PWG Express Written Consent 2/21/2009

Written by: Jim

Express Written Consent
February 21, 2009

Scorpio Sky vs Zokre
Despite having issues with Zokre, I was glad to see him in a singles match. It’ll be a better judge of how he performs. This is Scorpio’s first PWG match since his injury. As I feared, Zokre is still overly spotty. However, the crowd seemed really into it and it helped my enjoyment out of the match. I wouldn’t mind seeing Scorpio in some matches. He seems like he may have some talent. Zokre maestral cradles Scoprio, but Sky gets his foot in the ropes almost immediately. However, referee, Tony Romo never notices and counts to three. The fans are pissed off and starts a loud ‘Bullshit’ chant. Well, that’s not a good way to start the show. Up until the fucked up finish, it was actually decent. With all of the spots, it quickly entertained the fans to open the show. One fuck up and all that was ruined. Eh, what can you do? 2 Stars.

B-Boy vs TJ Perkins
like two ships passing in the night, this is B-Boy’s first match back and Perkins last one before his move to Florida. Excalibur claims that these two met many times back at the start of the decade, so I suppose it’s a nice way for Perkins to end his PWG career. Early on, Perkins works over B-Boy’s arm while Human Tornado, commentating, believes that Perkins has went crazy based on the red hair dye job. B-Boy gets in some stiff shots while still selling his arm. At one point, instead of hitting a DVD, B-Boy somewhat launches Perkins into the corner so that he wouldn’t need to use the arm. Tons of near falls while Perkins keeps trying to make B-Boy tap out. B-Boy surprises Perkins with a Samoa Joe like choke to get the win. I really need to see more of B-Boy. While he’s not nearly as good as his trainer, Homicide, he exhibits many of the same qualities that Homicide possess. Thanks to the solid arm work, the match went over very well. I would have preferred they cut out some of the near falls, but with it being the first match on the show that did a lot, it wasn’t too noticeable. 3 1/4 Stars.

El Generico vs Kenny Omega
I believe Omega wasn’t a full fledged heel yet. However, Excalibur brings up Omega’s quest of trying to ruin Generico’s orphanage dreams. Omega starts the match wearing a vintage Street Fighter shirt before Generico pulls it over his head and hockey fight punches him. Omega heels it up by going poking Generico’s eyes. In fact, that’s his main strategy. The comedy is taken out of the match as we get higher intensity moves such as the Beach Break. Kind of ironic to see one of Chuckie T’s partners use one of Taylor’s enemies moves. Omega shoves referee Rick Knox after thinking he got a three count. Knox ends up pushing Omega back, so Omega whips Knox to the ropes. Knox ducks a closeline and comes back off of the other ropes with a closeline of his own. Knox can’t believe what he did. Top rope brainbuster scores Generico the victory. For a match that just seemed like it was going to be a comedy, they found some nice ways to being creative. Omega’s eye poking strategy was damn near brilliant in it’s simplicity. The Knox closeline was a great popping moment capped off with the rare top rope brainbuster. This was way better than I imagined it would have been. Despite losing in the first round of BOLA, I’d love to see Generico challenge Omega for the belt. 3 3/4 Stars.

Austin Aries vs Necro Butcher – No DQ Match
Before the match, Aries tries to convince Necro to not let the match end up in a brawl, to show off his wrestling skills. Tons of stalling before the actual match began. The highlight was of Necro putting a fan in a hammerlock and headlock while Aries tries to do the same to the announcer, but he reverses it on Aries. Aries gets down for an amateur wrestling start. Necro imitates doggy style, including punching in between thrusts. Click here to enlarge The match finally begins and Necro even gets in some actual wrestling moves before the match breaks down into a brawl. Aries wraps a chain around his boot ala Joey Ryan at Threemendous II and delivers some stiff kicks including his punt. Some chair shots and a brainbuster on the chair allows Aries to pick up the win. Most of these Necro hardcore matches feels like the same. However, Aries (at the time) new character made it a bit more memorable. Aries managed to hit some great spots involving the chair and chain. For what it was, it was enjoyable. I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it though. 2 Stars.

