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WWF RAW 3/19/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
March 19, 2001
Live from: Albany, NY
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

They show highlights of Smackdown, and when Austin stunned the Rock…

The Rock is shown waiting in the parking lot.

Match #1
Hardcore Title
Big Show vs Raven

The match starts with Raven hitting Big Show on the outside, then Big Show picks him up and throws him in the ring. In the ring, Raven hits Show with a garbage can, then Big Show pushes him around. Raven tried going after Show’s leg, but Shown just beats him down. Kane’s music hits and he comes out with a referee. Show meets Kane half way and they exchange hits. Kane sends Show into the steel steps. Then Kane hits Big Show with the steel steps on his head, Kane was about to chokeslam him, but Raven interrupts and gets knocked down. Then Raven jumps on Show, then Show gets Raven, then Kane goes on the top rope and jumps on both men and raven lands on top of Show and the referee counts to three. After the match, Kane chases Raven backstage.
Winner: New Hardcore champion, Raven


Rock is still shown waiting, then The Coach tells Rock that Austin’s flight has been delayed. Then Rock tells him to go to the airport and to call him and tell him when the plans lands and to tell him that Rock is waiting.

Shane McMahon Segment

Shane comes out and he said people have always asked him, what’s it like to be Vince’s son. He said it’s been unbelievable, thrill rides. He said he grew up watching his dad doing what ever he wanted to do. He said Austin, Foley, Rock, not even Ted Turner can stop Vince McMahon. Shane says that in his hands he has a contract and he is challenging Vince for a match at Wrestlemania. Stephanie comes out, she tells Shane that their family has enough problems, and she knows she is upset about her mom. She told him Vince is doing that because he loves them. She tells him to rip up that contract and Shane wouldn’t. Stephanie tells him to think about the money. Then Vince McMahon comes out with Trish Stratus. Vince tells Shane that he can only think of one thing right now. He tells Shane what kind of human being is he? He is challenging his dad? He said that Shane challenged him when he was 16, 18 and 24. He said he is Vince McMahon. Then he sends Trish in the ring to get the contract so he can sign it, Trish gets the contract and hands it to Vince. Vince said he hasn’t backed down of a challenge and Vince makes his way to ring side and is ready to fight. Vince puts the contract in front of Jim Ross and signs it. Vince said he will get a little bit of him right now. Stephanie tries to stop them. Then HHH comes out of nowhere and attacks Shane, then Vince tells him to pedigree him. He then tells Shane, that he will never ever forgive his mom for giving birth to him and he will bring his mom in a wheel chair at Wrestlemania and she will watch him beat Shane’s ass.


They show HHH beating on Shane in the parking lot and he puts him in a limo and Vince said that the match at Wrestlemania will be a street fight.

Match #2
Tag Team Titles
(c) Hardy Boyz vs Edge and Christian

Edge and Christian came out and Edge said that the Dudleyz aren’t here tonight, so they will take their place.

They met them half way on the entrance ramp and the fight broke loose. Then it’s Christian and Matt Hardy start fighting, then Edge gets the tag and does a back breaker on Matt. Matt Hardy makes the tag and Jeff comes in and drop kicks Edge, then he low blows Christian, then Edge pulls the referee in the way and the referee gets accidently hit. Lita goes up and does the hurricanrana on Christian, then Edge knocks her down. Matt comes in and does the twist of faith and then Jeff does the Senton bomb and out of nowhere, RHINO comes out from the crowd and spears Jeff Hardy hard and Edge covers Jeff and we got ourselves a 6 TIMES WWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
Winners: New WWF Tag Team champions, Edge and Christian

Undertaker is shown coming in the arena.


Rhino and Edge and Christian were celebrating backstage.

Regal and a few police officers approach The Undertaker and Regal says he has a restrain order and he said he can’t go near Stephanie, he must be 25 feet away. Undertaker warns Regal.

HHH enters Regal’s office and said that he feels like kicking somebody’s ass, then regal said what about Jericho, then HHH said no, he has Test in mind, then Regal said why would HHH want to waste his time with Test? Then HHH said that Test beat regal from his belt and well he wants to give him some payback and Regal was happy about it and gives him the match.


HHH tries to convince Big SHow to face the Undertaker and then he would get to Kane etc…

Match #3
Tazz vs Steven Richards

The match starts with Tazz delivering a few hits on Steven, then Val Venis comes in and Tazz knocks him down. Tazz puts the Tazzmission on Val, then Steven hits him, then Rock comes out and beats then up.

Rock takes the microphone and said that after he got stunned twice from Austin, he was suppose to meet Austin face to face tonight. He said that Austin has plane troubles, well now he has Rock troubles…

Winner: No Contest


The Coach is shown waiting at the airport for Austin, then he sees the Dudleyz and they said they are in a rush cause they have a title shot, Coach was about to tell them it’s a little too late lol, but they left right away.

