WWF RAW 5/21/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
May 21, 2001
Live from: San Jose, CA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Opening Segment
The glass breaks and the WWF champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring. Austin grabs the microphone and said the bottom line is that he is still the WWF champion. He said that there isn’t a single person backstage that can stop him. He said that he considers himself a fighting champion, a man’s man and the best WWF champion in the history of the WWF (Bret Hart is, in my opinion). He tells the Undertaker that he doesn’t get a rematch. He says again, that his name is Stone Cold Steve Austin and he is the WWF Champion and he doesn’t deserve to be treated like trash. He tells everyone to stand up and show him the respect he deserves. Chris Jericho’s music hits and he comes out. Jericho tells him that his name is Chris Jericho, and on behalf of every single jerichoholic in this arena, would you please shut the hell up. He said the question that is always asked by people is why did you side with Vince McMahon. Jericho says he has a theory of his own. He said that Austin is a jackass. He tells him that since he sold his soul to Vince, he is a bigger slut then Stephanie McMahon Helmsley. He tells Austin that after tonight, he and HHH will never be the same again. Then Jericho goes in the ring and they start fighting, then HHH comes, then Chris Benoit comes and Jericho and Benoit clean house. There you have it, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit vs HHH and Austin for the tag team titles.


Austin is talking to McMahon and telling him that Jericho cut his interview…Then HHH wanted to bring up what happened last night and McMahon told him not to and he ssaid to keep their heads straight.

Kurt Angle enters the arena and he is in the happiest mood of his life.

Match #1
Hardcore Title
Rhyno vs Big Show

Rhyno throws a few objects in the ring and the match starts on the outside. Clothesline by Show. Suplex by Show on Rhyno. Big Show was in control of the match. Then, the tables turn and Rhyno hits Show with a street sign several times. Rhyno works on Show’s arm. Back in the ring, Rhyno continues the punishment. Rhyno hits Big Show with the street sign again and continues to work on the arm. Rhyno hits Show with a trash can lid and Show goes down. Rhyno was going for the gore, but Show puts a chair in the way. Show chokeslams Rhyno on a garbage can and gets the win.
Winner: New Hardcore champion, Big Show


Kurt Angle is shown talking to this old man telling him about tonight’s celebration.

Acolytes are shown playing poker, then Terri walks in and tells them to warm up for their match. She said it’s hot in their and she pours beer on her shirt and they love it, then Saturn and Malenko attack them from behind.

Austin is shown looking for Debra.

Spike Dudley is sitting with Molly Holly. She tells him she knows that the Dudleyz are fighting Crash and Hardcore Holly and she has nothing to do with it. Then Spike gives her a pair of Dudley glasses and she was happy.


Match #2
Acolytes vs Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko

APA meets them half way and they beat on them and throw them in the ring. Then APA double team Malenko and they knock Saturn to the outside. Bradshaw puts Malenko in the corner and beats on him. Malenko then jumps on him. Malenko makes the tag and Saturn and Malenko double team Bradshaw. Saturn picks up Bradshaw, then Malenko goes after Bradshaw’s leg. Faarooq is in and Saturn does a belly to belly over head suplex. Malenko gets the tag and they double team Faarooq. Powerslam on Malenko by Faarooq. Bradshaw gets the tag and so does Saturn. Elbow shot by Bradshaw. Terri goes on the apron and disrobes herself just a little. Faarooq is in and he does the spine buster on Saturn. Powerbomb by Bradshaw on Saturn, then he powerbombs him again and gets the pin.
Winners: Acolytes

William Regal was talking to this guy, then Austin asks Regal if he has seen his wife and regal said no. He tells Austin that Undertaker is in the building and he might of taken Debra. Austin had a concerned look on his face.


Kurt Angle was talking with Edge and Christian and asks them if they want to stand with him with him. Edge says NO, then Kurt says that he gets it, they want him to have the spotlight.

