WWF RAW 3/12/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
March 12, 2001
Live from: Staples Center in Los Angeles
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Raw starts with highlights of last week’s Raw on when McMahon made the announcement that Debra will be managing The Rock. Then they show highlights of Smackdown and when Austin saved Debra from getting the stinky face.

Kurt Angle is shown waiting for someone in the parking lot.

Match #1
Tag Team Titles
Hardy Boyz w/Lita vs X-Pac & Justin Credible

The match starts with X-Pac hammering away on Jeff, then Jeff drop kicks X-Pac. Matt gets the tag and twists X-Pac’s arm but X-Pac kicks him and makes the tag and Justin goes in, but then Matt does a gut rench suplex. Then X-Pac and Justin double team Matt Hardy on the outside. Back in the ring, X-Pac gets the tag and then does the bronco buster. Credible gets the tag back and attempts to baseball slid eon Matt, but Matt moves and makes the tag to Jeff. Jeff Hardy goes on the top rope and jumps. Then the Hardyz double team Justin. Jeff Hardy does the Senton bomb and covers, but Albert comes in and interrupts the count. Albert beats up on the Hardyz and then joins Justin and X-Pac.
Winners: Still Tag Team Champions, Hardy Boyz (by DQ)

Angle is still shown waiting, then a limo pulls up and it’s Regal and Kurt asks him that since he is the commissioner, he needs his title shot against the Rock. Regal said he will take it under consideration but he has an announcement to make first.


The Radicalz are shown backstage and Eddie says that Chris Benoit is a traitor. Then Eddie and Malenko leave and Benoit attacks Saturn in the locker room and puts the Crippler’s crossface.

Regal Segment

The new commissioner William Regal comes out. Regal starts off by saying welcome to the first official day of the Regal regime. He said he will work hard at being commissioner. He said he hopes that the people will treat him like he treats them. He said he will make his decisions on his own. He said tonight, in this very ring, there will be a WWF title match, The Rock vs the very deserving Kurt Angle. Then he said, R is for respect, E for Education, G is for, then Jericho interrupts him. Jericho says G is for Good God Regal,”would you please shut the hell up”. Jericho said he wants to congratulate him, the way he congratulated him on his first day in the WWF, then they show the footage of Jericho destroying his table. Then Jericho asks him on how he got that black eye? Jericho said did Mr. McMahon stop short while Regal had his nose up his ass? Jericho tells him that he will keep coming out here and embarrass Regal. Then Regal says Y is for Y are you an ass clown. 2 is for something ass clowns 2 and J is for junior. Then Y2J tells him if he doesn’t do his job right, he will never EVER be the same again.


Match #2
Winner of the match, gets a tag team a title shot for his team on Raw next week.
Christian vs Devon

The match starts with both men fighting on the outside, then they go in the ring and Christian beats on Devon in the corner. Devon fights back and clothelines Christian. Then he powerslams him and covers but Christian kicks out. Then Christian sends Devon face first into the ring post. Christian delivers a body slam and stomps on him. Christian does a great neck breaker and covers, but Devon kicks out. Christian goes on the top rope, but Devon trips him and does a suplerplex. Devon makes the cover but only gets a two count. Devon does another clotheline. Christian rolls up Devon but only gets a two count. Devon clothelines the referee by accident. Christian goes and gets a chair, then Buh Buh Ray comes and takes the chair away and the Dudleyz do the 3D and Devon covers and the referee gets up and makes the three count.
Winner: Devon

A limo pulls in the parking lot, Vince and Trish come out and Vince tells her that he feels like going to the ring and performing a “Hollywood live sex scene” and Trish likes the idea.


Malenko and Eddie were about to attack Benoit with a pipe but Benoit sneaks up from behind and closes the door on Eddie and locks Malenko in and hits him and takes the pipe and beats him with it, then Eddie walks in and Benoit tells him he will see him in the ring.

The Coach asks Regal about an important announcement and Regal said that Jericho will face Right To Censor tonight and Coach asks which member and Regal said all of them and Coach said then it’s a handicap match? Then Regal said no he would like to call it spirit of good competition.

Cole interviews Angle backstage. Kurt Angle said that this has nothing to do with Regal and this has to do with what he deserves and he said he held the WWF title for 5 months, that’s longer then how marriages last here in L.A. Then he said he will snap the Rock’s ankle. Then Angle said that if Debra gets in his way, he might just have to take matters into his own hands.


Match #3
Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero

The match starts with Benoit taking down Eddie. Then Benoit stomps on him in the corner. Then Eddie reverses it and beats on Benoit. Then Benoit does a back breaker, then Eddie fights back. But then, Benoit does a German suplex. Then Benoit does a gorilla plex slam. Benoit does a few chops on Eddie. Then Eddie does a hurricanrana. Eddie tries to suplex Benoit, but Benoit throws him to the outside. Benoit attempts to do a suicide dive, but Eddie moves and Benoit lands on the outside. Eddie does a suplex and covers but only gets a two count. Guerrero does a neck breaker, then sends him to the ropes and does a sleeper, but Benoit pivks him up and throws him, but Eddie lands on the ring apron. Then Benoit starts beating on him. Benoit does three German suplexes. Benoit goes up and does the diving headbutt but he was hurt and both men stay down. After a few second, Benoit covers, but Eddie kicks out. Eddie fights back and does two brain busters. Eddie goes on the top rope and attempts to do the frog splash, but Benoit moves and Benoit applies the crossface and gets the win.
Winner: Chris Benoit

Vince and Trish are shown walking backstage and Vince tells her that she has a beautiful smile.


