WWF House Show 12/4/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: Anaheim, CA

This show is not complete. The only match not shown in its entirety was the opener. The result of the match was Owen Hart defeating Johnny Polo by submission with the Sharpshooter.

Jeff Jarrett makes his way down to the ring to cut a promo putting himself over. Jarrett says that he is going to get the job done and spells out his name so that the fans will not forget it!

Second Contest: the Headshrinkers defeated Men on a Mission:
Mabel shoves both Fatu and Samu down after they took exception to being mocked. Good lord these guys stall before even making physical contact. Mo shoulder blocks Fatu after coming off the ropes but doesn’t follow up on it. Mo knocks Fatu off his feet after hitting several right hands. Mo counters a back drop attempt with a face buster but Fatu isn’t affected and super kicks Mo. Mabel gets tagged in and blocks a scoop slam attempt. Mabel scoop slams Fatu and hits Samu with a big boot. Mabel charges towards a corner to splash Fatu a couple times. Samu and Fatu are sandwiched in the corner and Mabel splashes both of them! Samu is clotheslined over the top to the floor by Mabel as Mo works on Fatu with a few stomps. Samu knees Mo in the back as he runs the ropes and Fatu connects with a super kick. Samu gets tagged in and works on Mo with several head butts and other strikes. Mo is double teamed for several minutes. Fatu nearly wins the bout following a top rope diving head butt, but Mabel breaks up the pin. Mo avoids a splash in the corner and Samu hits the ring post. Mabel gets the tag and cleans house with several clotheslines. Mabel hits Samu with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Mo tags in but is super kicked by Fatu while Samu knocks Mabel off the apron. Mo is dropped following a double head butt and Fatu leaps off the top to hit a big splash for the win. (*. This match honestly sucked big time. Somehow the fans were energized for it, but the action here was pretty awful.)
After the match, Mabel attacks the Headshrinkers because he is a sore loser.

Big Bossman makes his way down to the ring to be the special referee for the next bout. Bossman hasn’t been on WWF television since January, so this was quite surprising.

Third Contest: Bret Hart defeated Jeff Jarrett:
Jarrett backs Hart into a corner but is shoved away by Bossman to cause a break. Jarrett pulls Hart down to the may by his hair and the hold is broken up by Bossman who isn’t happy with Jarrett for cheating. Jarrett rolls to the floor after getting out of a headlock. Jarrett gets on the microphone to tell Bret that he is mad now. Bossman prevents Hart from hitting Jarrett while in the ropes and Jarrett gets the upper hand by delivering a cheap right hand. Jarrett sends Hart hard back first into a corner and connects with a dropkick. Jarrett gets a two count following an elbow strike and is nearly rolled up by Hart after arguing with Bossman. Jarrett recovers by putting Hart in a sleeper hold. Hart elbows out of the sleeper but Jarrett puts it right back on. Hart gets out again and tries for a rollup but Jarrett instead dumps Hart through the middle rope to the floor. Jarrett knocks Hart off the apron following a knee lift and taunts the fans as he wants to get a count out victory. Hart tries for a sunset flip and gets it after Bossman breaks Jarrett’s grip off the top rope and Hart nearly wins the bout. Jarrett blocks a backdrop attempt by delivering a right hand. Hart hangs onto the ropes to avoid a dropkick attempt and drops Jarrett with a right hand and follows up with an atomic drop. Hart gets a two count following a snap suplex. Hart gets another near fall after a side Russian leg sweep. Hart drives Jarrett down with a back breaker and attempts a middle rope forearm drop but Jarrett gets his boot up to block it! Jarrett runs the ropes and runs into Bossman which causes Jarrett to stagger backwards and Hart connects with a back suplex with a bridge for the win. (**. A rather standard bout that could have been a lot better. I’m starting to think I expect too much out of Hart/Jarrett because they never meet my hopes of what they could deliver. I should note though, that Jarrett managed to get some good heel heat despite only just recently joining the WWF.)

