WWF RAW 5/28/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
May 28, 2001
Live from: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Raw starts with some highlights of Smackdown’s main event.

Opening Segment

Vince McMahon comes out. He said how nice it is to be back in Calgary. He said only in Canada we can have the french and English living together in harmony. He said, many are proud to say, I am Canadian! The fans started to cheer. He said maybe you’re proud is because you brought America ice hockey and strong beer. He said he would visit Canada, as long as his fellow Americans don’t live here. Chris Jericho’s music hits and he comes out. Jericho came to talk and the microphone didn’t work and Vince said it was because it was a Canadian microphone. Jericho tells him since he is a billionaire he should at least have a microphone that works. Jericho then says he wants Stone Cold Steve Austin in a match for the title, and he wants it tonight. Vince tells him who the hell do he think he is? He said he is Vince McMahon. Jericho tells him “would you please shut the hell up.” He tells him he is a genetic jackhammer, Jericho tells him he created the two biggest sluts. One of them being his precious daughter Stephanie and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Then Jericho shows a footage of Vince signing from 1987 the song ca;;ed “Stand Back”. Vince tells him how he got that footage, then he tells Jericho, he wants his match, he got it. He tells him that he won’t take on Austin, he will take on Big Show. Chris Benoit’s music hits and he comes out. Benoit says there is no doubt Vince is a diverse entertainer, and since Jericho has a hardcore title match vs Big Show, he said the match people want to see more is Chris Benoit vs Austin. Then Benoit tells him not only he’s a great singer but he’s a great dancer then they show the 1987 footage of Vince dancing and we see Hogan playing the guitar in the back. Vince got mad and tells him that it will be him against Rhyno tonight. He said after their matches, one of them will face Austin for the belt tonight and he will decide who. Then Jericho calls him a jackass…and they play the 1987 “Stand Back” song again.


Howard Finkle introduces the first family of wrestling and he introduces Stu Hart and his family sitting at ring side.

Match #1
X-Pac & Justin Credible w/Albert vs Hardy Boyz w/Lita

The match starts with Credible attacking Jeff. Hip toss by Jeff and then he twists his arm, then Justin gets out of it and makes the tag to X-Pac. Matt gets the tag. Whips X-Pac to the ropes, then X-Pac throws Matt to the outside. They double team Matt on the outside. Back in the ring, X-Pac does the bronco buster. Then Lita trips X-Pac. Matt makes the tag to Jeff and Jeff drops his leg on X-Pac. Guerrero comes out and trips Justin and Matt does the twists of faith. Then Jeff does the Senton bomb and gets the win. After the match Albert attempted to powerbomb Jeff, but Eddie Guerrero makes the save.
Winners: Hardy Boyz

Trish and Terri get into an argument backstage.


William Regal is in his office and Tajiri is his servant and he tells him to put the Queen’s picture on the wall and Albert walks in and demands a match with Eddie Guerrero and Regal says ok but no Hardyz and X-Factors allowed at ring side.

Match #2
Chris Benoit vs Rhyno

Benoit kicks Rhyno into the mid section, then Rhyno nails him down. German suplex by Benoit, followed by another. Rhyno tries to escape, then Benoit does a third one. Benoit tries to go for the crossface, then Rhyno gets the ropes then Rhyno does the Gore and Benoit falls to the outside. Back in the ring, Rhyno continues the punishment. But Benoit fights back and delivers another German suplex, and another. Benoit puts Rhyno on the top rope and super plexes Rhyno off the top rope. Chris covers, 1,2 but Rhyno kicks out. Spine Buster by Rhyno. Rhyno was going for the gore and Benoit reverses it and applies the crossface and gets the win.
Winner: Chris Benoit


Match #3
Trish Stratus & Steve Blackman vs Saturn & Terri

The match starts with Saturn and Blackman. They exchange a couple of moves. Then Saturn clotheslines Blackman. Black gets up and back suplexes him. Trish gets the tag and she goes after Terri, then Terri picks Trish by the hair and throws her. Roll up by Trish, but she only gets a two count. Trish puts her in the corner and beats on her then she bulldogs her. Saturn takes down Trish. Saturn gets the tag and Trish runs and makes the tag to Blackman. Steve takes down Saturn, then Terri goes in and Blackman spanks her and throws her on Saturn and Trish comes in and spears her. LANCE STORM COMES OUT and kicks Saturn and leaves in the crowd and Blackman gets the win.
Winners: Trish Stratus & Steve Blackman


During the commercial Lance Storm goes into the parking lot and hugs Shane McMahon and Shane says it has just begun.

Vince is yelling at the security guards telling them how can they let that happen. A WCW wrestler sneaks in and they don’t see it. He said if that happens again, they will be fired.

Al Snow is shown at WWF New York and he talks about WWF Tough Enough.

Spike and Molly are shown holding hands and then Spike tells her he will always fight for her and they were about to kiss, then Kurt Angle tells them to stop and he wants to talk to them about the birds and the bees. He said if they ever had a baby, it will be the most disgusting thing ever. Then Spike slaps Kurt Angle in the face attacks Kurt and Kurt beats him up. Molly tells the Dudleyz, then the Dudleyz get out of their locker room and The Hollys attack them.


