WCW Thunder 3/15/2000

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WCW Thunder
Fairfax, Virginia
March 15, 2000

The time was drawing near, and as each moment passed, the thought of Ric Flair’s demise tasted a little bit sweeter. When Thunder passed through Fairfax, the Nature Boy and Total Package took advantage of Hulk Hogan’s friend, Jimmy Hart in the Hulkster’s absence. When Hogan arrived, he agreed to do almost anything… including stacking the deck against himself for a chance to gain his revenge and rid WCW of Team Package.

Backstage, the nWo arrived at the Patriot Center.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. and La Parka d. Los Fabulousos

The Chairman of WCW, La Parka, and Chavo Guerrero Jr. came to the ring to open up the action on Thunder. Parka took the mic and said he would use the chair twice … once for him, and once for his homies. El Dandy and Silver King demanded that David Penzer introduce them as “Latin America’s most desirable men, Los Fabulousos!” Dandy and Chavo started the match, as the high-flying Lucha Libre action dazzled the Fairfax crowd. No strangers to one another, the four men countered and reversed many of the other’s maneuvers. Los Fabulousos worked well together, but fell to defeat at the hands of a Guerrero Tornado DDT.

Backstage, David Flair and Crowbar, both wearing neckbraces, arrived at the arena with Daffney, who sported her new shirt, “Wall Sux.”

Backstage, Miss Hancock offered to guide Los Fabulousos, starting with a new wardrobe.

Interview: Team Package
All three members entered the ring armed and dangerous, ready for a fight. Package said Sting once again proved himself to be a coward for not showing up at Thunder. Flair told a man in the front row to “assume the position, fat boy.” He proclaimed Hulkamania dead as Jimmy Hart made his way to the ring. Hart said “Larry King Live” and “Entertainment Tonight” were in the back to do pieces on Hogan, not Flair. Package threatened Hart and threw him down, but the Mouth of the South got up and attacked Flair with the weightlifting belt. TTP grabbed the Mouth and slapped him into the Torture Rack before Flair whipped his bare back with the belt. Security came to the rescue, as everyone waited for the Hulkster to arrive to the building.

Backstage, Psychosis approached The Artist and inquired about the Cruiserweight Title. Kaz Hayashi appeared and a scuffle ensued. Breaking up the scuffle, referee Charles Robinson made a match between Psychosis and Kaz for later in the broadcast.

Backstage, Hogan arrived as Hart is loaded into an ambulance. Hulk demands JJ Dillon sign a handicapped match between him and Team Package for later in the show.

Psychosis d. Kaz Hayashi

The winner of this match would go on to face The Artist for the Cruiserweight Title at Uncensored, this Sunday. Within the first exchange, both men flew from the ring to the floor, with Kaz dropping down with a spinning senton. Psychosis applied a cradle out of nowhere for the surprise win. The two shook hands after the match, before The Artist attacked Psycho, delivering his flying DDT onto the Cruiserweight Title belt.

Interview: Jeff Jarrett tells Mean Gene that he is ready to take the gold from Sid on this Sunday’s PPV.

Backstage, Bam Bam Bigelow talks with, of all people… Oklahoma.

Backstage, Meng tells a man that he will defeat Tank Abbott when they finally meet.

Tank Abbott d. Buzzkill by TKO

Buzzkill tackled Tank to the canvas after Abbott broke the picket sign of WCW’s resident hippie. That was pretty much the meat of the match as, three seconds later, Buzz was counting ring lights after another Tank KO punch.

No Contest – Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Wall

The Wall’s music played, but as the camera shot to the back, he was shown carrying David Flair over his shoulder as Crowbar was crumbled on the ground, obviously attacked. Wall brought Flair into the arena via the second level balcony. The monster teased chokeslamming David off the balcony until Bam Bam made the save, brawling with Wall into the lobby. Bigelow delivered a bodyslam through a WCW merchandise table, before security broke up the ruckus.

Backstage, as Kidman smooched with Torrie, Booker asked him to watch his back during his match. Billy says yes, but his concentration is totally on Wilson.

