WCW Thunder 2/16/2000

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WCW Thunder
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
February 16, 2000

Philadelphia braced itself for an invasion of excitement as TBS Thunder slammed its way into town for a night of brutal action, WCW style. WCW World Champion, Sid Vicious and Scott Hall were both banned from the building, as things were at a fever pitch on the way to SuperBrawl. Throughout the night, in tribute to the most hostile city in America, violence and destruction were the themes of the night. Nature Boy Ric Flair and The Total Package scored a win on their way to the big show on Sunday, and The Harris Boys, while things were falling apart between their opponents, remained stronger than ever the whole night through.

Interview: Terry Taylor
Taylor told the fans that because of altercations between Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, and Sid Vicious, in order to protect the main event this Sunday at SuperBrawl, Vicious had agreed to leave the building. Jarrett and The Harris Boys came to the ring, ready to fight. The Chosen One stated that he was sick of WCW protecting Sid, and the three proceeded to attack Taylor, laying him out with a guitar shot and spraying their calling card on his back.

Backstage, Ric Flair, The Total Package, and Elizabeth arrive at the Philadelphia Spectrum.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Tournament Match
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea d. Kaz Hayashi

Hayashi was put back in the tournament when Psychosis, the man who was supposed to wrestle TAFKAPA, had a problem getting back into the United States when returning from Mexico. Miss Handcock arrived at ringside, taking notes as she watched this semi-final match in the Cruiserweight Tournament. A catfight almost broke out, but The Artist and referee Charles Robinson broke the ladies up. As Prince was distracted with this, Hayashi delivered a dive to the outside onto him, taking advantage of the situation. Back inside, The Artist took control and finished of his Japanese adversary with a DDT off the second ropes for the win.

Backstage, as Kevin Nash arrives at the arena with his two nurses, Mike Graham tells him about the attack on Terry Taylor. Nash says he isn’t interested, but then decides to take action.

The Wall d. “Screamin” Norman Smiley

Norman came to the ring sporting an Eric Lindros jersey to the delight of the Philadelphia crowd. The match went to the floor early, with Smiley sending Wall back first into the guardrail. Once inside the ropes, The Wall dominated, working over the back of Screamin Norman. Smiley picked up The Wall and executed the winding bodyslam to the surprise of everyone. Wall came back and scored the win over the former Hardcore Champion. After the bout, after being chokeslammed through a table from the ring apron to the floor, Norman was stretchered out.

Backstage, Kevin Nash tells newly appointed staff, “Neil and Bob” that if he can, he will fire them if they do not wheel him out to the ring.

Backstage, Norman Smiley is loaded into an ambulance by paramedics.

Tank Abbot d. Van Hammer by TKO

Tank rolled to the ring ready to face the massive Hammer. After being backed into the corner, Hammer slammed Abbot to the ground. As he attempted to follow up however, Tank rolled on top and, with both men back to their feet, delivered the crushing right hand, putting another one in the record books via TKO.

Backstage, Torrie Wilson tells Vampiro and Kidman to try and co-exist for the night as they team up to face The Harris Boys.

Backstage, Kevin Nash waits for Jeff Jarrett and The Harris Boys to arrive in his office.

Backstage, Jarrett tells Big Ron and Heavy D to meet him backstage after they are done with their match.

Interview: Ric Flair, The Total Package and Elizabeth
Package came out and said he wasn’t there to brag about beating up Terry Funk and breaking Hulk Hogan’s arm; bragging the whole time he was saying it. He called Ric Flair to the ring and demanded the crowd rise to their feet as the Nature Boy entered. Flair told the crowd that he and Package were real athletes, unlike Eric Lindros and if they didn’t like it, they could, well … let’s just say he delivered a pelvic thrust that would make even Elvis jealous. Terry Funk and Dustin Rhodes came to the stage and challenged Flair and Package to a hardcore match, Philadelphia style. The match was excepted as Flair and Funk jaw-jacked back and forth with each other.

Interview: The Mamalukes and Disco Inferno
Big Vito said that David Flair, Crowbar, and Daffney would pay for destroying his sister Angie’s wedding. He stated he would get his revenge in a Philadelphia Street Fight later in the night, one on one against Crowbar.

The Harris Boys d. Vampiro and Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson

Vampiro and Kidman, who have had their problems with each other as of late, bickered from the get go. The Harris Boys took advantage of this situation, pounding the youngster around the squared circle. Kidman got a hot tag and blasted the Harris twins, but as this was going on, Vampiro walked from the ring. The 2 on 1 situation was too much for Kidman and, after a valiant effort, he fell to defeat at the hands of Big Ron and Heavy D.

Philadelphia Street Fight
Big Vito d. Crowbar

This match was a total brawl as expected, with the entire fight taking place in the parking garage of the Spectrum. Flair, Daffney (pink wig and all), Johnny, and Disco were all around, helping their men whenever possible. Vito and Crowbar fought onto a pallet that was raised into the air. Vito took the psychotic Crowbar down off the pallet with a belly to back suplex onto the top of a parked car. Finally, after a flying elbow off a set of rafters to the top of another car, Vito scored the hard fought win over Crowbar in this brutal street fight.

Backstage, Kevin Nash talks with Scott Hall on the phone. He hangs up, telling the nurses it’s time to play a game of chase.

Battle of the Referees
“Slick” Mark Johnson with The Harris Boys d. Mickey Jay

Johnson was escorted to the ring by The Harris Boys, who stayed at ringside for the match. Johnson worked over the left leg of Jay, with the “moral” support of the twins. Mickey struggled back, but as Big Ron distracted the official for this match, Nick Patrick, Heavy D clobbered Jay in the head, making him easy pickings for Slick Mark.

Cast Match – Jimmy Hart special referee
Brian Knobs d. Fit Finlay

These two brawlers did just that, fighting into the crowd. All three men in the ring wore casts thanks to The Total Package and his destructive attacks as of late. As Finlay went for the pin, Hart started to count, but grabbed his hand in pain. Finlay questioned Jimmy, but as he did, Knobs clobbered him with his cast for he 1-2-3 count courtesy of Hart, using his other hand.

Interview: Hulk Hogan
The Hulkster, wearing a cast up to his elbow as a result of The Total Package’s attack Monday night, told TTP that he would be laid out next to Elizabeth in San Francisco. Hogan said that once upon a time, he walked the earth as Hollywood Hogan, the baddest dude on the planet. He told Package that in the Cow Palace at SuperBrawl, he would transform into Hollywood, taking him and Liz out of the game forever.

Ric Flair and The Total Package with Elizabeth d. Terry Funk and Dustin Rhodes

Funk and Flair locked up first in a preview of this Sunday’s matchup. As they took it to the floor, Rhodes and Package hooked it up inside the ring. Soon, all four were on the floor, beating one another around the ringside area of the Spectrum. The Nature Boy went to the top rope, but was slammed to the canvas by The Funker. As TTP tagged in, Funk was worked over by his opponents. Finally Dustin tagged in, dropping Flair with a suplex, and bringing Package down with his patented bulldog. As Flair distracted the referee, Elizabeth hit Dustin with the bat in the leg. Package followed it up with a bat shot to the head, knocking Rhodes out and allowing Flair to apply the Figure Four for the win.

Backstage, Kevin Nash tells The Harris Boys they are banned from the Cow Palace on Sunday. He says he isn’t doing it as the commissioner, but as a man. Jarrett tells him to stand up like a man, and as he does, The Chosen One drills the guitar over his head, leaving him lying unconscious as Thunder goes off the air.

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