WWF RAW 6/18/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
June 18, 2001
Live from: Tampa, Florida
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Raw starts with footage from Smackdown, when Steve Austin tried to make a petition and when Spike ripped it. They also showed footage their match.

Opening Segment

Spike Dudley comes out with Molly Holly. Spike grabs the microphone and says that never in his wildest dream he would imagine himself getting a title shot for the WWF title against Austin. He said, even though he lost, he liked the match. He said that he wasn’t good enough for Austin. Spike says that Austin tried to hit Molly with a chair and he has had enough. He calls Steve Austin out. The glass breaks and Austin comes out. Austin tells Spike who the hell he thinks he is? Spike says “My name is Spike Dudley”. Austin says “for the record, my name is Stone Cold Steve Austin”. Austin said he can’t believe he called him out. Austin said it’s not fair, to take a look at himself and him. Spike asks the fans if they want to see him vs Austin tonight and they cheer. Austin tells him he does not deserve to be in the same ring with him. Austin tells Spike that he has guts, because no one else has guts to do that. Austin calls Molly a bimbo and Spike tells him to take that back, then Molly slaps Austin. Austin tells both of them that they earned his respect and he offers his hand. Spike shakes his hand tight and they stare at each other. Austin stuns Molly and he leaves. TSN of course censored that.


The Dudleyz hand it to Spike for challenging Austin on Smackdown…Then they talk about them not getting one title shot and Spike had one. Then Spike tells them they are full of crap and that they don’t care about Molly. Dudleyz tell him what he is going to do about it and Spike stays quiet. When the Dudleyz leave, Spike says “I’ll show you what I will do about it.”.

Match #1
2nd round for KOTR
Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy

The match starts with both men locking up, then Kurt delivers a belly to belly over head suplex. Jeff sends Kurt to the outside and jumps on him. Back in the ring, Kurt does a suplex, then attempts to do the Olympic slam, but he gets out of it. Jaw breaker by Jeff. Clothesline by Kurt. Kurt goes on the top rope and attempts to do a moonsault, but Jeff moved out of the way. Swanton bomb, 1,2 but Kurt put his foot on the rope. Jeff goes on the top rope, then Angle throws him right off and applies the ankle lock and gets the win.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Austin and Debra are backstage and Austin says he needs somebody to understand him. He said he needs someone to understand him as champion and Debra says that she’s a former champion and Austin starts laughing.


William Regal congratulated Tajiri for his outstanding performance on Smackdown. Austin walks in and Regal tells him that he doesn’t need to defend the WWF title tonight. He told him it will be Spike, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho against Austin and the Dudley Boyz. Then, Austin said he wants someone to talk to and Regal thought it was him and Austin said it was Tijiri. Austin asks Regal to get out so he can talk to Tajiri.

Cole interviews Tazz and Tazz plugs WWF Tough Enough. Hardcore Holly tells asks Tazz if he is tough. Hardcore Holly tells him if he is tough enough, he should try him and Tazz accepts the challenge for tonight.

Kane was at WWF New York and this kid was playing at this teddy bear machine and was trying to catch a teddy bear, then Kane comes and breaks the glass of the machine and gives the kid a whole bunch of teddy bears.

The stalker was filming again and this time it was Undertaker and Sara. Stalker said no more hiding, he will reveal himself tonight. We see the stalker, but only from the knees down and believe me it looks like DDP. The way he walks is exactly like him. So we will see if I am right once he is revealed.

Match #2
Hardcore Holly vs Tazz

Drop kick by Hardcore Holly, followed by a low blow. Hardcore Holly goes on teh top rope and delivers a leg drop, 1,2, but Tazz kicks out. Tazz fights back. Clothesline by Tazz. Holly fights back and slams Tazz and covers but only gets a two count. Holly ran and hit the turnbuckle because Tazz moved, then Tazz catches him with the tazzmission.
Winner: Tazz

Austin is talking to Tajiri and telling him that Vince’s wife is ruining everything. He tells him that Austin would never let a woman run his life. Austin tells Tajiri to touch his belt to feel it and he does. Austin complains to Tajiri about his problems. Tajiri smiles and nods his head because he didn’t understand a word. (Very funny segment) William Regal comes back in and tells Tajiri that his match is next.


Edge apologizes to Christian about what happened on Smackdown. Then they argue as usual. Kurt Angle breaks it up and he says it pains him to see them fighting. Angle said he is in the semi-final and that there is no way they are winning.

Match #3
2nd Round KOTR match
Tajiri vs Rhyno

The match starts with Rhyno knocking him down. Hurricanrana by Tajiri. Tajiri slaps him on the chest, then Rhyno delivers a spine buster and covers, but only gets a two count. Turanchula by Tajiri. Powerbomb by Rhyno. Rhyno ran to spear him and Tajiri knocks him out with a kick. Tajiri goes on the top rope and jumps and Rhyno catches him with the spear.
Winner: Rhyno


William Regal yells at Tajiri for losing the match.

Stalker Revealed!

