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CSWF 7/12/2003

Written by: Sean McCaffrey from

CSWF 7/12 Rahway, NJ 8 PM, in front of a vocal crowd

Show started off in the parking lot with 6 Miller Highlifes. It wouldn’t be the only time tonight that Miller beer made it way through my bloodstream! CSWF has a great set-up. It looks very professional, from the guard rails to the entranceway. It should also be noted that CSWF have great looking title belts made up. Now, onto the CSWF results/review.

Your ring announcer is Gerry Strauss. Gerry informs us that the Equalizers have been stripped of CSWF Tag gold, due to injuries. Therefore, the next match will be for the vacant CSWF Tag straps.

CSWF Tag Team Title Match
Sonjay Dutt/Prince Nana w/Miss Asia defeated the Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz (EC Negro/KC Blade) w/John Shane to become new CSWF Tag Champs.

PREMATCH- Nana cuts a promo calling all 30 people in attendance losers, for wasting their Saturday night here. (There was more than 30 people there, but the point was taken)

Good way to kick off the show with 4 great wrestlers. Hot opener. I don’t know how Nana/Dutt became a team, but they worked well here today. DRS played the face role, which I’m not a fan of, but they can pull it off. Match went back and forth and was a good tag match between one of the top 3 tag teams on the indies (my opinion) and a good makeshift tag team for tonight. John Shane had some suspicious actions, such as distracting the referee when the DRS had the match won. The Sure Thing was up to no good, and when EC Negro was suplexing Sonjay Dutt by the apron, John Shane pulled out Negro’s feet, and held them down when he landed, and Sonjay Dutt easily laid on top of the fallen Negro for the 1-2-3, and to become a new CSWF Tag Champ with Prince Nana. Easily one of the better matches of the night, as it had the crowd going, and with the talent all involved, from the wrestlers, to the manager, to the referee.

POST MATCH: DRS are pissed off at John Shane and demand an explanation. John Shane tells them, “For every problem, there is a SOLUTION (key word) and…” All of a sudden The Solution (Havok and Papadon) jump the rail and proceed to kick the crap out of the DRS. Blade gets hit with a version of the H-Bomb from The Solution, and Negro takes The Problem Solver. John Shane is as giddy as a 5 year old in a candy store, or an Irishman in a free bar, as he is ecstatic that he’s with The Solution here in CSWF. This segment was done to perfection, and I really want to see the DRS/Solution w/John Shane match.

As Negro is limping off to the back, he tells a fan “F-U” for saying the Solution is the fans favorite tag team. I think the fan was Mike Zevon lol. Negro also asks a knockout chick with a good rack that “The only thing that will make me feel better is your phone number.” Good stuff.

For the CSWF Cruiserweight Championship
©Shawn Sheridan v. Rob Eckos w/Miss Michelle v. Johnny Ova v. Grim Reefer

Very good four way match. These are easily among the top 10 light/cruisers on the indies today, and that’s saying a lot, because there a lot of wrestlers. Great match-up here. Lots of solid wrestling, and cool double teams. Shawn Sheridan pins Johnny Ova, to eliminate him first. After a few more minutes, Reefer gets angry and kabonks Sheridan over the head with the title belt, to get disqualified and eliminated. We’re down to Eckos vs Sheridan. Eckos offers a truce, saying “We are friends, we don’t want to wrestle each other.” Sheridan turns his back, and Eckos goes to roll him up, but can only get 2 for his efforts. After a few more minutes of solid mat work, out comes Matt Striker. Striker watches for a bit, then trips Shawn Sheridan when he has the title belt in his hands, which made Sheridan plop face down on the belt. Eckos, then gets the duke after rolling up Sheridan, to become new CSWF Cruiser champ. Hot match. Good way to set up Triple SH vs Striker at a later show.

Kappa Tappa Kegga w/Tara Charisma d. The Solution with John Shane

KTK are my new favorite tag team. They were drinking on their way to the ring, and decided to share the love and give some beers to some lucky fan, which I devoured quickly. Shit I should’ve saved the can and got it autographed lol. Miller Lite is a pretty good light beer, better than Natty or Bud or Coors, but not as good as Amstel or Sam Adams. I guess you gotta drink an American light beer to the ring, to really stress the frat boy gimmick, so that’s an awesome way to put over the gimmick. Solution are another one of the top tag teams in the indies, in my opinion, and it’s a shame they aren’t getting the matches against The SATs, The Briscoes or DHS to prove to the fans that they are that good. This match was a solid tag team bout, the only thing bad was the beer was shaken when I opened up, so I had to drink more foam than hops and barley. Hey it’s better than nothing. Back to the match, we saw some good wrestling and tag team moves, which went back and forth for a bit. The finish saw DRS walk down the aisle and interfere, behind the referees back, and the KTK easily capitalized and pinned Havok for the victory. DRS then left, before a broo-ha-ha would break out. More great storylines here in CSWF, a DRASTIC MAJOR FUCKING improvement in the right direction, compared to the last few shows. Solution v. DRS should be a hot match, and it shows you how good the tag teams are, since they don’t need to be fighting for the tag belts to get it over or make it work/make people want to see it.

