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WCW Nitro 7/18/2000

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Match Write-up/Ratings/Thoughts: Written by Bob Colling

Monday Nitro
Auburn Hills, Michigan
July 18, 2000

Outside, Big Poppa Pump destroyed Booker T’s car with a metal baseball bat as Midajah looked on in horror. His brother Rick said they had to take off before anyone arrived.

Interview: The Cat
The Nitro Girls escorted the WCW commissioner to the ring as he told the Auburn Hills crowd to shut up. The Cat announced a one-night tournament to crown a new U.S. Champion. Scott Steiner saw the commissioner on a backstage monitor and headed to the ring. Big Poppa came in and demanded a title shot for later in the show. Booker T met him in the ring and the fight was on. Rick Steiner joined his brother against Booker T, prompting Stevie Ray to get up from the broadcasting table for the save. As WCW officials finally pulled the brawl apart, The Cat told Poppa that he would fight Goldberg later on Nitro.

Backstage, Buff led his mother Judy Bagwell down the back hallway. Judy was wearing a neck brace as a result of the attack last week by Kanyon.

As Tony, Mark and Stevie Ray talked about the upcoming events on Nitro, Jeff Jarrett came through the crowd from behind and bashed Stevie over the head. Jarrett said that it was just a message for Stevie to send to his brother.

Opening Contest: Mike Awesome defeated Positively Kanyon to advance in the US Title Tournament: Prior to the match, Buff Bagwell and Judy Bagwell came down to the ring for commentary. Kanyon gets the early advantage with several strikes in the corner but Awesome leaps off the middle rope to deliver a back elbow strike. Kanyon cuts Awesome off on the top rope but is shoved off. Awesome hits a top rope clothesline followed by a big splash for a two count. Kanyon connects with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Kanyon flap jacks Awesome but isn’t able to keep Awesome down for a three count. Awesome backdrops Kanyon over to the apron and knocks him to the floor. Awesome dives over the top rope and takes Kanyon out with a clothesline. Awesome goes under the ring to set up a table on the floor. Kanyon manages to low blow Awesome on the ring apron and leaps off hitting the Kanyon Cutter through the table on the floor! Kanyon decides to taunt the Bagwell’s. Buff tries to hit Kanyon but is low blowed. Kanyon shoves Judy away but Buff attacks Kanyon on the floor. Bagwell hits the Blockbuster in the ring while the referee is checking on Awesome. Awesome rolls back into the ring to cover Kanyon but isn’t able to get the win. Kanyon wiggles out of a powerbomb with a baseball slide for a two count. Awesome hits a German suplex and signals for the end. Awesome hits the running Awesome Bomb to win the bout.
After the match, a fan tosses her panties into the ring.
(**1/4. Aside from the Bagwell involvement this was a pretty good match. They were able to get quite a bit of stuff in and both looked good. Again, the Bagwell interference ruined the match from being even better, in my opinion.)

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Lance Storm
After Pamela told Storm that he was cute, he berated her, saying that it was not the dating game. Lance said that after he won the tournament, he would rename the title the Canadian Heavyweight Championship.

Backstage, Buff told his brother John to get Judy out of the building before his match. On the other side of the backstage area, DDK asked Smooth to do him a favor.

Second Contest: Lance Storm defeated Buff Bagwell to advance in the US Title Tournament:
Prior to the match, Storm yelled at the fans for during on them. Before the Canadian national anthem can be heard, Bagwell clotheslines Storm from behind. Bagwell comes off the ropes to deliver a swinging neck breaker. Bagwell backdrops Strom and hammers away on Storm in the corner which gets Bagwell a two count after Storm drops to the mat. Storm fights back in the corner with several strikes and chops but Bagwell counters with a series of strikes of his own. Bagwell plants Storm with a double arm DDT and signals for the Blockbuster. Bagwell gets distracted by something on the big screen. Storm is able to quickly put on the Canadian Maple Leaf and Bagwell quits to apparently help his mother from MI Smooth and Kanyon. (*1/4. The finish wasn’t really executed all that well because it looked more like Bagwell was just reaching the bottom rope rather than actually giving up. Knowing Bagwell’s past antics, I’m sure that’s what it was. God forbid he loses, right?)

Backstage, as The Cat tried to make a play for one of the Nitro Girls, the familiar sounds of The Jung Dragons filled the air as they arrived for another fight. Stevie Ray jumped in to save the commissioner, but Miller said that they were just his friends playing around. Ray demanded a match against Jeff Jarrett, which The Cat readily agreed to.

From moments earlier, Positively Kanyon pulled Judy Bagwell from her car and Kanyon Cuttered her to the floor. Backstage, Buff and John screamed for help as they knelt over their mother.
Backstage, Big Poppa Pump told Midajah to leave as he waited with a metal pipe for Goldberg to arrive to the building.

