WCW Thunder 2/9/2000

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WCW Thunder
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
February 9, 2000

On their way to the most important Nitro of the new millennium, WCW made a stop in Oklahoma City for another edition of TBS Thunder. After the broadcast, we knew that, on Monday, the Godfather of Soul would make an appearance, Big Sexy Kevin Nash would be back at the helm, The Total Package was signed to battle the hardcore legend Terry Funk, and another epic encounter would take place between, arguably, the two greatest performers to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots: Nature Boy Ric Flair and The Immortal Hulk Hogan.

Show Results

In a clip from earlier in the evening, Jeff Jarrett and The Harris Boys were shown walking into the arena. Arriving separately, Scott Hall made his way into the building.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Tournament
Lash Leroux d. Shannon Moore with 3 Count

3 Count came to the ring with their dancing circles, ready to cut a … ring? Just as they started to get their groove on, Lash Leroux broke up the party with his entrance. Moore landed a moonsault on Leroux to the floor early on. Once in the ring, Lash took over and, as Karagias and Helms attempted to interfere in the match, it backfired, sending Leroux to victory in the tournament semi-finals. After the match, 3 Count attacked the Ragin Cajun with a dancing circle until “Screamin” Norman ran in for the save.

Backstage, Jarrett told the nWo girls to wait in the office as they took care of business in the ring.

Interview: The nWo
Jarrett said he hit Scott Hall on Monday because Hall was trying to take his spot as the rightful WCW Champion. He then told Sid he was booked to team with Terry Funk against the Harris Boys. As The Chosen One said he reigned supreme as acting commissioner, the Wolfpac music started and out walked the master of the survey. Hall pointed to the big screen where the real commish, Big Sexy, appeared. Nash told Jarrett he was taking the job back and The Chosen One was no longer chosen. Nash, being pampered by two lovely ladies in his office in Atlanta, told Jarrett he would wrestle Hall later in the night to determine the number one contender to face Sid for the title at SuperBrawl. Hall put the icing on cake with a survey, which obviously went in his favor.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Bam Bam Bigelow d. The Demon

Bigelow waited outside the casket of The Demon and, as it opened for his arrival, Bigelow attacked, and scored the quick pinfall. Brian Knobs came from nowhere and brawled with the Hardcore Champion.

Interview: Sid Vicious and Terry Funk
Sid told Mean Gene he knew he could count on Terry Funk to watch his back. The Funker told Ric Flair that he had someone there who disapproved of how Flair treated David this past Monday on Nitro.

Backstage, J Biggs told Stevie Ray and Big T that Booker would be locked up for a long time. Big T said he was hungry, and went to get ribs for the three of them.

Backstage, Crowbar was shown listening to a KISS CD on headphones.

No Contest – Stevie Ray with J Biggs vs. Booker

Biggs came to the announcing table, stating that Booker would not be appearing. The cartoon music played and Booker made his way to the ring, waving Midnight back to the dressing room. Booker went after Biggs, but was stopped by Stevie, getting the match underway. After the brothers brawled for a few minutes, Booker knocked Biggs to the ground and took a steel chair. Ray came over to save, but was caught with the chair to the head for his troubles.

Hall and Nash were shown talking on the phone, with Big Sexy telling Hall how he wanted the rest of the shows match ups to be booked.

Interview: Ric Flair
Flair told Mean Gene that the Nature Boy was the greatest in the sport and Hogan didn’t figure into picture. Ric said he would kick Funk’s cowboy ass in the Cow Palace at SuperBrawl.

Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson d. Crowbar with Daffney Unger
Kidman went right after Crowbar, looking to exact some revenge for the attack on Nitro. As the fight made its way to the floor, Crowbar rearranged some furniture and delivered a splash from the top of the guardrail to the ground. Back in the ring, the two future superstars exchanged high-risk maneuvers, with no one scoring a pinfall. Crowbar grabbed his lead pipe but, as Torrie distracted the referee, Kidman took the pipe away and delivered a huracanrana from the top rope for the 1-2-3 win.

