WWF RAW 3/5/2001

WWF Raw Is War
March 5, 2001
Live From: Washington, D.C.
Results Courtesy of: WWF.com
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With tensions between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin reaching new levels, RAW exploded live from the MCI Center in Washington, DC! Paul Heyman joined Jim Ross live from ringside at the announce table as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley came out to the center of the squared-circle. The Game, making his first appearance since defeating Stone Cold Steve Austin at No Way Out, said it was tough to be humble when he continues to be as good as he is. He said that after he destroyed Austin, he said it was very difficult not to brag about his unprecedented skills! Triple H said that instead of bragging, he needed to right a wrong. He said that The Rock said that the two biggest names in the business were going to be facing each other at WrestleMania. Triple H said that he has been kicking both Austin and Rock all over arenas all across the country! Then, Triple H promised that he would be going on to WrestleMania, no matter what it took, even if he had to take someone out of the WrestleMania main event, and he called Stone Cold out to the ring!

The Texas Rattlesnake ran out to the ring and the two men exchanged blows. Then, Kurt Angle ran out and tried to take down Austin. Finally, Stone Cold hit the mat, and Angle and Triple H double-teamed him, until The Rock ran out to the ring! Rock took out Angle and Austin flattened Triple H! Both Rock and Austin then went to the back. William Regal then came out to the ring as Kurt Angle demanded to face The Rock on RAW! Regal said he had an announcement, and that Mr. McMahon had said Angle and Triple H would tag up against Austin and The Rock! Regal then retreated to the locker room.

As Too Cool came to the ring for their match, Kurt Angle remained at ringside! As Scotty and Grandmaster were being introduced, Angle attacked them both and locked Scotty 2 Hotty in the ankle-lock! Angle continued a verbal tirade as Scotty screamed in pain in the center of the ring!

Earlier in the day, Mr. McMahon told the Radicalz that one of them could challenge Chris Jericho for his Intercontinental Title. In their locker room, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero wanted the other man to go for the title. Finally, Benoit convinced Eddie that it should be Latino Heat fighting for the title. Before the match began, Benoit joined Paul Heyman and J.R. at the announce table. Benoit put on a headset, but did not say a word. Guerrero and Jericho went at it in a hard-fought match, but after Guerrero had Jericho down, Benoit got in the ring and hit Guerrero with his flying head-butt!

Guerrero lie prone in the ring as Jericho made the cover for the win! After the match, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn came to the ring and asked Benoit what he was doing. In footage taped earlier in the day, Al Snow campaigned for the commissioner’s job. Joining him were two midgets, as he had promised he would provide if he became commissioner!

As Matt and Jeff Hardy discussed what they were going to do in their match later, Lita came up to the boys and said she was heading to the ring for her title match against Ivory. Matt said they weren’t letting her go to the ring alone, and he convinced Jeff to go with him and Lita for her match. During the match, the Hardyz mixed it up with Steven and Val, and as Jeff Hardy went to hit Val, he accidentally took out Lita! Ivory then dragged Lita back in the ring, where she made the pin to retain her title!

As Kurt Angle prepared for his match, Kevin Kelly asked him why he went off on Scotty 2 Hotty. Angle said he heard a snap when he grabbed Scotty’s ankle, and he was sure it was broken. Kurt said that he was sending a message, and that was that he was not going to be everyone’s whipping boy! Angle said that The Rock, Stone Cold, and even Triple H had better watch out, because he wasn’t going to take it anymore!

In a hellacious tag team match, Undertaker and Kane took on Haku and Rikishi. The battle began on the rampway, where the Dead Man and Kane met Rikishi and Haku. Finally, the match began when Undertaker and Haku made their way into the ring. Taker remained in the ring until the end of the match, where he pinned Haku after a chokeslam!

In the parking area, Trish Stratus pulled in (she wasn’t in a limo, and she was driving herself), and Michael Cole asked her how she felt after last week’s humiliation. Trish said she had a few things she wanted to get off her chest, and she was going to be doing it in the ring. Immediately, she walked out to the ring to set the record straight about what happened to her on RAW last week when Vince and Stephanie McMahon embarrassed her. Trish said she wanted Vince to come to the ring because there was something she wanted to say to his face!

Mr. McMahon acme out to the ring, and he told Trish that she needed to realize exactly who was standing in front of her. Trish replied by saying just two words, “I’m sorry!” And then she started whining and begging Vince to forgive her for making him mad! Vince said he kind of doubted Trish when she said she was sorry – he wondered if she was sorry because she had stopped getting gifts! He then asked her if she was as sorry as Vince’s wife Linda is! Mr. McMahon then told her to prove how sorry she was, in that very ring! He told her she had to get on her hands and knees like a dog!

