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WWF House Show 6/25/1988

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: New York, NY

Roger Kent, Lord Alfred Hayes and Superstar Billy Graham are on commentary for the show.

Opening Contest: Big Bossman defeated Scott Casey:
Casey uses his speed advantage to sidestep Bossman’s early strikes. Casey controls Bossman with a wristlock for a few moments and avoids an elbow drop when Bossman breaks free. Casey goes back to a wristlock but Bossman backs him into a corner to deliver a few right hands. Bossman catches Casey coming off the ropes and locks in a bear hug. Bossman keeps the hold on as Casey drops to the mat and gets a two count. Bossman beats Casey down with several stomps. Bossman continues his offense with a backbreaker. Casey tries to fight back by getting on Bossman’s back with a sleeper hold locked in but Bossman rams Casey back first into a corner. Casey sidesteps a running splash in the corner by Bossman causing Bossman to get crotched on the top rope. Casey nails Bossman with several double arm sledge shots and comes off the ropes with a cross body for a two count. Bossman plants Casey with a poorly executed side walk slam to win the bout. (1/2*. Not a whole lot of action.)
After the match, Bossman handcuffs Casey to the middle rope and beats him with a knight stick.

Second Contest: the Rougeau Brothers defeated the Conquistadors: the Rougeau’s have the early advantage until Jacques is double teamed in a corner behind the referees back. Jacques continues to be double teamed by the Conquistadors for several minutes. Jacques nearly makes the tag following a dropkick but is stopped just before making the tag. Jacques does make the tag but the referee doesn’t see the tag. Jacques avoids a knee lift that knocks one of the Conquistadors to the floor. Raymond gets the tag and cleans house. Jacques tags back in to deliver a leaping elbow smash but only gets a two count. Raymond tags in to super kick Conquistador in the midsection while being in an atomic drop. All four men end up in the ring until the Conquistadors are sent into each other and Jacques leaps off the top to hit a modified Thez Press while Raymond held their opponent. The Rougeau’s manage to win the bout. (1/2*. This was a pretty bad tag team match. The referee didn’t make things any better as he was out of position several times, but the action between these four men was really bland and uninteresting.)

Third Contest: George Steele defeated Greg Valentine by count-out in a no disqualification match:
Steele knocks Valentine to the floor after delivering several right hands. Valentine drags Steele to the floor and rams him head first into the ring apron. Steele returns to the ring with several throat thrusts until Valentine rolls out of the ring. Valentine again drags Steel to the floor and tosses Steele into a chair. Valentine whacks Steele over the back with a chair. Steele tosses a chair into the ring and a ring bell, which bounces back to the floor. Steele wants the shin guard off of Valentine, even though this is a no disqualification match. Steele ends up biting Valentine’s leg! Steele rams Valentine head first into the top turnbuckle thirteen times. Steele is using brass knuckles to hit Valentine in the calf area. Valentine battles back with a double axe handle off the top rope. Steele pokes Valentine in the eyes to prevent a figure four leg lock. Steele kicks Valentine chest first into a corner. Valentine beats up Steele’s doll. Valentine goes to the floor and tosses the doll back into the ring while Steele chases after him. Uh, I guess Valentine has been counted out. (DUD. What the hell was that? This show is shaping up to be awful.)

Fourth Contest: Don Muraco defeated Danny Davis by disqualification: Davis tries to get the early advantage on the floor but fails and is punched several times in the ring by Muraco. Muraco’s power and size prevents Davis from really getting anything going early on. Davis pokes Muraco in the eyes while in a bear hug and knocks Muraco off his feet with a right hand. Muraco battles back with punches but Davis bails to the floor after being sent into the ropes. Davis heads to the top rope but is caught in midair. Muraco goes for the tombstone pile driver but Greg Valentine runs in and attacks Muraco causing the DQ.
After the match, Valentine drops several elbows and taunts Billy Graham. Valentine goes to the floor and kicks Graham in the leg! Muraco runs Valentine away with a chair. (DUD. The most exciting part of this was the angle development afterwards. It was another lackluster match to go with a rather lackluster show thus far.)

