WWF RAW 3/26/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
March 26, 2001
Live from: Cleveland, OHIO
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Vince McMahon was shown backstage on Raw and they showed two televisions, one TV they are showing NITRO and Jarrett on it and the other WWF RAW. Vince said he owns both companies now and tonight someone will make history and that’s him. Then he spells the name Jarrett, then he is like, can you spell double G, double O, double N and double E (GGOONNEE).

Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit segment

Kurt Angle comes out and said that the Goblee Goocker has an opponent for Wrestlemania and he doesn’t? He said, even if he does not have an opponent, he is the best wrestler in the WWF. He said that he is the only Gold Medalist in WWF history. Then Chris Benoit’s music hits and he comes out and says “Kurt Angle” and he said that he has got some good news for him and some bad news and he said that he does not have an opponent for Wrestlemania just like him. He said he has been listening to Kurt whine for a week now and he told him that his voice annoys him. He said that he claims to be the best wrestler in the WWF and that annoys him a lot. Benoit told him that he can make him tap tap tap like the bitch that he is, it’s true, it’s true. Then Angle asks him if Canada has an Olympic team? Then Angle says that he is tired of carrying him in their tag team. Then he accepts his challenge for Wrestlemania and tells him that there is no way he will tap out to the crossface. Kurt Angle tells him that he can make him squeal in seconds and he tells him “prove me wrong”. Then they fight and Benoit puts the crossface and Kurt Angle taps out, then Edge and Christian came out and beat on Benoit.

Vince McMahon was on the phone and he tells HHH and Stephanie that they deserve the night off. Then they show Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell on TV and he says the Lex Express days are over. Then he says that there will be a tag match tonight. Rock and Austin in a tag team match vs Undertaker and Kane.


Cole tries to get a word with Debra about the Rock and Austin teaming up and she didn’t comment.

Match #1
LumberJack Match
Tazz vs Val Venis

Tazz right away gets the tazzmission, but Steven Richards does the Steven kick while the referee had his back turned. Then Val went for the money shot and Tazz moved and then Tazz did a fisherman suplex and got the win. Yes the match was that fast!
Winner: Tazz


Doink the Clown was shown celebrating with the crowd on Raw.

Match #2
Regal vs ???

Regal comes out and talks trash about Chris Jericho. Then he challenged one of the Holly guys and Crash came out with Molly. Regal hits Crash from behind and gets Molly in the ring and he does the STF on her. Then Crash trries to make the save, then he receives the STF. The Doink the clown comes in and puts the Walls of Jericho on Regal. He takes off the mask and it’s Jericho. (like we didn’t know).
Winner: No Contest

Vince McMahon was talking to Trish backstage and then he said that Regal was embarrassed and speaking of embarrassment, he points at the TV where Nitro is shown. Then he points at Dustin Rhodes, he tells Trish that, that was Goldust and he tells Trish that Goldust wanted to have implants.


Regal makes a non title match tonight between Jericho and the Big Show.

Edge and Christian came and talked to Kurt Angle and they said that tonight it’s them against Benoit and the Hardys. Then Angle was happy and told them he was not tapping out earlier, he was simply trying to reach the ropes. Then they introduce Kurt Angle to Rhyno.

Then they showed highlights between Rock and Austin and how their feud developped.

Cole tries to get a few words from Debra again and she did not comment.

Vince McMahon is going to address the purchase of WCW next.


Vince McMahon Talks about the Purchase of WCW!

Vince McMahon comes down. Vince McMahon takes the microphone from Lilian and tells her to announce him again because he did not get the respect he deserves. Paul Heyman complimented Vince McMahon like crazy…then Jim Ross asks him if he’s looking for a raise. McMahon grabs the microphone and said that this show is not only seen on TNN but TNT. Then he said that as everyone knows he has bought his competition. He said Time Warner is begging him to buy WCW and he has agreed. He said that there is one small thing, they (WCW) signed the contract but he has not signed it yet. He said he will sign it at Wrestlemania and he will ONLY sign it if TED TURNER WALKS OUT AT WRESTLEMANIA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING. He said it was his effort and his money. Vince said that once Ted Turner comes to Wrestlemania, he will save him a front row seat and that Ted will watch Vince beat up his son. He said that he can take WCW and put it on the shelf, or even watch Hogan doing his ridiculous flexing. He said, he can take WCW and make it big. He said that if he decides to make WCW big, he wants to know who to get. Hulk Hogan? they boo him. Lex Luger? They boo him. Buff Bagwell? mixed cheers and booes. Booker T? mixed. Big Poppa Pump? he gets a good pop. Then the fans started chanting Goldberg. He said you want Sting? everyone cheers? You want Goldberg? Everyone cheers. He said how appropriate is WCW’s last show in a beer hall? He said he would love to tell all those stars their fired. Then he said WCW is over and they will be buried. Then everyone started telling him to F*Uck off, and people were chanting asshole. He tells them, “Damnit I am Vince McMahon”. Then Shane McMahon’s music hits and he is ON NITRO! He is in the ring on NITRO!!! Shane tells Vince that his ego got the best of him. Shane said that the contract has been signed by a McMahon, but it was by Shane McMahon. So he owns WCW! Then Shane said that WCW has kicked his ass in the past and that they will do it again!

