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NWA-TNA Impact 12/17/2004

Full TNA Impact! Results – 12/17/04
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-Show starts off showing highlights of Jeff Jarrett’s interview last week concerning his World Title defense coming up at Final Resolution.

-The Impact opening airs and we are taken inside Stage 21 at Universal Studios Florida.

Johnny B. Badd & Sonny Siaki vs. The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas)
Badd and Stevens start things off. Badd takes the early advantage with an armbar followed by a shoulder block as well as some hip tosses and a drop kick. Siaki is tagged in and they execute double back elbows to Stevens. Siaki follows that up with a flip leg drop. Douglas is tagged in after Stevens poked Siaki in the eye. Douglas receives a running neckbreaker from Siaki. Douglas counters a back body drop to go on the offensive. Siaki goes to the outside where Stevens works him over while Douglas watches from inside the ring. Siaki tries to fight back, but Douglas nails a high knee to the head of Siaki. Stevens comes back in. Stevens works over Siaki in the corner with some punches before tagging Douglas back in. Douglas rakes Siaki’s eyes across the ropes. Stevens is tagged back in. Siaki fights back but Douglas comes in the ring to break it up on the double team. Siaki eventually gets a tag in and Badd comes off the top rope with a dual clothesline on the Naturals. Badd works over Stevens and Douglas together. Now Siaki and Badd irish whip the Naturals into each other. Siaki and Badd execute a double back body drop on Douglas sending him way up into the air. Badd goes for the frankensteiner (the Badd Mood) off the top rope, but Stevens holds the ropes and blocks it sending Badd down to the mat hard. Stevens goes for the pin with his feet on the ropes for extra leverage and gets the 3 count. Good opening match.
Winners: The Naturals


-We go backstage to the Universal Parking Garage where Dusty Rhodes gives an interview from the bed of a pickup truck, which he says is his office. He says where he comes from, this is where you do your business. In the back end of a truck? Rhodes says Jarrett will defend his title at Final Resolution January 16th on PPV. Rhodes says he has a surprise waiting that is going to revolutionize the industry. Traci interupts the interview, congratulating Rhodes on Turning Point. Traci proposes that Rhodes needs a secretary. She gets into the truck bed and falls into Rhodes’ lap. It ends up being Traci bending over looking for things in the truck with Rhodes checking her out, with Dusty saying this will work out great.


Bobby Roode w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy starts off on the offensive after a backkick. Hardy goes up to the top rope, but Roode pushes him off sending him to the floor outside into the railing. D’Amore gets some shots in on Hardy before Hardy gets back in the ring. Roody works over Hardy’s neck, twisting it. Hardy tries fighting out with some elbows, but Roode sends him back to the mat. Roode executes a swinging neckbreaker. Roode continues to work over the neck. Hardy fights back again, and executes a jawbreaker. Hardy follows that up with a swinging DDT. Hardy with a nice offensive move, basically a reverse Russian Side Legsweep. Hardy follows that up with a running clothesline. Roode goes back on the offensive with a spinebuster. Roode goes for a powerbomb, but Hardy blocks (it looked more like a botched move) it. Hardy goes for the twist of fate, but Roode counters it. Hardy with the corkscrew off the top rope. Hardy goes for the twist of fate, but it ends up beinga stunner. Hardy goes to the top for the Swanton. D’Amore distracts him and Roodge gets up and punches Hardy. Roode gets up on the turnbuckle with Hardy. Hardy throws Roode off the top rope, and then nails the Swanton for the win. Another good match, but not as good as the opener.
Winner: Jeff Hardy