Vince & Trish’s Hollywood Sex Scene

Vince and Trish came out. Vince said “Here we are in Hollywood”. The Vince said that Trish has a lot in common with the stars of Hollywood, beautiful breast, and they would do anything. Vince showed some footage from last week’s Raw. Vince said just for the record, he didn’t force Trish to do anything. Then Trish said she would do anything for Vince. Then Vince ask them to show so footage of what happened on Smackdown between Linda, himself and Trish. Vince said he is considering some Hollywood sex scene. Then he asks Trish to lay down on her back in the ring and she does. Then Vince lays down beside her, then Vince gets backup and said that Trish has a something to do but it’s too good for the people to see. Then Vince’s music hits and Vince tells them to cut the music. It’s SHANE MCMAHON! Shane goes in the ring and Vince tells him to think about why he is out here. He tells him to calm down. Vince asks him to shake his hand and Shane attacks Vince and beats on him and Regal comes out to save him, but then Shane beats up Regal. Then he runs after Vince. Vince and Trish are running in the parking lot and they get in a limo and they leave.


Match #4
Right to Censor vs Chris Jericho

Bull starts off by beating on Jericho, but Jericho does a flying forearm and goes on the top rope and jumps on Buchanan. Jericho covers, but the Goodfather makes the save. Val gets the tag, Jericho does a back breaker on Val. Then RTC beat up Jericho while Val was distracting the referee. Val then does a Russian leg sweep. Goodfather gets the tag and suplexes Jericho but only gets a two count. Steven Richards gets in and does the super kick, then Goodfather was abou tto punch Jericho, but Jericho ducks and he nails Bull. Then Goodfather and Bull start fighting, then Steven Richards tries to break it up. Then Jericho puts the Walls of Jericho on Val, then Bull comes in and he does it on him, then Goodfather comes in and he gets the Walls of Jericho. Val does a powerbomb and gets the win.
Winners: Right to Censor

Austin confronts Kurt Angle backstage. He asks Angle if he has a problem with his wife? Then Steve Austin tells Angle that he should be the last one to piss off.


They show some highlights from the XFL.

Match #5
Hardcore Title
Big Show vs Undertaker

Undertaker was getting on his motorcycle and HHH attacks him in the parking lot and pushes the motorcycle on his leg and then shokes him with a steel chair and tells him not to mess with him. Then Kane came and HHH ran away, then Big Show came and attacked Kane.
Winner: No Contest. The match never took place.


The Acolytes are shown at WWF New York.

The Rock is shown in his locker room, then Austin walks in and says he just talked to Angle and if he touches Debra, he will whip his ass and Rock’s ass too. Then Rock tells him that he will take care of Angle and tells him that he should have one more concern and that’s getting ready.


They show how Chyna injured herself at the Royal Rumble.

Match #6
European Title
Test vs Raven

The match starts with Test kicking Raven and pressures him into the corner and beats on him. Then Test picks him up and slams him. Then they go to the outside and Raven beats on Test. Back in the ring, Raven has Test in the corner and he beats on him, then Raven bulldog’s him. Test gets him in a full Nelson slam, followed by a clothesline. Test delivers a boot to the face and gets the win.
Winner: Still European Champion, Test


Classic Wrestlemania moment: They show the Undertaker doing the Tombstone on Diesel at Wrestlemania 12.

Match #7
WWF Title
(c) Rock w/Debra vs Kurt Angle

The match starts with both men staring at each other. Then Rock starts punching Angle and right away puts the Sharpshooter, but Angle gets to the ropes. Rock does a DDT, but Angle kicks out. Then Angle decides to leave, but Rock catches up to him and hits him, but then Angle low blowed Rock. Then Angle delivers a couple of right hands on the outside and Angle gets a steel chair and hits the Rock, while the referee was distracted by Debra. Rock fights back but Angle hits him, then Angle picks him up and drops him on the security rails. They go back in the ring and ANgle nails the Rock down, then he starts kicking him. Angle puts The Rock in the corner and beats on him and then chokes him. Rock tries to fight back, but Angle gets him into a belly to belly overhead suplex. Then Angle does another suplex, then he does another one. He covers, but only gets a two count. Then Angle runs towards the Rock but Rock throws him over the top rope to the outside. Then Kurt Angle picks up the Rock and drops him on the announce table. Angle throws him back in the ring and he slams Rock. Angle goes on the top rope and attempts to do a moonsault, but Rock moves. Then Rock gets up and so does Angle, Angle hits the Olympic slam and covers but Rock kicks out. Then Angle does a bear hug on him. Then Rock gets out and does a Rock Bottom, a few seconds later, The Rock covers but only gets a two count. The Rock delivers a few right hands and knocks Angle to the outside. The referee gets knocked out, then Rock does the Rock Bottom and does the People’s Elbow and covers, but Angle kicks out. Angle gets the ankle lock on the Rock, but the Rock gets to the ropes. Angle wouldn’t let go and got disqualified. Kurt Angle then hits Debra and puts the ankle lock on Debra, then Austin comes out and beats the hell out of Kurt Angle. then he does the stunner on The Rock.
Winner: Still WWF Champion, The Rock (by DQ)

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