Match #4
HHH w/Stephanie vs Test

Both men lock up, then HHH knocks him down. He puts him in the corner and he starts kicking him. Test fights back and puts HHH in the corner and beats him, then Test does a Full Nelson slam and gets a two count. HHH then throws Test to the outside, then Undertaker comes out and Big Show came out with a chair but Kane came after him and knocked down Big Show. Kane chases Stephanie in the crowd, since Undertaker can’t touch her. Undertaker takes his jacket off and goes in the ring and beats on HHH. HHH does a face buster, but it had no affect on him and he picks up HHH for a chokeslam but Big Show goes on the ring apron, Undertaker knocks him down and that allowed HHH to escape.
Winner: No Contest


Kane is shown lifting Stephanie over his head and was about to throw her off backstage from like the 2nd floor or something. Taker tells Regal to give Kane what he wants at Wrestlemania, and Regal asks what? Undertaker said that Kane wants Big Show at Wrestlemania and Regal made the match. Undertaker tells Regal he wants his match with HHH and that was done too, then Kane puts Stephanie down.

Match #5
Grandmaster Sexay/Steve Blackman vs X-Pac/Justin Credible

Grandmaster starts off with a head lock, then he does a neck breaker on Justin. Blackman gets the tag and beats on Justin. X-Pac gets in and does a spinning wheel kick on Blackman and Albert and X-Pac then double team on him on the outside. X-Pac chokes Blackman and then does the bronco buster. Credible gets the tag and so does Grandmaster. He powerslams X-Pac. Credible was also beaten up, then Grandmaster goes on the top rope and Albert does the Albert bomb behind the referees back and they get the pin.
Winners: X-Pac and Justin Credible

The Dudleyz stop Regal and ask him about their title match and he tells them it’s a little too late. Then Devon said that since he is a friendly commissioner he should give them their shot because they earned it and he said ok.

Jericho is enters Regal’s office and takes his tea cup and pisses in it and puts it back on Regal’s desk and he leaves without Regal knowing.


Regal is shown in his office about to drink his tea and Harvey Whippleman walks in and tries to warn him about what Jericho did and Regal told him to shut up and leave because he has had a bad day. Regal drank the cup. It was hilarious.

Ivory came out and put a Chyna card board picture in the ring and she made fun of Chyna and she had a contract in her hand saying if Chyna gets injured, she won’t be responsible etc…Then Ivory beats up the cardboard and then Chyna comes out gives her a DDT and signs the contract.

Cole interviews Regal and Regal was upset and he said that Jericho will face him at Wrestlemania and makes a match for tonight. Jericho and Rock vs Angle, Benoit and Regal!


The Coach was again shown at the airport and Austin and Debra arrived and Coach told Austin about Rock and that he is waiting for him. Austin tells him Rock will get his ass whipped and tells the Coach to get his bags.

Match #6
Tag Team Titles
(c) Edge and Christian vs Dudley Boyz

The Dudleyz double team Christian. Then Devon does a powerslam on Christian. Christian then sends Devon to the outside and Edge beats on Devon and sends him back in the ring. Edge gets the tag and does a neck breaker on Devon and gets a two count. Christian gets the tag and goes after Devon and beats him in the corner. Edge gets the tag and continues to work on Devon. Then Devon makes the tag and Buh Buh beats them up. Christian gets a steel chair but gets knocked down. Edge accidently spears Christian and they send Edge on the outside. The Dudleyz do the WAZZUP thing on Christian. Then Devon gets the table, but Edge does a baseball slide. SPIKE DUDLEY comes in and beats up Edge and Christian and the Dudleyz do the 3D and they get the win! Spike Dudley and the Dudleyz hug. Spike Dudley is being referred to as the young brother of the Dudley Boyz.
Winners: New Tag Team champions, Dudley Boyz


Kurt Angle talks to Benoit backstage and he tells him to apply the Crippler’s crossface on Rock, and then that will set Rock up for Angle to do the ankle lock. Benoit tells Angle that he wants him to do the crossface to setup the ankle lock? Angle told him yea and he left.

Match #7
Benoit/Regal/Angle vs Rock and Jericho

Jericho tells Regal that Regal’s favorite letter in the alphabet is not a,b,c,d…it’s P.
Jericho starts off against Regal and he beats on Regal. Benoit gets the tag and goes after Jericho, then Jericho flips him and makes the tag to Rock. Benoit takes control and makes the tag to Kurt Angle. Then Rock does a Samoan drop and only gets a two count. Jericho gets the tag back and he goes after Angle, then Angle low blows him and Angle does a German suplex but Jericho kicks out. Regal gets the tag and does a back body drop on Jericho and beats on him. Regal suplexes him and tries to pin him three times but Jericho kicks out. Benoit gets the tag and does a few chops on Jericho and then back suplexes him. Kurt Angle gets the tag and beat son him, then make sthe tag back to William Regal. Jericho rolls regal up but only gets a two count. Angle gets the tag and Jericho does a roll up and gain only gets a two count. Benoit gets the tag and he stomps on Jericho. Regal gets the tag and beats on Jericho in the corner, then Jericho makes the tag to rock and Benoit got the tag and Rock beats on Benoit. Then he sends Kurt Angle to the outside and he beats on regal. He DDTs Benoit. Jericho gets Regal in the Walls of Jericho, but Benoit hits him, then everyone was fighting at the same time. Benoit puts the crossface on Rock and Angle does the ankle lock at the same time, but Jericho makes the save, then regal took the belt and nailed Jericho with it and got the pin. All three men beat on Rock while Jericho was down. Then Austin comes out and cleans house and was about to stun the Rock, but Kurt Angle pushes him, then Rock hits Austin with the WWF title and Benoit tries to hit Rock, but Rock knocks down Benoit. Rock then does the Rock bottom on Austin.
Winners: Benoit, Regal & Angle


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