NWA-TNA Impact 9/24/2004

Full TNA Impact! Results – 9/24/04
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

– Show started with Dusty Rhodes saying he’s going to do absolutely anything he can do to get Jeff Hardy a rematch for the Worlds Title. A voiceover in the background said it could be Jeff Hardy, Monty Brown, or even someone from the outside.

– The opening promo for Impact! hits and we are taken to Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios for the show. Pyro display goes off in the entranceway and above the ring.

-Larry Zbyszko came out to confront AMW and Triple X who were trying to sort out the Tag Title situation. The living legend pulled aside Chris Harris and Prime Time. He told them the Tag Title match would be Chris Harris & Prime Time vs. James Storm & Christopher Daniels.

Petey Williams w/ Scott D‘Amore & Team Canada vs. Jerelle Clark

Clark dropkicked Petey to the outside to start things off. On the outside, Petey huddled with Team Canada to make his game plan. He was on the outside a long time. He got back in the ring, and received a kick in the face from Clark. Clark attempted a spring board back flip but missed. D’Amore interfered, tripping Clark, and Petey went on the offensive. Petey put Clark in a reverse chin lock. Clark got out of it, but then received a suplex. Petey went for a clothesline, missed, and Clark nailed a clothesline on Petey in return. Petey threw Clark to the outside after Clark attempted a waist lock. Clark got up, and nailed a top rope dropkick on Petey. Clark fought off the interfering Team Canada members, then went for a tilt-o-whirl slam. Petey reversed it into a suplex. Petey then nailed his flip pile driver for the win.
Winners: Petey Williams

-An AJ Styles highlight video airs

Ron Killings & Konnan vs. Mike Hannigan & Marcus Dillon

Konnan attempted his WCW pre-match speech that was getting old in 1998, to little fanfare. Konnan worked over Hannigan at the beginning of the match. Konnan and Killings executed a double team leg drop to the groin. Killings came in to the match and power slammed Hannigan. Dillon was tagged in to receive some punishment. Hannigan ducked out of the way from a clothesline from Killings, but he received one from Konnan anyway. Killings hit his “Lie Detector” (Pedigree) for the win.
Winner: Ron Killings & Konnan

-Jeff Hardy highlight video aired.

-Jeff Jarrett highlight video aired.

-TNA World Champion Jeff Jarrett came out. Jarrett directed his opening comments at Vince Russo. He demanded to know who the #1 contender is. Monty Brown came out. Security separated the two men. Brown told Jarrett he’s his next opponent. Jarrett told Brown that he is a Double A ballplayer that couldn’t make it in the NFL (shouldn’t he have said MLB, considering there is no AA to the NFL?). Jarrett slapped Brown, and Brown attacked Jarrett which started a brawl. Dusty Rhodes came out, looking around in confusion. Security finally separated the two men.

-After the commercial, Larry Zbyszko was up in Dusty Rhodes’ face. He told Dusty he’s not going to let him hijack the show. Rhodes said he’s here at Impact to make things right as they pertain to the World Title. He said the championship committee has things all screwed up. Larry got angry and told Dusty he’s going to bring someone from the championship committee to Impact next week to talk some sense into Dusty. Dusty guessed that it would be Terry Funk, and he chased Larry up the entrance ramp.

Abyss vs. Frankie Capone

Abyss started things off with a clothesline and splash in the corner. Abyss then executed a torture rack slam. Abyss then nailed the Black Hole Slam for the win.
Winner: Abyss

-A video package aired of Prime Time and Chris Harris winning the Tag Titles.

TNA Tag Team Title Match
Chris Harris & Prime Time ( C ) vs. Christopher Daniels & James Storm

Prime Time attacked Storm to start things off. Prime Time threw Storm to the outside. Storm came back in and executed a spinning head scissors followed by a clothesline. Harris was tagged in. Daniels also tagged in. Harris drove Daniels into the corner. Harris executed a shoulder block followed by a sit down power bomb off the ropes. Daniels eventually tagged in Storm for a double team maneuver. Storm did not want to cooperate with Daniels. Prime Time tagged in while Storm was refusing. Prime Time and Storm then wrestled. Prime Time took the advantage, and we then went to a commercial break. Back from the commercial break and Prime Time still with the advantage. Prime Time has a submission hold on in the middle of the ring. Storm tries powering out but Prime Time slams him back to the mat. Storm countered a reverse DDT to gain the advantage. Storm tagged in Daniels. Harris tagged in by Prime Time. Harris gains the offensive, executing a full nelson slam among other things. Daniels gains the offensive, shoving Harris into the corner. Daniels nails a sit down flapjack slam out of the corner. Storm was then tagged in by Daniels. He shoves Harris into Prime Time, creating a tag. It’s Prime Time and Storm. Both men exchange offense, and then Storm nails a kick to the head of Prime Time. Harris and Storm accidently bumped into each other, and they then just stare at each other. All four men now get involved. Harris nails the catatonic slam on Daniels. Prime Time receives a clothesline from Harris. Daniels executed “The World’s Best Moonsault” on Harris for a near fall. Daniels picked up the chair that Harris brought into the ring and confronted Prime Time about it. Prime Time thought Daniels was going to use the chair on him. Prime Time & Daniels argued a bit. Daniels went to the corner to throw the chair out of the ring. Prime Time turned around, and Storm nailed him with a side kick. Storm covered Prime Time to get the pinfall and win the TNA Tag Team Titles.
Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: Christopher Daniels & James Storm

-Daniels checked on Prime Time after the match. Prime Time confronted Daniels when he finally came to his senses, and Daniels tried to explain himself.

-History of TNA video package aired.

-Video Package for TNA Victory Road ‘04, the company’s first ever 3 hour PPV show on November 7, aired to end the show.

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