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WCW Thunder 4/12/2000

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WCW Thunder
Colorado Springs, Colorado
April 12, 2000

A lot was decided coming out of the big show Monday on Nitro. What was not decided, however, was what would happen to all the WCW Titles that were vacated. Thunder told us that several mini-tournaments and unique matches would decide the new champions. We also found out that DDP, although given the night off, could not take himself out of the WCW action, even for one night. Whether it was backing his wife in times of trouble or seeking revenge on a former ally, Page was up against the biggest obstacle of all… Jeff Jarrett, who tried everything he could to take DDP out of the picture before their championship match this Sunday at Spring Stampede.

In a clip from earlier in the day, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo arrived to the arena in a black Porsche.

David Arquette was shown at ringside. He is one of the stars of the new WCW movie, “Ready To Rumble,” now open in theaters.

Interview: Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo with The New Blood
Bischoff and Russo made their way to the ring, accompanied by the group known as The New Blood. Kidman said as far as he was concerned, after Monday Nitro, it was “Flea Market” champion – 3, Hulk Hogan – 0. Russo berated the Colorado Springs crowd, saying New Yorkers have respect for nobody. Shane Douglas told Ric Flair that he was prepared to retire him once and for all. Bischoff told everyone that although he was giving Jeff Jarrett and DDP the night off, he was booking Page’s wife, Kimberly in a match for Thunder against Madusa. DDP came to the stage and said the match should be Bischoff against DDP instead. Eric said he would rather see what kind of stripper outfit Kim would wear for her match. Page made his way toward the ring, but was attacked by Bam Bam Bigelow from behind. The Millionaires Club, Ric Flair, Sting, Sid Vicious and Lex Luger hit the ring to make the save, and a full-fledged war was on. Bischoff and Russo snuck around the ring and quietly made their way back up the ramp.

Tony Shiavone, Bobby Heenan and Mike Tenay announced matches for Spring Stampede. The Cruiserweight Title would be determined in a Suicide Six-Man Elimination Match. The Tag Team Titles would be on the line in a four-team tournament. The U.S. Title and Hardcore Title would have new owners after the PPV as well.

Shannon Moore and Lash LeRoux and Crowbar with Daffney and David Flair d. The Artist with Paisley and Juventud Guerrera and “Hard Knox” Chris Candido

The six men involved in the Suicide Six-Man Cruiserweight Match at the PPV faced off in a six-man tag team match. All six men gave it their all, trying to prove that they were ready for the big match on Sunday. Juvi, in his first match back since his elbow injury, flew around the ring. On the outside, each man delivered a dive over the ropes to the floor. Moore finished the series off with a moonsault from the top rope onto the pack. Back inside, Daffney got into the mix, throwing a huracanrana off the top rope onto Moore. As they continued to fly, in the end, it was Crowbar scoring the pin on Candido for the win in this exciting opening contest.

Interview: DDP
Page told Mean Gene that he thought he knew what Bischoff was about, but must have been wrong. He warned Bam Bam Bigelow that he would get his revenge on him as well.

Backstage, Russo and Bischoff walk into the Harlem Heat dressing room. Vince introduces Eric to Big T, and Bischoff tells T he’s in his seat. The new bosses tell the men that their mission for the night is to take out Sid Vicious.

Backstage, as Shawn Stasiak was getting makeup put on, Curt Hennig attacked him, prompting security to break up the fight.

No Disqualification Match – U.S. Tournament Qualification Match Reversed Decision – Harlem Heat 2000 d. Sid Vicious

Sid cleared the ring of Big T and Stevie Ray, then took out Cash with a big boot. Vicious reached over the ropes and pulled J Biggs into the ring, but Heat attacked the big man, saving their manager. The entire Heat group beat on Sid until Booker came to the ring, cleaning house. He dropped his brother Stevie onto the canvas, setting Vicious up to deliver the powerbomb for the victory. After the bell, The Wall smashed a chair over Sid’s back. Backstage, Bischoff and Russo were upset at what transpired. Eric said he would take care of it, and walked to the ring. As Sid lay motionless on the mat, Bischoff reversed the decision due to outside interference. He told the referee to tell Sid not to show up at the PPV.

Backstage, Jimmy Hart asked some production workers if they had seen Eric Bischoff.

Backstage, Bischoff reprimands Booker, telling him to shape up, or he would have someone shape him up.

The Total Package d. The Franchise Shane Douglas

Package jumped on Douglas at the start, using his posing routine as a ploy to distract The Franchise. The fans got behind Package as he bounced Douglas around the ring and ringside area. As the referee was knocked down, Ric Flair hit the ring and attacked Shane, exacting revenge for what was done to him on Monday. Luger got up and put Douglas in the Torture Rack, just in time for the referee to wake up and declare Package the winner.

Backstage, Jimmy Hart tried to talk to Bischoff, who walked away and made fun of Hogan in the process.

Tony, Mike and Bobby announced that Hulk Hogan would be hospitalized for two weeks, and would not be at the Spring Stampede PPV.

Jimmy Hart came to the ring and demanded to talk to Eric Bischoff. Kidman’s music started, and Billy charged the ring, attacking Hart, as Bischoff approvingly watched from the stage.

