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WCW Thunder 3/22/2000

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WCW Thunder
Orlando, Florida
March 22, 2000

How could it have happened? Sid was in his corner and on his side. Why would he turn on The Hulkster?

These and many other questions ran through the mind of Hulk Hogan over the last 48 hours, since WCW Champion Sid Vicious turned his back on his fans and The Hulkster. This would be the night that Hogan would get his answers. He was demanding them, at any and all costs. But with Sid on his mind, the last thing Hulk could have expected was a challenge from the American Nightmare, Dustin Rhodes.

No Contest – Tank Abbott vs. Fit Finlay

Abbott took the mic and challenged anyone in the back to a fight. Former Hardcore Champion Fit Finlay came to the ring and the brawl was on. Fit brought Tank to the canvas with a rugged takedown, as the two continued to fight for dominance. Then Abbott threw his right punch, knocking Finlay to the mat. Meng’s music played and the Tongan monster ran to the ringside area, where he and Abbott fought to the back, as Finlay gathered his senses in the ring.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan and Sid Vicious go at it, with The Hulkster bodyslamming big Sid on a table.

Interview: Fit Finlay
In the ring, Finlay told Mean Gene that he would beat respect into Tank Abbott. During the interview, Hogan and Vicious brawled from the back and down the aisle. Sid rolled into the ring and chokeslamed Finlay. He grabbed Gene by the tie and threatened to break Okerlund’s neck if Hogan came any closer. Sid had the truck show a series of video clips leading up to his turn against The Hulkster.

Backstage, Buff Bagwell gave his thoughts on Sid Vicious’ turn this past Monday night.

Backstage, the nWo watched Buff on the television monitor.

Backstage, Sid told a group of security guys to shut up and follow his instructions.

Interview: Dustin Rhodes
The American Nightmare called Hulk Hogan out to face him in a match later in the broadcast.

Backstage, Hulk asked Jimmy Hart why everyone was coming out of the woodwork at him. Jimmy told him it’s because he’s Hulk Hogan.

3 Count d. Jung Dragons

A series of dropkicks started this one off, followed by a triple flip to the outside by the Dragons. 3 Count demonstrated excellent triple team maneuvers, as the referee tried to keep the Dragons in the corner. Soon, bodies were flying everywhere, as the six youngsters chalked up their frequent flyer miles. Sugar Shane Helms hit an awesome frogsplash for the win. After the bell, 3 Count attempted to dance in celebration, but were stopped by the Dragons, who got away with the patented green dancing circles.

Interview: Hard Knox Chris Candido
Candido told Mean Gene about the hardships he has gone through in his career; like the time he wrestled Lou Thesz and Karl Gotch in a handicapped match. For some reason, Gene didn’t believe Candido, who said he would run over Chavo to get to The Artist and the Cruiserweight Title.

Backstage, Hugh Morrus said that Sid is just looking out for himself, and will get the last laugh in his feud with Hulk Hogan.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. d. Hard Knox Chris Candido

The Artist and Paisley watched Chavo’s entrance on a monitor, before she got up and headed to the announcer’s table at ringside. Guerrero went after the newcomer, sending him over the top rope to the outside. He dove from the top onto Hard Knox, as the fans roared their approval. Once inside, Candido took control, banging Chavo around the squared circle. As Chavo hit a spinning DDT, Paisley distracted him, which allowed Candido to get a quick two-count on his opponent. The referee tried to get Paisley off the apron, giving The Artist the perfect chance to drop a flying DDT on Hard Knox. Guerrero quickly covered the newcomer and scored the pin. Chavo didn’t celebrate for long, as Candido leveled him with a flying headbutt after the match.

Backstage, Big Poppa Pump bench-pressed two of the beautiful nWo girls to warm up for his match later in the show.

Los Fabulosos with Miss Hancock d. XS

After XS made their way to the ring, Miss Hancock came out and introduced Los Fabulosos, Silver King and El Dandy. The luchadors posed in the ring, but were stopped abruptly by XS, who were enraged with jealousy. Miss Hancock told Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan to forget about Ricky Martin, because Los Fabulousos had arrived. Lane and Rave worked over the fabulous ones with quick double team moves. In the end, however, it was Dandy and King who scored the win over XS, putting a smile on the face of the lovely Miss Hancock.

Backstage, Disco was on the phone, ordering a pizza in Big Vito’s name. The Mamalukes walk in the room to tell Disco he will face Vampiro later in the broadcast, as they head off to Disney World.

