WCW Nitro 2/9/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Monday Nitro 2/9/98

The fall out between Savage and the nWo and Sting and Hogan along with the Steiners will continue. I admit that it is just a minor tweak but extends life to the stale nWo and hopefully it actually goes somewhere. Along with Goldberg and Jericho and Benoit and Raven there is a lot to like about WCW right now. There is also some things I do not like, such as Rick Martel getting a push the burial of Eddie Guerrero the fact that Raven should be above the midcard. Also, where is Bret Hart? I am used to Ric Flair getting buried and disappearing and while that is asinine the disappearance of Hart is asinine. He should be and needs to be in the thick of things. If anything have him work with Davey Boy and the Anvil and go after Hall while staying in the limelight so fans do not forget about him. After all he is getting paid millions so fucking use him. Oh well, it is thinks like this that make me want to pull out my hair….Nitro dipped a bit in the ratings to a 4.6 and RAW did as well to a 3.2. I got some advice and decided to rate each match. I probably will not do a good job but will do what I can.

They start with Hogan coming out with EB trailing behind. The fans want Sting as EB crows he has gotten where he is today by following Hollywood’s rules. Hogan calls him boss and everyone in the nWo lives and breathes Hollywood’s rules. The word is out in the gyms and girlie bars and he is sick of gaga and that the nWo is fracturing. Hogan assures us that it is not and Savage is not leading any brigade and tonight they are going to take care of family business. So tonight he is going to show there is a pecking order that people in the nWo need to worship him, and his buddies are going to find Savage who is in the building and make him lace his boots and throw him into the ring. Savage is up in the crowd and yells about a pecking order and he is number one and does not care who is number two. Savage accepts the challenge and kick him out from El Paso and then it will be the Madness against Sting at SuperBrawl and he leaves. Hogan tells him that he is going to take out Savage and put him back in line as the fans chant for Savage now!

Match 1: Glacier v. Steve McMichael

Glacier attacks and then flexes and gets popped from behind and then back dropped to the floor.

Spicolli is at the announce table and claims that he and Larry are friends and he has his bags….I think it is Larry and he claims that Tony and Tenay have been saying bad things about Larry. He then tells them to do their job. What a shame that he will be found dead in six days. Overdoes on painkillers and Somas I believe. Sad as he had serious potential.

They are back in the ring and now Glacier takes command and tosses him to the floor after a two count. Glacier whips him into the ropes, gut punches him and then snap suplexes him and goes up to the middle rope and delays and leaps right into a back elbow. Glacier is whipped into the ropes and is forearmed in the head twice and he clips him and motions for the Mongo Spike and it is over.

** Nothing great, just a TV match, which I take into account and I will rate like I would a movie. I figure I am overrating now but give me some time and some reviewers are a bit harsh besides the match was average and I am easily pleased besides it is a five star system and I am going to try and put every match in context on who is wrestling or like a Goldberg squash etc. Clearly Glacier is turning heel…..oh, here comes Mortis who attacks him. He and Vandenberg turn their back and Mongo takes out Vandenberg and then Mongo Spikes Mortis. He has the mic and proclaims that is how you take out the trash in Texas and Bulldog is next.

Louie is great at the announce table and Schiavone is clearly exasperated and I love it!

Match 2: Norman Smiley v. Konnan

Norman! Konnan has him in a headlock and turns it into a full nelson, and Norman reverses and Konnan rolls free and a dropkick sends him to the floor. He gets back in and Norman stomps away, snaps him over and puts him in a submission hold. Norman rolls around after Konnan is out and is clotheslined. Konnan snaps him over and then low dropkicks him in the head. Konnan is getting a huge pop. Konnan has him in a kind of hammerlock headscissors combo. Norman starts to get up and is DDT’d and Konnan walks around basking in the El Paso adulation. Norman reverses a whip into the corner and walks into a knee. Konnan rolls over him and Norman gets two after a Perfect Plex and they roll each other up for near falls. Norman leaps into his arms and gets another DDT, a cradle one according to Tenay and it is Tequila Sunrise time and it is over.

** Okay. Norman was a bit slow but there were some good moves and Konnan needed a win.

Tenay is with a dude who is hyping up WCW Motorsports.

Nick Patrick is in the ring and is getting booed by the crowd. JJ Dillon comes out and tells him he is not the official for this match and is suspended. Nick wants the mic and reminds everyone that he has never been tried or convicted. He has been with WCW since the beginning and has never left to go to the highest bidder. JJ has nothing on him and if this is not settled there will be plenty of lawsuits and he has a clean reputation and ref this match. JJ tells him that this is not the place to air grievances and he has some security to get him out and they do get rid of him.

