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2CW Living On The Edge III Night Two 4/12/2008

Written by: Bob Colling

NOTE: I would normally do play by play coverage for 2CW shows, but, I think doing a summary of the match is a better idea for this company and other indys since people are likely not going to know who the wrestlers are or their moves. However, if the match is important or has some wrestlers readers will know, play by play will be done, I guess.

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Living on the Edge III Night Two
From: Syracuse, New York

Opening Contest: Blue Meanie/JD Love defeated Zaquary Springate III/Isys Ephex:
I have to be honest when Meanie was announced I quickly lost interest in the match. Long story short, Meanie hits the stunner on Ephex and Love hits a Death Valley Driver for the win. The crowd was pretty much dead for the bout since they didn’t really provide anything of redeeming quality. Remember when Meanie was good? Oh, that’s right, he never really was any good. They finish the comedy segment by having Loca Vida and Johnny Law enter the ring to dance. This was embarrassing for a company that says wrestling is the entertainment. DUD

Former 2CW Heavyweight Champion Dizzie comes down to the ring to cut a promo. Dizzie says that he never lost his championship because John Walters never beat him for it. Dizzie believes he should wrestle Walters one on one tonight. Antonio Thomas comes down to the ring to get some words in. Thomas is out here to say why he should be the number one contender. He mentions that last summer he defeated Walters, the current champion. Thomas says he has beaten Slyck Wagner Brown before and will do it again. He is here to take his turn as the 2CW Heavyweight Championship. Slyck Wagner Brown comes down to the ring and says he heard both guys crying about not being the champion. Brown tells Thomas he won last night to become the number one contender. He tells Dizzie that he should have lost the championship the last time they were in Syracuse. Brown is going to win the championship. The current 2CW Heavyweight Champion, John Walters, comes down to the ring to a nice ovation. Walters says he is the new champion and talks about wrestling for eight and half years. He says Dizzie is a crybaby and gives Thomas credit for beating him awhile back, but says Brown is the number one contender. Walters wants to give all three men a title match to make it a four way title match! Walters adds elimination rules to the contest.

Second Contest: Loca Vida defeated Ajax 820:
Vida is able to work through an apparent leg “injury” to beat Ajax after he avoided a splash in the corner and rolled Ajax up for a three count. DUD
After the match, Ajax fakes out Vida on a handshake. Ajax returns to the ring and attacks Vida’s leg on the floor. This officially marks a heel turn for Ajax. That had to be the worst beat down ever. He put Vida in a tree of woe and kicked him twice. It was horribly executed.

Before the next match, Jason Axe hypes up his monster of a partner Max Bauer. Remember, Bauer lost to a WOMAN twenty four hours ago. That doesn’t seem like a good idea if you are trying to build a guy up as a monster.

Third Contest: Spike Dudley/J Freddie defeated Jason Axe/Max Bauer:
Apparently, this was originally booked as a handicap match with Spike taking on both Axe and Bauer. But, Axe decides to give Spike a tag partner with them choosing the partner. The partner ends up being J Freddie. After getting the early advantage on Axe, Freddie is sent into the middle turnbuckle and is double teamed by Axe and Bauer for several moments. Spike eventually gets the hot tag but as he tries for the Acid Drop on Axe, he is dumped over the top to the floor. Bauer misses a big boot on Freddie and hits Axe on accident. Freddie quickly rolls Bauer up to win the bout. (**. It was actually a pretty average bout with a nice little finish to introduce Freddie into 2CW. This makes the “monster” Bauer look really weak losing to a woman and a rookie in two days, but oh well.)
After the match, Gordy Wallace enters the ring to beat down Dudley with Axe and Bauer. The fans are chanting for the Sandman. The Sandman’s music hits as the crowd chants for him.

Fourth Contest: Gordy Wallace defeated the Sandman:
I would recap this match, but there is a video that shows you exactly what happened. I don’t think anyone would believe me unless I had video evidence. So, enjoy the video, I hope you all get a laugh out of it, even though it is quite pathetic on Sandman’s part.