Fifth Contest: Jim Duggan defeated One Man Gang: Duggan punches Gang several times to start the match. This the loudest the fans have been as Duggan sure is popular. Duggan knocks Gang off his feet with a clothesline and plays to the fans. Gang rolls to the floor and Duggan tries to follow up but the referee prevents that from happening. Gang comes off the ropes looking for a shoulder block but Duggan doesn’t fall down. Instead, Duggan delivers several right hands and knocks Gang off his feet following a double arm strike. Gang pokes Duggan in the eyes and begins to control Duggan’s left arm for a few moments. Duggan avoids a splash in the corner and connects with a running clothesline to win the bout. (1/2*. Duggan’s personality prevented this from being a complete dud. A really boring bout in terms of offense but the fans sure do love themselves some of Duggan.)

Backstage, Lord Alfred Hayes interviews Bobby Heenan. Heenan says that the fire tonight for Bam-Bam Bigelow is going out when he wrestles Andre the Giant. Heenan also talks about his match against Warrior tonight, which is a Weasel Suit match. Heenan assures everyone that he will not be put in the suit and says he is smarter than Warrior.

Backstage, Hayes interviews Don Muraco. Muraco says that Valentine has given him to wake up every day because every day is Valentine’s Day. He says that Valentine has given him a purpose in life. Muraco says he will be the only Prince of Darkness. It is going to be a pleasure to introduce Valentine to magnifence.

Backstage, Hayes interviews the Rougeau Brothers. Jacques thanks the fans for cheering for them and mentions that 20% of the fans were booing them win. Raymond says that cheaters finish last and they don’t cheat.

Backstage, Hayes interviews the Ultimate Warrior. Warrior says he would never do anything to hurt a small creature but they are talking about Bobby Heenan. He is going to put Heenan in the suit tonight! This was a promo that was clearly understandable!

Sixth Contest: Andre the Giant defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow:
Andre chokes Bigelow over the top rope to get the early advantage. Andre isn’t affected by any punches thrown by Bigelow and continues to choke his opponent. Andre continues to beat down Bigelow with several sit down splashes in the corner but argues with the referee. Bigelow ducks under a big boot and clotheslines Andre into the ropes, causing Andre to get his arms caught in the ropes! Bigelow delivers a few shots while Andre is stuck in the ropes. Andre puts a bear hug on Bigelow. Bigelow gets out of the hold but ends up running into a big boot in the corner. Andre drops an elbow and wins the bout. (1/2*. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that this was pretty bad. Andre was at the tail end of his career here and couldn’t do much to make this exciting.)
After the match, Andre chokes Bigelow with his strap. Jim Duggan comes down to the ring with his 2×4 and hits Andre a few times until Andre bails to the floor. Jim Duggan remains in the ring and challenges Andre to a one on one match next time they are in Madison Square Garden.

Seventh Contest: the Ultimate Warrior defeated Bobby Heenan in a Weasel Suit match:
Warrior catches Heenan on the floor but Heenan hits Warrior with an illegal object in the throat a few times to get control of the match. Warrior blocks a shot as he comes off the ropes and begins to chop Heenan several times. Warrior sends Heenan into a corner and Heenan seems to botch a flip over the ropes. Warrior flips Heenan into a corner and shakes the ropes. Warrior makes Heenan pass out with a sleeper hold to win the bout. (DUD. Is this show over yet?)
After the match, Warrior puts the weasel suit on Heenan. Heenan wakes up and quickly gets out of the suit.

Bad News Brown cuts a promo saying he is going to beat Neidhart up.

Eighth Contest: Bad News Brown defeated Jim Neidhart by count-out:
Neidhart storms the ring and dropkicks Brown to the floor. Neidhart clotheslines and backdrops Brown to keep the upper hand. Neidhart bites Brown in the corner and continues to choke Brown as well. Neidhart scoop slams Brown and goes for a big splash but Brown gets his knees up. Brown works on Neidhart with a knee drop and chokes Neidhart. They go to the floor where Brown uses a chair on Neidhart, but isn’t disqualified. Neidhart makes his comeback after several moments and they go to the floor. Neidhart sends Brown into the ring steps but Brown is able to toss Neidhart into the ring post! They both are able to get back into the ring. Brown nails Neidhart with a leaping kick to the back of Neidhart’s head and falls to the floor. Neidhart ends up being counted-out. (*. There is no point in repeating the same old opinion, but in case you couldn’t tell, this was simply boring.)
After the match, Neidhart sends Brown to the floor to get some kind of payback.