Match 3: Yuji Nagata v. Disco Inferno

Nagata hammers him in the corner right at the bell. He takes him down and kicks him around. Disco blocks a blow and nails him with a swinging neckbreaker but is hit in the chin and kicked some more in the corner. Now he strikes with some forearms, whips him into the other corner but runs into an elbow. He goes up to the middle rope and is hit off the leap and then tossed back. Nagata gets two and now Disco kicks back but he is tossed over the back in a suplex and Sonny yells at Nagata and Yuji goes over and slams him but misses the elbow from the top. Disco gets the win after the Chart Buster.

** and a near half as it was all action.

La Parka runs in with the chair and belts Disco and then Nagata and he dances on the chair. Louie believes he knows it was La Parka who made Larry disappear after hitting him with a chair and he leaves to figure it out.

Tenay is with Lex Luger. Lex has a message for Macho and Hogan and he is getting sick to his stomach listening to them to make a match and spewing their garbage. He is going to speak for Sting and Hogan has the biggest match of his life and should be at home preparing (thanks for the advice). Now he goes after Savage for wanting a no DQ match after losing once and now he does not care if they beat each other and wants Savage to bring it.

Match 4: Chavo Guerrero and Dean Malenko v. Chris Jericho v. Eddie Guerrero

The fans chant for Eddie! Eddie tosses Chavo to the floor but is flung into the railing. They are in the ring chopping each other with alacrity. Eddie is killed with a spinning backbreaker and now some dropkicks. Chavo kicks him towards the corner and Jericho gets the tag. Jericho still has his belt on and is upset that he has to take it off and the fans chant that he sucks! They lock up and Jericho puts him in a headlock and is pushed into the ropes and runs over Chavo. Chavo nails him with a headscissors, chops him in the corner and Jericho charges after the whip reversal and eats all buckle. He is then DDT’d and Malenko comes in to a huge pop and dropkicks Jericho and knocks Eddie off the apron. He hammers Jericho but he fights back only to be dropped and nearly and then finally put in the Cloverleaf as Eddie goes up top too soon and Chavo and Dean see him. He breaks the hold with a missile dropkick. Jericho makes the tag and Eddie unloads on him and puts Dean in an ab stretch and Jericho lends a helping hand by adding some leverage. The hold is broken and Guerrero clotheslines him and then he Jericho double shoulderblock him. Jericho gets two and gives him a vertical suplex and stands on Malenko flexing. Jericho slams him and Eddie slingshots on top of him and Jericho slingshot splashes him for two. Jericho’s snapmare is blocked and now Dean just knees the Hades out of him and vertically suplexes him and Eddie decides to strike with a springboard guillotine legdrop. Eddie in and the double legdrop him and the fans love it. Dean reverses a whip and Eddie is tossed throat first into the top rope and suplexes him but both are down. Jericho gets the tag and he cuts off Malenko. Jericho chops him twice, sends him into the ropes and gets two after a double underhook backbreaker. He bodyslams him and misses the Lionsault. Chavo gets the hot tag and clotheslines him and now a dropkick and Eddie runs in and gets destroyed but the doubleteam overwhelms him and they stomp him. Eddie slaps him but backs into a kick from Dean and they go at it and Chavo goes up top but is shoved off and Eddie pops Dean who is down too and Jericho finishes him off with the Liontamer.

**** Fuck it is my ratings system. And TV is different than PPV and this was awesome! Jericho is reveling and thriving in his new role. And the crowd was fucking hot.

Match 5: Juventud Guerrera v. El Dandy

They exchange holds and moves until Dandy is hit with a hurracarana. Juve is sent to the apron and they chop at each other and Dandy is backdropped over the steel post and then crushes him with a flying plancha. Juve’s kick is blocked and he eats a right to the jaw but he reverses the plunge into the post. Dandy is rolled back into the ring but he telegraphs the back drop and is kicked in the head and now he follows up with some stiff chops. Juve ducks and rolls him up for two. Dandy has him up for an illegal powerbomb and is rolled up for two….maybe I got the two mixed up there. Oh well, some more roll ups and now the crowd is settling down. Dandy misses the dive and Juve gives him a type of powerbomb but the announcers call it different and finishes him off with the 450.

Jericho runs down and attacks Juve and is knocked to the floor. Jericho grabs the mic and tells him that he came out to congratulate him on the match and this is how he is treated. Juve speaks Espanol and the fans love it. Jericho proclaims himself the best Cruiserweight champ and he is also a multi-linguist and translates for Juve and states that Juve wants a title shot. Jericho claims that Juve is Dexy’s Midnight Runners, a flash in the pan. He calls him self a vato (sp) and basically an OG. He tells Juve he will put his title up at the PPV as Juve puts up his mask and Juve bellows some more in Spanish.

