WCW Thunder 3/8/2000

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WCW Thunder
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
March 8, 2000

Winston-Salem was locked and ready for all out warfare, knowing full well that the WCW superstars were not going to slow down on their way to the no holds barred, Uncensored PPV. Taking responsibility for The Wall’s actions over the past week, an apologetic Bam Bam Bigelow felt the rage of the most feared man in WCW. The Wall stood alone, with bodies strewn across the canvas, defying anyone to cross his path.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Psychosis with Juventud Guerrera d. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea with Paisley

Juvi attempted to join the announcers at ringside, much to the chagrin of Mike Tenay. Some familiar music hit the sound system, and Rey Mysterio, Jr. made his way to the table, kicking Juvi to the curb. Psychosis dove off the top rope onto The Artist outside the ring. In the ring, Psychosis had the champion reeling before slowing him down with an abdominal stretch. Referee Charles Robinson went down and Juvi counted the three count on The Artist, but Robinson woke up and called for the bell, disqualifying TAFKAPI for knocking him down.

Backstage, Bam Bam Bigelow leads David Flair, Crowbar, and Daffney into the building, apologizing on The Wall’s behalf.

Backstage, Ric Flair tells Package and Liz that he will get Arn Anderson to join Team Package.

The Demon d. Idol with Lane

The Demon seemed to have problems getting out of his casket. Idol came out with Lane, picking out the rats in the crowd. Miss Hancock attempted to come to ringside, but was stopped by Lane. She made her way up to the ring apron and kissed Idol, who in his daze, was slammed and pinned by The Demon. After the bell, Idol and Lane attacked Demon until Norman Smiley ran in, but was laid out as well.

Backstage, Curt Hennig tells The Total Package that he would pay for his attack on Hennig’s arm.

Backstage, The Harris Boys tell Jeff Jarrett that they will make an example of The Mamalukes later in the show.

Interview: Bam Bam Bigelow
Bigelow called out David Flair and Crowbar, who were accompanied, of course, by Daffney. Bigelow said it was his fault for their injuries, for he was the one who taught The Wall how to wrestle and brought him into the business. The Wall made his way to the ring and decked Bam Bam, before kicking Crowbar and Flair out of their chairs. The monster bodyguard chokeslammed Bigelow off the apron through a table, but still wasn’t done. He re entered the ring and delivered two more chokeslams to the already injured youngsters. EMTs took Crowbar and David Flair away on stretchers.

Interview: Hulk Hogan
Hogan told Ric Flair that he had many different straps made that he would use on Flair in their Strap Match at the Uncensored PPV.

Ernest “The Cat” Miller d. The Maestro with Symphony

Miller used one of his “ruby red slippers” as a weapon. The Cat got his hands on the boom box that Symphony had and took it over the head of the fluffy haired pianist for the win. Miller treated the crowd to a special dance to celebrate his win.

Backstage, Vampiro paces back and forth as he talks of his match against Jeff Jarrett later in the broadcast.

Interview: Lash Leroux
As Leroux told Mean Gene how bright the future looked for the “Ragin Cajun,” Dustin Rhodes jumped him from behind and fought him to the ring. Referee Charles Robinson ran in and an impromptu match was underway.

Dustin Rhodes d. Lash Leroux

Dustin beat on the still dazed Leroux, until finally getting the pin in this very unusual match. Terry Funk ran to the ring, raw chicken in hand, and attacked Rhodes with the poultry. American Dream 2000 came back and returned the favor, taking it to the hardcore legend in a “fowl” display of brutality.

Interview: Team Package
Flair called out Arn Anderson, telling him he was subservient and owed The Total Package an apology. Anderson came out and said he was subservient to no one, telling Flair he had a chance to be a good father, as he traveled up and down the road every night with his son, David. Flair said he raised four kids and the last time he stepped back and took time off, the company kicked him in the ass. He said he was staying with Team Package and told Arn to join as well. Anderson told Flair that he had walked over bigger men than Package to get to a fight. Package gave the Nature Boy an ultimatum: by Monday night, either Anderson joins the team, or Flair was out.

Backstage, as Fit Finlay makes his way to the ring, Vampiro attacks him, pounding on security as well as they intervene.

Outside, The Total Package tells Elizabeth they will find out what Flair’s decision is Monday Night.

No Contest – Meng vs. Fit Finlay

As this Greco-Roman tail whippin’ got underway, Tank Abbot charged the ring and destroyed the security force. Meng and Finlay joined in on the security beating, with Fit finally leaving for the back. The match was over before it started.

Backstage, Booker tells Torrie Wilson that Kidman needs to stay focused in the tag team match later in the show. Kidman says he will be there for him.

Interview: The Mamalukes and Disco Inferno
Big Vito said that The Harris Boys would go down at Uncensored, and all three teams would fall to the champions later on Thunder.

WCW World Tag Team Title Match
Four Team Elimination Tag Team Match The Mamalukes d. The Harris Boys and The New Harlem Heat with J Biggs and Booker and Kidman with Torrie Wilson

The Harris Boys and The Mamalukes went toe to toe at the bell before the other teams even made it to the ring. Harlem Heat was out next, joining the melee. Finally, Booker and Kidman came out, order was restored, and the match was underway. Stevie Ray was pinned by his brother, eliminating Heat from the match. Booker accidentally kicked Kidman, allowing The Harris Boys to H-Bomb him and score the pin, bringing the match down to two teams. Disco ran from ringside to the announcer’s table, torn between managing his team, and getting over on the mic. Johnny made the much-needed tag to Vito, who went to town on the twins. As Big Ron and Heavy D caught The Bull with an H-Bomb, Disco ran in and took the title belt over Ron’s head, retaining the tag team straps for The Mamalukes. Disco was treated to an H-Bomb for his troubles.

Interview: Stevie Ray
Ray got in Mean Gene’s face, challenging Booker and Kidman to a match against Harlem Heat at the Uncensored PPV.

A clip was shown of DDP on The Late, Late show with Craig Kilborn.

Interview: Brian Knobs
Nasty Brian told 3 Count that their pajama party days were over, and the Hardcore Title would come back to the rightful champion. The Dog ran in and mistook Gene for a mailman, nearly taking a chunk out of his arm.

United States Title Match
Jeff Jarrett d. Vampiro

Jarrett told the beautiful nWo girls to get their “slapasses” to the dressing room. The challenger took Jarrett to the floor, throwing him over the broadcast table. The Harris Boys came to ringside and, as The Chosen One distracted the referee, the twins put the boots to Vampiro. Ron and Don continued to interfere until The Mamalukes chased them off to the back. With the fight still on in the ring, Vampiro scored several near falls. Nick Patrick went down, and Vampiro knocked Jarrett out with the US title. A new referee came out to count, but was stopped by a recovered Patrick, who said he was the legal official. While this was going on, Double J delivered The Stroke, taking the victory. After the bout, The Harris Boys handed out another H-Bomb and sprayed the nWo insignia across Vamp’s back as Thunder faded to black.

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