WWF RAW 6/4/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
June 4, 2001
Live from: Minneapolis, MN
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Raw starts of with some footage of Smackdown’s main event.

Match #1
Intercontinental Title
Kane vs Christian w/ Edge

Christian says that he feels sorry for the people in Minnesota, and that they have nothing to cheer for but freaks. He insults their home town. The match starts with Kane throwing Christian in the corner and beating on him. He whips him into the turnbuckle and clotheslines him. Kane goes on the top rope, then Christian goes up and Kane pushes him off. Kane clotheslines him from the top. Edge tries to trip Kane, then Kane gets out to hit Edge, but Christian catches up and hits Kane and Kane goes head fist into the steel steps, then Edge beats on Kane while Christian went back in the ring and was receiving attention from the referee. Back in the ring, drop kick by Christian and covers, but Kane kicks out. Kane knocks him down. Back body drop by Kane. Christian goes on the top rope and Kane throws him right off and was about to chockeslam him, then Edge goes up on the apron and Kane throws him in, then Kane starts fighting with Christian on the outside and Edge was in the ring, Hugh Morrus comes out and does a moonsault on Edge and leaves. Kane powerbombs Christian once they get back in the ring and Kane gets the win.
Winner: Still Intercontinental champion, Kane

Vince McMahon was shown making his way to the ring and he wasn’t happy.


Vince McMahon Segment

No Chance music hits and Vince McMahon comes out and he didn’t look happy. He said that it’s pretty obvious that Shane is trying to be a disruptive voice and he said it won’t happen. Then Vince addresses Chris Benoit and tells him who he thinks he is. He said Chris Benoit attacked him last week, he said he even has a slight concussion. Vince McMahon calls Benoit an animal. He said that’s exactly how Steve Austin treated him last week and he said Austin beat Benoit twice in a week. Vince McMahon tells Chris Benoit that he will never get a WWF Title shot again. He tells Benoit that he should have a little more respect for the WWF champion and not to give him ten suplexes. Then he said that he will reward Benoit tonight, with a match against the Big Show. Mick Foley’s song hits and the former commissioner comes out with his book and a microphone. Mick Foley plugs his book again. Vince McMahon tells him that he came out here just to plug his stinking book. Mick Foley said he didn’t come out here to talk about a book, he came to talk about a bookmark and he pulls the paper out of his book and he said a valid WWF contract. He said, once again in his meeting with Linda McMahon back in December, he made a contract where he can make a Raw main event at anytime and he chooses tonight. Foley makes a match between Steve Austin and Chris Jericho for the WWF title and Chris Benoit and Vince are banned. Vince tells him that the contract was signed in Connecticut and they are in Minnesota so the contract is only valid in Connecticut, so Mick Foley says that since they are in Minnesota he will bring out Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Jesse Ventura comes out and says “On behalf of all the people tonight here in Minnesota and representing as the highest official in Minnesota.” He wants to make something clear with Vince. He said Vince couldn’t control him when he was working for Vince and Vince can’t certainly control him now. Jesse Ventura makes the match for tonight. Mick Foley said that since the night started with a surprise, he will end it with a surprise.


Steve Austin and Debra are shown entering the building.

Match #2
King of The Ring Qualifying Match
Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy

The match starts with Jeff rolling up Matt, but Matt easily kicks out. Headlock by Matt. Arm drag take down by Jeff. Matt tries to go for the twist of faith, but Jeff pushes him in the corner. Jeff goes on the top rope and does a moonsault on Matt and covers, 1,2 but Matt kicks out. Sleeper by Matt. On the outside, Matt DDTs Jeff and sends him right back in the ring. Matt covers and only gets a two count. Matt goes on the second rope and attempts to do a leg drop, but Jeff moves. Jeff goes on the top rope, but Matt trips him and goes up, then Jeff pushes him off and attempts to do the senton bomb, but Matt puts his knees up. Matt was going for the twist of faith, then Jeff reverses him and rolls it up to get the win.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

Vince McMahon tells Austin that he has to defend the WWF title tonight and Austin said his back is killing him. Austin was furious and Vince told him that Foley is talking about this surprise. Austin tells Vince that this divorce thing is affected him too. Austin tells Vince to shut Linda up by giving her 500 million dollars, then Vince tells him that women do not deserve that kind of money.


Mick Foley is walking backstage and Trish talks to him and she said that Terri Runnels challenged her into a bra and panties match. Foley tells her that she shouldn’t be afraid of her and Trish said she isn’t, then he talks Trish into doing the match and she agrees.

William Regal is in his office and Tajiri is serving him. Kurt Angle walks into his office and tells him that he knows Shane McMahon is the building, then he asks Regal if he Shane accepts his challenge and Regal said yes he accepted it. Kurt Angle says that KOTR will be good, he will defend his KOTR title and will face Shane and Regal kind of doubted it and Kurt Angle told him that he is able to beat Shane and successfully defend his KOTR title in one night. Then Kurt Angle complains about Spike Dudley and Regal makes a match, The Hollys and Kurt Angle against The Dudley Boyz and Spike.

The Dudleyz were talking and Bubba tells Spike not to screw up the match tonight.

Molly Holly was shown at WWF New York and she thanked Spike for all the flowers he sent and she tells Spike that she likes him too.


