WCW Thunder 3/29/2000

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WCW Thunder
Houston, Texas
March 29, 2000

Throughout the evening, many of the WCW superstars were asked their thoughts on the return of Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo. Most responses were positive, with the majority feeling that the young guys will get their time to shine. If the Thunder main event was any indication of this, WCW has no worries, as they regroup and count on the new generation of superstars to take them back to the top.

“Hard Knox” Chris Candido d. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Both of these men felt they deserved to be the No. 1 contender for the Cruiserweight Title. An aggressive Hard Knox went right for Chavo, but Guerrero stood toe to toe with the WCW newcomer. As Candido went to the floor, The Artist was there, waiting to attack. In the ring, Michael Modest jumped Chavo, dropping him with his devastating finisher and setting up Hard Knox for the diving headbutt and the win. After the bell, all four men brawled at ringside, setting the tone for the Thunder broadcast.

Backstage, Dustin Rhodes was asked his thoughts on the return of Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo. He started to answer, but then turned his attention to a porcelin horse, that according to Dustin, called both men “horse’s asses.”

Backstage, Billy Kidman said he is happy that Vince Russo is back and, although he praises Bischoff, said Eric was known for backing the established talent.

A clip was shown from earlier in the week, where the stars of WCW joined others from the sports and music field in a celebrity basketball game.

World TV Title Match
“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan d. The Barbarian

As Duggan started his spirited “USA” chant, The Barbarian attacked, looking to take the title early. On the floor, Hacksaw went for a clothesline, but hit the ringpost as Barbarian moved. The challenger worked over the patriotic hero, wearing him down with kicks and chokes, before cinching down on a bearhug. Duggan came back with punches in the corner but was dropped again as he went for his tackle finisher. Bouncing out of the corner, Hacksaw delivered a clothesline, followed by the Old Glory Kneedrop for the hard fought win.

Backstage, Screamin’ Norman said he was happy with the behind the scenes changes in WCW, and looks forward to working with both men again.

No Contest – Dustin Rhodes vs. Mr. Jones with The Cat

Mr. Jones, with briefcase in hand, led The Cat to the ring. Miller said he did not come to fight… he came to dance. He called Dustin to the ring, and out walked the second-generation competitor. Cat, trying to win over the crowd, called someone a “fat ass,” but quickly apologized. Miller told Rhodes he would have to fight Jones instead. The American Nightmare went to work over Mr. Jones, throwing him around the ring. As Miller came up on the apron, Terry Funk came into the ring with a chair. The Cat told Rhodes he had to worry about what was behind him. Dustin turned around and was clocked by The Funker’s steel chair. Mr. Jones took one on the head as well. After everyone left the ring, Miller re entered and danced in the ruby red slippers.

Backstage, Tank Abbott said that Bischoff and Russo both have creative ideas and have what it takes to turn WCW around.

Backstage, Curt Hennig said Bischoff is the one who gave him his deal in WCW, and Russo knows Curt can go. He sees it as a win/win situation for himself.

Los Fabulosos d. 3 Count (“Suga” Shane Helms and “Senational” Shannon Moore with Evan Karagias)

3 Count danced to their hit song, but it wasn’t the same without the green circles. The music was interrupted, and out walked Miss Hancock. She introduced “Latin America’s most desirable men,” Los Fabulosos. Karagias tried to pick up Miss Hancock, but had as much success as Helms and Moore in the ring, as “the fabulous ones” dominated the youngsters. On the outside, Moore held Silver King for Evan to hit, but Karagias was preoccupied with the teasing Hancock. King took advantage of the distraction, and soon it was Los Fabulousos with their hands raised in victory.

Backstage, Chavo Guerrero said that he sees Bischoff and Russo working together to be a winning formula.

Backstage, Ernest Miller said Eric Bischoff is a winner, and if he and Russo team up, WCW will be back on top, making more TV time for The Cat.

Tank Abbott d. Disco Inferno with The Mamalukes by DQ

Disco demanded the attention of the crowd, putting himself over and claiming that The Mamalukes would wrestle in a No. 1 contender’s match later against Harlem Heat 2000. Big Vito told Disco that until he learned how to manage them, they would be managing him. Vito let Inferno know that the first match that they booked for him was against Tank Abbott. As Tank entered the ring, Disco “fainted,” hoping Abbott would go away. The UFC fighter did not go, and after throwing DI around for a bit, left Disco counting the ring lights.

