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NWA-TNA Impact 12/10/2004

Full TNA Impact! Results – 12/10/04
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-Show starts with the fake Vince McMahon and Triple H backstage looking for “the tape.”

-The Impact opening airs, and we are taken inside Stage 21 at Universal Studios Florida.

Mikey Batts vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels starts off on the offensive. Batts gets a couple arm drags in . Batts with the armbar, but Daniels comes out of it and regains the offensive. Daniels with some stomps on the fallen Batts. Daniels hits a kick to the stomach off the ropes and then clotheslines Batts to the mat. Daniels drives his knee into the back of Batts on the ground. Daniels with a suplex into a gut buster. Batts comes back with multiple punches to the head of Daniels. Batts goes for a cross body, but Daniels reverses it into a backbreaker. Daniels with a body slam followed by a split leg moonsault off the top rope. Daniels with a hard whip into the turnbuckle on Batts, sending Batts to the ground. Batts comes back, and hits a drop kick off the ropes on to Daniels. Batts hits a high knee on Daniels, then goes for a suplex that he drops into a DDT. Daniels hits a modified version of the Stroke after reversing a Batts offensive move. Daniels executes the Angels Wings in mid ring for the pinfall.
Winner: Christopher Daniels

-After the match, Daniels keeps fighting and nails the Last Rights on Batts in mid ring.

-Backstage, DDP is shown arriving at the arena. Hall and Nash approach DDP. Nash says he heard DDP was dead. Hall says he saw Raven kick out of the Diamond Cutter, and it looks like DDP is losing it. DDP stays positive and says he’s glad that Hall and Nash are in TNA. Nash says stay out of their business, and they will stay out of his. DDP says he wouldn’t have it any other way.


-Backstage, Shane Douglas interviews Team Canada and Scott D’Amore. Team Canada brags about being NWA World Tag Team Champs. Petey Williams talks about his win over Sabin at Turning Point. D’Amore says Team Canada is on top of the world. D’Amore says they have all the gold except for the NWA World’s Title. He says to Jeff Jarrett that notice is served, it’s time for a Canadian NWA World Champ.

Michael Shane & Kazarian w/ Traci vs. America’s Most Wanted

At the beginning Shane and Kazarian Double team Harris but Harris fights back and fights them off. Kazarian gets a knee in to Harris’ ribs. Shane is tagged in. Shane works over Harris’ ribs a little more before tagging Kazarian back in. Kazarian works over the ribs and then tags in Shane again. Harris fights back with punches to both men but it’s not enough. Shane with a scoop slam on Harris and a tag to Kazarian. Kazarian comes in with a flying leg drop. Kazarian with an abdominal stretch on Harris. They do the typical heel spot of Shane and Traci grabbing Kazarian’s hand behind the refs back for leverage. The ref finally spots it and kicks away Shane’s arm. Shane is tagged in and Shane continues to work over Harris’ ribs with some knees in mid ring. Shane tags in Kazarian. They execute a double team move dropping Harris’ ribs across their knees. Kazarian tags in Shane. Shane with some punches to the ribs of Harris. Kazarian executes a drop kick to Harris and Shane goes for the cover for a near fall. Kazarian comes back in. Now Shane back in the ring. Tons of tags between Shane and Kazarian in this match. Shane with an armbar on Harris in mid ring. Harris powers out of it and breaks out punching Shane in the head. Harris with a flying left arm lariat. Both men are now down in the ring and crawling to their corners. Storm and Kazarian are tagged in. Storm with a power slam on Kazarian. Kazarian with a neckbreaker out of the corner on Storm. Kazarian stands up after executing the neckbreaker out of the corner, only to receive a cross body block off the top rope from Harris. Storm superkicks Shane and Harris gives Kazarian a spinebuster. AMW executes their finisher for the win.
Winners: America’s Most Wanted


Glenn Gilberti vs. Monty Brown

Gilberti starts off trying to work over Brown but that doesn’t last long. Brown hits the Pounce literally 20 seconds into the match and then gets the pinfall.
Winner: Monty Brown

-After the match, Tenay interviews Brown ringside. Brown talks about how he came close to winning the NWA World Title last week, but close isn’t close enough. He says Jarrett now knows who the Alpha Male is. Brown says he will not be stopped. Brown says the Kings of Wrestling are nothing more than animals on an endangered species list.


-Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring for a promo. Jarrett says he’s just got one thing to say, he’s still King of the Mountain, Planet Jarrett is still the biggest thing in the TNA universe, and he is still the NWA World Champion. Jarrett talks about all the guys he’s wrestled or ran out of TNA. Jarrett says he has a question for all the fans: Who is there left to face the King of the Mountain? Jarrett says nobody. Jarrett says at Final Resolution he will not defend his title. Dusty Rhodes comes out. Rhodes says on January 16 at Final Resolution Jarrett will defend his title, and Rhodes controls his destiny. Rhodes says when he gets a call in a few days the whole world will know who Jarrett will be wrestling at Final Resolution.


-Shane Douglas interviews DDP backstage. Douglas asks what’s going on between him and Erik Watts. Raven comes in to the interview. Raven says DDP doesn’t know about Watts and “the thing.” Raven says he thought DDP knew. Raven says DDP is going to forgive the unforgivable.


-Erik Watts and Raven talk backstage. Raven tells Watts that DDP is still disrespecting him. Watts says he is not going to just beat Page, he is going to own him.

Hector Garza vs. AJ Styles

The winner of this match will face Jarrett next week on Impact in a non-title match. Both men trade advantage at the beginning. Styles with a cross body block over the top rope on to Garza on the floor outside.


Back from the commercial, Styles still on the offensive. Garza executes a monkey flip sending Styles to the outside. Garza with a sliding drop kick under the ropes to Styles on the outside. Back in the ring, Garza with an echoing kick to Styles’ thigh. Garza executes a sidewalk slam on Styles. Garza with the surfboard on Styles. Garza goes for a moonsault off the second rope, but Styles gets his knees up. Styles with a scorpion death drop. Styles with a modified sidewalk slam. Styles goes for a move off the top rope, but Garza nails a drop kick as Styles comes down. Styles with a superplex on Garza off the top rope. It looks as though Styles got the pin, but the ref rules Garza won and raises his hand. Styles is confused. On the replay it is visible that Garza rolled his shoulder up at the last second as both men’s shoulders were down.
Winner: Hector Garza

-Next week, Hector Garza vs. Jeff Jarrett in non-title match.

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