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WWF RAW 6/11/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
June 11, 2001
Live from: Richmond, VA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Opening Segment
Commissioner William Regal comes out. Regal said, he is out here with a simple question, where has the sportsmanship and the decencies went? He talks about the Smackdown match between Vince & Austin vs Benoit and Jericho and he asks them to show highlights of the match. He showed that Chris Benoit pulled Austin’s tights and he promoted nudity as well. Asshole chants broke. He said sportsmanship will triumph at the end. Foley chants broke. William Regal tells Chris Benoit that he has a chance to prove him wrong. Regal then addresses Jericho and tells him that he will face Rhyno and Big Show tonight because he put the walls of Jericho on him last week. Regal also sets up a cage match between Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle for tonight. Then Mick Foley’s music hits and he comes out. Foley said that he wish that he listened to Regal’s words of wisdom in the past. Foley said that he has been a fool. Mick Foley said that he has a special guest here tonight. Regal cuts him off and calls security. Linda McMahon’s music hits and she comes out. Regal tries to suck up to her. Linda said she has been spending a lot of times thinking about the main event of the King of The Ring. She talked about Austin facing Jericho and Benoit at King of The Ring. Regal said it’s not fair for Austin to wrestle two matches in one night. So Linda showed a footage from Smackdown when Austin said he can beat both Jericho and Benoit at the same time. Therefore, Linda makes a triple threat match for the WWF title at the King of the Ring, Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit.


Match #1
KOTR Qualifying Match
Kane vs Christian w/ Edge

The match starts with Kane knocking down Christian and whips him in the corner, then picks him up and drops him. Kane went for an elbow drop, but Christian moves. Christian fights back, but Kane throws him in the corner, then he delivers a boot to the face. Kane goes on the top rope and knocks him down with a clothesline. Kane was about to chockeslam Christian, but Edge distracts the referee, then Albert comes out and does the Albert bomb on Kane. Christian covers Kane and advances in the tournament.
Winner: Christian

Steve Austin and Debra were in the parking lot and they met Linda and Foley. Austin yells at Linda and tells her she is making people’s lives miserable. Then Foley gets in his face and tells him he doesn’t like the way he treats her. Then Foley tells Austin about the triple threat match Linda made and he leaves and Austin goes nuts.


They show highlights of Mick Foley on the tonight show with Jay Leno.

Match #2
Hardy Boyz vs X-Pac & Justin Credible

Matt starts off against X-Pac. Headlock by Matt, followed by a shoulder block. X-Pac throws Matt to the outside. Justin nails Matt on the outside and sends him back in and X-Pac covers but Matt kicks out. Justin gets the tag and beats on him and makes the tag back to X-Pac. X-Pac beats on Matt in the corner and X-Pac attempts to do the X-Factor, but Matt moves. Justin misses his baseball slide drop kick. Jeff gets the tag and him and Matt beat on X-Factor. Jeff was on the top rope and Justin trips him. Lita does the hurricanrana on X-Pac and Jeff does the swanton bomb and gets the win. After the match, X-Factor attack the Hardyz and X-Pac drills Jeff Hardy with a couple of chair shots.
Winners: Hardy Boyz

William Regal is talking to Tajiri and tells him to have patience in order to be a WWF superstar. Austin walks into Regal’s office and yells at him for agreeing to make the match at KOTR. Regal tells him he had no choice, then Tajiri starts talking Japanese or something and Austin gives him a beating.


Trish Stratus offers to be in Steve Blackman’s corner at the King of the Ring.

Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit are shown talking about their match at KOTR. (Nothing big)

Spike tells Molly he misses her. They talk about the tag match. Molly said that they wish that the Hollys would leave her alone. Spike said that nothing can come between them.

Austin tells Vince that his stupid wife made a triple threat match at the King of the Ring and he holds Vince responsible. Vince tells him they will discuss it in the locker room, then Austin pushes him and they stare at each other and Austin hugs Vince.


Match #3
Handicap match
Chris Jericho vs Big Show & Rhyno

The match starts with Rhyno and Jericho. Jericho is in control, then he drop kicks Big Show. Lionsault on Rhyno, 1,2 but Show pulls him out. Big Show beats on Jericho and tosses him back in the ring. Rhybo beats on Jericho. Show gets the tah and beats on Jericho. Rhyno gets the taga nd Jericho delivers a kick in the back of the head. Jericho pushes Show, then he goes in the ring and squashes him and beats on him in the corner. Then, Jericho throws Rhyno on the outside and does a mistle drop kick on Show and was about to do the walls of Jericho on Show, but Rhyno hit him, then Show chokeslams him, then Rhyno did the gore on Big Show and covered Jericho.
Winners: Big Show & Rhyno

Shane thanks Kane for saving his ass last week. Shane said that Kurt Angle is known as interfering in family issues, and he gave Kane an example when he was involved in Steph’s and HHH’s marriage. Shane said he is not pointing any fingers…


Austin attacks Chris Jericho backstage and beats on him.