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner d. Chuck Palumbo

Palumbo went after Steiner, leveling him hard with a superkick. Big Poppa Pump was still reeling as the youngster caught him with a flying elbow. Experience took over soon, with Steiner throwing crippling clotheslines to a worn down Palumbo. As Pump did push-ups in the ring, Chuck fired back with a reverse atomic drop, followed by a stinging dropkick, which brought Poppa to the mat again. Palumbo made another rookie mistake and was treated to the Steiner Recliner, in which he quickly tapped out to prevent any permanent damage.

Vampiro d. Disco Inferno

Disco got the mic and said he was not a wrestler anymore, he was the manager of champions. Inferno pulled Vamp under the ropes to the floor, but was quickly sent over the announcer’s table and into the laps of Heenan and Tenay. Back in the ring, the gothic warrior flattened Disco with a huge powerslam, as the fans got behind their new hero. The veteran Inferno took Vamp form one corner to the other, before a spinning next breaker got him a two and a half count. Vampiro came back and connected with a spin kick from the top, followed by the Nail in the Coffin for the win. Team Package entered the ring, attacking Vamp until his brother in paint, Sting, came out for the save.

Interview: Ernest “The Cat” Miller
The Cat told Mean Gene that Mike Jones was his new employee, the man who would shine his shoes and put his cape on when he needed it.

Interview: Jeff Jarrett
Jarrett told Gene Okerlund that he would cuff and stuff Buff Bagwell later in their U.S. Title Match.

The Cat with Mr. Jones d. The Dog with Brian Knobs

In one of the classic feuds of all time, The Cat faced The Dog to finally see who was the dominant force in household pets. The Dog was let loose and charged the ring, taking Miller to the mat with a big powerslam. The Cat begged off, but it was just a ploy to administer a low blow. Knobs barked at ringside to get The Dog pumped up. As the referee told Mr. Jones to stay out of the action, Knobs clobbered Miller with a chain. The Cat fought back and, after a swift back kick, got the duke over The Dog, who was admonished after the bout by his master…er, Knobs.

Backstage, Brian Knobs searched the halls for The Dog. He finally found him in a dressing room, chewing on a sock.

Interview: Screamin’ Norman Smiley
Smiley told Mean Gene that he would have someone soon that could watch his back and protect him.

Hugh Morrus d. The Demon

Demon spit blood before the match, reminiscent of Gene Simmons from KISS, the man whom he was created from. Morrus powered the painted one around the ring, showing his strength and experience. After slamming Demon in the middle of the ring, Morrus headed to the top and delivered a huge No Laughing Matter moonsault for the victory.

Outside, Brain Knobs loaded The Dog into a car and drove away.

Backstage, Kid Cam caught Buff Bagwell’s words from earlier about Sid’s turn. After the WCW cameras go off, Buff attempts to hit on the producer, but to no avail, as she flatly refuses his advances.

Backstage, Mean Gene searched through Sid Vicious’ dressing room, looking to interview the WCW Champion, but failed to find him.

Interview: Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart
Hogan told Mean Gene that he would eat Dustin Rhodes alive in their main event match later on Thunder.

The Dog howled at the moon as Brian Knobs dropped him off somewhere, leaving him stranded.

Buff Bagwell d. Jeff Jarrett by DQ

The two started off with an exciting exchange, ending with Buff dropping Jarrett down with a spinning neckbreaker. The Harris Brothers came to ringside and worked over Buff Daddy as Jarrett distracted the official. As the twins continued to interfere, Curt Hennig ran out to even up the odds. After delivering the Blockbuster to The Chosen One, Buff was one second away to becoming the U.S. Champion before Big Poppa Pump attacked, causing a disqualification. The nWo destroyed Bagwell and Hennig, including creaming Curt with the ever-present guitar.

Hulk Hogan d. Dustin Rhodes

The Hulkster took it to the American Nightmare, evening biting him in the corner for the advantage. As the action spilled to the floor, Tenay and Heenan were once again treated to a 250-plus pound wrestler in their laps, as Rhodes and Hogan fought around the ringside area. Dustin applied a front facelock, trying to wear Hulk down. Rhodes threw punches to the head, but Hogan “hulked up” and fired back on the wily Texan. Rhodes got the cowbell and smashed Hogan in the head with it, knocking him and the referee, Nick Patrick down. Dustin started to leave, but Patrick told Dustin that he was not disqualifying him, and he had the count of 10 to get back in the ring. Rhodes came in and was caught with the big boot and the leg drop, bringing victory to the Immortal One. Sid came on the big screen and demanded Hogan’s attention. The champion powerbombed Jimmy Hart through a table, placing the signed contract atop Hart’s prone body. As Hulk ran to the back and knelt over his friend’s body, Vicious nailed him with a steel chair as Thunder went off the air.

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