Johnny Swinger vs. Dustin Rhodes

Swinger attacks Rhodes from behind to start the match. Swinger works over Rhodes in the corner, choking Rhodes. Swinger spits on Rhodes. Rhodes gets mad and charges at Swinger, spearing him to the mat. Rhodes with a dropkick followed by a arm drag. Rhodes mounts Swinger in the corner and nails him with 9 punches and an elbow. Rhodes comes off the ropes with a lariat on Swinger. Rhodes goes for a cross body block, but Swinger ducks and Rhodes misses and rolls to the outside. On the outside, Swinger drops Rhodes across the rail. Back in the ring now. Swinger catapults Rhodes’ neck right across the bottom rope. Swinger puts the sleeper hold on Rhodes in mid ring. Rhodes fights out, and reverses an arm drag into a backslide for a near fall. Swinger nails a clothesline on Rhodes as he gets up. Rhodes with some right hands to the face on Swinger. Rhodes with a sleeper hold, but Swinger reverses it into another sleeper hold of his own. After Rhodes fights out, both men exchange punches. Rhodes then nails Swinger with a couple clotheslines. Swinger gains the offensive and nails a Russian Side Legsweep. Rhodes fights back and grabs Swinger in the Scorpion Death Drop position, and then lifts him up and throws him down to the mat onto his back and gets the pinfall. Not a bad match for Rhodes’ first match on television in quite a while.
Winner: Dustin Rhodes


-Backstage Shane Douglas interviews Dustin Rhodes backstage after his match. Rhodes talks about how oppurtunity came knocking, and he’s glad to be in TNA which he calls the greatest wrestling organization going. Rhodes says the number one reason he is in TNA is Jeff Jarrett has had the NWA Title way too long, the same title that was wrapped around his dad’s waist and it’s the title he now wants. Dustin Rhodes says he’s here for the NWA World Title and he’s after Jeff Jarrett.

-A video package airs recapping the DDP/Raven/Erik Watts story.

Scotty Matthews vs. Erik Watts

As Watts makes his entrance, DDP gets in the ring and nails the Diamond Cutter on Matthews and then waits in the ring for Watts. Watts refuses to get in the ring and retreats back up the ramp.


-Highlights are shown of last week’s AJ Styles vs. Hector Garza match.

Hector Garza vs. Jeff Jarrett
Both men lock up and Jarrett takes the early advantage with a hip toss. Garza gets up and they face off again. Jarrett with a body slam on Garza, and he then goes to the corner and lays across the top ropes Shawn Michaels style to taunt his opponent. Garza gets up and they circle each other again. They lock up, and Jarrett gets thrown into the ropes. Jarrett with a shoulder block on Garza. Jarrett into the ropes again, and Garza executes an arm drag. Garza goes for another arm drag but Jarrett ducks out of the way. Jarrett executes a drop toe hold. When Garza gets up Jarrett slaps Garza a couple times, before Garza fights back and slaps Jarrett in the face. Garza with a big drop kick on Jarrett. Garza with a drop toe hold of his own. Garza clotheslines Jarrett to the outside. Garza with a slingshot cross body block over the top rope onto Jarrett on the outside below.


Both men still fight on the outside. Garza drops Jarrett across the railing and then they get back in the ring. Garza goes for a drop kick off the top rope but Jarrett moves. Jarrett stomps on the fallen Garza repeatedly. Jarrett chokes Garza across the middle rope and then jumps on the back of Garza with his chest still across the middle rope. Jarrett positions Garza upside down in the turnbuckle. Jarrett rams into Garza and then kicks him. Jarrett goes to the outside, and pulls backwards on the neck of Garza whom is still upside down in the turnbuckle. Garza is out of the turnbuckle now. Jarrett with a sleeper hold on Garza. Garza fights out of the sleeper. Garza ducks a clothesline and executes a flying clothesline. Garza body slams Jarrett. Garza with another flying lariat. Make that two. Garza with a tornado DDT out of the corner on Jarrett. Garza gets a near fall. Garza whips Jarrett into the turnbuckle, and then charges at him but Jarrett moves. Garza slams chest first into the turnbuckle, and then bounces back into the referee. Jarrett grabs his guitar and goes to swing it but the ref comes to and grabs the guitar away from Jarrett. Garza then rolls up Jarrett from behind for a near fall. Garza body slams Jarrett. Nash and Hall come down the ramp to ringside. Hall gets in the ring and Garza fithts him off. Nash blindsides Garza though and then Halla nd Has go to double team but receive a double drop kick from Garza. Garza with a powerbomb on Jarrett. Garza goes up to the top rope and backflips off, but Jarrett is standing with his guitar and smashes it across the abdomen of Garza while he is in mid air. The ref didn’t see this as he was distracted by Hall on the outside. Jarrett makes the cover and gets the pinfall. Another good match, best match of the show.
Winner: Jeff Jarrett

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