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WCW Great American Bash 1999 6/13/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Great American Bash
From: Baltimore, Maryland

Backstage, Curt Hennig welcomes the No Limit Soldiers to the arena. Hennig wants an autograph. He gets an autograph CD from Master P and ends up breaking it which pisses the Soldiers off.

A video promoting the Nash/Savage WCW World Heavyweight Championship match is aired.

Schiavone, Tenay and Heenan hype up the show for us. They also show a pretty good video promoting the matches to take place on the card. Shouldn’t they have been doing that on Nitro, Thunder and all the other shows?

Opening Contest: Hak defeated Brian Knobbs in a hardcore match:
Knobbs attacks Hak before the bell with a trash can to get the early advantage. Knobbs continues to deliver several trash can lid shots as well. Knobbs rubs his arm pit in Hak’s face which may hurt more than a trash can shot. Hak kicks a chair into Knobbs face in the corner. Hak slams Knobbs face first into the chair a few times. Hak goes under the ring to toss a ladder into the ring and it lands on Knobbs! Hak slides back in but is hit over the head with a trash can. Hak slingshots over the top rope to leg drop a ladder onto Knobbs. Hak traps Knobbs leg in the ladder and whacks the ladder with a chair a few times. Knobbs fights back by sending Hak flipping into the ladder in the corner. Knobbs continues to beat down Hak with the ladder delivering several shots to keep Hak down on the mat. Hak stops Knobbs by ramming him into the ladder in a corner and leaps off the top missing a swanton bomb which sees Hak hit the ladder back first. Jimmy Hart is on the apron with a chair but ends up hitting Knobbs on accident. Hak whacks Knobbs over the head with a kendo stick and picks up the win. *1/2
After the match, Hugh Morrus runs in and spike pile drives Hak with Knobbs coming off the middle rope. Morrus comes off the top rope with a moonsault as the ladder is on top of Hak! Knobbs grabs a trash can and hits a trash can assisted big splash on Hak with the ladder still on top of him.

Backstage, Buff Bagwell tells Roddy Piper that he has his back. Bagwell sarcastically thanks Piper for giving him the ball to run with.

Second Contest: Hammer defeated Mikey Whipwreck:
Are you pumped for this? I’m not. Hammer is arm dragged a few times early on but stops Whipwreck with a backbreaker and scoop slams his smaller opponent for a two count. Hammer tosses Whipwreck off the top rope by his throat much to the delight of three people, the announcers. Hammer walks up the ring steps on the floor to drop Whipwreck throat first across the guard railing for a bigger impact. Whipwreck leg drops Hammer on the apron and connects with a slingshot somersault dive on the floor. Back in the ring, Whipwreck nearly wins following a top rope clothesline but is caught on the middle rope by Hammer who slams Whipwreck down to the mat. Hammer picks up the win following the cobra clutch slam. ¾*

Third Contest: Buff Bagwell defeated Disco Inferno:
Inferno hits the first impactful move, a swinging neck breaker that causes Bagwell to roll to the floor for a breather. Bagwell comes back with a shoulder block and a swinging neck breaker of his own. Bagwell controls Inferno with a wristlock and knocks Inferno off his feet with a right hand. Bagwell back elbows Inferno in the corner and tries for the Blockbuster but Inferno stumbles away to the floor. Inferno drops Bagwell throat first across the top rope followed by a clothesline to get the advantage. Inferno delivers an atomic drop and chokes Bagwell on the apron. Inferno beats down Bagwell in the corner with several stomps. Inferno takes forever to hit a middle rope forearm drop for a two count. Inferno misses a second attempt of a forearm drop. Bagwell backdrops Inferno and delivers several right hands in the corner after a clothesline. Inferno crotches Bagwell on the top rope, but Bagwell falls to the floor. Inferno hits the Last Dance on the floor. Bagwell returns to the ring to avoid the count-out. Inferno attempts a pile driver but Bagwell backdrops Inferno instead. Bagwell clotheslines and dropkicks Inferno but is stopped with an eye poke. Inferno comes out of the corner but is slammed by Bagwell. Bagwell leaps off the middle to hit a sloppy Blockbuster for the win. *1/4

