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NWA-TNA Impact 1/28/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 1/28/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-Highlights are shown of the press conference from last week with Jarrett and Nash.

-The Impact opening plays and we are taken inside Sound Stage 21 at Universal Studios, Florida.

Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt vs. Chris Sabin & Jeff Hardy
Kash and Hoyt start off attacking Sabin. Sabin lands a drop kick to Kash and Hardy fights off Hoyt. Hardy and Sabin each nail a clothesline to Kash and Hoyt. Sabin executes a suicide dive through the ropes on to Kash on the outside. Sabin then springboards off the top rope going for a crossbody on Hoyt in the ring, but Hoyt catches him and then throws him in a fall away slam. Hoyt stomps away at the fallen Sabin. Hoyt tags in Kash. Kash comes in with a big kick to the gut and then a chop. Sabin with a sunset flip out of an irish whip that Kash had sent him in for a near fall. Kash gets up and nails Sabin with a dropkick. Kash and Hoyt give Sabin a double clothesline. Kash with a big knife edge chop in the corner, as he continues to work over Sabin in the corner. Kash then lifts up sabin into a cradle suplex position, and drops him across his shoulders. Sabin starts to fight back and both men exchange right hands. Sabin comes out of it clotheslining Kash twice. Sabin with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kash is sitting on the top turnbuckle, and gets a foot to the face on Sabin to reverse the tide. Kash with a big clothesline off the top rope on to Sabin. Sabin tags in Hardy, but Hardy gets attacked from behind by Abyss. Abyss and Hardy fight on the outside to the back. Sabin works over Kash in the ring and has him pinned, but Hoyt has the ref distracted. Hoyt gives Sabin a big boot. Kash with the money maker and then the pinfall.
Winners: Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt

-Tenay announces that the match between Abyss and Jeff Hardy will be titled “Full Metal Mayhem.” Tables, ladders, chairs, and anything that is metal will be legal in the match.

-Backstage there is a confrontation between DDP and Kevin Nash & Scott Hall. Hall tells DDP that he had an assignment and he blew it. DDP says nobody gives him assignments and he blew nothing. Apparently they had a mutual agreement, but DDP now wants no part of them.

Chris Candido vs. Sonny Siaki

Candido starts things off on the offensive, but not for long. Siaki with a big hip toss. Siaki charges at Candido in the corner, but Candido moves and Siaki runs into the ring post. Candido with a chop in the corner. Then a second chop in another corner. Candido with a third chop in yet another corner. Siaki comes back with some chops of his own. Siaki blocks a right hand from Candido and comes back. Siaki with a huge back body drop on Candido. Candido pokes Siaki in the eye to gain the offensive again. Candido with a big delayed vertical suplex. Candido goes up top and goes for a flying headbutt, but Siaki moves. Siaki with a back elbow followed by a clothesliine. Siaki with a neckbreaker on Candido. Siaki with a crossbody block, but Candido rolls through and gets his feet up on the ropes for leverage and gets the pinfall.
Winner: Chris Candido

-Now we are backstage in Dusty’s “office.” Dusty says they need to bring some new guys into TNA. Dusty gives Traci and Trinity each an assignment and they leave.

Johnny Devine w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Monty Brown

Devine attacks Brown from behind at the start to get some offense in. He rakes at Brown’s eyes. Devine with a big drop kick off the top rope on Brown. Devine gives Brown some punches and a chop. Brown comes back with a huge clothesline. Brown with a big powerbomb. Petey Williams comes out to interfere. Williams jumps off the top rope, but Brown catches him. Brown puts him in press slam position and throws him to the outside on top of Bobby Roode. Brown gives Eric Young the Pounce. Devine gives Brown a poke in the eye, but ends up receiving the Pounce soon after and Brown gets the pinfall.
Winner: Monty Brown

-Scott Hall comes out and attacks Brown from behind. Team Canada and Hall team up to beat down Brown. Nash looks on from outside the ring. DDP comes out to help Brown and everyone scatters.