Undertaker’s music hits and a masked man comes out on his motorcycle. He goes in the ring and unmasks himself and it’s Diamond Dallas Page! I said it earlier in my report. :) DDP said people will asks him why he did that and DDP said that you have to do that to have an impact and make it personal. He said you have to go after the top dog in the business. DDP said that Undertaker told Austin if he messes with his family, he will make him famous and DDP said “DUH!!!”. DDP said that Undertaker said he isn’t afraid of anyone. DDP calls him a liar because he isn’t here tonight, he is at home scared. DDP said that he made Sara famous. DDP said he will use Undertaker to get on top of the business. He issues a challenge to Undertaker for the King of The Ring. He begs the Undertaker to make him famous. Security came out and they chased DDP.


Match #4
2nd Round of KOTR
Saturn vs Edge

Edge and Saturn exchange fists. Saturn knocks him down. Edge fights back and drops him. Edge takes control, clothesline by Edge and only gets a two count. Another clothesline by Edge and he covers, but Saturn kicks out. Edge goes on the top rope and jumps, but Saturn kicks him and delivers a belly to belly over head suplex, followed by a clothesline. Saturn goes on the top rope, cross body and Edge reverses it,1,2 but kick out by Saturn. Fisherman suplex by Saturn, 1,2 but Christian pulls Edge. Christian distracts Saturn, Saturn turns around and DDT by Edge and gets the win.
Winner: Edge

A limo pulls up and Vince McMahon comes out and the Brooklyn Brawler is there and Vince asks him if he knows where Austin is and he tells him that Austin is in his office.


They show highlights of Mick Foley on “Live With Regis”.

Match #5
European Title
Matt Hardy vs Albert

Waist lock by Matt, but Albert starts beating on him. Matt tries to fight back, but Albert clotheslines him. Both men are fighting on the outside and Albert is in control. Back in the ring, Albert covers and Matt kicks out. Albert whips Matt into the turnbuckle and runs, but Matt moves. DDT by Matt and covers, 1,2 but Albert kicks out. Albert clotheslines him. Albert chokes Matt and the referee calls for the bell. (A Disqualification) After the match, Albert was about to do the Albert bomb, but Lita low blows him and Matt does the Twist of Fate. Then, X-Pac and Justin Credible come out and they beat on Matt and Jeff comes out, but they beat on him too.
Winner: by disqualification, Matt Hardy

Vince McMahon asks Austin how he is feeling and Austin said he feels good. McMahon asks him if he feels focused and Austin said yes. McMahon talks about the hug last week and asks Austin what was he thinking, then McMahon changes the subject. Vince McMahon tells him what was he thinking defending the title against Spike before a PPV. McMahon asks Austin what the hells he is thinking for agreeing to do the 6-man tag match tonight and Austin gets up and tells him to make up his mind. Either Steve Austin or Linda McMahon and Austin leaves.


Spike Dudley thanks Benoit and Jericho for saving him on Smackdown. Benoit tells him they didn’t do it for him. Benoit tells him “Do you know who I am? My name is Stone Cold Steve Austin”. They laugh and leave.

Christian complains to Edge and Rhyno. He tells them that Rhyno had to face a guy with his second time wrestling in the WWF and Edge faced a guy that has mustard and crayons. He said he has to face the Big Show and Edge tells him not to worry, they got his back.


Kurt Angle comes out to do a little color commentary and Paul Heyman asks him for his autograph.

Match #6
2d Round of KOTR
Big Show vs Christian

Christian attacks Big Show, but Show throws him. Edge tried to get involved, but Show picks him up and drops him on the outside. Back in the ring, Big Show continues the punishment and they go back on the outside, Show pushes Angle and gets back in the ring and Kurt Angle distracts the referee, Edge and Christian beat on Show with the chairs (conchairto) and Christian covers and gets the win.
Winner: Christian

Match #6
Six-Man tag
Steve Austin & Dudley Boyz vs Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit & Spike

The match starts with Bubba and Jericho. Both men lock up, knock down by Bubba. Jericho puts him in the corner and beats on him. Arm drag take down. Jericho runs and Bubba picks him up and drops him on the ropes. Devon gets the tag and continues to beat on him. Benoit gets the tag. German suplex by Benoit on Devon, followed by a couple of chops to the chest of Devon. Spike gets the tag. Hurricanrana by Spike on Devon. Spike goes on the top and jumps, but Devon clotheslines him. Austin gets the tag. Austin whips him into the turnbuckle, then Jericho, Benoit and Spike each take a shot at Austin. Sunset flip by Spike, 1,2 but Austin kicks out. Bubba gets a table and places it on the outside. Austin talks to Bubba, then Spike rolls him up, 1,2, but Austin kicks out. Bubba gets the tag. Back body drop by Bubba. The Dudleyz do the whazzupp thing, then Devon switches places with Bubba and beats on Spike. Bubba gets the tag back and continues the punishment. Benoit gets the tag and he beats on them, then all six men beat on each other. Devon goes through a table by Chris Jericho. Three German suplexes on Austin by Benoit. Benoit attempts to do a diving headbutt, but Austin moves out of the way. Low blow by Austin. Austin stomps on Benoit. Spike grabs Austin, then Austin picks him up and throws him on a table. Austin shoves down referee, Earl Hebner. Austin gets a chair and attempt to hit Benoit, But Jericho grabs the chair away. Walls of Jericho on Austin, then Chris Benoit applies the crossface too and Austin gave up.
Winners: Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit & Spike

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