And Trish got down and crawled around! Vince then told her to bark like a dog! And she did! Vince said that if she were really sorry, she would take her clothes off! She began taking off her jacket and her shirt, and Vince told her that wasn’t good enough, because he wanted to know what color panties she was wearing! Trish took off her skirt to reveal a black thong! Vince told her that she still wasn’t sorry enough and he told her to take off her bra! Mr. McMahon changed his mind and stopped her, telling her that maybe she really was sorry and that she had better leave! As she left, Vince told every one in the arena that they are a lot like Trish, because almost everyone in the arena worked in politics, and that made then working inches away from prostitution as well!

The Tag Team Titles were on the line as the Hardy Boys faced the Dudley Boys. The action was high-paced in the ring, and as Jeff Hardy got ready to hit a Swanton Bomb, Matt Hardy was thrown into the ropes, knocking his brother down! The match continued on, however, and both teams had several near pinfalls. As D-Von went to get a table, Christian smacked him with a chair, and the referee didn’t see him! Jeff pulled D-Von back in the ring and covered him for the pin and the Tag Team Title win!

As William Regal and Mr. McMahon and William Regal discussed what Vince had done to Trish, Al Snow came in with his “short” friends and demanded to be named commissioner! Vince said he would take Al’s request under advisement, if he competed in the ring in a Hardcore Title match against the Big Show! After Al left, Regal asked Vince if he was really considering Al as commissioner. Vince just looked at William.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley walked up to Trish in the back and said that barking like a dog suited her well. Stephanie then sent Trish to go get her some coffee! Stephanie then told Trish it was about time that she realized who the dominant female was in the World Wrestling Federation!

Christian then made a collect call to Edge and told him that “Operation: Get E&C Their Titles Back” was fully in progress!

As Vince and William continued their discussion, Lt. Commissioner Debra walked in to the room to resign from her post! She said that she wanted to go back to what she does best, and that was managing. Vince then said that her marriage to Stone Cold Steve Austin might cause a little problem with her managing. Vince then sent Debra to ask her husband what he thought of Debra’s plan. As she left the room, Vince said to William, “She’s hot!”

Debra then walked in to her husband’s locker room, and when she said she had talked to Vince, Austin said she couldn’t trust him! She said she wanted to go back to managing, and Austin told her that was all fine and well, and she could do what she wanted, but he wanted to talk about it later, because he was getting ready for his match.

In a Hardcore Title match made earlier by Mr. McMahon, Al Snow challenged Big Show. Before the match began, Al hid under the rampway. Al struggled to take down the monster, and Big Show brutalized him with vicious chops to his chest. The two men began pounding on each other with everything they could find, including a camera! Al then lined up several chairs in the ring, but it was the Big Show who simply lifted Al and tossed him on top of them! Show pinned a broken Al for the win.

In Vince’s office, he and Debra discussed her return to managing, and then Mr. McMahon wished her luck in her new endeavor.

The main event of RAW saw Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock team up to take on the team of Kurt Angle and Triple H. Before the match began, J.R. announced that Angle had indeed broken Scotty 2 Hotty’s ankle earlier in the night. Also, before the match, Mr. McMahon came to the ring and introduced Debra. She came to the ring and told her that from now on, Debra would be managing The Rock!

The Rock then came out to the ring and began yelling at Vince McMahon! Then, Stone Cold came out to the ring and grabbed Mr. McMahon by the jacket! Before Austin could do anything, Triple H pulled him off and the match was on. The Rattlesnake and the Game picked up right where they left off at No Way Out, and then both men tagged in their partners. The Rock and Angle went at each other with everything they had, and Angle did everything in his power to try and injure The Rock. Angle then went after Austin, and tried to take him out as well. The Rock then entered the ring and flattened Triple H! Then The Rock covered Angle for the win! After the match, Stone Cold and Debra tired to figured out her new position as The Rock’s new manager! The two seemed very confused and frustrated as RAW went off the air!

Quick Results:
WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho defeated Eddie Guerrero
WWF Women’s Champion Ivory defeated Lita
The Undertaker/Kane defeated Rikishi/Haku
Hardy Boyz defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions Dudley Boys
WWF Hardcore Champion Big Show defeated Al Snow
Steve Austin/The Rock defeated WWF World Champion Kurt Angle/HHH

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