Spike walks into the Dudleyz locker room and he tells them what’s going on..Then the Dudleyz tell him to shut up and they told him that she will go through a table.

Match #4
Hardcore Title
Chris Jericho vs Big Show

Jericho drops kicks Show. Then Show nails him down. Big Show sends Jericho into the steel steps. Show gets a few objects and throws them into the ring. Show picks up Jericho over his head and lets him go. Show tosses the steel steps in the ring. Back in the ring, Show continues the punishment. He puts a garbage can in corner, then Jericho tries to fight back, but it didn’t take affect on the big man and Show picks him up and throws him head first into the trash can. Show attempts to leg drop Jericho, and Jericho gets out of the way and Show lands on the trash can. Jericho fights back but Show clotheslines him and knocks him down. Show put Jericho on the top rope, then he gets the steel steps, then Jericho drop kicks him and does the lionsault and we have got ourselves a NEW Hardcore champion.
Winner: New Hardcore Champion, Chris Jericho

Jericho was walking back on the entrance ramp and Rhyno comes out of nowhere and spears him and gets the pin and Rhyno wins the hardcore title.
Winner: New Hardcore Champion, Rhyno


They show a King of the Ring moment and when Bret Hart won the first ever King of The Ring. Right thing to do since the show is in Calgary.

Match #5
Albert vs Eddie Guerrero

The match starts with Eddie beating on Albert in the corner and then Albert throws him and beats on him. Albert does a couple of back breakers. Military press by Albert. Albert beats on Eddie on the outside then he tosses Eddie in, then Eddie drop kicks him off the apron. Back in the ring, Albert attempts to powerbomb him and Eddie punches him and lands on him. Lita came down and kind of distracted Albert for a moment and Eddie rolls him up and gets the win.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero


They show highlights of Mick Foley being interviewed about his book.

They show Undertaker’s wife Sarah in her house combing her hair and someone was filming her and talking in a strange voice…It was weird.

Crash and Bob Holly were talking backstage and Molly tells them not to touch Spike and they told her if he messes with them, he will go through a table.

Benoit and Jericho were talking, then Vince shows up and tells them that they were impressive and he said he will choose one of them to face Austin tonight and it’s Chris Benoit. Vince told them that he wants to see them later on to see where they got the footage of Vince in the 1987 “Stand Back”. Jericho supports Chris Benoit and tells him he could do it….


Regal was arguing with Tajiri. Vince McMahon walks in and he tells Tajiri to get Mr. McMahon a cup of coffee. Vince told him that Austin has a big plan for his match tonight and he tells Regal to watch it.

Match #6
Dudley Boyz w/Spike vs Crash and Hardcore Holly w/Molly

The match starts with the Hollys beating on the Dudleyz. Hardcore Holly chokes Devon in the corner. Crash gets a table and places it in the middle of the ring. Hardcore Holly beats on the Dudleyz while Crash removes the table and puts it in the corner. Crash ran to get Bubba, but he misses and hits the table. The Dudleyz double team Hardcore Holly. The Dudleyz were carrying a table, then Hardcore Holly drop kicks it on them. Then Hardcore Holly whips Devon to the ropes and Devon reverses it and they 3D Hardcore Holly through the table and they get the win. After the match, they grab Molly and TSN censors Raw and they put a crowd shot..so I really didn’t see anything, I only heard the audio. But then we found out that Molly went right through a table on top of Spike Dudley, who sacrificed himself.
Winners: Dudley Boyz


After the commercial break, we see Molly and Crash getting medical attention.

Then Jim Ross talks about Triple H’s injury and they show how he injured it. HHH talks about his injury and then they show the surgery etc..it was like a 5-minute clip.


Match #7
WWF Title
Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit

Vince Mcmahon comes out with Steve Austin.

Howard Finkle introduces the referee Earl Hebner and they booo him badly, (I guess they haven’t forgave him for the Montreal incident :)

The match starts with Austin and Benoit exchanging hits. Austin then beats on Benoit. Benoit fights back with a few chops to the chest of Austin. Austin jumps on Benoit, then Benoit counters, and puts the crossface, but Austin gets the ropes. They fight on the outside and Benoit is in control. But then Austin sends Benoit into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Benoit puts the Sharpshooter and the crowd went NUTSSSS. Then Austin grabs the ropes. Back to the outside, Austin suplexes Benoit on the security rails. Austin suplexes Benoit on the announcing table. Back in the ring, Austin applies the abdominal stretch and grabs the ropes to apply more pressure, then the referee kicks his hand and Benoit does a couple of German suplexes. Austin was put on the top rope, but he throws Benoit off. Suplex by Austin and he covers but Benoit kicks out. Austin grabs the title belt, but the referee takes it away. Earl and Vince argue, in the ring, Austin does the stunner and covers but there is no referee to count. Benoit picks up the belt and nails Austin with the belt and covers, but Austin kicks out. Crippler’s crossface on Austin, then McMahon pulls the referee out. The referee goes back in, then Austin grabs the ropes. Austin puts the crossface on Benoit and Vince McMahon orders the time keeper to ring the bell (1997 screw job). Howard Finkle says Austin won by submission. Chris Jericho comes out and beats on Austin. Walls of Jericho on Austin and Benoit puts the crossface on McMahon.
Winner: Still WWF champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin

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