Kurt Angle/Undertaker segment

Kurt Angle comes out and says that as an American hero, it makes him sick every time he comes to Richmond. He said that tonight he will kick Benoit’s ass and it will be in a steel cage and this time he will snap his ankle in two. He said all his life he lived by one mono an done mono only “Cheaters never win”. He asks them to show highlights of when he was inducted in the amateur wrestling hall of fame. He tells the people to shut up and to show some respect. He said he is above the average man. He compliments himself like crazy, which was pretty funny. He said he will be the first superstar to win the King of the Ring twice in a row. He calls Shane a coward and tells Shane not to be a coward and to come out and confront him right now. Undertaker’s music hits and he comes out and tells Angle to shut up. Undertaker tells him that word is out that he likes to mess with people’s wives. Angle tells him that he met his wife once and he didn’t even find her attractive. Undertaker knocks him down and delivers the last ride. The stalker is shown on the titon tron and he enters Undertaker’s house. The stalker tells Undertaker not to try to keep Sara away from him, he doesn’t like that. Then, Undertaker runs backstage. In the ring, Kurt Angle was trying to get up after the last ride and Shane McMahon comes out and gives him the Olympic slam.


They show highlights of The Rock on the MTV awards.

Match #4
KOTR Qualifying Match
Saturn vs Steve Blackman

Saturn takes control. Northerlight suplex by Saturn, 1,2 but Blackman kicks out. Blackman fights back. Trish chases Terri, then Terri hides behind Dean Malenko. Belly to bell suplex by Saturn. Saturn does a fisherman suplex and gets the win. After the match, Trish goes after Terri and beats on her, then Dean Malenko was about to hit her with a kendo stick and Blackman stops him and takes the stick and beats them with it.
Winner: Perry Saturn


Debra tries to cheer up Austin. Austin tells her that he doesn’t want to go to the KOTR and face both Jericho and Benoit. Then he snaps.

Terri Runnels walks into Regal’s office. She asks if he can give the Radicalz the night off on Smackdown because Saturn has not been acting like himself lately. Regal gives them the night off.


Match #5
6-person tag team match
Dudley Boyz & Spike vs The Hollys

The match starts with Crash and Spike. Crash takes him down and tags Molly. Molly and Spike didn’t want to fight, so Hardcore Holly tags himself in. He beats on Spike and tags Crash. Crash goes on the top rope and Spike trips him. Spike makes the tag to Devon. Powerslam by Devon. Bubba gets the tag and so does Hardcore Holly. Powerslam by Bubba and they do the whazzzpppp thing and Bubba tells Devon to get the tables. Bubba tries to grab Molly but she escaped. In the ring, The Duleyz 3D Crash for the win. After the match, Hardcore Holly attacks them. A table has been setup on the outside and Bubba and Hardcore Holly were fighting on the apron and they both fall through the table. Spike gets up and kisses Molly and they leave together.
Winners: Dudley Boyz & Spike


They show a small HHH update.

They talk to Test in WWF New York. Test talks about Shane’s sister, Stephanie and Test says that she spends more time lying down then standing up. Jim Ross asks him if there is any possibilities of him joining WCW. He said, yes he might want a piece of that action.


Steve Austin comes out to do some color commentary.

Match #6
Cage Match
Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit

The match starts with Kurt taking down Benoit. Suplex by Benoit. Benoit tries to go for the crippler’s crossface, but Kurt takes him down. Kurt stomps on Chris Benoit. He beats on him in the corner. Benoit reverses it and delivers a few chops to the chest. Angle picks up Benoit and throws him on the cage. Gut rench suplex by Kurt Angle, followed by another, again, followed by another. Angle tries to escape the cage, Benoit tries to pull him off, then Benoit does a German suplex from the top rope. Benoit tries to escape, but Kurt catches up and pulls him off. Benoit delivers a few right hands and sends Kurt into the steel cage. Chris Benoit tries to escape, but Kurt low blows him and takes control. Angle slam by Kurt. Kurt goes on the top of the cage and does a moonsault, but Benoit moves. Benoit works on Kurt for a while, then Kurt fights back and throws Benoit on the cage. Benoit does six German suplexes on Kurt Angle. Benoit tries to go out the door, but then he goes back and does four German suplexes to complete the ten. Benoit goes on the top of the cage, then Austin gets a chair and starts hitting the cage and Benoit couldn’t get down. Benoit does a diving headbutt from the top of the cage on Kurt. Austin throws the referee on the outside and was about to go in the cage and Benoit drop kicks the cage on Austin’s face, then Kurt does the ankle lock, but somehow, Benoit manages to get out of it. Benoit was getting out of the cage and Austin slams the cage door in his face. Angle climbs the cage and goes out. After the match, Austin beats on Chris Benoit with a steel chair.
Winner: Kurt Angle


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