NWA-TNA Impact 12/3/2004

Full TNA Impact! Results – 12/3/04
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Show starts off hyping up the Brown vs. Jarrett main event for the NWA World Title.

-The Impact opening airs, and we are taken inside Stage 21 at Universal Studios Florida.

Triple X (Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper) vs. Amazing Red & Sonjay Dutt

All 4 men fight at the beginning of the match. A nike hurricanrana from Dutt is the highlight. When the smoke finally settles we have Red and Daniels in the ring. Red gets on a crucifix style side submission hold. Skipper breaks it up and then gets tagged in. Skipper hits a short arm clothesline as well as a stiff kick to the back. Daniels comes back in, and Skipper bodyslams him on top of Red for a nice double team move. Red attempts to fight back but to no avail. Skipper comes back in. Red gets in a kick to the face out of the corner and tags in Dutt. Dutt fights off Skipper and Daniels for a while, and he then executes a moonsault off the middle rope on to both. Dutt nails a tiltawhirl DDT on Skipper but Daniels breaks up the pin. Daniels back in now. Red makes a blind tag when Dutt hits the ropes and Daniels didn’t notice. Red comes flying in off the top rope on to an unexpecting Daniels. The finish came when Skipper interfered behind the referee’s back and nailed Red with a spin kick just as Red was setting up a move. After the kick, Daniels rolled Red up. Good opening match.
Winners: Triple X

-Backstage, Shane Douglas interviews America’s Most Wanted about the 6 Sides of Steel match with Triple X Sunday on PPV. Storm reiterates the point about the losing team Sunday can never team together again. Harris talks about the last time the two teams were in a cage together.


-Backstage in the parking lot, Shane Douglas interviews Monty Brown (whom is doing push-ups). Monty Brown quotes Darth Vader about how there is a “Genesis arriving” and Brown says he is the genesis. Abyss attacks Brown from behind with a 2X4.

Matt Mayor & Vance Desmond vs. Abyss

Both men attack Abyss together at the beginning trying to gain an advantage. Abyss no sells all of their offense including kicks, punches, and a double shoulder block. Abyss executes a double clothesline on the two. Abyss lays out Desmond with a running backbreaker. Abyss then nails the Black Hole Slam on Mayor. Abyss drags Desmond over, and he covers them both for the pinfall.
Winner: Abyss


-Out comes Nash and Hall with a microphone. Hall with the “Hey Yo”, Nash with the pat on Hall’s ass. Hall says the Kings of Wrestling have a message for Styles, Hardy, and Savage. Hall says “chico” for the first time in years. Hall says AJ needs to get Hardy, and they need to follow Savage to the bus stop because the Kings are taking them to school. Does that mean the Kings of Wrestling are bus drivers? Nash says December 5th, the Kings of Wrestling take over wrestling in a stranglehold. A noticeable “boring” chant starts in the crowd. Nash says if the fans don’t want to hear him talk, maybe they want to him sing. Oh God. Nash says he wrote Monty Brown a little song. He pulls a couple lines out of his head and ends it saying the fans were quiet when he sang. Nash says he controls all of them. Nash says “bow to the Kings of Wrestling.” By this time he had me cracking up laughing. I didn’t know whether it was because Nash was funny or because I kept thinking about how lame the Kings of Wrestling name is. Nash says tonight starts the Genesis, stealing Brown’s line from his earlier promo. The “Kings” exit the ring and say they are taking this show over. Hall grabs a camera from the cameraman. Hall holds the camera, and Nash talks into it. Nash says from now own, he will no longer be known as Big Sexy. He pets his hair and says he wants to be known as the Silver Fox. OK, seriously, is there any point to this interview? Hall follows Nash backstage with the camera.