The Harris Boys d. Terry Funk and Sid Vicious

Jeff Jarrett joined Tenay and Heenan at the broadcast table. Sid worked over both of the Harris Boys, taking the fight to the floor. Big Ron and Heavy D doubled up on Funk, not allowing him to get to his corner. Not able to control himself, Sid charged in, throwing clotheslines to both of the brothers. Outside, Funk dropped Ron with a piledriver on the concrete. The hardcore legend set up a table and climbed the ropes, attempting an Asai moonsault. Jarrett jumped from the table, smashing his guitar over Funk’s head and sending him crashing backwards into the table. Funk was rolled into the ring and, as Jarrett brawled with Sid to the back, the Harris brothers pulled a switch and pinned Funk to take the match.

Backstage, Ric Flair danced in the hall as he proposed to The Total Package an alliance between the two of them to rid WCW of Hogan and Funk.

Fit Finlay d. The Total Package with Elizabeth by DQ

The Total Package confirmed that he would come together with Ric Flair on Monday night to eliminate Hogan and Funk. Finlay came to the ring and the match was on. Fit worked over the arm of Package, wearing down one of the main tools of his game. Elizabeth hit Finlay with the baseball bat for the disqualification. Package beat on Finlay’s arm with the bat until security came in for the save. Brian Knobs came out and slammed Fit’s arm into the canvas, asking him how it felt.

Interview: Idol and Lane
Idol and Lane told Gene that they didn’t have music and pyro, but they would take the WCW Tag Team Titles from the “Marmadukes.”

The Mamalukes with Disco Inferno d. Lane and Idol

Idol and Lane attacked the champions in the aisle before they could even get their belts on. Miss Handcock came to ringside and let her long, blonde hair down. She passed a piece of paper to the announcer’s table and walked away. As Disco came up to the apron, Big Vito ran Idol into him, following up with his patented spinning DDT, retaining the tag team gold.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett assured the Harris Boys that he would defeat Scott Hall later in the show.

Interview: Ernest “The Cat” Miller
Mean Gene told The Cat he was lying about James Brown being in the building. Miller said Brown was there earlier and left, but would be on Nitro Monday night.

Backstage, a mystery woman was shown watching Ric Flair make his way down the hall, headed to the ring.

Interview: Ric Flair
The Nature Boy came to the ring brandishing a copy of the WCW Magazine. He pointed out a story that placed Hulk Hogan ahead of him as the greatest wrestler of all time. He dropped an elbow on the magazine and delivered a shoe, but surprisingly, did not go for the cover. Dustin Rhodes came to the ring, telling Flair that he was disgusted by Ric’s actions regarding his son David this past Monday. He told Flair that David was more of a man than his father and challenged Ric to a match. A fight broke out and, after Charles Robinson hit the ring, a match was underway.

Ric Flair d. Dustin Rhodes

Robinson was almost immediately knocked down and, as Dustin went for the cover, he counted the three count himself. Rhodes put Flair in his own figure four, but the Nature Boy took his Rolex watch and smashed Dustin in the head with it. With the referee waking up, Flair went for the pin and got it. After the dirtiest player in the game knocked Robinson down, Funk ran into the ring, but was stopped by The Total Package and his baseball bat, adding fuel to the fire this coming Monday on Nitro.

No Contest – Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett with The Harris Boys

Jarrett made his way to the ring with both Harris Boys by his side. Hall beat the Chosen One around the ring before sending him out to the floor. As Jarrett re- entered the ring, he took over, wearing Hall down with a sleeper hold. The fans rallied behind the Outsider as he rose to his feet, fending Jarrett off his back. Jeff found himself in trouble as he fell victim to the fallaway slam. Hall then set up and delivered the Outsider’s Edge, knocking down Mickey Jay in the process. As Hall went to check the referee, Jarrett snuck up behind and applied the Stroke. Referee Mark Johnson entered the ring and counted the pinfall, but the legal ref Jay, upon waking up, restarted the match. Hall and Jarrett fought back and forth until Ron Harris threw the US Title into the ring. Meant for Jarrett, Hall intercepted the belt and used it over the Chosen One’s head. As Jay started to count the fall, Mark Johnson pulled him to the outside. This brought the WCW Champion, Sid to ringside, who chased Johnson right into the awaiting arms of Hall. With everything in total chaos, Mickey Jay had no choice but to rule the match a no contest, leaving everyone wondering who would face Sid for the title at the PPV.

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