Match 6: Steven Regal v. Goldberg

The fans chant for Goldberg and they lock up and Regal takes him down and uppercuts him. They lock up again and Regal steps on the leg but Goldberg powers out with a dragon twist. Regal turns and twists and turns it into a waistlock. Regal is dropped down and grabs the ropes to break the submission. Regal hits him a few times and has the arm and Goldberg reverses and rolls him up for two as the announcers claim Goldberg is impressive and Regal is confused! Regal takes him down with a side headlock and Goldberg counters with a headscissors. Regal has him in a front chancery and Goldberg powers out and Regal slaps him and is taken down again. Goldberg is up and Regal has him by the legs but is picked up and back suplexed. Goldberg is hit and tripped up and now kneed and uppercutted. But Goldberg shoves him down and muffed the spinning neckbreaker and barely connects with the shoulder block. Regal turns it around and hammers Goldberg in the corner but Regal is whipped into the corner and Speared and the fans erupt and it is Jackhammer time and over.

*** Another over rating. This is because Goldberg showed some wrestling and for being so green and pushed so hard before he was ready this shows he had skill. Also, this is the so called infamous Regal incident where he went against script and took it to Goldberg. And forced him to wrestle. Goldberg did look lost at times but this was set up to show that Goldberg could wrestle. Also, Regal will be fired after this but not for going against script but because he was drunk….all the time.

Match 7: Chris Adams v. Louie Spicolli

Louie takes it to him and dropkicks him. He hammers him in the corner and after the whip he misses in the corner and is back suplexed and here comes the Flock. Louie is grabbed and given an awkward belly to belly. Adams pulls him up and off the whip nails him with a back body drop. Louie is whipped into the corner and killed with the Superkick. He rolled to the corner and is stomped on and he grabs the metal briefcase that was Zybszko’s and belts him with it and hits him again….that first shot was stiff!! Here comes Larry! He chases him off as Louie frantically runs and Larry calls him an idiot. He is not a happy camper and yells at the camera about the nWo is falling apart and they want Louie because they cannot get anyone else.

***** For Louie! I do not feel for someone who OD’s but he was young and clearly was distressed and had serious potential.

Match 8: Saturn v. Psychosis

Saturn gets his leg swept after a feeling out period. It is Ultimo Dragon….my bad. He connects with his handstand kick to the back but is taken down and put in a STF and he gets to the ropes. Saturn stomps away all over his body. Dragon comes back with a headscissor take over and goes for a sunset flip but is pulled up and over and then slammed. Saturn drops down on him and puts him in a cross armbreaker. Dragon is up but is chopped and eats a boot to the chest. He drives it into Dragon’s head and chokes him out momentarily. Dragon suddenly rolls him up and gets two but is kicked in the head and back to the arm. Dragon is up but is knocked down, but punches Saturn only to be put back in the armbreaker. Saturn breaks the hold and goes to the hammerlock. Dragon is up and after the back drop lands on his feet and he kicks Saturn in the head. Saturn fires back and goes up top but is kicked in the head and Dragon goes up with him and the fans erupt as he Frankensteins him from up top. He goes for the Sleeper but Saturn shoves him off, Dragon kicks him in the back and tries again. Saturn gets to the ropes. Dragon stays on the offensive and gets two after a moonsault and then a hurracarana, now he goes for a suplex but it is blocked but he floats over and has him in the Sleeper but Saturn tosses him over and wraps him up for the win!

*** A little slow but still solid and the right person went over with a great finish.

Match 9: Raven v. Booker T (c) for WCW TV Title

Raven has the mic and the crowd is hostile. He tells us that Benoit is not here after getting the DDT. Booker has property that belongs to the Flock, more specifically to Saturn. If he was smart he would give it to Saturn but he is not that smart so needs to be taught a lesson. He calls for the troops. Booker fights but is dropped however he then takes out Riggs and Sick Boy and now Lodi is destroyed. Kidman runs in and is slaughtered….no match. Raven is told he sucks as he assaults Booker T. He back drops him but Booker spins up and kicks Raven in the head and knocks Hammer off the apron but turns right into the Evenflow DDT. Now Saturn comes in and puts him in the rings. Raven screams for Booker to feel their pain.

No rating. A good match taken out for angle advancement but neither can afford a loss.

