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WWF RAW 5/14/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
May 14, 2001
Live from: Cincinnati, OH
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Raw starts off with footage of Smackdown and when Undertaker was looking for Austin. Then they show when Undertaker was beating on Austin and Vince came out, then Kane came out to help Undertaker.

Opening Segment

The glass breaks and here comes the WWF champion and the one half of the tag team champions, Stone Cold Steve Austin. After Austin came, HHH’s song hits and he comes out with Stephanie. Stephanie grabs the microphone and asks for the audience’s undivided attention. HHH grabs the microphone and said that Kane is not the smartest member of his family. He said it was all simple, all he had to do was to stay away. He said that Kane should of been nursing his broken arm, but he is not smart. A$$hole chants broke. HHH told the fans to shut up before he beats them up. Then HHH tells Kane that he will give him a shot at the Intercontinental title at Judgment Day, and since Kane and Undertaker like to use chains so much, he said to make it a chain match. HHH calls out Kane to accept his challenge. Austin grabs the microphone and says that the SOB won’t come out because they kicked his ass. Austin tells HHH that he knows that Kane will get his ass kicked at Judgment Day. Austin said every time he walks into an airport everyone tells him that undertaker will beat him for the belt. Austin said that it won’t happen, he said he will take care of Undertaker. Austin said that he does not use chairs, chains, and he doesn’t jump people from behind like Undertaker. Austin says that Undertaker cannot make them famous, because they already are. He said what they can do is come out and make them EX-Tag Team champions. Undertaker’s music hits and he comes out on the entrance ramp with a chain around his neck. Undertaker says that he heard Austin called him a coward, he said he isn’t a coward, he said what he is saying is that Austin is full of crap and his eyes are starting to turn around. Undertaker tells Austin that on Sunday morning, he better goes to church and give his soul to the lord because his ass belongs to him. Undertaker talks to HHH and tells him that Kane accepts his challenge and as far as the tag team titles goes, he said they will fight tonight. Kane comes out from the crowd and attacks HHH and beats him with a chain and Undertaker runs in the ring and beats Austin and they clear the ring. So there you have it, tonight Steve Austin and Kane against HHH and Austin for the tag team titles.

Kurt Angle walks into William Regal’s office and tells Regal that he can’t face Rikishi tonight, because he does not have his medals, it’s Chris Benoit. Regal told him that Rikishi put his hands on him last week and that he besmirched Stephanie. Regal tells Kurt Angle that for facing Rikishi, in return he will get to choose a stipulation for his match against Chris Benoit.


Match #1
Rikishi vs Kurt Angle

The match starts with Kurt taking down Rikishi. Angle puts a waist lock, but Rikishi nails him down. Angle tries to fight back, but Rikishi kept shoving him to the mat and then clotheslined him to the outside. On the outside, Kurt tried to fight back, but Rikishi sent him into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Rikishi attempts to sit on Kurt, but Kurt gets out of the way. Kurt tries to send Rikishi to the other side of the ring, but Rikishi pulled back and then hit Kurt and put him in the corner and was about to go for the stinky face and William Regal comes out and beats Rikishi down and the referee called for the bell. Regal leaves and Kurt gives Rikishi the Olympic slam.
Winner: By DQ, Rikishi

The Coach says that the police have arrived to the building and they will talk to the Undertaker and he doesn’t know why.


Crash Holly talks to Molly and tells her that he saw her talking to Spike Dudley and he told her that they put wrestlers through tables and she said she was impressed when she saw Spike put Albert through a table and Crash was upset and told her that she can’t trust a Dudley.

The Radicalz approach Eddie Guerrero and they had a problem with Eddie helping out the Hardyz. Saturn and Malenko tells Eddie that they are facing the Hardy Boyz tonight and he is either with them or against them. Eddie says not to worry and that he is a team player.

Trish Stratus comes out to the ring and she said that what she is about to do might not be popular with Vince McMahon. she said that the fans haven’t seen a lot of her. She said that the fans deserves to see all the WWF divas in bikinis. She gives the fans a peak at the new WWF divas video.

