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WCW Thunder 7/19/2000

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WCW Thunder
East Lansing, Michigan
July 19, 2000

When Stevie Ray re emerged on the WCW scene to stand by his brother’s side, long time fans remembered the two as they broke into the league as Harlem Heat, gaining numerous tag team championships along the way. Now on TBS Thunder, it was just like old times, as the Heat gained victory, but in the end, it was Booker counting the ring lights, as The Chosen One topped the charts again with his acoustic equalizer.

Outside of the arena, Stevie Ray and his brother, WCW Champion Booker T arrived together, ready for their tag team match against Rick Steiner and Jeff Jarrett later in the show.

Jeff Jarrett came to ringside and joined Mike Tenay, Tony Shiavone, and Bobby Heenan for commentary.

“Above Average” Mike Sanders d. Crowbar with Daffney

Crowbar brought Daffney to ringside as he prepared to face the newest member of the WCW roster, “Above Average” Mike Sanders. Sanders proved that he could fly with the best, as he went toe to toe with the kamikaze Crowbar, performing a moonsault from the apron to the outside. The experienced Crowbar fought back, with a little help from Daffney, who executed a “Frankenscreamer” from the top rope, bringing Sanders to the canvas. After putting Above Average through a chair on the outside, Crowbar fell victim to Jarrett’s six-stringer; not at the hands of The Chosen One however, but by Sanders, who borrowed the guitar to gain the tainted win.

In the crowd, WCW Security escorted Lenny Lane from the arena, as he walked around with a sign that read “Use Me.”

As Jarrett made his way to the back, Booker T came out to confront the former champion, but was caught from behind by Rick Steiner. Stevie Ray evened up the sides, and the four brawled until Security broke it up.

Daffney threatened to take care of Mike Sanders with a chair for what he did to Crowbar.

The Cat offered Lenny Lane his job back – if he could defeat The Wall in a Table Match.

Interview: Lance Storm
The new US Champion came to the ring, demanding the crowd to stand up for the Canadian national anthem. He named off a list of the greats that have held the title, but said he deserved better. Storm declared the US Title dead and buried, and renamed it, as promised, the Canadian Heavyweight Title. Lance called for security to bring a fan into the ring so he could show his appreciation to the fans. Soon however, Storm was berating the heavyset woman until Mike Awesome entered for the save. Before long, Positively Kanyon and Buff Bagwell joined the fight, with Buff and Awesome sending DDK and Storm off to the back.

Jeff Jarrett told Mike Sanders that he had a lesson for him. The Chosen One went on to destroy a guitar over the rookie’s head.

Ms. Hancock told David Flair that he would get the “goods” if he won the Cruiserweight Title from Lieutenant Loco.

Table Match
Lenny Lane d. The Wall

The Wall used his massive power to show Lane who was boss in the ring. Lenny pushed Wall off the turnbuckle before dropping a big elbow to gain a brief advantage. Lane jumped off the apron to the floor, but was caught by Wall and brought down across the guardrail. After Wall set up a table on the outside, Lane pushed him off the ring, sending him through the table to regain his job back.

General Rection lined up the MIA troops to give them instructions.

As Mike Sanders woke up from the Jarrett guitar shot, Daffney laid him out again with a chair.

The Wall and Lenny Lane shook hands, with Wall stating it was one for the system.

The Filthy Animals snuck into Kronic’s dressing room, as they were pre occupied with a photo shoot.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Lieutenant Loco d. David Flair with Ms. Hancock

Flair put the boots to Loco, wanting to win the “prize” from Ms. Hancock, as well as the Cruiserweight Title. Hancock got mad when Flair’s silk shirt was ripped open, but even interfered herself in an attempt to score a win for her man. Major Gunns put an end to Hancock’s interference in a hurry, and Loco delivered a DDT onto a chair for the victory. Major Gunns moved in to revive Flair, but Hancock entered, and the catfight began.

The Cat berated The Wall for laying down for Lenny Lane, finally firing him for his actions. The Wall didn’t take the news well, choking the life out of the commissioner until security arrived.

As a beaten Sanders got to his feet, Kanyon came out of nowhere with a Kanyon Cutter, flattening the youngster on the floor again.

Miller was attacked once again by The Jung Dragons.

Tank Abbott d. The Great Muta

The Japanese legend tore into Tank with the Dragons entering almost immediately. The Cat ran in and threw all three Dragons to the outside. With Muta distracted, Abbott moved in with his patented knock out punch, scoring the 1-2-3 win.

Mean Gene Interview: Major Gunns
Gunns challenged Ms. Hancock to an R.O.T.C., Rip Off The Camouflage Match for the New Blood Rising PPV.