-Footage is shown of Jeff Jarrett defending his NWA World Title in Korea. Tenay is then in mid-ring to interview Jarrett. Out comes Jarrett. Jarrett says he’s not intimidated by Nash. Nash says there is only one Intimidator in TNA, and it’s him. Jarrett says when Hall and Nash came into TNA, they understood that they were there to take orders from Jarrett. Somewhere along the line they must have forgotten that and fell out of the pecking order. Tenay says he doesn’t believe Nash would ever take orders from Jarrett, and Jarrett gets mad and takes the mic from Tenay. Jarrett says he and Nash go back to 1993. The crowd chants “boring.” Jarrett says the fans can chant all they want, but they are living in Planet Jarrett. Jarrett says when Nash said the belt meant only more money to him, that is going to signal the downfall of Nash’s career. Jarrett says the title is his life. Jarrett says he will chop Nash down to size at the PPV. Jarrett calls Hall Nash’s human barstool. Jarrett tells Nash “welcome to the end of your career.”

-Backstage, Shane Douglas interviews AJ Styles. Styles says he knew all along this match was going to have to happen. Styles talks about surviving matches, and he says he is a survivor. He questions whether Daniels can survive the 30 minute Iron Man match.

The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) vs. Cassidy Riley & Dustin Rhodes

Erik Watts is supposed to be Riley’s partner, but Watts has his right arm in a sling from what happened with Raven at the PPV and he’s not dressed to wrestle. Dustin Rhodes comes out to replace Watts. Rhodes and Stevens start things off. Rhodes with an arm drag and an atomic drop. Riley is tagged in. Douglas is tagged in. Riley’s left hand is taped up from what Raven did to him last week on Impact. Douglas slams Riley’s injured hand to the mat and stomps on it. Stevens is tagged bck in. Stevens gives Riley a body slam. Stevens continues to work over the injured hand of Riley. Douglas is tagged in, and he continues working over the hand. Stevens is tagged in. Douglas holds Riley, but when Stevens comes with the right hand Riley moves and Stevens hits Douglas. Raven comes out and levels Erik Watts on the outside. Rhodes then chases Raven, fighting with him. Back in the ring, The Naturals give Riley their double team finisher for the pinfall.
Winners: The Naturals

Prime Time, Kazarian & Michael Shane vs. 3 Live Kru (BG James, Konnan, & Ron Killings)

Kazarian and Konnan start things off. Konnan with a shoulder block followed soon after by his rolling clothesline. Konnan gives Prime Time a reverse DDT. Konnan and James then hold Prime Time’s legs open as Killings comes off the top rope with a leg drop. We then go to a commercial break. Back from the commercial, Killings and Shane are the legal men. Shane with a shoulder block. They criss cross off the ropes for a while, and then Killings nails a spinning flying forearm. Killings with a running power slam. Killings goes up top, but Kazarian shakes the rope and Killings falls to the mat. Killings fights back with some right hands to SHane. Shane nails an overhead belly to belly suplex out of nowhere and tags in Prime Time. Prime Time with a snap mare followed by a kick to the back of Killings. Prime Time then holds Killings, and Kazarian comes off the ropes for a clothesline. Killings moves, and Kazarian nails Prime Time with the clotheseline. Killings then gets the tag to James. James with a pump handle slam on Kazarian. Shane then comes off the top rope on to James with a flying elbow. Kazarian covers James and gets the pinfall. All the while, Konnan was choking out Prime Time and didn’t notice what happened behind him.
Winners: Prime Time, Kazarian & Michael Shane

-After the match, Jeff Hammond talks at the announce position about how he’s not going to allow this to happen. Hammond goes to explain to the ref what happened. Shane and Kazarian, along with Prime Time, come to confront Hammond. Hammond jumps in the ring with 3 Live Kru and tears off his shirt. It’s then just a staredown as Impact ends.

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