Match 10: Hollywood Hogan v. Randy Savage

Savage hits Hogan from behind as he came down the aisle. He lays out Bischoff and spits on him. The crowd is rabid as he hammers Hogan and chokes him out with his shirt. The ref warns him so he uses a bandanna now. He sledges him in the back and gouges the eyes. He chokes him out on the top rope and then flings him back by yanking the rope. He continues to rake the eyes but Hogan returns the favor and now he has the shirt and chokes out chokes out Savage and then bites him. Hogan now sledges him in the back and chokes him out with the ropes and pulls on his face. He stands on Macho wanting him to tell everyone who the man is. He has Savage on the apron and clubs the chest, Savage drives his shoulder into him but gets his back raked and then punched down. Hogan pulls him up and kicks him in the head and runs him into the corner. Savage is run over in the corner after the whip. Savage is whipped into the ropes and dropped and Hogan gets two after the elbow drop. Savage nuts him. Hogan does it right back and back suplexes him. Hogan says it is finished and barely gets two. Hogan bodyslams him and drops the elbow as the fans chant he sucks and now he chokes out Savage. Savage is dumped to the floor and he grabs a security officer but Hogan belts him and runs him into the railing. Savage blocks the railing shot and Hogan eats it instead. Savage takes him to the other side of the ring and Hogan gets his head bashed into the railing. Savage goes up top and eats all railing….looked stiff. Hogan grabs a chair and Liz pulls it away. Savage drives him into the post and now Savage has the chair and levels him with it. He hits him again and rolls him back in. Savage heads up top and the fans erupt and he hits the elbow and has the pin!!!!! Damn, poor Savage, Buff pulls the ref out and it is an nWo beatdown. Hogan cracks him with the chair shot to the head and now to the back. Hogan slaps him and taunts him. The nWo leave the ring with a wobbly Hogan.

**** Like I said an overrating and this is because Savage had the win! He has never beat Hogan but this was close so I am rating it high….Oh and he runs after Hogan and nails him and the nWo pull him off. The entire segment was sweet.

Match 11: Lex Luger v.

Lex has the mic and the announcers declare that no one ever knows what can happen on Nitro and there is a hint that they have no idea either.

Lex calls out Macho and he sends out a woman and Liz is pleading with him but he counters they have been through this before and will not fall for it again. But Macho runs out and tears into him! Sweet. Savage slams him and goes up top but Sting pulls him down and now it is his turn to rip into Savage. Runs him into the railing and rolls him back into the ring and it is Deathdrop time. No he is holding him and stares at the nWo who have come down and then hits it. Hogan is happy about what happened to Savage and warily gets into the ring and a net drops from the ceiling and Sting is pummeled. Luger is not really touched and Vincent is covering Savage.

Match 11: Outsiders (c) v. Steiners for WCW Tag Titles
It is survey time! Hall claims that all nWo issues are all in the bag. WCW gets a mixed response. A lot of boos though, and the nWo gets a huge response. Nash has the mic and declares it is one more for the good guys. Nash tells El Paso that being out here is too sweet.

Boy they are really delaying the main event. Hall has left something out and everybody knows, especially Macho that when you are nWo you are for life and he mocks Savage. Now Nash has the mic and he wants to throw something out to Syxx and the fans pop and he wants him to get well because when he is back it will be the year of the Wolf….even Schiavone is irked by the delay.

Scotty is told to leave the ring as Rick starts and an argument ensues and more delaying tactics. Rick drops Hall with a blow to the skull and then runs him over. Rick has the arm and tags in Scotty who hits him a few times. Hall knees him in the gut and powerslams him and then mocks the Giant! He turns right into an over the head suplex. Hall reverses a whip and Steiner hits Nash and he turns and decks him and then turns into a Hall clothesline. Nash gets the tag and does his offense in the corner. Hall is in and nails him with the fall away and runs over and hits Rick and he does not take too kindly and goes after him and Nash and Hall use it to their advantage. Nash leaps on his back. Nash runs him over and Hall is tagged in and it is ab stretch time and he mixes it up by pulling on the leg. He shoves him down, paintbrushes him and Nash gets the tag and it is side slam time and Rick makes the save. Nash has him in powerbomb position and the fans utterly explode and he stops and then teases again but tags in Hall who runs him over in the corner and stomps on him. After the whip, Scotty counters with a double underhook powerbomb…..it looked like one and Schiavone called it a side salto. Scotty claims he has him and Hall shoves Scotty into Rick and the ref calls it a tag. Hall does not know and he and Nash nail Scotty and it is Edge time but Rick bulldogs both his partner and Hall from the top and staggers Nash with one shot and makes the pin.

He runs in circles in celebration and Scotty looks bitter but hugs him and they celebrate with DiBiase.

** Nothing special but it continues the Scotty intrigue and the Steiners get the tag titles probably for the last time.

Final Thoughts:
I must admit that I really digged this show. Well, I am not admitting anything. Savage was super strong, and Sting and Luger both had moments. Raven and Booker would be a solid feud once Benoit and DDP is done. This February is a far cry from last year. WCW has improved consistently since the debacle that was Fall Brawl. I enjoyed Goldberg tonight and it is too bad he is too green and stiff and that will ultimately end Bret’s career. Anyway, Louie Spicolli was classic on the mic and Jericho was great and his tag match was super hot. There was some solid wrestling and WCW did not really do anything wrong as Savage is more over now since 96 and Nash is hugely over.

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