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WWF House Show 5/12/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: Providence, RI

Opening Contest: Man Mountain Rock defeated Kwang:
Rock actually gets pyro for his introduction. Rock shoulder blocks Kwang to the floor after a few moments of stalling. Kwang returns to the ring to deliver a super kick and a few throat thrusts in the corner. Rock comes back with a clothesline and an elbow drop for a two count. Kwang looks for a scoop slam but Rock falls on top for a two count. Rock misses a splash in the corner but counters a suplex attempt to put an arm bar on Kwang to win the bout. (*. Good thing they kept it short. If it were to have gone any longer than it did, it could have been awful.)

Jerry Lawler makes his way down to the ring to rip on a guy who is conducting an interview with him. Lawler hypes up his match against Bret Hart in a Kiss My Foot match. Lawler says the people are very fortunate to be here tonight because tonight he is going to prove his is the true king of the WWF. Lawler believes that Bret Hart is in the backstage area quivering in fear. He says that he hasn’t washed his feet in three weeks! He promises that Hart will be kissing his royal feet.

Second Contest: Blu Brothers defeated the Bushwhackers:
Well, I am going to avoid the play by play for this one. Eli pins Luke following a knee drop after Luke collided with Jacob on the apron.

Third Contest: Razor Ramon defeated the Roadie:
Ramon chases Roadie around the ring but is stomped on by Roadie back in the ring. Ramon battles back with a series of chops but Roadie counters a backdrop attempt with a face buster. Ramon blocks a backdrop and goes for the Razors Edge and connects! Ramon covers and wins the bout in under three minutes. (NR.)

Fourth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett defeated Bob Holly to retain the title: Holly takes Jarrett over with a few side headlocks and pokes Jarrett in the eyes. Holly counters a hip toss attempt with a backslide for a two count. Holly goes back to a headlock on the mat. Jarrett rolls Holly over on his back for a near fall. Holly inside cradles Jarrett for a two count and goes back to a side headlock. Yawn. Jarrett elbow drops Holly in the back but Holly springboards off the middle rope to hit a back elbow for a two count. Jarrett stops his momentum with a knee lift and begins to stomp away on the challenger. Jarrett jumps onto Holly’s back as he is hunched over the middle rope. Jarrett gets a two count following a snap suplex. Holly gets out of a sleeper hold and they botch a clothesline spot pretty badly. Holly nearly wins the title with a rollup but Jarrett recovers with a clothesline for a two count. Jarrett goes back to a sleeper hold. Holly rams Jarrett face first into the mat to block a backdrop and gets a two count following a running forearm strike. Holly gets another near fall after dropkicking Jarrett. Holly drops Jarrett with a clothesline but is attacked from behind as the Roadie has come down to ringside. Jarrett sends Holly into the corners a few times back first. Holly atomic drops Jarrett and avoids a splash in the corner. Holly misses a top rope cross body and Jarrett gets the win. (*1/4. This match had far too many rest holds and a couple of botches that prevented this from being any good. It was a really bland outing by both men).
After the match, Holly gets up and attacks Jarrett but Roadie beats down Holly with Jarrett. Razor Ramon runs down to the ring and helps Holly clean house.

Fifth Contest: the New Headshrinkers defeated the Heavenly Bodies: Fatu shoulder blocks Pritchard to open the bout. Pritchard chops Fatu in the corner but is met with a backdrop and clothesline. Del Ray tags in and tries to ram the Headshrinkers into each other but that doesn’t work out so well for him. So, he tries to do a peace offering but is chased around the ring by Fatu. Del Ray slams Fatu head first into the mat but Fatu isn’t affected and super kicks Del Ray. Del Ray wants to shake hands with Simone but he refuses. Simone atomic drops Del Ray but as he runs the ropes is kneed by Pritchard, but just knocks him off the apron. Simone clotheslines Del Ray and pulls him out of the corner to slam to the mat. Simone tags out to Fatu while Pritchard returns to the ring. Fatu bites his hand and hammers away on Pritchard in the corner. Fatu backdrops Pritchard out of the corner for a two count. Pritchard clotheslines Fatu after he is kneed by Del Ray as he ran the ropes. Del Ray beats on Fatu on the floor while the referee is distracted. They work on Fatu’s left knee during the course of the double teaming. Fatu avoids a leg drop attempt by Del Ray who leaps off the middle rope. Simone gets the hot tag and cleans house. Simone press slams Pritchard and rams the Heavenly Bodies into each other. Simone big boots Del Ray and tags in Fatu who leaps off the top to big splash Del Ray and win the bout. (**. It was a pretty average match that didn’t suck completely. I’ve always liked the Heavenly Bodies and Fatu for that matter. I liked the double team moves that the Bodies did to Fatu and everything just went smoothly. Plus, Simone was used in a way to highlight his strengths. It wasn’t all that bad of a match, really.)