The Coach is shown outside of Undertaker’s locker room and he said the police are inside Undertaker’s locker room and they are talking with him, then all of a sudden, we see the Undertaker running out his locker room with his bags and he leaves the arena.


The Coach talks to the police officer and he tells him that Undertaker’s wife Sarah has been in a car accident and that the police will drive Undertaker to the hospital.

Match #2
Radicalz w/Terri vs Hardy Boyz

The match starts with Jeff attacking Saturn, then Saturn suplexes him. Jeff gets up and knocks Malenko off the apron. Matt gets the tag and he sends Saturn in the corner and Jeff does his high flying kick. Malenko is in and he beats on Jeff. He puts Jeff on the top rope and attempts to super plex him but Jeff throws him off and jumps on him. Matt gets the tag and takes down Saturn and throws Malenko to the outside. Jeff jumps on Malenko. Saturn gets a chair and was about to hit Matt and Eddie gets up and takes the chair away and Saturn turns around and Matt does the twist of faith and gets the win. After the match, Eddie nails Dean Malenko with the chair. Some Eddie chants broke.
Winners: Hardy Boyz

Austin confronts the police officer and asks him how did the Undertaker take the news about his wife and the officer tells him that he was upset.


Match #3
Hardcore Title
Rhyno vs Crash Holly

A few seconds in the match and Crash throws Rhyno to the outside. Crash takes a trash can lid and hits Rhyno on the head. Rhyno does a spine buster and covers, but Rhyno kicked out. Then, Spike comes out and Rhyno picks up Spike and throws him on Crash and he gets the win. After the match, Crash knocks down Spike for costing him the match.
Winner: Still Hardcore Champion, Rhyno

Kane was about to leave the building and William Regal tells Kane that he knows that it’s sad about what happened but he can’t leave the building and people have paid money to see him compete. He said he will fire him and Undertaker if he leaves the arena.


Match #4
Edge & Christian vs Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho

Christian locks up against Jericho. Jericho twists the arm, then Jericho knocks down Christian. Benoit gets the tag and Benoit continued the punishment, then Christian makes the tag and Chris Benoit delivers a couple of chops to the chest of Edge. Benoit does two belly to back suplex on Edge and Christian breaks up the third one. Edge beats on Benoit and makes the tag to Christian. Benoit applies the crossface on Christian and Edge breaks it up. Edge gets the tag and he drop kicks Benoit. Benoit fights back, But Edge knocks him down and makes the tag. Christian stomps on him, then he chokes him. Edge gets the tag. While Christian was distracting the referee, Jericho goes on the top rope and drop kicks Edge. Benoit finally makes the tag and Jericho goes after Edge. Christian was knocked to the outside. Jericho does the Walls of Jericho on Edge and Christian hits him. Christian sends Benoit into the ring post, Kurt Angle runs and grabs his medals and he leaves and he was so happy. Then he gets two chairs and Edge and Christian swang the chairs but Jericho ducked and Benoit did a double drop kick and Jericho gets the pin. After the match, Chris Benoit tells him that those medals are made with chocolate and then Benoit reached in his tights and grabbed the real medals and Kurt Angle was upset.
Winners: Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho


During the commercial break, Cole asked Kurt Angle of what kind of stipulation he has for his match aginst Chris Benoit and he said that he doesn’t know yet and he kept whining about his medals.

Kevin Kelly interviewed Jericho and Jericho got ambushed by Edge and Christian then they beat him with chairs.

William Regal Segment

Commissioner William Regal comes out, Regal said that when he became commissioner, he took on certain responsibilities. He said that it’s a tragic thing about what happened to Undertaker’s wife and he needs a main event and he put Kane against HHH and Austin in a handicap match tonight. He then talks about Judgment Day and he said that he will be facing Rikishi. “Listen to me sunshine, I will teach you a lesson”. He says he will teach him a lesson.

