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PWG Threemendous II 7/31/2009

Written by: Jim

Threemendous II
July 31, 2009

The Cutler Brothers and Charles Mercury vs Johnny Goodtime, Jerome “LTP” Robinson and Brandon Gatson
I don’t know why, but I love the Cutlers. Both LTP and Gatson are in this year’s BOLA. This is my first time seeing Gatson, but he looks like a late 80’s/early 90’s Wrestling Challenge jobber. Despite his size, the guy is amazingly agile and reminds me of Matt Cross with his gymnastic skills. LTP was insanely over, despite being in PWG for such a short amount of time. The guy is the second coming of 2 Cold Scorpio. Mercury hit a really weird, yet awesome knee drop where he bounced off of the bottom rope and as he fell, he used his other knee for the knee drop. Cutlers got in a few good tandem moves including one where the one shoots the opponent up in the air which spins him 180 degrees so his back is now facing the other Cutler (Who was standing next to his brother) who nailed a German suplex. A spike Tombstone by them gets the trio the win. A lot of near falls, which went overboard, but this was one of the better openers in PWG this year. Easily the best Cutler match since coming to PWG. Expect big things from LTP. 3 Stars.

Scott Lost vs Alex Shelley
Shelley and Detroit gets some major heat in Cali. Lost ended up being the face of the match as a result. I don’t know what it is about Lost, but I just don’t like him. Just like in the Dragon match early this year, he can make any match boring. It seems as if PWG is pushing Lost hard as the next major star as it took Shelley two frog splashes to finally beat him. If Lost wins BOLA, I’m going to be so disappointed. 2 Stars.

Bryan Danielson vs Chris Sabin
Once again, the Detroit hate makes Sabin the heel. The sad part was that there was one jackass in the crowd who chanted ‘Boring’ every time Sabin and Dragon locked up or a hold was put on. Eventually, the crowd got into enough to drown him out, but that was such a major downer. The fan was just trying to get himself over. The crowd seems to agree with me so they gave him a ‘Shut the fuck up’ chant. I don’t know what it is about Sabin since he’s joined up with Shelley, but he’s just not as good. There was a lot of times he just waited for Dragon to hit him. It just doesn’t come off as believable. Danielson can work wonders with nearly anyone though, so the match really picked up near the end. Cattle mutilation gets Dragon the win. It was enjoyable, but I enjoyed their ROH Showdown in Motown match a lot more. 3 1/2 Stars.

Colt Cabana vs Chuck Taylor
I’m expecting a match full of lolz. What we got was a match full of lolz. At one point, Chuckie T brought out the invisible hand grenade, but the spot comes off as horrible as we never find out what really happened to it. It ended up being painful to watch as the commentators were trying to save the spot. A long segment of some homoerotic loving occurred involving Colt, Taylor and the referee. Taylor gets the win by holding the roles in a failed sunset flip by Colt. Eh, the crowd got into it. But it was mainly just comedy with little actual action. 2 stars.

Roderick Strong vs Davey Richards
Holy shit. These two only had around 10-11 minutes to wrestle, but they packed so much action in the match. So many hard hits with Davey’s kicks and Roderick’s chops. Davey looked as if he was in his glory. This match had me marking out several times and cheering for Davey. Roddy wins after a Tiger Driver. I could of easily watched these two wrestle for another thirty minutes. It wasn’t as good as the KENTA match, but change the venue and the commentators and it would of gave it a serious run for it’s money. My favorite PWG match of the year. 4 1/2 Stars.

The Young Bucks vs 2 Skinny Black Guys
2 Skinny Black Guys are El Generico and Human Tornado. This is Tornado’s first PWG match since losing the belt over a year ago. Meanwhile, this is Tornado and Generico’s first time teaming in PWG in years. Because of that, this is non-title. The Young Bucks have SERIOUS heat. They were getting some heat early in the year, but now it’s as if they’re heels. I don’t remember the results of the shows since this, but they really need to turn them heels. A lot of great action here. 2SBG have some nice chemistry together and are pretty over. PWG’s camera problems become apparent as they can show the entire ring, which causes them to miss some action. A lot of near falls in this for both teams. El Generico breaks up a pin attempt after More Bang for Your Buck. Supposedly the first time the move didn’t get the three for the bucks in PWG. Top rope brainbuster gets 2SBG the win. After the match, The Young Bucks agreed to a rematch next month with the titles on the line. One Generico was alone, Chuck Taylor attacked him. Instead, next month he will face Generico. The winner gets his team (Chuck with Kenny Omega) a tag title shot. The crowd was VERY into this at the end. They ended up being right up against the ring banging on the mat. The crowd really made this match feel special. There were too many near falls for my liking, but once again the Young Bucks deliver. Outside of The American Wolves, they’ve been my favorite tag team this year.3 3/4 Stars.

Chris Hero (c) vs Joey Ryan – PWG Title – Guerrilla Warfare Match
Guerrilla Warfare is basically just a hardcore match. Nice little set-up for this match with Joey Ryan trying to prevent Chris Hero from breaking his record of longest PWG champion. Simple, yet effective. This was a long Southern style brawl with weapons that made sense. Hero gets busted open early when Ryan sends him into a chair that was hanging off of the turn post. Ryan brings in a chain and uses it to work over Hero’s arm. Hero is forced to rethink moves by using his other arm or his boot to stop Ryan. A chair shot busts Ryan open. Hero takes a brutal fall through a table when Ryan moves out of the way. Hero ends up using the chain that injured his arm to punish Ryan. Wrapping the chain around Ryan’s neck and chokes him out with an STF. Ryan is forced to tap out. The fans throw garbage in the ring unhappy that Ryan didn’t win the belt. Hero calls the fans ‘Faggots’ and claims he doesn’t care if they love or hate him. Ryan cuts a face promo saying how Hero should respect the fans. The two shake hands, but Hero knocks Ryan out with a belt shot. Incredible match. Great storytelling for a very long match. I loved how everything Ryan used, ended up coming back to hurt him. I kind of have to wonder if someone from the WWE saw this match and told some people about it. I haven’t seen it yet, but this finish sounds a lot like the finish to Cena/Orton at Breaking Point. Orton introduces the handcuffs (Which naturally has some chain), but it’s that very thing that costs him the match when he’s choked out by them. The Breaking Point match happened a couple months after this. Hmm. Hero looked great and made me believe he could be a World Champion. Meanwhile, I’ve never seen Ryan look so good before. 45 long minutes, but fuck I loved it. 4 Stars.

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