Fourth Contest: Lex Luger defeated Ludvig Borga:
Borga gets the early advantage by clubbing away on Luger with several right hands and a knee lifts to Luger’s ribs. Luger battles back looking for a scoop slam but Borga stops him with a right hand to the ribs. Borga misses a splash and Luger connects with a back suplex, which Borga no sells. Luger returns the no selling after a clothesline and drops Borga with a lariat of his own. Luger scoop slams Borga and drops an elbow for a two count. Borga stops Luger with a rib shot and delivers a few punt shots to Luger’s ribs. Borga hits a leaping clothesline after coming off the ropes and covers Luger after several moments for a two count. Borga continues his dominance with a Samoan Drop for a near fall. Luger comes storming out of the corner to hit Borga with a forearm shot and wins the bout. (*. Just a typical boring Luger match.)
Fifth Contest: Bastion Booger defeated Marty Jannetty: Whenever I see Jannetty during this time period, I can’t help but think of the song Free Falling. The guy was working with Michaels back in the summer putting on quality bouts but ends up being treated like an enhancement talent in the winter. Anyway, Jannetty misses a top rope cross body and is pinned following a big splash.

Sixth Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Doink the Clown:
Bigelow shoulder blocks Doink until Doink catches Bigelow off guard with a belly to belly suplex. Doink trips Bigelow once he returns to the ring and puts a sleeper on him for a few moments. Luna pokes Doink in the eyes after the referee is distracted by Dink. Doink comes off the ropes to plant Bigelow with a DDT but misses a big splash. Dink enters to hit Bigelow with a right hand and Doink shoulder blocks Bigelow before being sent over the top to the floor. Bigelow heads to the floor and rams Doink head first into the ring post. Double clothesline sees both men laid out in the ring. Doink fails on an attempted scoop slam and nearly loses the match because of it. Bigelow ends up slamming Doink out of the corner and pins Doink with his feet on the ropes. However, Dink enters and tells the referee what happened. The clown could’ve been lying. Dink avoids being double teamed by Bigelow and Luna. Wait, the referee actually awarded the match to Bigelow. (1/2*. I miss the Matt Bourne version of Doink. The only guy who made the Doink character interesting.)
After the match, Bigelow and Luna are left laid out after the clowns trick wiggle the top rope causing Bigelow to fall off.

Main Event: Steiner Brothers defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions the Quebecers via disqualification:
The champs attack the Steiner’s before the bell and double team Scott while Rick tries to get pass the referee. Jacques tags in and drops Scott throat first across the top rope with Pierre for a two count. Jacques scoop slams Pierre onto Scott for a two count. The Quebecers deliver a leg sweep/clothesline combo on Scott for yet another near fall. Scott is able to backdrop Pierre over the top to the floor. Jacques prevents Scott from tagging in Rick. Jacques backdrops Pierre onto Scott for a two count. Scott blocks a backdrop attempt by Pierre by hitting a double under hook power bomb. Jacques tags in quickly enough to prevent Scott from tagging out. Jacques gets a two count following a leaping back elbow strike. Jacques spikes Scott with a pile driver and attacks Rick on the floor while Pierre enters to elbow drop Scott. Scott avoids the Tower of London and nearly tags in Rick. Scott clotheslines both Jacques and Pierre so that he can tag in Rick. Rick cleans house with a backdrop and tosses Jacques onto Pierre before knocking Johnny Polo off the apron. Rick tosses Pierre over with an overhead belly to belly suplex and Scott connects with the Frankensteiner but Johnny Polo enters the ring to prevent the referee from making the count which causes for the DQ. (**1/2. Aside from the lame finish to keep the belts on the Quebecers, it was a quality tag team title bout. Not anything overly special but it was a decent little match.)
After the match, the Steiner’s celebrate with the titles believing they have won the belts, but they didn’t.

Final Thoughts:
Not a good house show whatsoever. Other than the Bret/Jarrett and the main event (which were both only really average at best) everything else just really lackluster. I wasn’t expecting a great show by any means but I was hoping for the previously mentioned matches to be good to even great bouts, but that didn’t happen. This show gets a thumbs down from me.

Thanks for reading.

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