Kid Kash vs. Chris Sabin

Kash starts off on the offensive, punching Sabin in the corner. Sabin comes back with some punches of his own. Sabin executes the Spike Dudley style DDT out of the corner. They fight to the outside. Sabin nails Kash with some forearms. Kash drops Sabin across the guard rail. Back in the ring now. Kash executes a clothesline off the top rope for a near fall. Kash with more offense. Sabin fights back, but gets a headlock takeover from Kash in the process. Kash goes for a crossbody off the top, but Sabin nails a dropkick to his abdomen. Sabin with a running clothesline and running back elbow. Sabin with a modified DDT. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock, but Kash counters it and then holds the tights to get the pinfall.
Winner: Kid Kash


-Tenay and West talk ringside, discussing the TNA/WWE controversy over the footage TNA filmed of the WWE wrestlers when they tried to welcome them to Universal Studios. Tenay talks about the vote the fans took part in on TNAwrestling.com about whether they wanted to see the footage or not. Tenay notes that they voted yes by an overwhelming response, and this Sunday on PPV Dusty Rhodes will deliver the tape personally. Tenay and West then hype up the PPV as well as the main event today on Impact.

-A video recap of the Raven/DDP feud airs.

-DDP’s theme plays and he comes out and walks through the crowd like he used to in his WCW days. Raven attacks him from behind in the crowd with a garbage can. They then fight into the ring. After Raven got some offense in, DDP fights back and tries going for the Diamond Cutter but Raven escapes out of the ring. Erik Watts is seen in the crowd staring at both men as Raven smiles.


NWA World Heavyweight Title Match
(C) Jeff Jarrett vs. Monty Brown

Brown’s ribs are taped up after the attack from Abyss earlier backstage. Jeremy Borash makes the introductions once both men are in the ring and the music has stopped and then it’s time for a commercial break.


Both men lock up at the beginning, Brown throws Jarrett into the corner. Both men lock up again trying to gain an advantage. Jarrett gets Brown in a headlock, but Brown just throws Jarrett off him. Jarrett puts Brown in a bear hug from behind, trying to injure the ribs, but Brown powers out. Brown nails three consecutive shoulder blocks on Jarrett. Jarrett fights back with an elbow to the face followed by some punches. Jarrett throws Brown’s head into a couple different turbuckles. Brown ducks a clotheline and then press slams Jarrett. Brown tries to splash Jarrett in the corner, but Jarrett moves and Brown misses and falls to the outside. They fight on the outside now, but it’s time for another commercial break.


Back from the commercial, and they are still fighting on the outside. Jarrett repeteadly throws Brown into the steel barricade. Back in the ring now, Jarrett continues with the offense focusing on Brown’s ribs and back. Jarrett drives Brown backwards into the turnbuckle repeatedly in the same way he just did on the outside into the barricade. Jarrett hangs Brown upside down in the turnbuckle, then goes to the outside and puts on a face lock stretching out Brown and his ribs. Brown attempts to fight back. Jarrett continues to drive his shoulder into Brown and puts another bear hug on Brown. Brown fights out and executes a double underhook suplex on Jarrett. Both men lay on the match and the ref starts the 10 count. Both get back at about the same time and then exchange some punches. Brown wins out the battle of the punches. Brown nails a running powerslam for a nearfall. Brown jumps off the second turnbuckle, Jarrett puts up a foot, but Brown sees it and blocks it when he lands. Brown holds Jarrett’s feet up and then drives his head into the lower abdomen of Jarrett. Brown powerbombs Jarrett and gets another very near fall. The fans are really into this match. Brown does a Scott Hall style overhead release suplex, but he throws Jarrett right into the referee. Jarrett rolls to the outside and brings a guitar into the ring. Jarrett breaks the guitar over Brown’s head. Brown stands tall afterwards trying to ignore the pain, but Jarrett then nails the Stroke. Brown kicks out. Jarrett punches Brown repeatedly, but Brown just gets a rush of adrenaline and wants more. Brown with some punches of his own. Hall comes out, but he is met with a right hand from Brown. Brown executes the Pounce on Jarrett. Jarrett then rolls to the outside. Hall gets in the ring and he receives the Pounce from Brown. The ref goes to check on Hall, and Jarrett slams a steel chair across Brown’s back once and then his head with the ref distracted. Jarrett makes the cover for the pinfall. Match lasted 13:02. Awesome match these two put on. Great heat from the crowd, and the match had a great build to it. I wasn’t expecting much in a long match from Brown since his matches usually last under 2 minutes, but he came through strong and looked good.
Winner and Still NWA World Heavweight Champion: Jeff Jarrett

-After the match, Hall and Jarrett celebrate. They look at the big screen and smile and we see that Hardy and Styles have been layed out backstage. Savage checks on them, and a car is seen in the background speeding towards Savage as the show ends.

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