This was without a doubt the biggest night in wrestling history!


Vince McMahon was upset backstage and he was yelling at his attorneys on the phone, telling them how can they let that happen.

Match #3
Hardy Boyz/Benoit vs Kurt Angle/Edge and Christian

The match starts with all 6 men fighting on the entrance ramp. Then Edge stomps on Jeff Hardy, then he tags Angle and Angle takes control. Then Christian gets the tag and beats down Jeff Hardy, then Hardy knocks down Christian and makes the tag to Benoit and Benoit does a waste lock suplex, then Angle gets in and Benoit puts the crossface, then he gets interrupted, then Christian receives the crossface and gets the win. After the match all 6 men continued fighting. Then Rhyno came in and speared Matt Hardy. Then he speared Lita!
Winners: Hardy Boyz & Chris Benoit


Kevin Kelly interviews Undertaker and Kane and Undertaker said that HHH can hide tonight but come Wrestlemania he is finished.

Match #4
Non-Title Match
Test vs X-Pac w/Albert
Special Guest referee: Eddie Guerrero

The match starts with X-Pac delivering a few hits, then Test knocks him down and covers but Eddie didn’t count. X-Pac hits Test with a reverse spinning heal kick. Then Test fights back, then X-Pac covers and Eddie tried to make a quick count, but Test was quick enough to kick out. Then X-Pac hits Test in the corner and was about to go for the bronco buster and Test replies with a clotheline. Test knocks him down again and covers, but Eddie does not make the count, then Test knocks Eddie to the outside. X-Pac does a spinning kick again, then he goes on the top rope, but Test hits him and does the powerslam and covers, then another referee comes out and counts 1,2 but Eddie pulls him out. Then Test puts X-Pac in the corner and beats on him, then Albert comes in and does the Albert bomb on him and Eddie makes the three count. After the match, Eddie takes a few shots at Test.
Winner: X-Pac

Michael cole tries to get a word with Austin but Austin doesn’t comment.


Mick Foley is back!

Mick Foley comes out and he promotes his new book “Foley is Good” which will be on sale May 8th. He said, Wrestlemania is not Wrestlemania without Mick Foley involved. Vince McMahon comes out and tells Foley that he is in no mood for this and that he fired him and that if he is not out of that ring he will call the police. Foley reminds Vince about his time off on last June in the year 2000. He said in that time Foley became commissioner. He said Vince came back and 3 weeks before Christmas he fired him. Then Foley said that him and Linda had an important meeting on December 5. Then they show Foley signing some kind of contract back then and he signed them when he was still commissioner. Mick Foley pulls out a contract and tells Vince that, that is a legal contract and he can referee any match at Wrestlemania. Foley will be the referee between the Shane McMahon vs Vince McMahon. He tells Vince to have a nice day.


Match #5
Non-Title Match
Big Show vs Chris Jericho

The match starts with Jericho jumping on Show, but Show catches him and runs him into the steel post. In the ring, Big Show goes on the second rope and attempts to jump on Jericho but Jericho moves. Then Show knocks him down. Jericho low blows him and does a cross body to the outside. Then Show picks up Jericho and throws him in the ring. Then Kane comes down and assaults the Big Show. Raven came and hits Kane. Then Regal goes in the ring and takes down Jericho and Show choke slams Jericho and Show gets the win. After the match, Kane grabs a steel chair and knocks down the Big show. Then Kane choke slams Raven.
Winner: Big Show

Rock is shown looking for Austin’s locker room.


Dudley Boyz are shown at WWF New York.

Rock walks in Austin’s locker room and tells him that he won’t touch Austin and Austin won’t touch him during the match. Then Austin said that’s fine, but after the match, the bets are off.


Match #6
Austin/Rock vs Undertaker/Kane

Kane starts off by punching the Rock. Then Rock does a flying elbow, then Kane knocks down the Rock and chokes him. Taker gets the tag and stomps on Rock a little and then Kane gets the tag back. Rock tries to fight back, but Kane knocks him down. Rock does the spine buster and makes the tag to Austin. Undertaker gets the tag too and Taker is in control. Then Kane hammers Austin in the back of his head and Taker knocks Austin down. Taker pushes Austin on the Rock and Taker choke slammed Austin. Taker was going for the last ride but HHH comes in and hits Taker with a steel chair and Austin covers him for the win. After the match Austin drinks beer. While Austin was drinking, Rock does the STUNNER on Austin. Yes you read that right.
Winner: Austin and Rock

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