Third Contest: the Great Muta defeated Vampiro to advance in the US Title Tournament:
Muta attacks Vampiro before the bell and plays to the crowd but is attacked by Vampiro. Vampiro heads to the top rope and hits a spinning heel kick for a two count. Vampiro misses a top rope twisting splash and Muta regains control with a elbow drop. Muta shoulder rams Vampiro in the corner several times. Muta kicks Vampiro in the corner until Vampiro rolls him up for a two count. Muta stops Vampiro with another kick to the midsection. Vampiro avoids a handspring elbow in the corner and connects with a Rock Bottom for only a two count. Muta blocks a kick and delivers a dragon screw leg whip. Muta rolls Vampiro up for a two count. Muta nearly wins with a hurricanrana. Muta delivers a back breaker and hits a top rope moonsault for the clean win. (*. Vampiro got a few things in, but it seemed more like an extended squash match.)
After the match, Vampiro beats up his own friends.

Backstage, Scott Steiner attacked Ralphus and Norman Smiley as they entered the arena.

Fourth Contest: Shane Douglas defeated Billy Kidman to advance in the US Title Tournament: Douglas beats down Kidman with several right hands and stomps as he enters the ring. Douglas drives Kidman to the mat with a front slam. Douglas connects with a rolling neck snap and distracts the referee so that Torrie can choke Kidman. Kidman backdrops Douglas to the floor and nails Douglas with a baseball slide. Kidman sends Douglas shoulder first into the ring steps. Douglas recovers and manages to ram Kidman groin first into the ring post. Douglas atomic drops Kidman on the floor as well, which causes Kidman to hit the guard railing. Back in the ring, Kidman crotches Douglas on the top rope and hits a hurricanrana! Kidman head scissors Douglas and delivers a dropkick. Kidman comes off the ropes hitting several lariats. Torrie trips Kidman as he runs the ropes and Douglas hits the Pittsburgh Plunge for only a two count! Kidman rolls Douglas up moments later but when Douglas kicks outs, Torrie hits Kidman with a chair. Douglas covers but only gets a two count. Kidman plants Douglas with a bulldog for a two count! Douglas counters Kidman’s offense and hits the Franchiser to win the match. (*1/4. They botched the finish as the referee apparently didn’t know that was the finish. It wasn’t an awful match as they kept it fairly fast paced.)

Backstage, Three Count is heading to the ring with a ladder. Goldberg has arrived to the building!

Fifth Contest: Jung Dragons defeated Three Count in a ladder match:
While Three Count sings, the Jung Dragons tried to snatch the gold record but Three Count realized it before they could. Moore and Yang fall to the floor when Moore head scissors Yang. Karagias and Jameson are draped across the top rope when the ladder is tipped over. Yang returns to the ring and lifts Moore onto the ladder in the corner. Jameson sets Moore on the ladder and connects with a superplex. Yang hits a top rope big splash on Moore. Helms nails Yang with a top rope leg drop. Hayashi misses a splash. Karagias starts to hit everyone with the ladder and begins to climb the ladder to grab the record. Jameson is kicked off but Karagias isn’t abel to get the record. Instead, Karagias is dumped over the top and Abbott catches him. Jameson has gotten to the top of the ladder and grabs the record to win the match. (1/2*. I didn’t get the point of this segment, really. They didn’t nearly have enough time to actually do anything noteworthy.)

Backstage, as Goldberg entered the door, he ducked the pipe and tackled Steiner into the wall. WCW Security and wrestlers arrived, pulling the monsters apart.

Backstage, Rick Steiner tried to calm his brother down.

Sixth Contest: Mike Awesome defeated the Great Muta to advance in the US Title Tournament:
Awesome shoulder blocks Muta and follows up with a belly to belly suplex. Awesome misses a splash in the corner and Muta beats down Awesome with several right hands. Muta dropkicks Awesome after ducking a clothesline and Awesome rolls to the floor. Awesome sends Muta back first into the guard railing and rams Muta head first into ring post. Muta looks to spit mist into Awesome’s eyes by the announcers table, but Awesome ducks and Muta spits the mist in Madden’s eyes instead! Back in the ring, Muta nails Awesome with a missile dropkick. Muta connects with a middle rope hurricanrana but Awesome battles back with a running clothesline. Awesome drives Muta down with a running Awesome Bomb to pick up the win. (*. The spot with Madden was horribly executed and fell flat. As for the match, it wasn’t anything special. It’s very hard to produce quality wrestling in under five minutes of given time.)

Backstage, Buff Bagwell put a beating on Smooth for his part in the earlier plan. DDK came to the rescue, jumping Bagwell as Smooth made his escape.

Backstage, Mark Madden approached KeeWee, asking for help getting the green mist out of his shirt. Paisley arrived, needing help with her dress as well.

