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WWF House Show 9/12/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: Seattle, Washington

This is not the complete show. Three matches were not taped. They were the following.
Scorpio defeating Dennis Knight
Faarooq defeating Mark Henry
Tiger Ali Singh defeating Dustin Runnels
Val Venis defeated Miguel Perez Jr. (wasn’t complete match so I didn’t bother).

Opening Contest: X-Pac defeated Jeff Jarrett:
Jarrett attacks Pac from behind but Pac recovers by delivering several right hands. Pac ducks a clothesline and nails Jarrett with a pinning heel kick. Pac misses a bronco buster in the corner and Jarrett connects with a running clothesline. Jarrett sends Pac hard back first into a corner and taunts the fans. Jarrett puts a sleeper hold on Pac but Pac battles out of it a few moments later. Pac takes Jarrett down with a back suplex and both men are down on the mat. Pac blocks right hands and spin kicks Jarrett. Pac hits the bronco buster and the fans got nuts. Jarrett snap scoop slams Pac out of the corner for a two count. Pac counters a leap frog with a power bomb for a two count. Pac misses a splash in the corner and Jarrett stomp away on Pac as he is upside down in the corner. Pac counters the figure four with a roll up and gets the win.
After the match, Dennis Knight comes down and attacks Pac until the New Age Outlaws run down and clean house! The crowd ape shit for that!
(**1/2. It was a pretty good match even though it didn’t even go five minutes. The fans loved X-Pac here and Jarrett was getting some damn good heat.)

Second Contest: The Rock defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion HHH by disqualification: HHH works on Rock with a few right hands and an elbow strike until Rock bails to the floor. Rock drops HHH throat first across the top rope from the apron and returns to the ring to hammer away on HHH. HHH comes out of the corner to clothesline Rock while he was taunting the fans. Rock avoids the pedigree and rolls to the floor quickly. HHH follows Rock to the floor and drags him back to the ring to deliver a neck breaker for a two count. Rock drops HHH throat first across the top rope again to regain control and gets a two count following a few stomps. Rock has a sleeper hold on HHH for several moments. HHH fights out of it but Rock drives HHH down to the mat with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Rock scoop slams HHH to stop his comeback. HHH battles back with a knee lift and a running clothesline for a two count. Mark Henry trips HHH as he runs the ropes to help Rock. Rock has the championship and hits HHH in the head but only gets a two count! Chyna enters to low blow Rock but the referee sees that happen causing the DQ. (**.Obviously these two are capable of a much more exciting match then what this was. Another negative was the person recording this show really struggled to keep focus on the ring for whatever reason. That bugged me a great deal.)

Third Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions the New Age Outlaws defeated Skull & 8-Ball to retain the titles: After a few minutes of stalling, Skull and Gunn start off the contest. Skull beats down Gunn with several overhand strikes followed by a clothesline. Gunn actually hits the Fameasser quickly but Skill rolls to the floor. Ball and Dogg tag in with Ball getting the upper hand with several punches. Dogg ducks a clothesline and jabs him several times. Dogg continues with a snap mare and a knee drop for a two count. Dogg knocks Skull on the apron but turns around to be clotheslined by Ball. Dogg is dumped to the floor and Skull sends him into the guard railing behind the referees back. Ball works on Dogg with several forearm shots back in the ring before tagging in Skull. Dogg tries to fight off Skull with right hands but is dropped with a right hand. Skull scoop slams Dogg and follows up with just punches. Dogg comes off the ropes but is met with a double big boot. Dogg comes out of the corner but they both go down following a double clothesline. Gunn gets the hot tag and cleans house with right hands and ducks a ring bell shot by Ball which hits Skull instead. Gunn covers as Dogg takes care of Ball to get the win. (*. Well, have the Harris Brothers ever put on a good match, ever? I didn’t think so. This was a dull match which has to be expected from the Harris Brothers.)

Fourth Contest: Ken Shamrock defeated Owen Hart: Owen whacks Shamrock over the back with a chair before the bell is rung. Owen stops Shamrock on the aisle way as he was being helped to the back. Shamrock rams Owen into the ring steps and scoop slams Owen back in the ring. Shamrock mounts Owen delivering several right hands. Shamrock hits a spinning heel kick and a belly to belly suplex. Shamrock goes for the ankle lock and Owen taps out in under two minutes. (NR. Well, that was awfully quick.)

Main Event: WWF World Champion Steve Austin defeated the Undertaker, Kane and Mankind in a no disqualification match to retain the title: Sgt. Slaughter is the special referee. Kane and Mankind brawl before anyone else enters the ring with neither man getting a clear advantage. The Undertaker makes his way down to the ring and quickly choke slams Mankind. Austin enters the ring but everyone else go to the floor. Taker attacks Austin from behind and hammers away on the champ in the corner. Austin battles back with a series of right hands but Taker comes off the ropes to hit a leaping clothesline for a two count. Austin takes Taker off his feet with a Thez Press and delivers a series of punches. Kane returns to the ring and breaks up the pin attempt. Mankind works on Taker in the corner while Kane beats down Austin in the opposite corner. Austin nails Kane with a running clothesline out of the corner but Taker chokes him to prevent any follow up. Kane tosses Mankind to the floor while Taker chokes Austin with his t-shirt. Mankind sends Kane into the ring steps before returning to the ring and punches Taker. Austin drags Taker to a ring post and crotches him while Mankind continues to punch Kane in the ring. Mankind plants Kane with a DDT but only gets a two count as Austin breaks up the count. Kane tosses Austin over the top to the floor and Taker sends Mankind to the floor as well. Taker attacks Kane from behind and send shim into the corner head first a few times. Austin sends Mankind into the ring steps while Kane has now gotten control of Taker in the ring. Austin looks for a pile driver on the floor but Mankind counters with a backdrop! Austin returns to the ring to shoulder ram Taker in the corner while Kane chokes Mankind in the opposite corner. Taker walks the ropes but Mankind is sent into the ropes and Taker crotches himself before being knocked to the floor by Austin. Austin and Mankind double team Kane until Austin turns on Mankind for wanting to shake hands. Mankind avoids the Stunner and back elbows the champ. Kane goes for a tombstone on Mankind on to a chair but Austin makes the save. Austin is attacked by both Kane and Taker until Mankind uses a chair on Kane. Taker whacks Mankind over the head with the chair but only gets a two count. Austin hits Taker with a chair but Slaughter only gets a slow count to save Taker. Kane clotheslines Taker to the floor before working on Austin with right hands. Austin avoids a choke slam and hits the Stunner on Kane! Slaughter slowly goes for the count and is punched to the floor by Austin! Taker enters and choke slams Austin! Kane is up but Taker choke slams him as well. Taker covers Austin but Mankind breaks up the count. Austin covers Kane but only gets a two count! Austin slides out of a tombstone and hits the Stunner on Kane to win the match as Slaughter tried to stop the referee! (***1/4. This was a good brawl with plenty of action all of which the fans went nuts for. It was a very good ending to the show.)
After the match, Austin gives Slaughter a Stunner.

Final Thoughts: While most of the wrestling on the show didn’t really deliver anything special, the main event was the only bright spot for the show. The crowd was hot for the whole show, but when it comes down to it, the show was pretty bad aside from the main event. But, when a product is hot, people seem to ignore how poor the wrestling is, I guess.

Thanks for reading.


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