NWA-TNA Impact 8/20/2004

Full NWA TNA Impact! Results – 8/20/04
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Jeff Hammond & Don West
Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

“Irish” Pat Kenney VS. “The King Of The Mountain” Jeff Jarrett

This week’s edition of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Impact! opened up with “The King Of The Mountain” Jeff Jarrett taking on “Irish” Pat Kenney in singles competition. The match started out with a bunch of quick manuevers such as roll-ups and armbar submissions. The NWA World Heavyweight Champion in Jeff Jarrett made quick work of “Irish” Pat Kenney as he defeated him with his finishing manuever, The Stroke!

“Mr. 630” Jerrelle Clark & Mikey Batts VS. Kid Kash & Dallas

Up next we had semi-X Division action as it was NWAFlorida stars “Mr. 630” Jerrelle Clark and Mikey Batts. Jerrelle Clark came out to a “I want to see the 630!” sign in which he pointed to. Kid Kash and Dallas came out to an anti-Kash sign in which Dallas took. Early in the match-up, Jerrelle and Mikey hit a few double team moves to take the advantage. But Jerrelle Clark and Mikey Batts couldn’t pull it out as they were defeated by the team of Kid Kash and Dallas. After the about, Kid Kash hit The Money Maker on Jerrelle Clark for good measure!

Petey Williams VS. “Fast Eddie” Eddie Villa

We then took you to a pure X Division match as it was TNA’s first ever Canadian X Division Champion in action against “Fast Eddie” Eddie Villa. Petey Williams hit a few quick but but dangerous moves and then hit the most lethal finishing manuever in wrestling today, the Canadian Destroyer! Suprisingly there was no interference from Scott D’Amore in this one. After the match, Dusty Rhodes and Scott D’Amore came out and had a quick brawl before it was broken up by TNA superstars.

Shane Douglas interviewed Vince Russo backstage. Russo said that he was going to make a decision about Dusty Rhodes on the PPV this Wednesday. Scott D’Amore ranted at Russo that he wants it taken care of right now, but Russo said he would make a decision on Wednesday.

America’s Most Wanted VS. Abyss & Alex Shelley

America’s Most Wanted then defeated Abyss and Alex Shelley. The team of Abyss and Alex Shelley continues to be on shaking grounds. Abyss ccidentally hit Shelley when Chris Harris moved out of the way. Harris speared Shelley for the pin. After the match-up Abyss started choking Shelley while Goldylocks tried to pull him off.

Monty Brown VS. Dimitris

Monty Brown then entered The Impact! Zone taking on Dimitris. The crowd taunted Monty Brown as he made quick work of Dimitris. Let’s just say that Monty Brown made quicker work of Dimitris faster than Domino’s can deliver pizza to your door. Monty Brown finished off Dimitris with The Pounce!

As Tenay and West announced the six man tag, Scott D’Amore and Team Canada came out with D’Amore complaining about Dusty. Vince Russo came out. It ended up with Dusty, Konnan, and Jammes coming to the ring. Dusty attacked D’Amore.

Larry Zbyszko was the guest for the “Six Points of Impact!” segment with Jeff Hammond. When asked about Dusty Rhodes, Zbyszko said he had a bad ego and wasn’t a good booker.

AJ Styles/Ron Killings/Jeff Hardy VS. Kazarian/Michael Shane/Jason Cross
And in the main event of this week’s edition of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Impact! it was “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styes, Ron “The Truth” Killings, and “The Charismatc Enignma” Jeff Hardy taking on the team of “The Coolest Person Of The World” Kazarian, Michael Shane, and Jason Cross. It was a phenomenal match so to speak as there were flip dives over the top ropes, and more amazing manuevers. At one point in the match-up Jason Cross missed his inverted 450 splash. The finish came when AJ Styles did a suicide dive over the top rope on Kazarian and Michael Shane! Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb on Jasson Cross for the victory as Impact! went off the air!

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