WWF RAW 6/25/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
June 25, 2001
Live from: Madison Square Garden
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Opening Segment

No chance music hits and Vince McMahon comes out. McMahon gets the microphone and says that last night at the KOTR there was an ugly rumor going around and it was if either Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho won the WWF title, one of them would go to WCW. He said that didn’t happen and it never will. He said he is proud to say that still the WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said Austin beat both men even after he got attacked by Booker T. He said how do you spell T? Tea? Terrible? Trash? or Temporarily Employed he said just like veery other WCW star. He said he wants to put WCW and his son Shane out of business. He said, no WCW star has ever been in MSG and no one will be here tonight. He said good stuff happened in this building and he said his dad was conducted in the hall of fame and they show highlights about it, narrated by Todd Pettengil. He said he guarantees us that tonight, there will be more memorable moments in Madison Square Garden.

Match #1
Hardcore Title
Test vs Rhyno

The match starts with Rhyno attacking Test. Rhyno goes to the outside and gets a trash can, then Test hits him and throws the trash can in the ring. Rhyno grabs another and throws it and Test catches it and Rhyno tried to spear him but Test made him spear the trash can. Then they fight in the crowd. Rhyno attempts to suplex Test on the security rail, but Test hits him and suplexes Rhyno on it. They fight goes to the backstage area. Rhyno places two tables beside each other, then test hits him and climbs up, but Rhyno tried to stop him and Test hits him with a fire extinguisher and puts him back on the table and goes up and jumps. He covers Rhyno, 1,2 but Rhyno kicks out. Test hits Rhyno with a ladder and Test attempts to piledrive him, but Rhyno back body drops him on the concrete floor backstage and Rhyno speared Test and got the win and won the title. After the match, Mike Awesome comes out of nowhere and powerbombs Rhyno on a ladder and covers him and the referee makes the count and Mike Awesome is the NEW Hardcore Champion.
Winner: New Hardcore Champion, Mike Awesome


Match #2
Light Heavyweight Title
Jeff Hardy vs X-Pac

X-Pac starts off by attacking Jeff, then Jeff knocks him down. X-Pac attempts to baseball slide Jeff, But Jeff gets in the ring and baseball slides X-Pac. X-Pac drop kicks Jeff to the outside. Back in the ring, X-Pac applies a sleeper hold, but Jeff manages to get out, but X-Pac knocks him back down. Spinning heal kick by Jeff. Roll up by Jeff, 1,2 but X-Pac kicks out. X-Pac hits him in the corner and runs for the bronco buster, but X-Pac misses and Jeff goes on the top rope and does the swanton bomb, but X-Pac moves out of the way. X-Pac rolls up Jeff and puts his feet on the ropes and gets the win.
Winner: New Light Heavyweight Champion, X-Pac

Austin and Debra walk into Vince’s locker room and Vince starts yelling and he tells them that a WCW star has a WWF belt. Austin said he doesn’t care and he said he beat two guys last night and he did it on his own. He said where was Vince when Austin needed him. Vince told him to calm down and asked him how he was doing and Austin said that he doesn’t care and Vince said he really does care and they hug.


Trish Stratus is talking on the phone and the Big Show comes to her and asks her for her opinion on this T-Shirt he made, the T-Shirt says “Big Show” and it has an arrow pointing to his you know what. Trish said it’s nice and Show said look at the arrow, she is like yea it’s pointing to your feet. He said he has a match against Matt Hardy for the European title and he said after he beats Matt he wants to go to Europe and asks Trish if she wants to go with him and stuff and Trish said yea they can go and have separate rooms and stuff. She left and Show said that he’s a genius.

Vince McMahon is talking to Austin and Debra and is telling them Jericho and Benoit will never be the same. Kurt Angle walks in and says he is a little banged up. Vince says he is proud of him, since he competed in three matches and he beat Shane. Kurt Angle said he has a concussion and he said he will make it and Austin gets up and tells him he wrestled 2 of the toughest men last night.


They show a classic WWF moment that took place in MSG.

