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NWA-TNA Impact 8/27/2004

Full NWA TNA Impact! Results – 8/27/04
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Jeff Hammond & Don West
Results Courtesy of
Report by: Ryan Droste of

This week’s edition of Impact! opened up with a video package of Total Nonstop’s Actions recent events. It showed The Naturals causing Match Three of America’s Most Wanted’s and Triple X’s Best of 3 Series to end in a draw. Dusty Rhodes was shown getting suspended. We then took you to The Impact! Zone where Mike Tenay was heard in the background as pyro’s started going off. He stated that later on tonight, Jeff Hammond would host his Six Points Of Impact weekly interview with a NASCAR driver.

Chris Harris vs. Christopher Daniels

It was now time, for Sudden Death! Chris Harris made his way to The Impact! Zone as Mike Tenay noted that due to Harris’ tag team partner’s James Storm’s injury, that tonight’s Sudden Death match would be a singles match-up against none other than Triple X Representative, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels! Daniels came out and we got this one under-way. Both Harris and Daniels stalled for a little bit as the crowd started chanting “Best Moonsault Ever!”. After a few more moments, both men went into a lock-up with neither men getting the advantage. We then got to see some classic wrestling with chops, suplexes, this is brutal! 3 minutes into the match we had to take a commercial break, but don’t worry, the tapes will be rolling! A Team Canada video package was shown. And just 3 minutes later, we were back in The Impact! Zone with 4:16 remaining! But where were the participants? Not in the ring, but on the entrance ramp! Harris suplexed Daniels onto the ramp and then tossed him back into the ring. 1:31 left, punches to Daniels! The Catatonic, no, reversed! Angel’s Wings locked in, reversed! Backslide pin, inside cradle! Wow! Less than 1 minute on the clock as Jeremy Borash notes that. Larry Zbysko is the judge. Multiple variety styles of pins here. Daniels hits the BME, but Harris kicks out of the pin. Nearly 20 seconds later, Chris Harris superplexed Christopher Daniels! Time is now up. Larry comes out, and said “when the athletes are this good, it’s not an easy decision”. The Naturals are now at ringside. Larry then announced that both America’s Most Wanted and Triple X would get a shot as this Wednesday night live and exclusively on Pay-Per-View, it will be a 3 way dance for the Tag Team Titles of The World!

Dusty Rhodes was shown at ringside with the fans as Impact! went to a commercial break.

John McChesney, Eddie Villa & Cassidy O’Reilly vs. Amazing Red, Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin

We were then back on Impact! as John McChesney, “Fast Eddie” Eddie Villa, and former tag team partner of Chase Stevens in Cassidy O’Reilly took on the team of The Amazing Red, Sonjay Dutt, and “The Future” Chris Sabin. The Pit taunted Fast Eddie, and they started chanting “Shane Douglas” at McChesney. The match started off with McChesney and Sabin, as Sabin quickly took the advantage. Vince Russo, Don Harris, and Larry Zbyszko were shown watching the monitor. This match was pure X Division style. Eddie quickly took the advantage on Red, while Sabin was trying to get into the ring, but he had the help of O’Reilly and McChesney. The team of Sabin, Sonjay, and Red quickly came back and shifted the momentum. Chris Sabin and The Amazing Red took out John McChesney and Eddie Villa as Sonjay Dutt hit the Hindu Press AKA Phoneix Splash on Cassidy O’Reilly! Dutt connected with the pin for the win!

Team Canada vs. Rod Steel, Bruce Steele, Mikey Batts & Jerrelle Clark
And as were told, it was Team Canada! Out came “Mr. 630” Jerrelle Clark, up-and-comer Mikey Batts, along with the Steele Brothers! Team Canada walked over to Dusty Rhodes but Rhodes knocked them down. Dusty started choking D’Amore! Don Harris and TNA officials held him back. Dusty Rhodes took a kid’s hat and threw it at Team Canada.Mikey Batts started off but quickly tagged in Jerrelle Clark. Jerrelle showed some power as he was knocking Team Canada down left and right. It looked as if Mr. 630 was going to pick up the win for his team, but he ran into the most brutal moving in wrestling history, the Canadian Destroy! We were then sent to commercials.

We returned where you saw Dusty Rhodes and Vince Russo arguing just outside The Impact! Zone. Don Harris was beside them to break it up if necessary. BG James and Konnan then joined in and started arguing with Dusty Rhodes saying that he will be back.

Abyss vs. Sonny Siaki

“The Monster” Abyss then came out to fight on Impact!, as Alex Shelley and Goldylocks were his cheerleaders. Siaki is no longer owned by Goldylocks as last Wednesday night on Pay-Per-View, Erik Watts won back his contract! Siaki had control for the majority for the most of the match, but he couldn’t take the win as Shelley’s interference was just too much to handle. After a bit of teasing, Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam for the win.

We then went to this week?s “Six Points of Impact” segment hosted by Jeff Hammond. This week’s interview featured NASCAR driver Elliot Sadler who said that growing up he really liked Dusty Rhodes. Sadler was at Starrcade 1984 where the Rock n Roll Express fought the Midnight Express on the scaffold. Someone correct me if I am wrong but that matchup took place at Starrcade 1987 in Chicago.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Frankie Capone

Jeff Jarrett came out to the ring all happy as he can’t wait to rip into the other Jeff, in Hardy, on September 8th! Jeff Jarrett put his guitar down as he went up to the face entrance waiting for his opponent to come out. His opponent was then revealed to be NWAFlorida star Frankie Capone. Jarrett didn’t take him into the ring just yet as Jarrett started pounding on Frankie taking him all around ringside. He threw him into the guardrail, just brutal. We finally got this action into the ring as the bell rang. Jarrett choked Capone on the ropes and then hit his finishing maneuver in The Stroke for the victory! We were told that Jeff Hardy was up next.

Jeff Hardy vs. Kazarian

It was now time for the main event of the evening as out came Kazarian, with Michael Shane and the lovely Traci accompanying him to the ring. Jeff Hardy then came out as the fans went crazy! The crowd was behind Hardy all the way, and although they don’t like Kazarian, they appreciate his talent. This was a very exciting match. Towards the end, Michael Shane came into the ring just as Hardy was about to Twist Of Fate on Kazarian. Shane went for the Superkick, but no, Hardy ducked! Kazarian got hit! What now? Moments later Traci went off the top rope and aimed for Hardy but Hardy ducked! Pie In The Sky on Michael Shane by accident. Jeff Hardy then then went up for the Swanton Bomb for the win! Monty Brown, followed by AJ Styles, Kid Kash, and Dallas, came out. There was a huge brawl as Impact! went off the air!

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