Chris Hero (c) w/Candice LeRae vs Human Tornado – PWG World Title
This is Tornado’s first match back after his knee injury that occurred against Hero. Despite technically being a heel, the fans are more behind Tornado than Hero. The pair locks up and Tornado ends up on the outside. Hero fakes a dive, but just flips back in the ring. From somewhere, a mysterious voice is on a mic. COLT CABANA~! “Fired on a Friday, in PWG on a Saturday.” Cabana was offered an opening match on the show, but declined it, wanting a title shot. Hero and Tornado both agree and the match is now…

Chris Hero (c) w/Candice LaRae vs Human Tornado vs Colt Cabana – PWG World Title

Early on, Hero and Cabana takes their turn against Tornado. Each time, Cabana is slyly walking behind Hero, teasing a turn. Tornado manages to duck causing Hero and Cabana to collide with each other. More accidental hits between Hero and Cabana. The match breaks down into nonstop action with each man getting in their moves. Hero knocks Tornado out with a roaring big boot. After the match, Tornado gets on mic and works up the courage to tell Hero and Candice the two words they deserve to hear from him…”My bad”. And with that, Tornado hopes that they can forgive him. Hero refuses the handshake though. Once Tornado leaves, Hero offers Cabana an one-on-one title match in the future. Cabana accepts and the main event of One Hundred is now booked. Maybe it’s because of all of the excitement of the crowd and Cabana’s shocking return, but I loved this match. Every wrestler in the match has loads of charisma to make their matches a little bit more memorable. It served it’s purpose of turning Tornado face, setting up the Hero/Cabana match and showing signs of the future Hero turn. Cabana’s return is a underrated shock of 2009. Hell, Cabana may have had the two best returns of 2009. 3 3/4 Stars.

Paul London and The Young Bucks vs Joey Ryan, Scott Lost and Karl Anderson
Besides wearing his infamous astronaut uniform, London is also wearing a WWF (World Wildlife Fund) tee. Early on in the match, London badly botches a hurricanrana. Excalibur quickly reminds the fans that London has barely wrestled in the past seven months. In reality, Excalibur is probably worried that London is going to be horrible and all of this would be for nothing. London takes a nasty fall on the outside thanks to Anderson holding the ropes open. This allows the Dynasty to work London over for some vintage face-in-peril action. Once Paul is able to tag out, Anderson hits a mean DDT on a Buck on the ring apron. The match breaks down to an exhibition of MOVEZ. The faces clear the ring to allow them to hit More Bang For Your Buck on Scott Lost. London follows up with a beautiful Shooting Star Press to give Team Orange the victory. Well, lets go over what I liked first. I believe this was my first time seeing Karl Anderson and I loved him. Much like CW Anderson, while they may not be official Andersons, they certainly show signs of the Anderson greatness. If he could bulk up some, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the big 2 gives him a call. The Bucks and Joey Ryan continues to be some of my favorite parts of PWG shows. While London did botch pretty badly early on, he managed to save face some and recover. Ring rust is a safe bet for what he showed. I will say that his whole pothead “Character” (I’m guessing that’s more of who Paul really is) makes him so much more entertaining as a character than in the WWE. All that being said, the match wasn’t too interesting for me as the main event. It would have been a great opener or possibly semi-main event, but it just didn’t have the quality that a main event should have. It was fairly enjoyable, but possibly PWG’s least interesting main event of 2009. I may end up watching it again so I can figure out whether I’d put it under the good or just decent pile. 2 3/4 – 3 Stars.

Despite how crazy some PWG fans were about the card (At the time), it wasn’t the most interesting nor the best show of the year. To me, it feels like a B-Show. However, with all of the returns, final matches and debuts, I suppose it is very historic. It’s a shame Bryan Danielson got hurt, I could have easily seen Dragon vs Perkins – 2 out of 3 falls being the best match of the show. All that being said, there was still three really good matches with one surprising me in it’s quality. Come for the Omega/Generico and title match, stay for the rest.

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