Outside, Bam Bam screamed at The Wall, as the local police carted the former bodyguard away.

United States Title Match
Jeff Jarrett d. Booker

Jarrett told the crowd to take a gook look at him, for it would be the last time he would appear as the U.S. Champion. As usual, he sent the nWo girls to the back, much to the dismay of myself and the Fairfax crowd. Booker showed Jarrett why he has held gold numerous times in WCW, as he flattened the champion with a perfect dropkick. Jarrett got dirty, taking Booker to the floor, using the guardrail and ring steps to his advantage. The Chosen One sunk the challenger to the canvas with a tightly applied sleeper hold, but the fans brought Booker alive. The Harris Brothers arrived at ringside and, as the twins distracted the referee, Jarrett used the belt, but only for a two-count. Jarrett finally went for the guitar and, as Nick Patrick demanded he take it out of the ring, The Harris Boys administered the H-Bomb, making Booker easy pickings for The Stroke. After the bout, the WCW Champion, Sid Vicious chased off the entire nWo.

Interview: Dustin Rhodes
Dustin told Mean Gene that at Uncensored, Terry Funk would meet the “American Nightmare” and would, indeed, bite the dust in the Bullrope Match.

Backstage, Booker lays into Billy Kidman for not watching his back in his match against Jarrett.

Vampiro d. Hugh Morrus

Morrus returned to Thunder, ready to take Vampiro down a few rungs of the ladder he has been climbing as of late. The laughing man used his power to keep Vamp on the canvas, crushing him with big elbow drops. If the elbows in the ring weren’t enough, Morrus dropped another, this time from the apron as Vampiro was sprawled out on the ringside floor. Hugh hit the No Laughing Matter Moonsault, but chose to set up a table in the ring, instead of going for the cover. He climbed to the top, but Vampiro caught him, setting the dinner table with Morrus’ body. The gothic warrior delivered the Nail in the Coffin for the hard fought win.

Interview: Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson
Kidman said he was busy getting ready for his match when Booker needed help. He said he would take out the “American Nightmare” in their match later in the night.

The Dog and Brian Knobs d. The Demon and Screamin Norman Smiley

Norman came to the ring sporting a KISS shirt, in honor of his mysterious tag team partner. Nasty Brian led The Dog by leash to the ring for the fight. This was a complete brawl, carrying on all over the ringside area. Demon put the boots to Brian as Dog bit Smiley in the side, allowing Norman to show how he got his nickname. Lane and Rave knocked Demon from the top rope, softening up the KISS creature for the Dog Pound.

Interview: Team Package
Total Package dedicated the night to taking out Hulkamania. The Nature Boy said that Hulk had bitten off more that he could chew.

Dustin Rhodes d. Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson

Wrestling’s favorite couple strolled to the ring, ready for the battle against the wild Texan. Dustin, with the height and weight advantage, powered Kidman into the corner, where he drove in some vicious kicks. Billy took control briefly, but was knocked out cold with the cowbell, out of the referee’s view. Booker ran in after the match to help his tag team partner for this Sunday’s PPV.

Double Countout – Hulk Hogan vs. Team Package with Elizabeth

Hogan put himself in an awkward position, only four days away from Uncensored. Hulk was caught by Team Package as he charged the ring. Hogan beat the team around the ring, before throwing them both to the floor. He sent them reeling with the weightlifting belt, before continuing his attack with a steel chair. Flair went to the top, but was thrown across the ring with a press slam. The Nature Boy stopped The Hulkster abruptly with a low blow. Hogan went to the outside and Flair followed, choking the red and yellow over the commentating table. Package returned the favor from earlier, blasting Hulk with a steel chair across the back. Team Package put the boots to Hogan and delivered a double clothesline. The Hulkster popped up from the move, and cleaned house on his rivals. Liz came in with a chair, but Hulk got it and used it on Flair and TTP. As the brawl fell to the floor, all participants were counted out as Thunder faded to black.

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