Match #3
Tazz vs Steven Richards

Steven Richards come to the ring and says only 3 words come to mind when he thinks of New York City, What a cesspool. Tazz comes out and suplexes him and applies the tazzmission and Richards taps out. The match lasted maybe 10 seconds.
Winner: Tazz

William Regal is walking with Tajiri backstage and Tajiri was carrying a King of the Ring trophie and the ceremony is next.


Kurt Angle is eating carrots and Austin is looking at him in a weird way. Austin tells Vince if he wants him to get rid of Kurt and Vince whispers to him and tells him no because the KOTR award ceremony is next and Angle cannot be left alone, they can’t have him traumatized. Kurt Angle tells Austin they have a lot in common, They are both former KOTR winners, Austin is WWF champ, Kurt is former WWF champ, he said he feels like they are related. It was a very funny segment.

King of the Ring Ceremony

William Regal comes out with Tajiri and Tajairi had the trophie. Regal says that this country is lacking, politness, royalty..He said that’s why it’s his honor to introduce King Edge. Edge and Christian come out. Regal congratulates him. Regal asks him to give a 5 seconds pose. Christian says it’s an honor to be standing here with his brother Edge, the 2001 KOTR. He said his only regret is that Shane also interfered in his match. He said he beat Kane and Big Show, who combined weight more then 1000 pounds and Christian congratulates him. Edge thanks him. Edge welcomes the fans to an era of awesomeness. The One Billy Gunn comes out and congratulates Edge. He said when he won the 1999 KOTR, he was looking forward to going to the 2000 KOTR but he had a shoulder injury. He said he wasn’t even included in the 2001 tournament. People started to chant asshole and Edge says that Billy Gunn is like a vacuum cleaner, he sucks and blows at the same time. He said unlike Gunn, he will be an entertaining King. Billy Gunn challenges him for tonight and Edge accepts.


They show another WWF Classic that took place in MSG in 1981 between Pat Patterson and SGT. Slaughter.

Match #4
Tag Team Titles
Kane & Undertaker vs The Dudley Boyz

The match starts with both teams exchanging fists. Undertaker konocks Bubba to the outside. Kane sends Devon into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Bubba is punches Undertaker, then Undertaker replies back with a flying clothesline. Undertaker does the old school. Devon gets the tag and they double team Undertaker and they do a neck breaker. Undertaker knocks down Devon and drops the leg. Kane gets the tag and knocks down Devon with a punch. He beats on him in the corner. Body slam by Kane. Devon fights back with a few right hands, but Kane knocks him back down. Side walk slam by Kane. Kane goes on the top rope and delivers a clothesline on Devon, 1,2 but Bubba makes the save and all 4 men fight. Powerbomb by Kane on Devon. Albert comes out and delivers the Albert bomb on Kane, while Undertaker and Bubba were fighting on the outside. The referee goes back in the ring and makes the three count. After the match, Undertaker chokeslams Bubba. Undertaker and Sara were walking back on the entrance ramp and DDP attacks Undertaker with a steel chair and TSN censors the rest, they cut to a commercial break. But here is what happened. Sara was trying to fight DDP, DDP caught her, tangled her hair, and then ripped some if it out.
Winners: Still tag team champions, Dudley Boyz


Regal is talking to Tajiri about how he can punish Jericho. Tajiri asks for a match against Jericho. Regal was happy with the idea.

Match #5
European Title
Matt Hardy w/Lita vs Big Show w/Trish Stratus

Big Show throws Matt down. Show throws him in the corner and jumps, but missed him. Show throws Matt to the outside. Matt was behind the ring post and Show was about to clothesline him on it but Matt moves and Show hits the post, but it had no affect. He picked up Matt and threw him on the security rail. He tosses him back in the ring. Trish goes on the apron and kissed Matt, then Lita hits Trish. Show was going for the chokeslam, but Lita low blowed him and the referee called for a disqualification.
Winner: by DQ: Big Show

Shane McMahon/Booker T Segment

Shane McMahon was shown at WWF New York. Shane said that WCW needs some TV exposure. Shane said that Vince doesn’t like competition and Vince won’t give it TV time. He said WCW will invade the WWF. Shane introduces Booker T at WWF New York. Booker T says that he hears Austin likes to hunt and asks Austin how it feels to be the hunted. he said last night at KOTR, it was too easy to take him out. Booker T calls Steve Austin out. He said if Austin wants some, he can come and get some.

