WWF RAW 5/7/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
May 7, 2001
Live from: Long Island NY.
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Raw starts off with footage of what happened on Smackdown and when Undertaker threw Austin through glass and when he attacked him in the ambulance.

Jim Ross says that the Undertaker has been given the night off for his own good by Vince McMahon.

Opening Segment

Mick Foley came out and said that he is no longer the commissioner and his job is just to go around and make personal appearances and what better place to make an appearance then in his home town in Long Island and he gets a huge pop. Then Mick Foley talks about how Undertaker beat Austin in the ambulance. He said that he cheered his damn ass off. He said Undertaker is known by making people famous. He said he got thrown off a cage by him. He said Undertaker was not even mad at him when he did that, so you can imagine what he will do to Austin. Then Mick Foley plugs his book “Foley is Good” that will go on sale tomorrow and he said it would make a perfect mother’s day gift. Then we see Vince and Stephanie entering the building and William Regal tells them that Foley is in the ring and McMahon and Stephanie rush to the ring. Before they came, Foley asked the people what they think of William Regal as commissioner and they booed. He makes fun of Regal. NO CHANCE music hits and here comes Vince, Stephanie and Regal. Vince McMahon takes the microphone and tells Foley that he reminds him of an unwanted house guest. Because you never know when he will show up and he will stay too long. Vince said, since he fired Mick Foley, things have changed for the better. He tells Foley that he is now with Austin and he suspended the Rock. He gives him a brief history of what happened. Vince tells Foley to get out of his ring before he puts his hands on him. Then Vince calls out Rikishi to take Mick Foley out of the ring. Foley tells Rikishi that when Austin came back on Smackdown he tried to take off Rikishi with a chair and Vince and Regal did nothing about it. He tells Rikishi where was Vince and Regal when you needed them. Stephanie tells Rikishi not to allow Foley to brain wash him. Stephanie tells Rikishi to do the stinky face on Foley. Stephanie slaps Rikishi for not doing it. Then Regal said since Stephanie slapped some sense into him, he will beat some sense into him, then Rikishi right away, kicked William Regal. Vince, Regal and Stephanie are leaving, then Foley tells them to stop his music and play Rikishi’s old music and they play the Too Cool old music and he tells Rikishi to dance. Rikishi and Foley start dancing. So you can say, Rikishi has turned face once again. Vince McMahon tells them to cut the music, then Vince said he will have the police to throw Mick Foley out. Vince then makes a match between Austin and Rikishi tonight.


The police escorted Mick Foley out of the arena during the commercial break.

Edge and Christian were talking and Kurt Angle comes in their locker room and he apologizes for his actions as of late. Kurt tells them that he has a match now and if they see Chris Benoit, he tells them to hold Benoit down until he can get his medals back. Edge tells Christian that he hopes to get Kurt his medals back because he doesn’t want him talking about it again.

Match #1
Bradshaw vs Kurt Angle

The match starts with both men exchanging moves, then Bradhsaw delivers a boot to the face. Suplex by Bradshaw, then Bradshaw was beating on Angle and then Kurt does a belly to belly overhead suplex. Kurt goes on the top rope, Bradshaw trips him and goes up with him, then Kurt knocks him off, Kurt jumps and Bradshaw caught him and does a fallaway slam. Bradshaw was going for the powerbomb but Kurt Angle counters and gets him in the ankle lock and Bradshaw gets the ropes. Chris Benoit music hits and he was shown at WWF New York eating and the waiter comes and Chris asks him what kind of credit card they accept? Then Benoit said do you accept “Gold” and he shows him Kurt’s medals. In the ring, Kurt turns around and Bradshaw delivers the clothesline and Kurt rolls out and runs in the parking lot to get a car and drive to get his medals.
Winner: By Countout, Bradshaw


The Hardy Boyz tell Guerrero that they don’t trust him. Eddie tells them to think about the match. The Eddie tells them that he helped Matt on Smackdown.

Match #2
Edge, Christian & Rhyno vs Hardyz & Eddie Guerrero

Christian starts off by attacking Matt Hardy. Matt takes him down and tags Jeff. Christian does a modified back breaker on Matt, then Rhyno gets the tag and works a little on Jeff and tags Edge. Edge throws Matt to the outside and he continues to beat on Jeff. Eddie Guerrero gets the tag and throws Rhyno over the top rope. Then Edge and Christian attack him. Lita goes on the top rope and does a hurricanrana on Edge. Rhyno was about to spear Lita, but Eddie goes in the way and takes the hit. Rhyno gets the pin.
Winners: Edge, Christian & Rhyno

Highlights of last night’s HeAt were shown.

This Sunday, the Big show will be on HeAt.


Match #3
Fatal Four Way
WWF Light heavyweight Title
GrandMaster Sexay vs Crash Holly vs Taka vs Jerry Lynn

The match starts with all four men beating on each other. Powerslam by GrandMaster on Lynn. Crash knocks down Taka. Back breaker by Lynn on Taka. Taka does the Michinoku driver on GrandMaster and covers, but Jerry Lynn breaks the count. Crash clotheslines Lynn. Bulldog headlock by Crash. Hip Hop drop on Crash and GrandMaster covers, but Lynn breaks the count. Jerry Lynn does a DDT on Crash and gets the win.
Winner: Still Light Heavyweight Champion, Jerry Lynn

Undertaker was in Stamford and said that McMahon might be worried that he might take out Austin’s other eye, or better yet, take out Austin for good. That’s why he gave him the night off. Undertaker said that Austin is #1 on Taker’s deadman list. Undertaker said that Vince can do anything to protect Austin. Taker said that he will take Austin’s belt at Judgment day.