POSTMATCH: Solution are fuming more than a 76 Pinto going 90 mph. They snap and kick the shit out of KTK for a bit. Tara Charisma then goes in the ring to defend her team and slaps John Shane. John Shane gets pissed, and The Solution wanting to appease his anger, promptly hits the Problem Solver on Tara. Wow, that move came out fucking sweet. It was picture-perfect. Tara is laid out, and the Solution leave. Jackie Dreamer, comes out and assists Tara to the back.

Chris Hamrick d. Julio Dinero

PREMATCH: Both guys play to the crowd on the microphone. Dinero asks people who are taping the match where is his compensation. The guy taping the match gives him a dollar. Hamrick getting tired of Dinero talking for a while, leaves the ring and sits down with the fans ringside.

The match finally starts and is a wrestling clinic. Lots of comedy spots in here. At one point the Ref and Dinero exchanged whoo chops! Shit, Hamrick and the ref even gave Dinero a double hip toss. This was hilarious. Hamrick and Dinero are great entertainers and wrestlers. Mike Tenay, from WCW and NWA TNA fame, makes his way down the ring to “scout” the match. I use the word scout in quotes, because he was just sitting there either nodding or shaking his head. Finally, Dinero sees Tenay, and Tenay asks him what are you doing, and Hamrick seizes the opportunity and wraps up Dinero for the 1-2-3.

POST MATCH: Tenay cuts a promo about the NWA and promises big things here in Rahway, NJ. Good promo.


Firehawk w/Vanity comes out with his CSWF Internet title. I wonder if this match will be broadcast live via internet to all the CSWF fans internet wide. Some old dude, said Firehawk shouldn’t have the title, and will be defending it here tonight, in RAHWAY NEW JERSEY! Out comes Brian Austin, a complete Stone Cold Steve Austin Ripoff. N-word please. The show was doing great without this bullshit. At least “The Smoke” didn’t make a run-in. Firehawk argues a bit, but eats a Stunner from Brian Austin, in the most ridiculous segment on the show.

Xavier and Ariel d. Striker and Miss Michelle

Someone doesn’t belong in this match, and it isn’t Striker/Ariel/Xavier. Striker vs Xavier was good, and I wish it was a straight up match, instead of the mixed tag. I heard that the womens match was cancelled due to an incident, so I can see why this match was made. Ariel is a fine women’s wrestler and is very talented. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for Miss. Michelle, as all she did was a few kicks. It’s a shame that Ariel vs Michelle wouldn’t work, but let me tell you what did. Striker vs Ariel was funny and looked good! She even gave Striker a spinning head scissors! Match went back and forth for a bit, and I heard the commentary on this match was very good, according to the Wizard of Brain. Xavier pins Striker for the win in this bout.

For the coveted CSWF Internet Title
Jayson Powers d. Firehawk w/Vanity

At least the right guy won in this match. Not one of the better matches on the show, but that can be chalked up to one of the competitors in this or the fact that everything else was good, due to the immense talent on the show. Anyways, Powers rolls up Firehawk to win the CSWF Internet title. Unfortunately, Brian Austin ran out to brawl with Firehawk. Maybe the conclusion of that feud can be shown on the internet, instead of to a live audience.

Ron Killings d. Homicide
Mike Tenay comes out with Crowbar, calling him his bodyguard. He tells the ring announcer that he’s doing a horrible job, and good old Tenay will be doing the ring announcing for this one.

Match of the night for me. This match was probably not what was expected due to it was a little short. This was a great back and forth match, and attention NWA-TNA, Homicide went toe-to-toe and looked great against the former NWA World Champion. Good psychology in this match, but what else would you expect? Homicide takes the fall after a suplex turned into a front slam from Killings. Unfortunately, the crowd sucked, due to attendance, so it didn’t get the pop it deserved.

CSWF World Title
Sinister X d. Danny Doring

I didn’t think this wouldn’t be able to follow Homicide/Killings, and I was right. Very slow match and the crowd started to disperse during it. Doring is good on the mic, but for some reason no one was feeling this match around me, including myself too. Sinister X gets the win, and Doring lays in the ring after the show, after getting hit by Sinister X’s finisher. 5 people cheer for Doring, and he feels the power and gets up on his own will. I would’ve put Homicide/Killings in the main over this.

Final McWord

MAJOR IMPROVEMENT. You can really tell the difference. The attendance was the shits, but I guess that might’ve been expected after the last few shows. Let me tell you, CSWF has changed dramatically, from storylines, to talent, to overall product. I think if this show was held in The Elks or in Bayonne, the show would’ve “felt” a lot better. I mean you had 6 really solid matches, 1 crappy one, and 1 that no one could get into. That’s a good show to me, and I really had fun and was entertained watching it. I like how the storylines look like they are going to be flowing from show to show. Good job with that. Lots of great talent here tonight as well. I think with time, CSWF can start making a name for themselves with shows like these, the only problem is getting people to see them. Some luminaries in attendance were The Wizard of Brain, The Wizard of Buns, Monsta Mack, The Dirty Reffin Scoundrel Sean Hanson and Ray Sager. All in all, this show was a step in the right direction and I think they can follow it up, after this showing.

CSWF runs again September 13th, check the DOI site as info comes along. CSWF can be seen online at


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