Match #3
European Title
Matt w/ Jeff & Lita vs X-Pac w/X-Factor

The match starts with Matt taking down X-Pac. X-Pac gets up and puts a side head lock. Matt trips X-Pac and does a atomic drop, followed by a clothesline. They exchange a few hits, then Credible trips Matt and X-Pac throws him on the outside. Albert and Credible double team Matt on the outside. Albert throws him in the ring and X-Pac covers, 1,2 but Matt kicks out. X-Pac knocks down Matt and covers again and Matt kicks out. Bronco buster by X-Pac. X-Pac tried to kick Matt, but Matt blocked it and knocks him down with a punch. Slingshot by Matt and hits X-Pac’s head ten times on the turnbuckle. Then, X-Pac throws him back to the outside and Albert gets Jeff and runs him into the steel post. Lita jumps on X-Pac, then X-Pac throws her off, then Eddie comes out and hits X-Pac and throws him in the ring and Matt does the twist of faith and gets the win.
Winner: Still European Champion, Matt Hardy

Backstage, paramedics were seeing if Saturn was ok after the two powerbombs, then Terri asks him if he’s ok and Saturn says “You’re welcome”.


Kurt Angle ceremony
Kurt Angle comes out and there were several U.S. flags in the ring for his ceremony. He asks, what is a hero? A hero is someone that people look up to, if not, worship. Then he reads this paper, defining the word hero. He said the fans don’t have many heroes in their lives, and it’s their lucky day. People started chanting, “Angle Sucks”, then he said it’s not true cause he is an Olympic gold medalist. Then he says the ceremony starts now then the music hits and he stands up with his head high wearing the medals and he starts crying and a bunch of red, white and blue stuff started falling. Then Shane McMahon’s music hits and he comes out. Shane said that Kurt has his three eyes and Shane said he has three letters, “WCW”. He said that WCW is starting soon and sooner then everyone thinks. Kurt said no one cares and Shane tries to explain WCW. He said W is for world. Kurt tells him that he is in the middle of his ceremony. Then Shane continues and says that the letter C stands for something Kurt doesn’t have. Kurt tells him he has no respect because he interrupted his ceremony. Shane said the last W stands for Wrestling, then Shane stand son top of the medals stand and said that W is wuss, then Kurt runs up and does the Olympic slam on Shane from the top of the medal stand and puts the ankle lock.

Austin finally finds Debra and she said she was getting some coffee. Austin said that Regal thought Undertaker might of taken her, then he tells her he is glad she is ok. The Undertaker jumps right in and tells Austin this is personal and he tells Austin he beat his ass at Judgment Day and he said that Austin knows it. he tells Austin not to mess with his family. After Undertaker left, Austin said that he could’ve whipped his ass but he didn’t cause Debra was there.


Shane McMahon was leaving the arena.

Match #4
Dudley Boyz w/Spike vs Hollys w/Molly

The match starts with the Hollys beating on the Dudleyz. Then Dudleyz take out Hardcore Holly, and they double team Crash. Bubba beats on him, then he tags Devon. Devon was distracted by Spike and Molly, then Hardcore Holly does a low blow. Crash gets the tag and he knocks down Devon and covers, but only gets a two count. Hardcore Holly gets the tag back and he drop kicks Devon and covers, but Bubba makes the save. Suplex by Hardcore Holly. Crash gets the tag and he ddts Devon, but again only gets a two count. Bubba gets the tag and knocks them both down. Bubba slams Crash and Devon goes on the top rope and does the wazzzuup thing. Bubba tells Devon to get the tables. Devon was getting a table and Molly tried to stop him, then Spike gets in the way and Crash drop kicks the table on Devon and Spike. Hardcore Holly nails Bubba with the ring bell in the ring and gets the win.
Winners: The Hollys

Vince McMahon tells Kurt, on the behalf of the McMahon family, he apologizes for Shane’s actions. He tells Kurt he is disappointed because he let go of the ankle lock. he told him, nect time he has it on Shane, not to let go. Vince rewards Kurt Angle, with a shot at the Intercontinental title, against Kane.


Devon was pissed off saying that he doesn’t believe Molly Holly. Devon tells him not to trust the Hollys. Bubba tells Spike that Molly is going through a table.

HHH is talking to Austin and tells him that he lost the IC belt because of Austin’s mistake. HHH tells Austin that he doesn’t make mistake, because Austin still has his belt….Austin tells him that his name is Stone Cold Steve Austin and he doesn’t deserve to be talked to that way, then HHH tells him to prove it.