Sixth Contest: Bret Hart defeated Jerry Lawler in a Kiss My Foot match:
Hart hammers away on Lawler in the corner until Lawler crawls to the referee but Hart continues to punch Lawler. Lawler rolls to the floor and runs up the aisle way. Hart rams Lawler head first into the ring steps before returning to the ring. Lawler tries to escape into the crowd but Hart stops him with several punches. Lawler appears to hit Hart with an illegal object while the referee was out of position. Lawler hits Hart numerous times with the illegal object. Lawler scoop slams Hart and heads to the top rope but Hart punches Lawler in midair. Hart bulldogs Lawler out of the corner but collides with the referee on a second attempt. Lawler misses a fist drop with the illegal object. Hart connects with a back breaker and a middle rope forearm drop. Hart goes to put the Sharpshooter on but Hakushi runs down and attacks Hart. Hakushi splashes Hart from the middle rope. Lawler crawls over and covers Hart to win the match! A second referee comes down to tell the referee what happened with Hakushi and the match is restarted! Hart atomic drops Lawler followed by a running clothesline. Hart puts the Sharpshooter on Lawler but lets go to attack Hakushi who was on the apron. Hart blocks a boot shot and hits Lawler with his own boot several times! Hart covers and picks up the win.
After the match, Hart shoves his foot into Lawler’s face. (**. I actually thought this was a decent match. I didn’t think Lawler would even get the pin fall even if it got voided to begin with. While it wasn’t a superb match or anything, there was some fun stuff in this match.)

Seventh Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Tatanka:
Tatanka attacks Bigelow from behind for the early advantage. Tatanka chokes Bigelow for a few moments followed by several right hands. Tatanka scoop slams Bigelow but isn’t able to get the three count. Bigelow with a vertical suplex and a clothesline but is dumped over the top to the floor by Tatanka. Tatanka rips off the top turnbuckle before leaping off the apron to hit Bigelow with an axe handle. Bigelow is rammed head first into the ring steps as well. Tatanka comes off the ropes with a clothesline but Bigelow kicks out at two. Bigelow gets out of a sleeper and splashes Tatanka but isn’t able to follow up. Bigelow drops Tatanka with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Bigelow comes off the ropes but misses a falling head butt attempt. Bigelow comes out of a corner to clothesline Tatanka and both men are down. Bigelow power slams Tatanka and wins the match. (*. That was a really odd finish to the match. A simple power slam puts Tatanka away? It was a dull match, in my opinion.)

Main Event: WWF World Champion Diesel/The Undertaker defeated Psycho Sid/Kama: Kama wants Taker to start the match and he gets his wish. Kama stomps away on Taker but Taker comes off the ropes to whiplash Kama to the mat. Taker walks the ropes and jumps down across Kama’s left arm. Kama knee lifts Taker and connects with a snap suplex but Taker quickly sits up from it. Kama avoids a cross body and Taker crashes to the mat. Kama works on Taker in the corner with several right hands and a power slam. Sid tags into the match but Taker throat thrusts Sid. Diesel gets the tag and clotheslines Sid. Taker clotheslines Sid from the apron. Sid bails to the floor but Diesel quickly tosses him back into the ring. Diesel delivers several elbow strikes and a scoop slam. Sid bails to the floor but drags the champ to the floor and drops him face first onto the apron. Sid kicks Diesel in the ribs several times before returning to the ring. Sid tries to get a submission victory with a camel clutch but isn’t successful. Kama tags in and punches Diesel several times in the corner. Sid leaps off the middle rope to deliver a double axe handle on Diesel. Sid continues to work on the champ with several boots and punches before sending the champ to the floor. Kama gets a few cheap shots in while Sid distracted the referee. Kama tags in and drops several elbows for a two count. Diesel avoids a big splash off the middle rope by Kama. Taker gets the tag and punches Kama several times. Taker hits a leaping clothesline and Diesel clotheslines Sid to the floor. Taker hits the tombstone pile driver on Kama while Sid heads to the backstage area. Taker covers Kama and wins the bout. (3/4*. What a snoozer this was. God, it was so boring! That should be expected since there was only one guy in the match that I consider to be a good worker. I’ll let you figure out who I am talking about.)

Final Thoughts: Well, this show was pretty bad. I’m inclined to think that since a pay per view was a couple of times, In Your House #1, a lot of the guys mailed it in to save themselves for the pay per view. At least I hope that was the case. Nothing noteworthy happened here, not hidden gems just a lot of awful wrestling. I have to give this show a big thumbs down.

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