Backstage, Ron Harris was happy that WCW is finally bringing someone in with a little backbone and is happy that the booking style will be brought into the year 2000.

Backstage, J Biggs used the “two heads are better than one” analogy, in regards to the return of Bischoff and Russo.

U.S. Title Match
Booker d. Jeff Jarrett by DQ

Jarrett, who seems to be warming up as of late, told the nWo girls they were allowed to stay at ringside. Actually, he said anything would be better than looking at the ugly women in the Astro Arena. Booker and Jarrett went back and forth in the ring, until The Harris Brothers pulled the top rope down, sending Booker crashing to the floor. They dropped him throat first across the guardrail, before sending him back into The Chosen One. Jeff tightened on a sleeperhold, but the 10-time tag team champion fired back, delivering a missile dropkick from the top. With the referee distracted by the twins, Jarrett clocked Booker with the U.S. belt, but only got a two-count. Double J went to the top with guitar in hand, but was caught coming down and slammed to the mat by the challenger. Big Ron pulled Robinson from the ring, breaking up the pin, and causing an immediate disqualification.

Backstage, Stacey of the Nitro Girls admited that she hasn’t worked with Bischoff, but knows that Russo has great ideas and the two should do great together.

Backstage, Hacksaw Jim Duggan says that if Bischoff and Russo can put away their own personal prejudice, they would realize that Duggan is just as popular as ever.

Disqualification: The Mamalukes d. Harlem Heat 2000

The Mamalukes tried to get the Houston fans behind them as they prepared to face the massive HH 2000. The former champions worked over Stevie Ray, taking him to the mat with great double team maneuvers. Big T tagged in and squashed Johnny like a grape. Soon, all four men were in the battle, with Johnny being sent to the floor. Cash took it upon himself to run The Bull’s back into the ringpost and enter the ring, causing Nick Patrick to call for the bell. Heat beat on The Mamalukes after the bell, as J Biggs argued with Patrick.

Backstage, Vampiro said that the new regime in WCW can only take the company to the top and supports it all the way.

Backstage, Shannon Moore feels that Russo and Bischoff will bring the ratings back to the top.

Disqualification: Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson d. Big Ron with Heavy D

Big Ron pounded on Kidman early, using his power and strength to ground the youngster. Billy brought Ron to the mat with a spinning headscissors, but flew over the top rope when Heavy D pulled down on the ropes. The tag team champions continued to use double team tactics on Kidman. As Ron distracted the referee, Heavy D entered the ring, but Mickey Jay saw him and disqualified the Harris brother. The twins delivered a thundering H-Bomb before leaving the ring.

Backstage, Johnny the Bull said that Bischoff and Russo have already proved themselves and should be ready for the task at hand.

Hardcore Title Match
Brian Knobs d. The Dog

The Dog and Knobs ripped each other apart, using every piece of plunder in the building. Trashcans, chairs, mops, it didn’t matter, the two used anything they could as a weapon. Knobs even pulled out the dreaded “Pity City,” which would spell the end for any man. But this was no man we were talking about… it was The Dog. After going through a table that was set up in the corner, The Dog stayed down and played dead, courtesy of a chair across the back.

Backstage, Buff Bagwell predicted that under the new regime, the young guys would go to the top, and the old guys would go down.

Backstage, Brian Knobs said that if the return of Eric and Vince will make him more money, he was alright with it.

Buff Bagwell d. La Parka

Parka did his usual schtick on the mic, until the voice started to insult Bagwell, causing the masked man to drop the mic and pull out a sign from his jacket that said, “I’m Sorry.” Buff still didn’t take kindly to the insults and went after the chairman. La Parka proved that he is a worthy competitor and not just a comedy figure, beating on Buff from corner to corner. The luchador went to the top and attempted a twisting moonsault, but no one was home when he came down. Finally, it was Bagwell finishing off the masked one with his patented Blockbuster.

Backstage, Ric Flair said he didn’t have enough time to tell how he felt about Bischoff and Russo. The Nature Boy states that he will give his views on April 10th, the night the two will debut on Nitro.

No Contest – Vampiro vs. The Wall

Wall threw a chair into the ring, starting the fight from the get go. Vamp came back, coming down with a dive from the top rope to the floor. The two future superstars kept at each other, with Wall punching a chair into the face of Vampiro. Wall set up a table on the outside, but was knocked through it by the gothic warrior. Referee Mickey Jay called for the bell, throwing the uncontrollable ruckus out the window. After the match, the two continued to fight, causing WCW security to shower the ring as Thunder went off the air.

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