Fifth Contest: Killer Steves defeated All Money Is Legal in a tables match:
The match starts off really sloppy in the ring while Mackenzie and Murda brawl on the floor. A table is set up in the ring quickly and Pusha looks for a superplex off the top through a table but the table was moved by Mackenzie, but Pusha still connects with the move. Kruz sets up another table on the floor. This appears to be a comedy tables match as Mackenzie thinks he has thumbtacks but instead it is confetti. Murda puts Mackenzie on the table in the ring but is cut off on the top by Mackenzie and Kruz. Kruz runs off the apron but misses a somersault dive on Pusha and crashes through a table! Mackenzie is power bombed by Murda in the ring and Pusha hits a top rope swanton bomb. Kruz plants Murda with a reverse DDT back in the ring. Mackenzie grabs Murda on the apron and connects with a fisherman buster off the apron through a table on the floor which eliminates Murda from the match. Pusha attempts a top rope 450 splash but misses and crashes through the table. There is a brief confusion whether or not the Steves win, but they get it right and the match continues. Murda tosses Kruz into the railing, which collapses and Kruz lands on several chairs. Mackenzie smashes a piece of broken table over Pusha’s head. The Steves set up two tables in the crowd. Kruz puts Pusha on the tables while Mackenzie sets up a ladder! Kruz climbs the top of the ladder to the ledge and leaps off hitting a swanton bomb to break the table and the Steves win the match. (**1/2. While there were a few nice spots, like the finish, the overall match wasn’t all that special to me. The sloppy work by AMIL was a negative for the match.)
After the match, Dizzie enters the ring and attacks the Steves. Dizzie sends Mackenzie into the ring post and sets up a table. He puts Kruz on the table, but the table collapses. Dizzie grabs a second table to put Kruz on. Dizzie puts Mackenzie on the top turnbuckle and hits a package slam of sorts off the middle rope onto Kruz and through the table. I’m not sure what that was all about. Dizzie grabs a microphone and says that last time he checked he was still part of All Money Is Legal and he put the Killer Steves through a table. Honestly, the outcome is Killer Steves over AMIL. This is just Dizzie getting more heat on him. Well, AMIL turn heel on the Steves by accepting Dizzie’s assistance.

Sixth Contest: Human Tornado defeated Brian Fury:
Tornado snap mares Fury and rolls Fury over with a slam but Fury reaches the ropes as Tornado puts an arm bar on Fury. Tornado makes Fury do the wave while having an arm bar on him. Tornado leap frogs off the middle rope to head scissors Fury and follows up with a monkey flip. Tornado delivers a few stomps but Fury rolls to the floor. Tornado baseball slides Fury into the front row and Tornado somersaults over the top rope and guard railing to take Fury out in the crowd! Back in the ring, Fury knocks Tornado off the top rope to the floor. Fury gets a two count in the ring following a back suplex. Tornado charges out of the corner to hit a running hurricanrana. Fury ducks under a clothesline to super kick Tornado out of the ring to the floor. Fury brings Tornado back into the ring with a vertical suplex from the apron for a two count. Tornado nearly wins following a slingshot back splash from the apron. Tornado nails Fury with a running yakuza kick in the corner and delivers several stomps in the corner before attempting a low blow, but Fury blocks it. Tornado nearly wins the bout following a low blow and roll up. Fury delivers a spinning neck breaker but isn’t able to put Tornado away. Fury nearly wins as he counters a sunset flip attempt. Fury with another two count following a sit down power bomb! Fury counters a tornado DDT attempt but Tornado manages to hit a nasty looking tornado DDT and hits an exploder suplex for the win! (**1/2. The match started off really slow which prevented it from getting a better rating, but the last five minutes or so was pretty good. I liked the finish as well as Tornado hit a nice tornado DDT. The fans like Human Tornado as he did okay in his first weekend in 2CW.)

