Hardy vs. Kid Romeo

Jeff Hardy then made his Impact! in-ring debut as he took on the young veteran in Kid Romeo. The crowd couldn’t get enough of Hardy. Hardy then went up top to defeat Romeo with the Swanton Bomb.

We then went backstage as Shane Douglas interviewed Vince Russo about the argument between himself and Dusty Rhodes. Mr. Russo said he would address several issues on the TNA PPV including the dual X Division champions. Dusty Rhodes appeared and got in Russo’s face one more time.

Kazarian & Michael Shane vs. Triple X (Daniels & Primetime)

Co-X Division champions Kazarian & Michael Shane, along with the distracting Traci, took on former NWA World Tag Team Champions, Triple X, which consisted of “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Primetime. Daniels hit Kazarian with a hurricunrana followed by Primetime walking the rope like a master, then hitting a leg drop. Kazarian & Shane hit multiple double team moves, including their version of AMW’s Death Sentence, which downed XXX. All seemed over for XXX until AJ Styles ran out and went after Shane and Kazarian. He was followed by Kid Kash, Team Canada, and America’s Most Wanted. There was a huge brawl amongst every superstar as Impact went off the air!

Quick Results:

Jeff Jarrett defeated Lex Lovett
Kid Kash defeated Mikey Batts
Raven defeated Rod Steele
Team Canada defeated Jerrelle Clarke/Nick Laurnoff
Jeff Hardy defeated Kid Romeo
Triple X fought Kazarian/Michael Shane to a no contest

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