Match #3
Dudley Boyz & Spike vs Hollys & Kurt Angle

Hardcore Holly starts off against Devon. Clothesline by Devon. Hardcore Holly takes him down. Powerslam by Devon. Spike gets a tag and Hardcore Holly just throws him around. Crash gets the tag and beats on Spike, then Hardcore Holly gets the tag back and continues the punishment, then Crash gets the tag back again and works on Spike’s back. Spike makes the tag, but the referee did not see it. Kurt Angle gets the tag and Spike takes down Kurt Angle a few times, then Kurt does a German suplex and beats on him. Hardcore Holly gets the tag and so does Bubba and Bubba does the Bubba bomb, followed by a Samoan drop. Devon clotheslines Hardcore Holly. Kurt Angle does a German suplex on Bubba. Kurt goes on the top rope and attempts to moonsault him, but he moves, then the Dudleyz do the wazzuppp thing. Bubba tells Devon to get the table. Then they 3D Crash and Devon goes to the outside, Angle does the Angle slam on Bubba and gets the win.
Winners: Hollys & Kurt Angle


Match #4
Big Show vs Chris Benoit

The match starts with Big Show and Benoit exchanging a few hits. Chop to the chest by SHow. Clothesline by Big Show. Headbutt by Show. He whips Chris Benoit into the turnbuckle. Bear hug put Show. Benoit escapes, but Show knocks him down and does a gorilla plex slam. Big Show goes on the top rope and attempts to drive the elbow, but Chris Benoit moves. Drop kick by Chris Benoit and he goes on the top rope and does a diving headbutt, then Big Show grabs Chris Benoit to chokeslam him, but Chris Benoit does the crossface and Big Show taps out.
Winner: Chris Benoit

Undertaker arrives to the building.


Undertaker Segment

Undertaker comes out and he said he wants to cut to the chase and he said somebody gots a death wish and their wish is about to come true. He said if someone gots a problem with him, to deal with him and not his wife. He said enough is enough. He warned people to not mess with his family and he said he knows that Austin did not do it because he was warned before. He said there will be hell to pay when he finds out who’s the sick bastard behind this. Undertaker said that Jim Ross was the first one to get the letter and the tape, but he tells Ross if he knows something that he isn’t telling him, he better tell him now and Jim Ross tells him he has no clue. Jim Ross tells him to ask Vince McMahon. The stalker is shown again stalking Sara on the titon tron. Undertaker left even more pissed off.


King of the Ring moment: Hell in a Cell between Undertaker and Mankind.

Undertaker walks into Vince McMahon’s locker room and Undertaker grabs him and asks him if he knows. Vince McMahon said it might be Shane McMahon. Undertaker tells Vince if he is lying, he will stick the WWF up his ass.

Match #5
KOTR Qualifying Match
Tazz vs Rhyno

The match starts with some ECW chants. Suplex by Tazz. Tazz kicks Rhyno to the outside. Back in the ring, Rhyno clotheslines Tazz and beats on him in the corner. Tazz fights back , then Rhyno takes him down. Tazz does a suplex on Rhyno. Spear by Tazz and covers, but Rhyno kicks out. Tazzmission, but Rhyno is squeezing him in the corner and gets out of it. Gore by Rhyno and Rhyno gets the win.
Winner: Rhyno

Debra tells Austin that she is going to get a coffee.


Debra is shown looking for Mick Foley. She find him and they hug and everything. Debra tries to find out Foley’s secret for tonight but he wouldn’t tell her. Mick Foley asked her where she was going to be tonight in case he changes his mind and wants to let her know about the surprise and she tells him she will be backstage.

Edge and Christian are shown talking backstage and Christian said he wants to be the 2001 King of The Ring and he will enter, then Edge told him that he entered too.

Michael Cole gets a word with Chris Jericho. Jericho said he has been a former 3 times IC champion, he told him he even told Vince McMahon had a small penis. He calls Austin a slut and he said, my name is Chris Jericho and tonight he deserves to be WWF Champion an dthat’s the bottom line cause all the Jerichoholics said so.


Match #6
Bra and Panties Match
Terri vs Trish Stratus

Trish chases Terri and she grabs her and bulldogs her. Trish rips Terri’s shirt off. Terri pushes Trish and then Trish was pulling her pants, but Terri kicks her. Terri takes off Trish’s shirt. Perry Saturn comes out wearing a robe and and takes it off and distracts Terri and Trish rips off Terri’s pants. Saturn was wearing a bra and a thong which was pretty sick.
Winner: Trish Stratus


Match #7
WWF Title Match
Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho
Referee (Enforcer): Mick Foley

The match starts with Austin attacking Jericho. Austin beats on Jericho in the corner. Jericho fights back and delivers a couple of chops to the chest of Austin. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho on Austin, but Austin grabs the ropes. On the outside, Austin clotheslines Jericho and sends him back in the ring. Spring board drop kick by Jericho. Austin sends Jericho into the steel steps. Then he throws Jericho on Mick Foley and Foley is down. Jericho fights back, by throwing Austin into the steel steps. Mick Foley gets up and throws Austin in the ring. Bulldog by Jericho and he attempts to do the lionsault, but Austin puts his knees up. Spine buster by Austin. Austin kicks Jericho in the ribs. Austin applies a submission hold on Jericho. Jericho tries to fight back, but Austin delivers a low blow and covers, but only gets a two count. He starts kicking Jericho. Austin tries to argue with Foley, then Jericho low blows Austin. Both men exchange fists. Jericho drop kicks Austin from the top rope. He puts Austin in the top rope and does a hurricanrana and only gets a two count. Jericho accidently hits the referee. Jericho does the Walls of Jericho on Austin, Foley goes in to see, then Regal comes out and attacks Mick Foley from behind. Jericho goes after Regal and Mick Foley accidently hits Jericho with a chair. Austin sends Jericho in the ring and covers, but Jericho kicks out. Stunner by Austin and he gets the win. After the match, Jericho does the Walls of Jericho on Regal, then Mick Foley does the mandible claw on Regal.
Winner: Still the WWF Champion, Steve Austin

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