Then when he was about to leave, GrandMaster Sexay comes out and asks for the microphone. He says “Yo Yo Yo, uptight Willie” he tells regal that he needs some chill pills. Regal tells him that he did not understand a bloody word he said and he tells him what he wants. GrandMaster Sexay tells him to loosen up a little and asks the fans if they want to see Regal dance. Then GrandMaster picks four ladies from the audience to dance with him. The girls surround Regal and the music hits and they start dancing and Regal didn’t have a clue what was going on. GrandMaster tells him what’s wrong? Aren’t girls your thing? Then he starts dancing with the girls and Regal attacks him from behind and puts the Regal stretch. Regal says “I believe this party is over.”

Debra is shown talking to Steve backstage and she was worried about Undertaker’s wife and Austin tells her not to worry because that won’t happen to her.

Chyna and Lita are shown walking towards the ring.


They show highlights of The Rock on NBC Dateline.

Match #5
Chyna & Lita vs Ivory & Molly Holly

The match starts with Lita and Ivory. Ivory takes down Lita. Drop kick by Ivory and she covers, but only gets a two count. Swinging neck breaker by Lita. Molly gets tagged in, Lita tries to tag Chyna and Chyna tells her to continue with the match. Arm drag take down on Molly. Molly goes on the top rope and jumps on Lita and covers, but Chyna breaks the count and knocks Ivory off the apron. Lita does the moonsault and gets the pin on Molly. Chyna didn’t even get a tag.
Winners: Chyna and Lita

Steve Austin walks into Regal’s office and first asks him if he should allow Kane to wrestle after what happened and Regal tells him the fans paid money to see him wrestle. Austin tells him that he wants the match to be a tag team title match tonight and Regal agrees.


Cole interviewed Lita and asks her if she knows why Chyna didn’t want the tag and Lita didn’t know and she said that she is ready for this Sunday. Chyna, then tells Lita that she didn’t want the tag because she wanted Lita to do it on her own to prove to her that she is ready for this Sunday. Chyna tells Lita NOT to trust Eddie Guerrero.

Jim Ross talks to the WWF race car driver who was in WWF New York.

Stephanie was talking to HHH and she felt sorry for Undertaker’s wife and HHH said that she has massive cuts. Austin says that it’s not what he heard, he said that she will never look the same again.


Match #6
6-man Tag Team
Acolytes & Test vs RTC & Big Show

The match starts with Test and the Acolytes beating on Show, then the Goodfather and Bull Buchanan came out to help. Faarooq starts off with Faarooq and Goodfather, Bull gets the tag and continues to beat on Faarooq. Faarooq fights back and makes the tag to Bradhsaw. Bradshaw gets double teamed behind the referee’s back. Bull covers, but Bradshaw kicks out at two. Test gets the tag and he knocks down Bull. Full Nelson on Goodfather. Big Show goes in and was about to clotheline Test to the outside, but Test ducks and Show goes over the top rope. Show grabs the steel steps and hits Test and Bull gets the win.
Winners: Right to Censor and Big Show

Cole interviews Kane and Kane was going crazy and started hitting stuff with his chain.

Coach interviews Austin and asks him if he feels sorry for Kane. Austin says he doesn’t feel sorry, it wasn’t his idea for the handicap match, he said that he will show no mercy to Kane.


Match #7
Tag team Titles
Handicap Match
Kane vs HHH an Steve Austin

Kane comes out with a chain. Referee, Earl Hebner tells him to put the chain down. The match starts with Kane knocking them both down. Austin attacks Kane from behind, then Kane does a sidewalk slam and throws HHH to the outside. Kane beats on HHH on the outside. Austin, once again attacks Kane from behind and throws him in the ring. Austin beats on Kane in the corner, Kane fights back. Clothesline by Kane. Kane was about to chokeslam HHH, but Austin hits him and beats on him. Kane fights back and throws HHH to the outside, powerslam on Austin. Kane goes on the top rope and clotheslines Austin. Chockeslam by Kane, then HHH nails Kane with the chain and the referee calls for the bell. After the match, Austin and HHH kept beating on Kane. Austin grabs the microphone and says he doesn’t want people to think that Austin is a heartless bastard. He said that he has a feeling that Undertaker’s wife will be just fine.
Winner: By DQ, Kane


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