Main Event: Slyck Wagner Brown defeated 2CW Heavyweight Champion John Walters, Dizzie and Antonio Thomas in an elimination match to win the title: Thomas and Brown trade blows while Walters and Dizzie exchange blows to start off. Brown and Walters get the better of their opponents as all four men head to the floor after Walters and Brown hit stereo cross body blocks. Walters tosses Dizzie over the guard railing into the crowd while Brown dives over the railing to take Thomas out with a dive. Thomas stops Brown with a few chops in the crowd and sends Brown back first into the guard railing. Thomas hits Brown over the back with a chair. Thomas hits Brown with a water bottle, and Brown sells it. Dizzie tosses Walters over the railing and all four men are back at the ringside area. Walters rams Dizzie into the ring post while Brown sends Thomas into the guard railing. Walters hits Dizzie with a forearm smash in the corner and connects with a neck breaker but only gets a two count on Dizzie. On the floor, Thomas catapults Brown head first into the ring post. Walters works on Dizzie’s knee and plants Thomas with a DDT at the same time. Walters has two Indian death locks on Dizzie and Thomas until Brown leaps off the top to hit a moonsault on all three men! Brown covers all three men but only gets two counts. Brown dropkicks Thomas but Thomas counters a leap frog with a power bomb and follows up with a fisherman suplex for a two count. Walters nearly pins Thomas with a roll up but Thomas spin kicks Walters to regain control. Thomas counters a power bomb attempt by Walters and hits a clothesline in the corner. Walters comes back with a Gory Special but only gets a two count on Thomas! Dizzie hits the electric chair double knee lift on Walters for a two count. Brown plants Dizzie with a swinging side slam after Dizzie springboards off the middle rope for a two count. Brown leaps off the middle rope and pins Thomas with a Oklahoma Roll!
First Elimination: Antonio Thomas

Walters leaps off the top rope to missile dropkick Dizzie sending him to the floor! Brown and Walters begin to trade several blows until Brown hits a leaping leg lariat for a two count. Brown catches Walters in the corner but Walters connects with a reverse hurricanrana for a two count! Walters takes Dizzie out with a slingshot cross body on the floor! Brown catches Walters as he tries for a missile dropkick but Walters rolls Brown up for a near fall! Walters locks in the Sharpshooter! Brown crawls to the bottom rope and reaches it. Dizzie returns to the ring and scoop slams Walters. Dizzie rolls through a roll up by Walters and uses the ropes for leverage to eliminate the champion!
Second Elimination: John Walters

The fans are not happy about Walters being eliminated. Dizzie connects with a over head suplex for a two count on Brown. Brown lands on his feet following a front suplex and puts a sleeper on Dizzie. Brown brings Dizzie down to the mat but Dizzie reaches the ropes. Dizzie low blows Brown but Brown tosses Dizzie over with a half nelson suplex but Isys Ephex runs down t the ringside area and lays the referee out with a Burning Hammer on the floor! Brown grabs Ephex and connects with the Appreciation Bomb! Dizzie hits Brown with the championship and covers as another referee runs down but Brown kicks out at two! Dizzie puts Brown on the top rope looking for a superplex but Brown fights back and looks for a sunset flip but Dizzie prevents a power bomb. Brown sets Dizzie up out of the corner and hits the Appreciation Bomb to win the title! (***3/4. This was an incredible four way title match. All four men were on the top of their game and so was the booking for this title win. Brown couldn’t beat Dizzie for a whole year and finally beats Dizzie to win the title. This was a fantastic main event that the fans went crazy for.)
After the match, Brown celebrates his title win.

Final Thoughts:
While I believe that night one had more consistent wrestling, night two had by far the best match of the weekend as the fatal four way match was fabulous. This show is also memorable for Sandman not showing up to compete, which you can see if you watch the video in this post. Do I recommend purchasing the DVD’s of night one and two? The last time I checked the DVD was $15 dollars. The main event was worth the money alone. You include the good title match from night one and several other passable matches with **1/2 ratings, I say it’s worth the money. Seriously, for independent fans, the four way match is one of the better four way matches I have seen outside of ROH.

Thanks for reading.

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