Steven Richards was in WWF New York and he had an announcement about RTC, then Paul Heyman tells him to stop and shut up because he doesn’t care what he has to say.

Match #5
Eddie Guerrero & Jeff Hardy w/Lita vs Edge & Christian

The match starts with Eddie taking down Edge. Christian pulls Jeff off the apron. He gets back in the ring and Edge is in control. Christian gets the tag and does a powerslam on Jeff. Edge gets the tag and he puts pressure on Jeff’s neck. Then Jeff does a jaw breaker on Edge. Edge makes the tag to Christian and Eddie gets the tag too and he knocks down Christian. Eddie and Jeff double team Christian. Edge spears Eddie. Christian puts Eddie on the top rope, then Eddie does a sunset flip off the top rope and gets the win.
Winners: Eddie Guerrero and Jeff Hardy


Match #6
Intercontinental Title
Kane vs Kurt Angle

The match starts with Kane hammering on Kurt in the corner. Running powerslam by Kane. Kurt goes after Kane’s injured arm and puts this submission move. Then, Kurt puts Kane’s arm around the ring post and hits it against the post. Kane then pulls Kurt’s arm and Kurt goes head first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Kurt takes him down and continues to work on his arm. Kane fights his way back and nails Kurt Angle. Sidewalk slam by Kane. Kane goes on the top rope and clotheslines Kurt. Kane was about to chokeslam Kurt and Kurt kicks him in the arm, then Kane clotheslines him to the outside. Shane McMahon comes out and delivers a few punches on Kurt Angle, then Kane chokeslams Kurt Angle and gets the win.
Winner: Still Intercontinental champion, Kane

Benoit and Jericho are shown talking about how they were in Stu’s dungeon, in Japan and all the crap they went through when they were down south, refering to WCW. Chris Benoit says, it all comes down to tonight.


Match #7
Tag Team Titles
Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs Steve Austin & Triple H

The match starts with Jericho and Austin. Austin puts Jericho in the corner and beats him down. Then Austin and Jericho exchange a few moves then Jericho does a flying clothesline. Jericho goes on the top rope and elbows Austin. Austin kicks Jericho and makes the tag to HHH. Jericho takes him down and tags Chris Benoit. HHH hits Benoit and tags Austin. Austin delivers a couple of chops to the chest of Benoit, then Benoit reverses it and gives him a few chops. Snap suplex by Benoit. Benoit puts Austin on the top rope and does a superplex and covers, but HHH makes the save. HHH and Austin double team Benoit. Benoit fights back and puts the crossface on Austin. HHH gets a chair and nails Benoit behind the referees back and Austin covers, but Benoit kicks out. Austin starts beating on Benoit. Benoit was sent on the outside and HHH sends him into the steel steps and throws him back in. HHH gets the tag and continues to beat on Benoit. Benoit tries to fight back, but HHH does the face buster and covers, but Chris Benoit kicked out. Austin gets the tag and continues the punishment. HHH goes in and puts Benoit in the corner and beats on him. Then HHH does a abdominal stretch and HHH grabs Austin’s hand for more pressure. The referee sees it and kicks their hands, Benoit tries to make the tag, but HHH catches up and does a sleeper hold. Benoit fights back and does a German suplex. Benoit makes the tag, but the referee didn’t see it because Austin was distracting him. Jericho attacks Austin. HHH does the pedigree in the ring and covers Benoit, but the referee was on the outside, then Jericho goes on top and doesa mistle drop kick on HHH and Jericho puts his hand out for the tag and Benoit finally gets it. Jericho beats on Austin and HHH. He clotheslines HHH to the outside. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho. HHH goes in and hits Jericho from behind. HHH goes to the outside and takes the monitors off the announcing table and attempts to pedigree Jericho, but Jericho counters it into the Walls of Jericho. In the ring, Benoit does the diving headbutt on Austin and covers but the referee was on the outside. Austin gets the stunner, 1,2 but Jericho drags out the referee. Lionsault on Austin. HHH grabs the sledge and was about to hit Jericho and hits Austin by accident and Jericho covers Austin and we got ourselves new Tag Team champions.
Winners: New WWF Tag Team Champions, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho

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