Fourth Contest: WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr./Konnan defeated Curt Hennig/Bobby Duncum Jr.: Konnan and Mysterio attack the Rednecks as they were insulting Master P. Rey sends Duncum to the floor and Konnan catapults Rey into the air to dropkick Hennig a well. On the floor, Master P slaps Hennig much to the delight of the fans. Konnan and Duncum start off the match legally. Konnan drives Duncum down to the mat with a bulldog and Rey enters to head scissors Duncum and dropkicks Hennig to the floor. Rey is caught leaping off the top rope and Duncum delivers a back breaker. Duncum connects with a power bomb and tags out to Hennig. Hennig enters and casually drops Rey to the mat. Duncum continues to control Rey with a gut buster. The Rednecks are making several quick tags. Hennig sends Rey hard chest first into a corner. Duncum drives Rey down to the mat with a side slam. Duncum sends Rey into the guard railing back first as the referee is distracted by Konnan. Hennig connects with a nice standing dropkick as Rey continues to be manhandled. Rey eventually escapes the corner to tag in Konnan, but the referee didn’t see the tag. Rey wiggles out of a power slam attempt by Hennig and rams him into the corner chest first. Rey dropkicks Hennig and tags in Konnan who face busters Duncum. Rey connects with the bronco buster on Hennig while Konnan punches Duncum in the opposite corner. Swoll jumps the railing to attack Barry Windham who has came out. Rey ends up pinning Duncum back in the ring after some interference. *3/4
After the match, the Rednecks hog tie Rey and beat down Konnan.

Fifth Contest: Ernest Miller defeated Horace Hogan:
Long story short here, folks. Horace knocks Sonny Ono off the apron but is super kicked by Miller who has one of his dancing shoes on. Miller gets the three count as a result.

Sixth Contest: Ric Flair defeated Roddy Piper by disqualification:
They trade chops early on but Piper gets the advantage by back dropping Flair after several other chops. Piper backs Flair into a corner to deliver several jabs. Piper pokes Flair in the eyes and Flair begs for mercy. Piper back slides Flair but only gets a two count. Flair shoves the referee but is shoved back and bails to the floor after being jabbed by Piper again. Piper mounts Flair with right hands and bites his nose. Piper has kept control of Flair with jabs but ends up being low blowed by Flair as the referee was out of position. Flair tosses Piper to the floor where Arn Anderson gets several shots in. Back in the ring, Flair low blows Piper again as the referee was distracted by Anderson. Piper pulls down Flair’s trunks after being chopped and actually gets a two count on a roll up. Piper slams Flair off the top rope and connects with a series of clotheslines. Flair tosses Piper back to the floor but Piper knocks Anderson out with a right hand. Piper sunset flips into the ring and nearly pins Flair. Piper puts the sleeper hold on Flair right in the middle of the ring. Anderson grabs Piper’s foot as he runs the ropes. Flair has brass knuckles and knocks Piper out with a brass knuckles shot. Flair covers but only gets a two count. Flair puts the figure four leg lock on Piper as Anderson helps Flair. Buff Bagwell comes down to the ring and knocks out Anderson and attacks Flair causing the DQ. DUD
After the match, Bagwell no sells chops from Flair and backdrops Flair followed by several clotheslines. Piper ends up attacking Bagwell but Bagwell punches Piper. Anderson enters the ring and plants Bagwell with a spine buster! Piper whips Bagwell with a belt.

Seventh Contest: WCW Television Champion Rick Steiner defeated Sting in a falls count anywhere match:
Sting hammers away on Steiner dropping Steiner with a clothesline. They quickly go to the floor where Steiner gains the upper hand after sending Sting into the ring steps and guard railing. Steiner works on Sting back in the ring with several right hands. Sting atomic drops Steiner a couple of times followed by a standing dropkick. Back to the floor, Sting dumps Steiner into the crowd. Steiner tosses a drink into Sting’s face to stop his offense. Steiner whacks Sting over the back with a steel chair. Sting tosses a drink back into Steiner’s face. Sting misses a Stinger Splash on the floor and hits the guard railing rib first. Steiner drops Sting chest first across the railing. Steiner pulls off some of the protection mats on the floor to pile driver Sting on the concrete for only a two count. Back in the ring, Steiner gets a near fall after a release German suplex. Sting manages to get his knees up as Steiner jumps down across his back effectively low blowing Steiner. Sting leaps off the middle rope two times to splash Steiner. Sting leaps off the top rope to connect with a big splash but only gets a two count. Steiner low blows Sting puts a bow and arrow submission hold on. Sting fights back and splashes Steiner in the corner a couple of times. Sting puts the Scorpion Death Lock on Steiner but the champ reaches the bottom rope. They leave the ring and start to go backstage after Sting rams Steiner head first into the guard railing. Sting connects with a vertical suplex on the ramp as well. They head over to station where Sting rams Steiner into the table. Fun note, Chris Jericho was actually over there commentating with the guys there. They go backstage and Sting is attacked by Tank Abbott, Scott Steiner and DOGS! What the… that is how the match ends and the fans are not happy about that one. DUD
After the match, the Steiner Brothers return to the ring with the referee. Scott Steiner says he thought the match was falls count anywhere and they threaten the referee to give Rick the match, which he does.