Austin tells Vince who the hell that is calling him. Vince McMahon tells Austin to go just a few blocks away at WWF New York and kick Booker T’s ass. Austin tells Vince to go with him and Vince agrees, then Kurt Angle was sitting and felt left out, so Austin asks him if he wants to go to WWF New York and kick Booker T’s ass and Angle agrees to go too.


A bunch of wrestlers were gathered up backstage and The Acolytes were telling the wrestlers that WCW wants to walk into the WWF. Bradshaw said WCW can go to hell. The Acolytes is asking the WWF wrestlers to stand up for the WWF.


Another WWF classic moment that took place in MSG was shown. Jimmy Snuka flying off that cage on Don Muraco.

Match #6
Edge vs Billy Gunn

Both men lock up and Gunn pushes Edge in the corner and punches him. Edge fights back and knocks him down. Spinning heal kick by Edge, followed by a baseball slide. Edge goes on the top rope and drop kicks Gunn and covers, 1,2 but Gunn kicks out. Gunn delivers a spine buster. Billy Gunn throws Edge to the outside. Back in the ring, Billy Gunn is in control of the match and chokes Edge. Both men are down, then they both get up at the same time and Edge knocks down Gunn. Blackjack by Edge. Kick in the back of the head by Edge and covers, 1,2 but Gunn kicks out. Jack hammer by Gunn and he covers, 1,2 but Edge kicks out. Gunn calls for the famasser, but Christian goes in the ring and delivers a neck breaker on Gunn, behind the referee’s back. Edge DDTs Gunn and gets the win.
Winner: Edge

Debra’s cell phone rings and she answers, it was Austin and he wanted to talk to Vince. Austin is saying that there is lots of traffic and Vince tells him it’s New York City. Austin was apparently saying that Kurt Angle is a dork, Vince said he’s a dangerous dork and he needs the backup.


Another WWF classic momnt that was in the Garden and it was in 1985. Body slam match, Big John Studd vs The Late Great Andre the Giant.

Match #7
Tajiri vs Chris Jericho

Jericho says that it sounds like MSG is full of Jerichoholics tonight. He said Y2J’s quest to become WWF champion, will never evvveeer end.

The match starts with Jericho beating on Tajiri. He sends him shoulder first into the steel post. Suplex by Jericho and covers, 1,2 but Tajiri kicks out. Tajiri kicks Jericho, then Tajiri tried a sunset flip, then puts Tajiri in the Walls of Jericho, then Regal goes on the apron and distracts Jericho and Jericho turns around and Tajiri kicks him. Roll up by Tajiri but Jericho kicks out. Tajiri kicks Jericho and goes on the top rope and does a mistle drop kick, 1,2 but Jericho kicks out. Jericho kicks Tajiri in the back of the head. Jericho does a couple of clotheslines and then a spring board drop kick. Jericho knocks down Regal. Tajiri tries to go for the hurricanran, but Jericho does two powerbombs and he covers, 1,2 but Regal pulls out the referee. Regal held Jericho and Tajiri sprayed the green myst, but Jericho ducks and Regal gets it in his face. Jericho hits Tajiri and gets the ping.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Austin and Kurt Angle have apparently arrived to WWF NY and Vince McMahon is talking to Austin on the phone and he tells Austin not to make his move and he will go in the ring and will tell him when to make his move. Vince tells Debra that this will be good and heads towards the ring.


Austin, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon & Booker T Segment at WWF New York

Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring. Vince grabs the microphone and says that things have happened tonight that he would of never thought he would see. He said Stone Cold has come up with a plan and he said that Austin will kick Booker T’s ass and he said that Austin and Kurt are outside at WWF New York. Austin and Kurt are shown entering WWF NY. A security guard tells him that Booker T and Shane left a while ago. Austin takes the microphone and said he came down here to whip Booker T’s ass and Booker T is not here. Austin said that next time he sees Booker T he will kick his ass. Vince McMahon was shown in MSG, then Shane McMahon’s music hits and he comes out in Madison Square Garden. Booker T sneaks up from behind and Vince hits him, then Booker T beats the hell out of Vince McMahon. WWF wrestlers ran out, Shane and Booker T started running.

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