Seventh Contest: Lance Storm defeated Shane Douglas to advance in the US Title Tournament:
Douglas hammers away on Storm to kick off the match. Storm uppercuts Douglas but is back dropped over the top to the floor. Storm sends Douglas chest first into the guard railing. Torrie Wilson jumps on Storm’s back and Douglas sends Storm into the guard railing. Douglas kicks Storm in the groin after lifting him up in the air. Back in the ring, Douglas connects with a top rope cross body but Storm kicks out at two. Douglas delivers a rolling neck snap. Storm nails Douglas with a standing dropkick but Douglas comes back with an atomic drop and clothesline. Douglas connects with a series of vertical suplexs with the last one being a sit out front suplex for a two count. Douglas stops Storm with a snap powerslam for a near fall. Kidman is seen at the top of the aisle way eating some popcorn. Storm nails Douglas with a superkick after a shin breaker but isn’t able to get the win. Storm avoids the Pittsburgh Plunge but isn’t able to avoid a belly to belly suplex which is good for a two count. Storm counters a vertical suplex with an inside cradle for a two count. Storm counters a roll up out of the corner and locks in the Canadian Maple Leaf to win the bout! (*. There was some decent wrestling during this one but overall it was quite boring.)
After the match, Kidman tries to spank Torrie but instead dropkicks a chair into Storm’s face.

Backstage, Rick Steiner talked with Midajah, trying to figure out Big Poppa Pump.

Eighth Contest: Jeff Jarrett defeated Stevie Ray:
Jarrett attacks Ray before the bell but Ray connects with a big boot and power slam to quickly control the contest. Jarrett back elbow a charging Ray in the corner but Ray clotheslines Jarrett to the floor. Ray rams Jarrett head first into the announcers table. Jarrett cuts Ray off in the ring with several stomps and right hands. Jarrett leaps off the middle rope to deliver an axe handle shot. Jarrett blocks a backdrop with a big boot but Ray plants Jarrett with a spine buster. Rick Steiner runs down to the ringside area as Ray hits the Slapjack. Midajah hits Ray with a top rope double axe handle and Jarrett drives Ray to the mat with the Stroke to win the bout. (DUD. There was nothing redeeming about this one, folks.)
After the match, WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T runs down and cleans house to zero heat.

Backstage, Scott Steiner is throwing stuff around saying he is going to get Goldberg.

Ninth Contest: Lance Storm defeated Mike Awesome to win the vacant WCW United States Championship:
Awesome drops Storm chest first across the guard railing after cutting off the Canadian national anthem, again. Awesome sends Storm back first into the railing a few times as well. Storm hits Awesome with a chair back in the ring jabbing Awesome in the head a few times. Storm delivers a leg drop but only gets a two count. Storm chops Awesome several times in the corner and snap mares Awesome before dropping a few elbows for a two count. Awesome elbows Storm in the gut and plants Storm with a sit down powerbomb! Awesome hits Storm with a running clothesline but only gets a two count. Awesome splashes Storm in the corner and drops Storm with a clothesline. Awesome heads to the top rope but misses a splash as Storm gets his knees up. Storm botches a middle rope tornado DDT, it looks like. Awesome attempts a top rope powerbomb but Storm counters with a superplex but Awesome kicks out at two! Awesome catches Storm on a springboard attempt and hits a over head belly to belly suplex. Awesome attempts a running powerbomb but Storm rolls through and locks in the Canadian Maple Leaf to win the match and title! (**. Not a bad match to close out the tournament. These two, if given more time could surely put on one hell of a match. This is only just a taste of what they could do.)
After the match, two large women help Awesome to his feet.

Backstage, The Cat asked Booker if he could enter the champion’s dressing room to discuss something.

Main Event: Goldberg fought Scott Steiner to a no contest:
Ernest Miller is the special referee for the contest. Scott Steiner backs Goldberg into a corner and delivers a few shots. Steiner drops Goldberg with a clothesline and drops an elbow. Goldberg blocks a backdrop with a clubbing blow. Goldberg follows up with a butterfly suplex before tossing Steiner into a corner. Goldberg looks for the spear but Steiner sidesteps Goldberg and takes Goldberg over with a exploder suplex! Goldberg shoulder blocks Steiner and beats him down with several right hands. Goldberg lifts Steiner up and switches a press slam into a power slam! Goldberg runs into a big boot in the corner and Steiner takes Goldberg over with a belly to belly suplex. Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner but Miller says needs to break the hold. Steiner decides to punch Miller to the floor and Booker leaves the commentary table to check on Miller. Booker enters the ring and Steiner attacks Booker. Booker leapfrogs Goldberg’s attempted spear and he hits Steiner. Booker nails Goldberg with a leaping sidekick. Kevin Nash’s music hits and walks out Big Sexy with a beer in hand. Nash heads over to Goldberg and drops him with the Jackknife powerbomb! Nash grabs Steiner and powerbombs him as well! Nash stares at Booker but simply leaves the ring. Nash grabs his beer and walks off while Booker looks on confused. (*1/2. I can fully understand and appreciate why this was short and didn’t have a finish. You can’t spoil this type of match on free television when your company is dying for buy-rates. People will/should buy to see that match on pay per view.)

Final Thoughts: I thought the tournament was alright, but there were far too many clusterfuck finishes. I don’t get why there needs to be interference to protect someone. Several feuds were progressed throughout the night, so that’s always good. Plus, we had ten matches on the show. There was a few crappy matches that didn’t have anything redeeming about them, but overall, I actually enjoyed the show.

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