The cage is lowering.


Michael Cole interviews Chris Jericho and Jericho said that William Regal is a suck up commissioner and he said that he made the biggest mistake by booking himself against Jericho in a cage match.

Match #4
Cage Match
William Regal vs Chris Jericho

William Regal came out and said that Rikishi besmirched him earlier and Steve Austin will take care of him. He said, being a gentleman he hates to dirty his hands in that cage.


Back from the commercial and Chris Jericho comes out.

Y2J chants start. Regal tries to escape the cage right away and Jericho caught him and beat on him. Jericho sends regal to the ropes and hits him with the elbow. He drops kicks Regal on the cage. Jericho tries to climb up and Regal grabs him by the hair and does a few headbutts and throws Jericho back in. William Regal does a European uppercut. Regal throws Jericho face first on the cage. Regal rubs Jericho’s face on the cage. Regal throws Jericho into the turnbuckle, then Jericho kicks Regal and climbs up, but Regal catches up and does a suplex from the top rope. Jericho capitalizes on Regal’s mistake and he tries to apply the Walls of Jericho, but then he does a sling shot. Jericho was going for the Lionsault, but Regal moves. Regal climbs up and Jericho catches up and both men are fighting while standing on the top rope, then Regal falls in the ring and Jericho is climbing down, then Regal decides to beat him on his way out and he decides to go out the door and he was going, then Jericho kicks the cage door in Regal’s face on his way out and Regal falls in the ring and Jericho jumps down and gets the win.
Winner: Chris Jericho


The Coach interviews Austin. Austin said that Undertaker makes him sick and he is completely pathetic. Steve Austin said that Undertaker is just scared.

Match #5
Lita vs Molly Holly

Chyna comes out and does a little color commentary for this match.

Molly starts off with a roll-up, but Lita kicks out. Arm drag take down by Lita. Molly goes on the top rope, but Lita throws her off. Lita goes on the top rope and does the moonsault and she gets the win. Chyna comes in the ring after the match and raises Lita’s arm, then she checks on Molly and Lita spanks Chyna as a joke and they both laugh and Lita leaves.
Winner: Lita


Vince McMahon walks into Debra’s locker room and tells Debra that the highlight of Smackdown was when she slapped Undertaker. Then she reminded him of when she slapped Vince and Vince tried to change the subject by telling her to get him a coffee and she looks at him in a weird way and he said that he will get his own coffee.

Match #6
Table Match
Dudleyz & Spike vs X-Factor

As soon as X-Factor went on the ring apron, the Dudleyz attacked them. Then they through Spike on X-Factor. Justin Credible takes down Bubba and stomps on him in the corner. X-Pac gets the tag, he beat son him a little and tags Credible back in. Bubba does the Bubba bomb on Credible and he makes the tag to Devon. Then all six men start fighting. Bubba slams X-Pac and the Dudleyz do the wazzaaap thing..Bubba tells Devon to get the tables. The Dudleyz got the table and they were carrying it in the ring and Albert breaks the table in half and both men go down. Albert goes out and gets a table and places it on the outside. Albert was about to throw Spike Dudley on the table and Raven comes out and nails Albert with a kendo stick, which allowed Spike to do the top rope bulldog on Albert and through the table.
Winners: Dudley Boyz and Spike

Chris Benoit arrived to the Nassau Coliseum.


Michael Cole interviews Rikishi. Rikishi guarantees that someone will get the stinky face.

Chris Benoit/Kurt Angle Segment

Kurt Angle finally arrives at WWF New York and is looking for Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit goes in the ring and he tells Angle that they must of missed each other. Chris Benoit tells Kurt to look at how great those medals look around his neck. Benoit tells Kurt he will give him the chance to get his medals back at Judgment day. Kurt Angle tells him he will see him at Judgment Day and he will take his medals back and he said that he will snap his ankle in half, it’s true! It’s so damn true! Then, Chris Benoit tells Kurt Angle that he will put these medals in a safe and warm place, then he puts them in his pants.


Edge and Christian confront Chris Benoit and they tell him, it’s the easy way or the hard way. Then he attacks them, then Chris Jericho helps Chris Benoit.

Mick Foley is shown in the crowd and he comes down and he had a ticket in his hand and his book. He autographs the book and gives it to Paul Heyman.

They show highlights of The Rock on Jay Leno.

Vince and Stephanie come down to ring side.

Match #7
Rikishi vs Steve Austin

The match starts with Rikishi forcing Austing in the corner. Rikishi elbows Austin. Sidewalk slam by Rikishi, followed by a suplex. Austin then takes control and puts Rikishi in the corner and beats on him, but not for long. Rikishi puts Austin in the corner and attempts to do the stinky face, but Vince gets up on the apron and distracts the referee, which allowed Austin to low blow Rikishi. Austin stomps Rikishi. Then Austin is on Rikishi’s shoulder and Rikishi drops him. Rikishi clotheslines Austin in the corner, then he attempts to kick Austin, but Austin gets out and gets a steel chair and Rikishi kicks it on Austin’s face. Rikishi grabs the chair, then the referee takes it away. Samoan drop by Rikishi. Vince gets in and Rikishi kicks him. Rikishi sits down on Austin, Austin kicks out at the count of two. Belly to belly suplex by Rikishi. He places Austin in the corner, then Stephanie comes in to help Vince and Rikishi was about to hit her and Austin pushes him on her and Stunner, Austin covers and gets the win. After the match, Austin attacks Foley and throws him in the ring. Rikishi gives Stephanie the stinky face and Raw goes off the air.
Winner: Steve Austin

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