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WCW Thunder 2/2/2000

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WCW Thunder
Binghamton, New York
February 2, 2000

Show Results

Although Binghamton welcomed Thunder with a frigid snowstorm, things were at a boiling point inside, as interim commissioner Jeff Jarrett continued to throw his power around, making things anything but easy for the new WCW Champion, Sid Vicious. With Sid scheduled for three matches throughout the night, Jarrett found the perfect opportunity to wear down the champ before his big title shot at SuperBrawl. And as if that wasn’t hot enough, Hulk Hogan made his presence known in Binghamton, letting The Total Package know that Hulkamania was indeed, still running wild.

Interview: The nWo
The nWo made their way to the ring, donned in the black and silver and surrounded by eye candy. Jarrett said that at SuperBrawl, he would defeat Sid for the title, but before that would happen, Vicious would have to participate in Triple Threat Theater later in the night. He would face Mike Rotunda in a Submission Match, Rick Steiner in a Hardcore Match and both of the Harris Boys in Caged Heat. He finished by once again telling the boys in the dressing room that he would be accepting bribes.

Outside, a white limousine sat outside the arena. The announcers speculated as to who was inside.

Backstage, referee Mark Johnson told Jeff Jarrett he could be bought, giving The Chosen One a perfect choice to referee the Triple Threat Theater.

‘Screamin’ Norman Smiley d. The Demon

The Demon charged from his casket and proceeded to strip Screamin’ Norman of the stolen KISS ring gear. As Demon concentrated on wiping the makeup from Smiley’s face, Norman spun around his opponent and clamped on the Norman Conquest for the submission victory. After the match, The Demon chased Smiley up the ramp to the back.

Backstage, the men formerly known as Standards and Practices said that their names were Lane and Idol and they would find a way back on the WCW shows to wrestle.

Submission Match
Sid Vicious d. Mike Rotunda

The WCW Champion made his way to the ring, ready to face the task ahead of him. Rotunda came in with a purpose, quickly taking Sid off his feet, applying a figure four. Sid broke free, but Rotunda stayed strong, attempting an STF maneuver. Vicious powered away and, after a devastating chokeslam applied the crossface for a victory in his first of three matches.

Interview: Vampiro
Vamp told Mean Gene that he would emerge victorious against Kidman and The Wall in their Three Way Dance later in the program. Also, just because he respects Kidman, that doesn’t mean he necessarily likes him.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Tournament Match
Shannon Moore d. Shane Helms

Before the match, Evan Karagias told the crowd that even though Shane and Shannon were facing each other, 3 Count wasn’t breaking up and they would perform their dance after the match. Karagias joined the announcers at the table. Shannon dove over the top rope to the floor onto Helms. Back inside, the two men, knowing each other so well, applied holds and counter holds to one another. As Shane went for a reverse neckbreaker, Shannon hooked his arms and pinned his partner to advance in the tournament.

Backstage, Madusa approached the nWo, saying she wanted a women’s division so she could wrestle again. Big Poppa Pump, telling her she was on the hideous side of good looking, said that the only women in the nWo were sitting under his arms. Jarrett finally told Madusa that she could have the division.

Outside, the door of the white limousine opened and out walked Hulk Hogan to the roar of the crowd watching on the screen.

Interview: Hulk Hogan
The fans were in a frenzy as The Hulkster made his way to the ring. Mean Gene brought up The Total Package’s recent comments about Hogan. Hulk said he called Sting and Goldberg and they all discussed the wrong that is happening in WCW with the pre-tapes and comedy sketches. Package and Elizabeth came down the aisle, black bat in hand. A silhouette of Sting appeared on the stage, as Package and Liz looked on. When the man on the stage removed the wig he was wearing, Package turned around and took a swing at Hogan. Hulk blocked it and chased both Luger and Elizabeth out of the ring, brandishing the baseball bat.

Backstage, Torrie and Kidman filmed each other in the dressing room before making their way to the ring.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett placed Oklahoma in charge of the newly formed WCW women’s division.

Three Way Dance
The Wall d. Vampiro and Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson

Vamp and Kidman both went after The Wall at the bell, taking him over the top with a double clothesline. As the three men brawled inside, Wilson came up on the apron to distract the referee. As this was going on, Kidman got a steel chair and took it over the head of The Wall three times before spin kicking it into Vampiro’s face. Wall chokeslammed Kidman over top rope and climbed to the top turnbuckle. Vampiro jumped up to meet him, but was caught and driven almost through the mat with a chokeslam from the top. The Wall covered and got the three-count victory.

Interview: The Mamalukes with Disco Inferno
As Disco, Vito and Johnny told Gene they were not mamalukes, Lane and Idol interrupted the interview, challenging the WCW Tag Team Champions for the gold.

Hardcore Match
Sid Vicious d. Rick Steiner

The match started inside, but was quickly brought to the floor. After throwing Sid into the crowd, Steiner suplexed him over the railing onto the announcer’s table, sending the commentators scattering. Camera cords, steel chairs, guardrails: they were all legal and all used in this hardcore rules match. Sid and Steiner fought back by the stage where an armed flailed a metal pipe from behind a curtain, first hitting Steiner, then Vicious. Sid landed on top of Rick and a pinfall was made, making him 2-0 in the night’s challenge.

Outside, Hulk Hogan was shown getting back into the white limousine.

Diamond Dallas Page d. The Machine

The massive Machine worked over the back of DDP, but Page quickly took control again. Page brought Machine over the top rope with a clothesline to the floor. Back inside, as The Machine went to the top rope, DDP shook it from the other side, sending the masked man down in a split across the rope. Dallas signaled for the finish and delivered, bringing the newcomer to the mat with his patented Diamond Cutter.

Interview: Arn Anderson
Arn told Mean Gene that he is caught in the middle between Ric Flair and Terry Funk. He said the two should realize that the poison of the nWo has arrived again, taking over their sport and they should fight against them, not each other.

Handicapped Match
Tank Abbott d. The Villanos IV and V

The two luchadors came to the ring to challenge the monster, Tank. A bodyslam and two right jabs later, the bout was over, with Abbott scoring two more TKO victories.

Interview: The Harris Boys
Big Ron and Heavy D told Mean Gene that they would not only beat Sid in Caged Heat, but send him to the hospital as well.

Backstage, as Arn Anderson spoke with Mike Graham, Terry Funk entered the room, asking Arn who’s side he was on. Double A said he didn’t have an answer.

Non-Title Match
David Flair and Crowbar with Daffney Unger d. The Mamalukes with Disco Inferno

Disco joined the announcers at ringside. Miss Hancock made her way down the aisle, but Daffney stood in her way, causing her to do an about face and head to the back. The champions dominated Flair in the ring, giving him everything they had. Finally Crowbar tagged in and the Mamalukes were in trouble. As Disco and Daffney came onto the ring apron, the referee attempted to get them down. This gave Flair the opening to hit Vito with the gold crowbar, gaining the win for his team in the non-title contest.

Sid Vicious d. THe Harris Boys

As Sid limped to the ring, The Harris Boys attacked him in the aisle. They brought him into the cage, where they continued the assault. The two newest members of the nWo destroyed the WCW champion, not letting up in their quest to eliminate the champion. Vicious caught Ron with a low blow and, after a chokeslam, defeated the Harris Boys. The cage began to raise and the rest of the nWo hit the ring, laying Sid out with the guitar and spray painting their calling card on the back of the WCW Heavyweight Champion.

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