Kronic found their dressing room ransacked, and demanded a WCW production worker to stand guard. As they walked away, DDK dropped the production guy with a Kanyon Cutter.

Midajah told Jeff Jarrett and Rick Steiner that she would do anything to help them.

Kronic d. The Filthy Animals

Juvi and Rey Mysterio, Jr. came to the ring with Kronic’s ring outfits on, only angering Clark and Adams more. Konnan joined Schiavone and Heenan at ringside, as Kronic threw The Animals around the ring like rag dolls. Disco came in to give The Animals the advantage over the massive tag team champions, but nothing could stop the force of Adams and Clark as they plowed Inferno into the canvas with the High Time for the win.

Backstage, Shane Douglas told Torrie Wilson that last night was incredible, and he wasn’t talking about Nitro. The Franchise would not reveal the contents of a bag he was carrying, only saying that Wilson was going to love it.

Interview: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson
Douglas said that he was the greatest wrestler in WCW, and said that he was the only choice for Wilson to stand beside. The Franchise pulled out the latest edition of Stuff Magazine, in which Wilson was featured in a provocative interview. As Douglas pulled a dumbbell from the bag, he curled it as Torrie read from the magazine. Billy Kidman ran in and attacked Shane, but as Kidman turned his attention toward Wilson, The Franchise slammed the dumbbell into Billy’s head.

Backstage, Positively Kanyon cutted the 1-800-CALLATT guy, Jimmy Baron, as he gave his road report from the pay phone.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Big Vito d. The Artist

As The Artist told Mean Gene that he challenged any WCW champion, Big Vito attacked with a cane, starting a Hardcore Title match. Artist stumbled into the wardrobe area, where Paisley was in the arms of KeeWee. Artist attacked KeeWee, but Vito stayed on the challenger as they made their way into the arena. Once in the ring, it was just like home for Vito, who used his orange cone homerun swing to make The Artist squeal in agony. After a table broke under the weight of both guys, the hardcore Champion scored the victory after a jumping DDT.

Backstage, Mike Awesome asked Buff if they could bring “Ruthy” to the ring with them.

“Positively” Kanyon and Lance Storm d. Buff Bagwell and Mike Awesome

Bagwell and Awesome interrupted the playing of the Canadian national anthem, putting Storm and Kanyon on the defense from the get go. The Innovator of Offense and the champ from Calgary…Alberta, Canada turned things around, using quick double team moves on Bagwell. As Awesome tagged in, he cleaned house, squashing Kanyon with a frogsplash from the top. After using the loaded book on Buff on the outside, Kanyon broke up an Awesome Bomb attempt, slamming The Career Killer with the lethal literature before delivering a Kanyon Cutter for the win.

Mean Gene Interview: Jeff Jarrett and Rick Steiner with Midajah
The Dog Faced Gremlin told Gene that he and his brother had beaten Harlem Heat for years, so he and Jarrett would do the same thing. The Chosen One said that Midajah’s plan was NOYFB.

Mean Gene Interview: Harlem Heat
Stevie Ray warned Midajah not to interfere again. Booker told Jeff Jarrett not to hate the player, but to hate the game.

Scott Hudson Interview: Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash said that win, lose, or draw, WCW was not going to let Scott Hall back into the organization. Big Sexy made some harsh comments regarding the upper brass in the company, stating that Hall is not injured anymore, and could return on Monday if they wanted him, but they don’t. Kevin claimed to have 17 months left in his contract. He said he would honor it, but after that, he would make a decision about where he would go. Nash said he feels that Goldberg hasn’t paid his dues, and has turned on guys like Hall who helped him out in the beginning. When Hudson brought up the Three Way Dance involving Nash, Scott Steiner, and Goldberg at New Blood Rising, Kevin said that no matter what anyone said, he was going over and winning the match to gain a shot at the WCW Title on the Fall Brawl PPV in September.

Booker T and Stevie Ray d. Rick Steiner and Jeff Jarrett with Midajah

The Cat stated that he would sit at ringside to make sure things were done fair. As Booker worked over Rick Steiner, Midajah climbed to the top, but was stopped by The Cat who told her to get off the ropes. The commissioner handcuffed himself to Big Poppa’s “freak,” making sure she was unable to interfere in the contest. Ray fell victim to a double team at the hands of the DFG and The Chosen One, as Booker screamed for his brother to make the tag. Finally the champion tagged in, sending both Steiner and Jarrett reeling from post to post. Jarrett brought the champion down with a superplex from the top, but Booker hooked his leg on impact, scoring the surprise pin. After the bell, Jarrett took his acoustic equalizer over the champion’s head as Thunder came to a close.

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