Backstage, DDP tried to talk Kimberly out of the match later in the night. Kim said she is going through with it, and wants Page to trust her.

Colorado Collision Match
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner d. Billy Kidman with Torrie and Booker and The Wall and The Cat and Vampiro

Booker and The Wall started the match, with the former bodyguard kicking Booker down into the corner. One minute passed and The Cat entered the ring, kicking Booker to the floor. On the outside, Wall chokeslammed Booker through a table. Both men were counted out of the ring, allowing The Cat to dance in the ring by himself. He got a little too caught up in his ruby red slippers and didn’t notice that another minute had passed. Big Poppa Pump entered and flattened the dancing machine. Next in was Billy Kidman, who pinned The Cat, while Steiner was posing to the crowd. Poppa turned around and annihilated Kidman. Last man to the ring was Vampiro, who was dropped by an avenging Sting as soon as he entered. Steiner took advantage of this and placed Vamp in the Steiner Recliner for the win.

Interview: Team Package
Mean Gene told Package that if he interfered in Flair’s match, Vince Russo would suspend them both. Flair told Gene he didn’t care and would wrestle in street clothes.

Disqualification – Madusa d. Kimberly

Kimberly went face to face with Madusa, who wondered why Kim wanted to wrestle her. Mrs. Page gave “Deucy” a big shove and got one back that knocked her into the corner on her backside. Madusa pulled Kimberly to the middle of the ring and began to rub her face into the canvas and slapping her in the face and chest. DDP could take no more, and ran in, pulling Madusa off his wife. As Page attended to Kim, Madusa got up and threw a few kicks to the King of Badda Bing, before he treated her to a Diamond Cutter for her troubles. Kim left telling her husband that she wanted prove herself on her own.

Hardcore Three Way Dance Tag Team Match
Terry Funk/Screamin’ Norman Smiley d. Hugh Morrus/Meng and Brian Knobs/Fit Finlay

The winning team of this match would face each other for the Hardcore Title at Spring Stampede. As Meng and Brian Knobs fought out into the crowd, chairs, trashcans and crutches were all brought into play on the inside. It wasn’t long before only Funk and Finlay were left in the ring. Morrus dove off the stage, crashing through a table as he dove for Smiley, who moved out of the way. Meng and Knobs fought out into the lobby at the concession stand. Meng speared who he thought was Bill Goldberg, but it turned out to be a cardboard cut out of him in the lobby. Meng threw Knobs off the roof of the arena, as the announcers screamed for an EMT. Backstage, Morrus and Smiley continued to fight, using the apparatus from the local hockey team. In the ring, Dustin Rhodes came in and attacked Funk, who was destroyed with a chair. Rhodes and Finlay went to the outside for a table, but Norman came into the ring and scored the pin on his own tag team partner, sending them both to the PPV for the Hardcore Title.

U.S. Tournament Qualification Match
Sting d. The Villanos

All three Villanos attacked the Stinger at the beginning of the bout, but he fought back against the “loco luchadors.” He scored the pin on Villanos one and two, but three jumped him from behind, knocking down referee Charles Robinson in the process. The Villano delivered a low blow and went to the outside, retrieving a guitar from under the ring. He blasted Sting with the guitar and unmasked, showing everyone what lengths The Chosen One would go to gain total control in WCW. DDP entered and leveled Jarrett with a Cutter, placing Sting on top for the win.

Interview: Jeff Jarrett
Mean Gene questioned why Jarrett was there, when he was given the night off. Double J told Okerlund to shut up and said if David Arquette wanted to run his mouth, he would get some too.

Disqualification – Ric Flair d. Buff Bagwell

Just as Flair stated in his earlier interview, he came out in street clothes, ready for a fight. Bagwell beat on the Nature Boy, but was stopped suddenly as Flair low bridged him. On the floor, Flair introduced Bagwell’s head into the guardrail. A man dressed as Sting jumped the rail and attacked Ric with a bat. He revealed himself to be Russo, who continued his assault in the ring. Buff, The Franchise and Russo destroyed the Nature Boy, who laid prone on the canvas. The Total Package ran in, but was dropped with the bat as well.

No Contest – Diamond Dallas Page with Kimberly vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Bigelow jumped DDP at the start, but Page fired back, still red hot from the attack earlier in the show. Bam Bam worked over the already injured back of Page, settling down with a Camel Clutch. Bigelow picked DDP up for a powerbomb, but Diamond punched his way out. With the referee knocked down, Page hit the Diamond Cutter and went for the cover. Eric Bischoff ran in and counted two, but stopped, infuriating Page. He backed the boss into the corner, but was dropped with a guitar shot, courtesy of The Chosen One. David Arquette jumped Jarrett, but was promptly sent over the ropes to the floor. Jeff continued his attack on the young actor, giving him The Stroke, center ring. Kanyon came in to save the day, but was whacked with a chair by Eric. With Kanyon, Page and Arquette all laid out, the New Blood entered, adding insult to injury as they spray painted their initials “NB” on the fallen stars as Thunder faded to black.

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