Backstage, Lord Alfred Hayes interviews Bobby Heenan. Heenan says that Warrior choked him and that he was never pinned or submitted. He wants Warrior to enjoy this victory because he knows that Warrior knows he couldn’t do it without choking him. Heenan turns his attention to Jim Duggan saying that when Andre gets his hands on him, Duggan will come to an end.

Backstage, Lord Alfred Hayes interviews Ted DiBiase who has Virgil with him. DiBiase has been a very patience man and his patience has run out. He says that Savage doesn’t want to get in a cage with him. He mentions all he has to do is get out of the cage and he wins the title. DiBiase wants Savage to think about Virgil being on the floor with Elizabeth. He is going to collect the WWF World Championship tonight!

Main Event: WWF World Champion Randy Savage defeated Ted DiBiase in a steel cage match to retain the title: DiBiase quickly attacks Savage with several right hands and stomps. DiBiase drives his knee into Savage’s face but the champ recovers with an elbow smash but DiBiase jabs Savage a few times. DiBiase elbow smashes Savage but misses an elbow drop. DiBiase comes off the ropes but misses a knee drop. Savage rams DiBiase head first into the top turnbuckle ten times. Savage delivers a knee drop and goes for a backdrop but DiBiase drops Savage with a right hand. DiBiase drives Savage down with a backbreaker followed by a fist drop. DiBiase begins to climb up the cage but Savage gets up and stops DiBiase from escaping. Savage tosses DiBiase off the top rope back to the canvas. DiBiase sends Savage head first into the top turnbuckle to regain control. Savage blocks being sent into the cage but is clotheslined by DiBiase who connects with a fist drop. DiBiase begins to climb up the cage again but Savage gets up in time to stop DiBiase! Savage pulls DiBiase down causing DiBiase to drop upside down. Savage tries to leave the cage but is knocked off by Virgil! Savage is able to send DiBiase head first into the cage. Savage begins to climb the cage again but Virgil climbs up as well and punches Savage a few times. DiBiase stomps away on Savage as he is in a tree of woe. Savage gets out of the situation and goes back to climbing but is stopped by DiBiase with several strikes. DiBiase slams Savage off the top to the canvas! DiBiase tries to leave through the door but Savage prevents him from leaving. Both men get knocked down following a double clothesline. Savage gets to the door but DiBiase grabs the champ in time. Savage comes off the ropes and they both go down following another double clothesline. They both begin to climb up the cage on opposite side. Virgil knocks Savage off the cage as DiBiase stops to climb the cage to attack Savage. Savage blocks a suplex with a snap suplex of his own. Savage atomic drops DiBiase, which sends DiBiase face first into the cage! Savage crawls towards the door as DiBiase is out cold. Virgil comes over and slams the door into Savage’s head! DiBiase tries to escape through the door but Savage grabs a hold of DiBiase just in time! They begin to trade right hands while on their knees. Savage sends DiBiase head first into the cage and begins to climb the cage once again. Virgil gets on the top of the cage and a FAN climbs the cage as well! What the hell! The fan gets down as security comes towards him. Savage rams Virgil and DiBiase into each other as they are both at the top of the cage and Savage manages to escape after DiBiase crashes to the mat and Virgil falls to the floor! (***1/4. Thankfully this show closes with a good cage match. They both gave 100% effort and was the only match that was non-stop solid action. At least this show closed on a high note, right?)

Final Thoughts: While the main event was a good, fun cage match, it doesn’t excuse the rest of the card. The whole show has to be one of the worst house shows I have ever watched. While the cage match is a quality bout, there isn’t any need to go out of your way to see it or see this show for that matter. A big thumbs down for this show.

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