Eighth Contest: Diamond Dallas Page/Kanyon defeated WCW World Tag Team Champions Chris Benoit/Perry Saturn to win the titles:
The champions actually come out to Dean Malenko’s music instead of either one of their own. Benoit and Kanyon kick off the title match with Benoit shoulder blocking and dropkicking Kanyon to his corner. Kanyon backs Benoit into a corner delivering shoulder rams and a right hand. Benoit comes out of the corner with chops and drops Kanyon gut first to the mat. Benoit clotheslines DDP and sends Kanyon over the top to the floor with a clothesline as well. DDP and Saturn are now the legal men with DDP shoulder blocking Saturn several times. Saturn drop toe holds DDP followed by a scoop slam and a springboard leg drop. Kanyon enters but is taken care of by Saturn. Benoit scoop slams DDP and Saturn sends DDP to the floor following a clothesline. The challengers are sent over by over head belly to belly suplexs by the champions and Kanyon is sent to the floor again. Benoit works on DDP until Bigelow trips him up. DDP clotheslines Benoit to the floor where Benoit is double teamed by Bigelow and Kanyon. DDP short arm clotheslines DDP back in the ring and tags out to Kanyon. Kanyon with a nice modified fame asser of sorts off the middle rope for a two count. Benoit fights off DDP several moments later with a few German suplexs but DDP low blows Benoit as the referee is distracted. DDP connects with a sit down power bomb but Kanyon misses a top rope moonsault! Saturn gets the hot tag and cleans house with a super kick and a t-bone suplex. Saturn comes off the top to splash DDP for a two count. Kanyon enters to drop Saturn with a sit out electric chair slam but DDP covers for only a two count. Kanyon chokes Saturn for a brief time. Saturn is dumped to the floor where Bigelow gets a few cheap shots in. DDP gets a two count after Kanyon connects with a side Russian leg sweep. Saturn continues to be double teamed for several moments but makes the hot tag only for the referee to not see it. DDP misses a big splash in the corner as Saturn moves out of the way. Benoit gets the tag and works on Kanyon with a clothesline. Benoit sends Kanyon into DDP who drops down onto Kanyon’s groin. Benoit rams Kanyon into Bigelow who was on the apron. Benoit connects with a series of German suplexs on Kanyon but only gets a two count as DDP breaks up the count. Benoit hits a dragon suplex on Kanyon for a two count. Benoit hits Kanyon with a diving head butt, but DDP catches Saturn in midair with the Diamond Cutter! Dean Malenko storms down to the ringside area and helps Saturn up. Benoit had the Cross face on Kanyon but the referee didn’t see it. DDP plants Benoit with the Diamond Cutter after Bigelow lifted Benoit up in the air. Kanyon covers and pins Benoit to win the titles. ***
After the match, DDP plants Malenko with a Diamond Cutter as well.

Main Event: WCW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash defeated Randy Savage by disqualification to retain the title:
Nash knee lifts Savage to open the match and delivers several shots in the corner including more knee lifts and elbow strikes. Nash clotheslines Savage in the corner but holds his ribs in pain. Nash side slams Savage but Nash is still bothered by his injured ribs. Savage begins to go to work on the ribs with a few jabs and kicks. Savage clotheslines Nash over the top to the floor. On the floor, Savage rams Nash into the guard railing and continues to deliver a few more shots to Nash’s ribs. Madusa gets a few cheap shots in as the referee is distracted. Nash stops Savage with a low blow. Miss Madness leaps off the top rope to missile dropkick Nash! Savage comes off the top rope and hits the elbow drop but Nash kicks out at two. Nash fights back with a snake eyes and a big boot to knock Savage off his feet. Nash goes for the power bomb and connects! Madusa enters the ring to kick Nash and George gets involved. Nash fights the ladies off but Sid Vicious has come down to the ring and big boots Nash leading to the DQ. DUD
After the match, Sid power bombs Nash. Sid helps Savage to the backstage area.

End of show

Final Thoughts:
I would go and state my thoughts on each match but as you can see other than the tag team title match, the matches were just not at all any good. I will note a few observations and try to not talk about this show too much.

The fans really like Hak at this point, but the beat down after the match effectively killed his heat.

Flair/Piper is just like their other matches but much slower and more based around punches. Piper turning heel is confusing to me but it puts the wheels in motion for the Old vs. Young guys feud that would last all of a month.

The finish for Sting/Steiner was incredibly stupid and the fans agreed with that.

The tag team title match was the only good bout on the card, which shouldn’t be a surprised considering the four guys involved can actually work. It’s not see but considering everything else on the card, it looked like a MOTY contender.

I thought it was funny that Nash/Savage was centered around poop and their match happened to be the same. It was an awful match and with Sid coming back for a program with Nash, which didn’t work well back in 1995, this could mean for a long summer for WCW.

Overall, no need to debate about this one. Great American Bash 1999 gets a huge thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.

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